John Kelly Sets the Record Straight

There is yet another fake news cycle about President Trump. This time it concerns what he said to the wife, now widow, of one of the four soldiers who died in Niger. The MSM simply never gives up in their ongoing smear attack against Trump.

Former General John Kelly, a Gold-Star father himself, with another son deployed in Iraq right now, held an impromptu press conference to criticize the Congresswoman who tried to make political hay out of this soldier’s death.

Kelly is eloquent:

9 thoughts on “John Kelly Sets the Record Straight

  1. I was very glad to see this. Wilson exploiting a soldier’s death to score political points is beyond the pale.

  2. I listened to his speech. This man has much wisdom, and dignity that those who consider themselves to be on the Left would do well to take note of. I think Trump is in good hands with this General.

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