“Islam Will Inexorably Conquer the West”

Massimo Giannini is the presenter of the weekly politics and current affairs TV talk show Ballarò on RAI 3 in Italy. Alessandro Meluzzi is an Italian psychiatrist, writer, politician, and academic.

In the following clip, Dr. Meluzzi discusses the coming Islamic colonization of Italy and the rest of the West. The program aired in May 2017, just after the terrorist bombing in Manchester.

Many thanks to Elle Bowlly for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   I’ll ask you this: isn’t it possible that immigration
00:04   may enlarge this huge pool, making it ever more…
00:08   Islamic immigration! —…difficult to detect those who are radicalized? —Islamic immigration!
00:11   Yes, what you’re asking is right, and in the question you already have half the answer.
00:17   Obviously, the more you have in your territory, the more the risk can increase.
00:23   However, the question I ask is this; prefacing it with this:
00:27   that all the attacks we’ve had from 9/11
00:30   on in the West (in the US and Europe) were carried out by citizens of the very same countries
00:38   against which the attack was perpetrated. In no case was it migrants coming from other countries!
00:41   Of course! Of course! —It was always people who were born there! They had foreign origins, but they
00:49   were born there. —How do you respond to that? —This shows that the problem is even more severe!
00:53   I respect Islam so much so that…Well, I actually know it a bit because I’ve travelled throughout
00:57   the Islamic world. I was a guest for a week at Hassan al-Turabi’s house in Khartoum, Sudan.
01:03   He was the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood. This was back when I was a Senator with Cossiga.
01:06   And I had an extremely intense conversation in which this educated, sophisticated, powerful and
01:10   frightening man explained to me that Islam will inexorably conquer the West. For demographic
01:15   reasons, which are obvious, and secondly for a matter of values. Because ours is a weak culture,
01:21   while theirs is a strong one. In reply to Ms Casati Modignani: maybe Father Benoit was an attentive
01:31   scholar of Islam, but perhaps he did not read the Koranic Surahs because in all the Meccan Surahs
01:38   this concept is written precisely. There are two facts
01:41   that tell us that Islam, before being a religion,
01:44   is a colossal and rigid judicial system: one cannot change religion because the act of repudiation
01:52   leads to a death fatwa; which doesn’t even have to be issued by an imam, but which
01:56   any good Muslim can issue; and above all, blasphemy is a sin that is punished immediately
02:04   by the Shari’a (Islamic law) with a death fatwa. —But the Shari’a is not the Koran, though.
02:09   No, but… —Careful. They’re two different things. —But the Koranic Surahs say it! You only need to
02:13   take the Meccan ones where these things are written and are not modifiable. It’s not ME saying
02:17   these things! They were said by General al-Sisi’s Mufti
02:20   of the Al-Azhar Mosque, which is the biggest center of
02:23   theological elaboration of the Sunni world. He said that the
02:28   specific contents of the religion of 1.8 billion people.
02:32   That what is written there shouldn’t be used to bring terror to the remaining 6 billion
02:36   HE said that, and he is a Muslim, never mind us! —Let’s see what.
02:40   Therefore, we can’t deal with this just by bending over and not calling things by their name!
02:45   We don’t have to bend over, but what can we do!? Do we kick them all out? This is the question!
02:50   What can we do? Giannini asks… —Because the fact that they’re third generation demonstrates that
02:54   it’s an unassimilable culture! Or we should at least ask. —But it has been assimilated in many countries
02:58   You didn’t mention Germany, which has six million Turks. A large portion of them are Muslims. Perfectly.
03:03   The Turks are a bit different —It’s always Islam though, and nothing ever happened with them.
03:07   Integration is possible. —The Turks went through the civilizing campaign of
03:11   Kemal Atatürk who made their state secular.
03:14   Turkey’s a different reality —But they’re still Muslims. —What I want to say anyway is that
03:17   the true big threat is nonetheless posed by this very culture. Which is unassimilable,
03:20   but because it ITSELF doesn’t want to be assimilated, at all!
03:23   It wants to assimilate US! Do you want to get it through your heads,
03:26   yes or no!? This is the fundamental point. —What does the Minister think of…
03:30   They previously said we couldn’t defeat it because it was just a madman, now it’s because there’s a
03:34   complicated network. —Well, I believe in using the correct terms, because I see fascism.
03:39   Well, I think Giannini didn’t hold back. —No, no I agree with what he said, the whole of it.
03:43   I’d add a clarification to the Islam script. We applied the term “Islamic fascism” to
03:47   this category. I would leave fascism out, since it falls under a 1900s category of the West.
03:51   I mean, Islam is a darned serious thing that has 1,600 years of history,
03:55   which were all marked by sudden and violent expansionistic flare-ups.
04:01   Giovanni Sartori, who was an extraordinary political scientist that we’re all students of
04:06   in some way, shortly before dying, he wrote what I believe to be
04:10   a memorable sentence: From 630 AD till now,
04:13   there’s no record in history of even one case of an Islamic community that was inserted in a
04:17   non-Islamic society and integrated itself, was able to co-exist peacefully, that didn’t end up in
04:25   the conquest and overpowering of the place where they installed themselves.
04:29   It’s ALWAYS been like this. Well, if history, the end of the great empires
04:33   and the end of great civilizations teach us anything,
04:37   this major, terrible geopolitical conflict, as the late Oriana Fallaci would have said
04:44   between the West and its values, its civilization,
04:48   democracy, tolerance, aesthetics, taste, concerts,
04:51   its monuments, paintings, etc., etc. and Islam, has reached a crucial point. We can’t pretend that
04:56   it isn’t so! Although Trump may sell arms to the Saudis for various geopolitical reasons,
05:05   it doesn’t alter the terms one bit! What we’ve installed in the West (notably in the ex-colonial
05:11   countries like England and France, who’ve traditionally had strong relationships)
05:14   are a bunch of Islamic communities that are impregnable enclaves by now; from a values standpoint,
05:19   and from that of control, of democracy and when it comes to law enforcement, too!

16 thoughts on ““Islam Will Inexorably Conquer the West”

  1. Well, SOMEone gets it! Islam never integrates into a society: it takes that society over!

  2. Did I understand this correctly, an Italian senator stayed for a weed at the leader of a terrorist organization? Unbelievable. And then he comes in and tells people they stand no chance (islam is a strong culture and will conquer the world)? What a bunch of nonsense. Just because islam has been treated like an adopted retarded child who destroys stuff around the house because he’s angry at his limitations and doesn’t like being told what to do, it doesn’t mean that everything will be tolerated or that the child will be allowed to dictate the decisions in the household or that everybody will have to act retarded so that the child’s ego is not offended.

    • I think I agree. I can’t see the leaders/elite being so stupid across the board without taking the Iran Revolution into consideration. The Left were the first on the shooting blocks there. I am thinking they are using the muslims as another army of “useful idiots”. Of course, I think the Muslims at the top are playing a game of their own. The Persians invented chess, after all. I do think the elite will sweat it out a bit and be forced to use a heavy hand in the end — maybe sooner than they planned — but in the end will reestablish their authority. Maybe it will be even a different elite that steps up or they change their game a bit. Whatever will keep them in power and in the money.

      Also, I do believe the Bible prophecies that say Iran/Persia will rise up again and will come to destroy Israel with Turkey and Russia and only God will be able to intervene. Then the final world power will be able to rise up. Many scholars believe that this final power will be European and that the failed muslim invasion of Israel will be such a complete loss that muslims will be demoralized to the point that they will go along with whatever comes along. Yet other scholars think the final “beast” kingdom will be a muslim one. I don’t hold to that myself but time will tell.

  3. Excellent. History doesn’t lie. People who write history do lie. Most people read the lies and never know history.

  4. Unless current trends do a 180 I believe the good doctor is correct.

    Unfortunately, reversing those trends is going to take the sort of intestinal fortitude shown by Vlad Tepes, possibly Genghis Khan.

  5. Islam tried to do this for centuries, some times for long stretches of time Islam succeeded.However at the end they fell.History repeats itself.Islam will fall.But this requires sacrifices of life.I think we are nor ready yet

  6. Glorious, razor-sharp and so obviously bristling with intelligence and real passion. Love this guy. This is what I come to Gates for: the voices of the European resistance shouting at the top of the lungs that OUR HOUSE IS ON FIRE.

  7. I would say the place to begin is to quit trying to convert Muslims and leftists.

    The big failing of Ali Sina was that he thought that by putting out a website relentlessly critical of Islam, debating Islamists, and citing Koran and sura, that Muslims would defect from Islam wholesale. Ali Sina was also fooled by the Muslims who proclaimed themselves ex-Muslims by continually reading his website. I’m not saying they were phony, but they were a flash in the pan, a flyspeck. The number of Muslims, particularly in western countries, is increasing.

    It’s also true that in many Muslim countries, such as Iran, the birthrate is at near or below replacement levels.

    The well-organized actions by Muslim organizations to infiltrate and co-opt the US government and cultural institutions have been well documented since before 9/11, for anyone who wanted to know, which wasn’t many. After 9/11 the rate of Muslim immigration into the US increased. George W Bush, probably the President most allergic to actual ideas in the history of the US, was able in his own mind (such as it was) to distinguish between his Saudi business partners and sponsors, from the actual terror organizations, such as al-qaeda.

    The leftists who are preparing the culture for the co-option of Islam by destroying the culture, will indeed come under sharia discipline. Their women will wear veils, their men will pray 5 times a day in the mosque, and there will be n0 music or human art in their houses. But, the leftists will be happy, or at least not unhappy, because their pressing drive was to destroy western culture. So, again, leftists cannot be converted by the reality of the horror of Islamic rule.

    So, the way to exclude Islam is to form homogeneous communities and arrogate as much power of self-choice to them as possible. Hungary, Poland, and the Czech Republic are following this path admirably. The election of Trump, by not allowing the use of NATO for internal EU enforcement, has given western civilization a breathing space for re-grouping and arming.

    Not that Trump is fully able to follow the principles of his own campaign. I do not know the rationale for why the US is wasting military lives and resources fighting in desolate waste-holes like Niger. According to an article I pulled up in a 10-second internet search, US special forces are active in 138 countries. That’s simply and completely insane.

    Niger has one of the highest birth rates in the world, and will be boiling over with hundreds of millions of people. Special forces should not be inside Niger; they should be at the borders of western countries. If we want a special forces unit to have actual fighting experience, they should go into Mexico (without the permission of the government) and wipe out a drug cartel or two.

  8. Islam Will Inexorably Conquer the West

    Sure thing.

    After all, Muslims nations have so many more nuclear weapons than the West.

    Can you say, “U N H A P P Y … E N D I N G ?”

    Very good … I knew you could!

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