Grandma Ain’t No Spook

We’ve all heard about Heather, who has two mommies. And I assume Ingrid has something similar in Sweden. But Asli — who is also “Swedish”, in the Modern Multicultural Mode — has four mommies. And also, as it happens, a grandma in a bag.

FouseSquawk, who translated the following article about these wonderful new culture-enriching developments, has this to say by way of introduction:

Here’s another good one from Fria Tider. I actually heard about it the other day while talking to a friend in Sweden.

Grandpa Has Four Wives

That’s the title of a new children’s book that is just hitting the shelves in Sweden. It is bilingual, Swedish and Somali, and targeted at a children’s audience between three and six years old. The writer is Oscar Trimbel. He is also the author of another new children’s book entitled (in Swedish) Grandma Is No Ghost (referring to her burka). The stories concern Somali-Swedish children meeting their Somali grandparents for the first time, and the cultural differences they see. There is quite a stir over the release of these books. The latter book is being criticized because many feel it is promoting polygamy among Swedish children who read the book.

By chance I was speaking over the phone with an acquaintance in Sweden who picked up a copy of the book at the Gothenburg book fair (second largest in the world). He said he actually met and spoke with the author, Trimbel, who told him the book was meant as a way to help Somali kids integrate into Sweden.

The translated article:

Three-year-olds learn about Islam

CULTURE NEWS. Two new children’s books have just been released in Sweden which include, among other things, polygamy and Muslim Somali culture. They are called “Grandfather has four wives” and “Grandmother is no ghost” and are aimed at very young children.

According to Social News , the association Somali Nordic Culture is selling the new children’s books at the Book Fair in Gothenburg.

The books are written by the author Oscar Trimbel.

“Grandmother is no ghost” is about Omar greeting his grandmother, who comes from Somalia.

Grandmother wears a full-covering dress but is no ghost.

“When it’s Halloween, Omar dresses like ghosts like any other child. He wants grandma to come along because it’s gonna be nasty,” the book is blurbed on Adlibris website.

The second children’s book, “Grandfather has four wives”, deals with polygamy. The front is adorned by a Muslim bearded man with his four wives in the background.

It tells about Asli who has never been to Somalia, “but now she will finally go there with her dad, to meet grandfather and all her grandmothers,” so says

“The book has already been ordered by libraries, and can therefore be assumed to be fact-checked in accordance with the guidelines of the Association of Libraries.” “Grandfather has four wives can also be ordered as a coloring book,” economist Tino Sanandaji writes sarcastically on his Facebook and points out that in the book “our children can be taught pedagogically about polygamy.”

The author Oscar Trimbel worked in the 1980s on behalf of Sida (Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency) in Somalia. He has, in the past, put out Somali folk songs and self-painted watercolors from his stay in the country.

The two books were published by the book publisher Book Machine in August this year. Appropriate reading age is reported to be three to six years.

13 thoughts on “Grandma Ain’t No Spook

  1. I wonder if the book also mentions the real purpose behind Asli’s trip to Somalia; namely the slicing off of her clitoris with a razor blade by her four grandmothers.

    As the ostensible purpose is to remove her interest in sex, one might ask if there can created a similar ritual for Somali males. Castration would have the benefit of removing their impulse to rape anything, male, female, or donkey that crosses their path with the added bonus of controlling their ability to procreate like rats.

      • I think that Asli is a girl in the four grandmas book and Omar is a boy in the spooky grandma book.

        • Oh, OK — thank you! I’m glad you straightened that out. I wouldn’t want to get in trouble for misgenderizing her. I mean zer.

          • Difficult to tell what gender is concealed inside the bag. Other indicators must be observed to determine the sex. If it tries to rape a person or animal placed in front of it then it can be reliably inferred that the bagged object is male and muslim.

  2. I saw a note that selling of the book has got stopped by the publisher.

    Also Tino Sanandaji (look him up on the Web and YoutTube) has written a beautiful list of suggestions for further titles:

    1)Oldest sister had a boyfriend; now he no longer exists.

    2) Father is friend with a nice social service auntie and has three flats.

    3) Oldest brother was on holidays in Syria; now he got his own flat. [Returned jihadis receive lots of help.]

    4) Little sister has fullfillled age 9; now she will get married.

    5) Father’s mother has a practice job [“traineejobb”, sorry, my English isn’t so good] as a doctor.

    6) Mother is Father’s cousin.

    7) Little brother has beard and permanent permit of residence.
    [a pun on all those “children” having beards.]

    8) Mother’s father helps the police and controls Gothenburg.

    • Pretty funny, particularly the mother with a “practice job” as a doctor and the bearded little preadolescent brother.

  3. Here we bear witness to the delightful process of normalizing the abnormal.

    There must be a special corner in hell awaiting Oscar Trimbel.

    • Assuredly, although I would be much happier with a more temporal reckoning to hasten the spiritual one.

    • Any parent who buys this mental poison and presents it to their child should be charged with abuse.

  4. I think if we all convert and have 4 wives here in the Great White North, have 16 children, baby doc trudeau’s very liberal government will give us $6400CDN per month. Because we are allowed to change our genders whenever we wish, wive #1 could become the head of the household and collect the same amount per month. The possibilities are endless. Where do I sign up?!!

    • Nah. They would have Manly Equipment Detectors and DNA Inspectors…you’d be thrown into the clink for various fraud offenses. No loons for ethnic Anglo-Canadians under Baby Doc.

      • They wouldn’t be Anglo-Canadians. They would be Dutch, Islamic-Canadians. We would have a chance I think, as Baby Doc has said “All Are Welcome”.

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