Alice Weidel: Islam is a Grave Threat to German Homosexuals

In the following speech from the recent election campaign, Alice Weidel of the AfD (Alternative für Deutschland, Alternative for Germany) publicly discusses the fact that she is a lesbian. She emphasizes that this is why she joined the AfD, because the millions of Muslims welcomed into Germany by its current leadership pose a grave threat to the country’s homosexuals.

Many thanks to Oz-Rita for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:08   Today I would like
00:12   to talk about a topic and
00:16   deviate a little from my program,
00:20   for the first time in this election campaign to speak about a topic
00:24   which does not actually belong here. A premiere, so to speak.
00:28   As one or the other of you have perhaps noticed,
00:32   I live with a woman, although somewhat less lately,
00:36   but normally yes.
00:48   In addition we raise two children together, some of you may have already
00:52   guessed what I am talking about, and you will hear the rest
00:56   from me: I am homosexual.
01:09   I have waited, but it seems no one
01:13   is leaving. This is somewhat
01:17   surprising, because the AfD is a homophobic party.
01:21   I read it daily: do the members, the officials,
01:25   and of course also all the supporters and voters for
01:29   this party hate all homosexual people, or not?
01:33   No one here who hates me? No? So
01:37   not one who cannot stand it that I am sharing
01:41   my life with a woman. Phew, thank you.
01:50   And as you have remained seated, allow me please to briefly explain something.
01:54   If in recent years I had
01:58   received even one cent every time
02:02   someone took the liberty to ask me why, as a homosexual
02:06   Woman, I am with the AfD, I would be a millionaire,
02:10   ladies and gentlemen. Really,
02:14   I would not have to work again. The question
02:18   meanwhile comes out of my ears, even now, already again.
02:22   It’s not to criticise the press representatives, but just now I got the question X times
02:26   again. Before every event, X times, I would be millionaire
02:30   if it had happened thus. But let me clarify one thing:
02:34   I am not in the AfD DESPITE my homosexuality, but indeed
02:38   BECAUSE of my homosexuality.
02:42   And, to stay with the truth,
02:46   I joined the AfD for something quite different. You may guess it,
02:51   as I have already alluded to it: because of the legal breaches
02:55   and the handling of law and order
02:59   in the Federal Republic of Germany. But I also tell
03:03   you with all my heart, even if I were not standing here,
03:07   and had chosen a completely different path in my life,
03:11   I would, this Sunday, not vote for anything but the AfD,
03:15   the Alternative for Germany.
03:19   And that as
03:23   a homosexual woman. And the reason for this is
03:27   actually quite simple. The reason for this is the increasingly
03:31   eroding, marauding security situation
03:35   In the Federal Republic of Germany, because without
03:39   internal security, there is no freedom,
03:43   neither for my way of life, nor for yours.
03:47   Now I have already confessed to you tonight that
03:51   I’m living with a woman, and let me clarify one thing:
03:56   personally I welcome any improvement in the rights for
04:00   same-sex couples, even against the majority opinion of my own party.
04:04   That much freedom I allow myself. This is why
04:08   I would like to talk a little about the just-passed law
04:12   of marriage for all. From a legal point of view,
04:16   there may actually be a few improvements
04:20   to the registered life partnership in
04:24   which I live, though — and this is important to me — there is
04:28   de facto, purely factually, for the homosexuals
04:32   in this country, a much bigger, more dramatic
04:36   problem, namely the fact
04:40   that the so-called “politically” motivated attacks compared with the
04:44   same period last year have risen this year by almost 30%,
04:48   and the majority of the attacks
04:53   were acts of violence such as bodily harm, robbery or extortion.
04:57   And as always in recent times when it comes to sudden increases
05:01   in criminal police statistics, the rule for this new
05:05   phenomenon is also: “Details are not known”.
05:09   Questions such as the origin of the groups of perpetrators here, too,
05:13   are not welcome. And yet in the year 2016
05:17   there was already an explosion of acts of violence
05:21   compared with 2015. And compared with
05:25   2005 there was even an increase of 400%.
05:29   Do you understand what I’m getting at?
05:33   The gays and lesbians in this
05:37   country will not care at the end of the day,
05:41   whether their relationships is a “registered life partnership”
05:45   or “marriage” when they do not dare
05:49   to go out on the street, arm in arm, ladies and gentlemen.
05:58   But the so-called “progressive” forces in this country, headed by the Greens,
06:02   that is, the alleged pioneers for the rights of homosexuals
06:06   in this country, the owners of the
06:10   discourse on this topic, could not give, to put it mildly,
06:14   a s*** about these statistics. These activists
06:18   prefer to get angry about the fact that not all “fun pools”
06:22   are offering family cards yet for rainbow families, or they
06:26   get all worked up that some ministries or town halls do not hoist
06:30   rainbow flags for the CSD. And
06:34   nothing is allowed to put a damper on the contrived mood of jubilation.
06:38   They are so happy about how open to the world
06:42   and tolerant our society has become because of this law.
06:46   Only, it has nothing to do with the reality of life
06:50   and the real fears of lesbians and gays, ladies and gentlemen.
06:54   MUSLIM GANGS, Muslim gangs have
06:58   recently been literally HUNTING DOWN homosexuals
07:03   and this in the middle of Germany, and that is a scandal!
07:19   Only recently a case became known where a gay man was
07:23   bashed brutally in the U-Bahn, because he had come out as gay.
07:27   In another case, also in Berlin,
07:31   and only recently, a young man too was surrounded by many people,
07:35   including women and children. He was kicked, spat on and beaten up.
07:39   Why? Well it’s clear because the sexual orientation of this man
07:43   according to the rules of Sharia is “haram”,
07:47   which we have to learn now. And the
07:51   Islamic “scholars” have so far only disagreed as to
07:55   if a public flogging is enough as punishment,
08:00   or if this lifestyle
08:04   must be directly punishable by death, ladies and gentlemen,
08:08   and that is what it is about. And so these young
08:12   “gentlemen”, who a little over a year ago,
08:16   chased a gay couple across the place and
08:20   flogged them publicly with their belts,
08:24   were more likely to be supporters of the liberal interpretation
08:28   regarding the question of punishment.
08:32   Not so in Dortmund: there three young North Africans,
08:36   “New Citizens”, at the beginning of 2016
08:40   harassed two women, at first only sexually.
08:44   We know that this has been the national sport since Angela Merkel
08:48   became Chancellor.
08:52   Three North Africans,
08:56   “New Citizens”, harassed two women
09:01   initially “only” sexually, and
09:05   when they noticed that the two women were transsexual men,
09:13   they let go of them, but not to let them go on their way,
09:17   because their offended “honor” did not allow this.
09:21   Instead, on reflection, in the middle of Dortmund, it was decided
09:25   to liberate these two people from their torment
09:29   and to stone them. Germany anno 2016!
09:33   Only a randomly passing
09:37   police car was able prevent the completion
09:41   of the stoning, and if I remember correctly,
09:45   the attackers told the police quite willingly that
09:49   they regarded this as their religious duty.
09:53   And this, ladies and gentlemen, the Federal Government
09:57   probably calls “lived religious freedom”.
10:10   And, you know, when they sneer down from their ivory tower
10:14   that “living together must be
10:18   renegotiated daily”, I ask you: where should we
10:22   meet with these people, at what
10:26   height, at what accomplishment should
10:30   we renounce, where could there be a compromise?
10:34   I see only darkness, ladies and gentlemen.
10:47   It is unbearable
10:51   that there are no-go areas for homosexuals.
10:55   It is unacceptable that honest citizens
10:59   have to be afraid in Germany simply because of their sexual orientation,
11:03   and therefore, my tolerance ceases at the point
11:07   where none is offered to me. And that is why
11:11   I am in the AfD (among other reasons), and as I said
11:15   at the beginning,
11:19   not despite of my homosexuality,
11:23   but just BECAUSE of my
11:27   homosexuality, because the AfD
11:31   is the only party that stands for law
11:35   and order, and from this all citizens benefit, irrespective of their
11:39   sexual orientation. That’s what it’s all about in our country.
11:48   And that is why I want to
11:52   thank you for your patience
11:56   for this topic close to my heart, which, for the first time, this evening
12:00   I have addressed in a speech. Thank you.
12:16   Thank you very much.

8 thoughts on “Alice Weidel: Islam is a Grave Threat to German Homosexuals

  1. To those who say that AfD are Nazis (a common view), I point out that their leader would have been put in a concentration camp by the Nazis.

    What a twisted world we live in.

    • There is some evidence that gays were not actually targeted directly.

      There were laws against it, but these were enforced only really to enable the Nazis to force the gay person to give evidence against a Jew or any other enemy of the State.

      If she had been a good Nazi then she would almost certainly not have been punished.

  2. Weidel has become the intellectual princess mouthpiece of the “ultraconservative” AfD. She took away the limelight from just as vain Frau Petry who just bailed the party leadership, oh well.. ,whatever.
    But now she has the nerve to put her audience in the awkward position of having to appluad her very offensive (to social conservatives) strange, abnormal sexual desires/preferences, and to use her election platform’s success as just another avenue to shove this very leftist homosexual agenda down our non-suspecting throats. Eeeew.

    • Speech was on 22nd April, AfD party congress in Cologne, long before election day 24th September.
      Great performance. As a lesbian she delivered the best speech possible.

  3. Duh. Now there’s a surprise. One of these days I WILL throw my gaydar out the window.

    I have mixed feelings about this. I have no problems with homosexuals and lesbians as long as their activities remain in the private sphere, but I have always been, and will remain, a staunch opponent of gay marriage and adoption. I’m pondering my attitude about this.

  4. Sexual deviancy is a threat to society.
    God said so.
    False religions are a threat to society.
    God said so.

    Ignore His Law, dethrone the King, and societies eventually crumble.
    Or Genesis 19. A little quicker.

  5. The stoning incident in Dortmund is the most alarming part of this speech.

    It demonstrates that Muslims ought not to be allowed to live if they propagate their blasphemous and idolatrous religion or execute the punishments it prescribes.

    Germany will regret having abolished the death penalty.

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