When The Elites Go Mad

Below is the first part of a two-part essay by Hans-Peter Raddatz about the political Götterdämmerung that is rapidly approaching in Germany. It was written a few days before Sunday’s general election.

Many thanks to Rembrandt Clancy for the translation.

Hans-Peter Raddatz — Word on the German Election (Part I)

About the Author

Dr. Hans Peter Raddatz is a German specialist in Middle Eastern and Oriental studies. He is also an economist, consultant and writer. After being active for many years representing the interests of international banks in the Near East, he wrote numerous books on the fundamentals of globalisation, Islam and the Islamisation of the West. He has made contributions to the Encyclopaedia of Islam and has translated Bat Ye’or’s Europe, Globalization, and the Coming of the Universal Caliphate, providing it with a commentary (cf. Gates of Vienna).

When the Elites go Mad: not exclusively a German dilemma!

by Hans-Peter Raddatz

21 September 2017

Translation by Rembrandt Clancy

German Language Source in the Appendix

In view of the federal election, it is well to recall a few political characteristics of the political parties which, apart from the routine corruption to which the people have almost become adjusted, can also lead to psychotic behaviour among those “responsible”.

For example, ignorance and brutality are timeless characteristics of potentates who go out of control. Since in the history of mankind no one has yet escaped this rule, it also applies to the Sovietised politics of the EU and its affiliated states. Germany is no exception in this case; rather she has become, by virtue of her surge toward the radical left since reunification, the driving force. This can hardly be surprising, given her pan-German, red-brown “tradition”.

Since the mechanism is independent of time, it also runs its course in ever the same way. In order to give the German uniparty [Einheitspartei], consisting of the government and opposition (except the AfD), room for its unobtrusive radicalisation — evident from the path leading from enforced immigration to immigrant invasion — the nation has been dressaged since the 1970s in the prayer wheel of “cultural dialogue” to three major factors as follows: a) the minimisation of education, with the result that people cannot appreciate their own situation; b) maximisation of taxes, such that the increasing workloads and tax burdens further paralyse initiative; c) a propaganda, which combines these two and drums a schizophrenic thinking into the nation; that is, the people, who are also voters after all, are supposed to trust a government which considers them the enemy.

For whatever criticism arises, it appears to those “responsible” as “hate speech” framed as populism, racism, parasitism etc. This völkisch politics cribbed from the Nazis accompanies a decline of the constitutional state, which is radically divorced from the old-nation [Altvolk] as “sovereign”, and replaced by means of the pumping-in of Muslims. It follows logically that they not only belong to Germany, but also occupy the country with enormous support from the bureaucracy and the “humanitarian” institutions. These have been infiltrated over the years, even by forces hostile to the state, and have been overrun by countless opinion tanks [Meinungspanzern], also known as think tanks. Thus they have little objection to the hunting season now being opened on the population; meanwhile the justice system is also involved and almost everyone is turning a blind eye.

Since only “hate-speakers” dissent, and since the unity-propaganda of the Islamic peace proceeds from all of the institutions — the media and the universities being in the vanguard — Germany finds herself already in the midst of her third totalitarianism. The colour green has long since been attributed to this system, owing to the new dominant culture following that of red and brown; however, the brutal Islamic one is often forgotten over the sloganeering of the media.

It is at this point that brutality comes into play as an indispensable function of totalitarian politics, and it requires correspondingly talented actors. The most important of these, Merkel and Schulz, in their pre-election TV-“debate” (04 September), presented to the German electorate their suitability for replacement. The former stressed that she had done all the proper things regarding the torrent of immigrants, “because there are people who come to us”. Her “adversary” could only agree: “Islam is a religion like any other”.

The “duellists” are conducting a sham battle because, as adherents to the uniparty, they are pursuing through the vehicle of Islam their socialist goal of doing away with the civil constitutional state, which tolerance is carrying to the grave by quite simply giving away, in packages worth millions, individual rights such as freedom of religion and asylum, and without being hindered in the slightest by specialists in the field of law.

Instead, the “elites” calmly watch as the Islamic “freedom of religion” in the form of terror, rapine and rape descends upon the electorate. The ruling class thereby declares open season on the citizens, their actual enemy, whilst also controlling the statistics and opinion polls. Merkel’s ratings are so high that after the election, despite everything, the triumphant political class could encourage — apart from family reunification — the ignition of the next stage of invasion.*

The obsessive quality of this “policy” may explain the extralegal energy with which the primary actors use religiously-free and young Muslims, whose primary duty in the enemy territory of Europe is to fight the outlawed unbelievers wherever they can find them. Since they are being cared for in the wraparound cocoon of the welcoming-ideology, many of them view the whole scenario as the wondrous providence of Allah, who challenges them to make their contribution with Koran-legitimised violence; this all the more, since they are certain not to be deported.

Apart from the fact that such a policy takes on psychopathological features if it remains unwaveringly on its inhumane path, it can open extremely problematic perspectives which ultimately lead to the despotic state. This can easily be brought about simply by proclaiming any resistance which might arise as a reason for activating laws governing a state of emergency. Such an eventuality could hardly come as a surprise given that decisions against the civil state are almost established routine for the Federal Constitutional Court [Bundesverfassungsgericht] and given that the court is occupied by loyal party activists and — particularly in the context of EU litigation — it has with lasting effect completely undermined the sovereignty of the state.

*   Translator’s note: Few could have expected Mrs. Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union (CDU) to emerge with the poorest showing in decades and the anti-mass migration Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) to enter the Bundestag for the first time as the third-largest party. It remains to be seen, therefore, what may be expected from the now somewhat rebuked German political class: might the “welcoming-ideology” yet “encourage … the ignition of the next stage of invasion”, as Dr. Raddatz formulates it?


German Text

Wenn Eliten durchdrehen — kein rein deutsches Dilemma!

Mit Blick auf die Bundestagswahl ist an einige politische Merkmale der Parteien zu erinnern, die — abgesehen von der Korruptions-Routine, an die sich das Volk fast gewöhnt hat — für psychotisches Verhalten der “Verantwortlichen“ sorgen können.

Zum Beispiel sind Ignoranz und Grausamkeit zeitlose Merkmale für Machthaber, die aus dem Ruder laufen. Da in der Geschichte noch niemand dieser Regel entgangen ist, trifft sie auch auf die sowjetisierte Politik der EU und der angeschlossenen Staaten zu. Deutschland macht hier keine Ausnahme, sondern ist aufgrund des linkradikalen Schubs seit der Wiedervereinigung eher zur führenden Kraft geworden, was bei der gesamtdeutschen, rotbraunen “Tradition“ kaum überraschen kann.

Da der Mechanismus zeitunabhängig ist, läuft er auch auf immer gleiche Weise ab. Um der deutschen partei, bestehend aus Regierung und Opposition (also ex AfD), Raum zu unauffälliger Radikalisierung zu geben — ablesbar am Weg von Zwangszuwanderung zur Immigranten-Invasion — wurde das Volk seit den 1970er Jahren in der Gebetsmühle des “Kulturdialogs“ auf drei wesentliche Aspekte hin dressiert.

Sie beruhen auf a) Minimierung der Bildung, damit die eigene Situation nicht begriffen wird, b) Maximierung der Steuern, damit die steigenden Arbeits— und Abgaben-Lasten zusätzlich die Initiative lähmen, c) eine Propaganda, die beides verbindet und dem Volk ein schizophrenes Denken eintrichtert, d.h. die Menschen, die immerhin auch Wähler sind, sollen einer Regierung vertrauen, die sie als Feind betrachtet.

Denn was immer an Kritik hochkommt, erscheint den “Verantwortlichen“ als “Hassrede“ zwischen Populismus, Rassismus, Parasitismus etc. Mit dieser von den Nazis abgekupferten, völkischen Politik geht ein Verfall des Rechtsstaats einher, der sich vom Altvolk als “Souverän“ radikal trennt und durch das Hereinpumpen von Muslimen ersetzt. Folgerichtig gehören sie nicht nur zu Deutschland, sondern besetzen das Land mit enormer Unterstützung von Bürokratie und “humanen“ Institutionen. Sie wurden über die Jahre selbst von staatsfeindlichen Kräften unterwandert und von den zahllosen Meinungspanzern überrollt, die man auch Think Tanks nennt. So haben sie wenig dagegen, dass nun die Jagd auf die Bevölkerung eröffnet ist, wobei auch die Justiz mitspielt und fast alle Augen zudrückt.

Da nur die “Hassredner“ widersprechen und aus allen Institutionen, angeführt von den Medien und Universitäten, die Einheits— Propaganda des islamischen “Friedens“ kommt, befindet sich Deutschland bereits mitten im dritten Totalitarismus. Dem hat man dank der neuen Leitkultur nach Rot und Braun längst die Farbe Grün verliehen, wobei allerdings über das mediale Plakative oft das brutale Islamische vergessen wird.

Damit kommt die Grausamkeit ins Spiel. Sie ist unverzichtbare Funktion totalitärer Politik und erfordert entsprechend talentierte Akteure, deren wichtigste — Merkel und Schulz — im TV-Vorwahl-”Duell“ (04.09.) dem deutschen Wahlvolk ihre Eignung zu dessen Verdrängung vorstellten. Erstere betonte, im Immigranten-Schwall alles richtig gemacht zu haben, “weil es Menschen sind, die zu uns kommen“. Ihr “Kontrahent“ konnte dem nur zustimmen: “Der Islam ist eine Religion wie jede andere“.

Die “Duellanten“ führen ein Scheingefecht, weil sie als Angehörige der Einheitspartei mit dem Islam-Vehikel das sozialistische Ziel verfolgen, den bürgerlichen Rechtsstaats zu beseitigen. Den trägt die Toleranz zu Grabe, indem sie Individualrechte wie Religionsfreiheit und Asyl ganz einfach im Millionen-Paket vergeben, ohne von den Spezialisten des Rechts im Geringsten behindert zu werden.

Stattdessen schauen die “Eliten“ seelenruhig zu, wie die islamische “Religionsfreiheit“ in Gestalt von Terror, Raub und Vergewaltigung über das Wahlvolk herfällt. Die herrschende Klasse gibt damit die Bürger als ihren eigentlichen Feind zum Abschuss frei, kontrolliert aber auch die Statistiken und Umfragen. Die Merkel-Werte sind trotz allem so hoch, dass sie die triumphierende Polit-Klasse dazu auffordern könnten, nach der Wahl — neben dem Familien-Nachzug — die nächste Invasionsstufe zu zünden.

Die obsessive Qualität dieser “Politik“ mag die rechtsfreie Energie erklären, mit der die Akteure die religionsfreien und — jungen — Muslime einsetzen, denn deren erste Pflicht ist es, im Euro-”Feindesland“ die vogelfreien Ungläubigen, wo man sie treffen kann, zu bekämpfen. Da sie im Rundum-Kokon der Willkommens-Ideologie umsorgt werden, sehen viele von ihnen das Gesamt-Szenario als wundersame Fügung Allahs, der sie auffordert, ihren Beitrag mit korangerechter Gewalt zu leisten. Dies umso mehr, als sie sicher sind, nicht abgeschoben zu werden.

Abgesehen davon, dass eine solche Politik psychopathische Züge annimmt, wenn sie bei ihrer inhumanen Linie unbeirrbar bleibt, kann sie äußerst problematische Perspektiven öffnen, die endgültig in den Willkürstaat führen. Dies lässt sich leicht bewirken, indem man etwaigen Widerstand schlicht zum Grund erklärt, die Notstandsgesetze zu aktivieren. Solches könnte kaum überraschen, weil Entscheidungen gegen den Bürgerstaat fast zur Routine des Bundesverfassungsgerichts gehören, das mit loyalen Parteisoldaten besetzt ist und — speziell im EU-Prozess — die Souveränität des Staates nachhaltig durchlöchert hat.

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12 thoughts on “When The Elites Go Mad

  1. I’m traveling to Munich in two weeks to meet my granddaughter. I don’t know if I will survive the experience, but what worries me more is if my grandchild will grow up in a free country. I fear that she won’t.

    • It’s not looking hopeful unfortunately. There are some very dark forces indeed in motion and I am personally convinced that there now cannot be a peaceful resolution to what we are witnessing.

      It must also not be forgotten that the real architects of the disaster that is to befall us are not the migrants, their actions are completely understandable when one looks at them with a dispassionate eye.

    • Munich is still the safest of all western German towns, just avoid the train station (but your family will know that). Too bad you can’t go there in summer when it is lovely.

    • Don’t be worried, please. Germany is less safe today as it used to be 5 years ago, but still rates rather high in this respect on an international scale.

      The article is exaggerated, a means by the author to make clear his points.

      Law is still enforced (and IMHO this is the ultimate reason why we don’t take things in our own hands).

    • These places must feel like Paris, 1939. Still lovely, but with the knowledge that something very ugly is just around the corner.

      • O dear…there we are again…chilling
        Erich Maria Remarque…Arch of Triumph (German: Arc de Triomphe) or The Road Back (Der Weg zurück)

        “Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.”
        George Santayana….

  2. What a fantastic minutely detailed assessment of Germany today! Just one quibble though with the author’s expose – there is no mention of Treason or Traitors for which there are now many Germans in high places guilty of such crimes.

    Merkel and Shultz have both been labelled as Traitors in certain parts of Germany when on their public appearances – so at least some Germans know what they are guilty of.

  3. A very solid piece from an apparently very solid source. Thank you GoV.

    His use of “uniparty” for the Grand Coalition expresses well the real danger of consensual politics, so often lauded by the Left as a sign of democracy. It is no such thing, and the word “uniparty” tells very plainly why. We must hope the AfD tramples on it very hard.

  4. There are words like “Kadavergehorsam” and “Obrigkeitshörigkeit” in the German language, which could be used to describe the current German psychosis. Both is part and parcel of the indoctrination program, which Raddatz aptly describes in German above, which is unfortunately lost in the English translation.

  5. I have always known it is so bad. Y have the experience of living in three communist countries: Russia six months, DDR two years, Cuba five years: you can smell it. I knew Germany was that bad. I have being following AfD for five years. And it is coming to Spain, it is matter of time. No, this is the first time I have said about myself.

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