Street Prayer in Paris: Kill Them All — No Exceptions!

As we all know, whenever Muslims in the West conduct prayers on the streets, they are claiming that piece of infidel territory for the Ummah, permanently. In perpetuity.

In the case of this (illegal) street prayer in Paris, they are doing even more: they are calling for the indiscriminate murder of all infidels, without exception. Since the prayer is being chanted in Arabic, the pedestrians on the sidewalk and the policeman directing traffic are unaware that the imam is appealing to Allah to slaughter them:

In the second video, the Algerian-French “auto pundit” Also Sterone provides some exegesis on this particular prayer, and what it means for the infidels of France.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Good morning, my friends! I had no intention of talking to you today,
00:04   but I received a number of messages this morning.
00:08   Several people were shocked by a video, which was published by
00:12   M Majid Oukacha. It’s a video that was recorded in the 92 [part of Paris]
00:16   during a street prayer; and the content of this prayer
00:20   completely stunned me — I look normal, but I am stunned!
00:25   It shocked me! And I am not easily shockable!
00:29   You know, this morning I watched
00:33   the messages on my phone,
00:37   and several people sent messages
00:41   about a street prayer. But it’s true that
00:45   I cannot pretend that it’s a subject that is particularly exciting for me,
00:49   because, honestly, I’m sorry to tell you, but at the point where you [the French] are,
00:53   we are not — in your “file”— accounting
00:57   for each and every street prayer. You understand?
01:01   But this very prayer, in particular, shocked me.
01:05   I took the phone; I decided to watch it anyway. I switched the sound on,
01:10   and there was this huge shock! I’m going to show you.
01:14   Well, we’re in the new century, I tried to use
01:18   the tablet, right? because. I’ll show you the excerpt.
01:22   So it’s M Majid Oukacha who published it; I also talked to the guy who recorded the video.
01:30   Well, I would like you to listen. I would like you to listen
01:34   just for a couple of seconds to this part.
01:38   Careful, it’s a little noisy, at the beginning, because of the honking.
01:42   If you have earbuds, be careful; I start and I stop after only ten seconds.
01:46   Listen. It’s the sound that is more important than the street prayer itself.
01:50   Which is protected by the police, in reality.
02:07   This!
02:11   It ejected me out of my bed!
02:15   Because I knew that your country fell extremely low,
02:19   but this level! I was,
02:23   I was far from thinking that you were at that level! Why?
02:27   The verse he uses! You know there are more that 2,000, well, more that 6,200 verses in the Quran;
02:32   I think 6,228, something like that.
02:40   This verse in particular is a very interesting verse . It’s a verse
02:48   [Arabic] where he insists on the word “kaafa”
02:52   you can hear it: “kaafa”. If you want to listen again
02:56   I will repeat. What does it mean?
03:00   “Fight the unbelievers collectively
03:04   as they fight you COLLECTIVELY.”
03:08   “Kaafa” means collectively.
03:12   It is a verse taken from sura 9; that is the sura
03:17   most used by the terrorist groups. We hear only that in the videos
03:21   of ISIS executions. And this verse in particular.
03:25   And often quoted by the terrorists right before they kill
03:29   Christians or others whom they call unbelievers.
03:33   So the fact that this verse is being read like that
03:37   loudly on French streets ISN’T AN ACCIDENT.
03:41   It’s not an innocent verse that was chosen.
03:45   The collective side, you have to understand that… what is
03:49   the collective side? The collective, it’s kill
03:54   …because he says “combattez” [fight!], but “combattez” in French
03:58   where does it come from? What is the root of “combattez”? — It’s “combattre”, voilà,
04:02   Tu combats [you fight] . There are a billion ways of fighting. In Arabic
04:06   he says “khaatilu”. There is NO equivalent. What is
04:10   — it’s often translated as “combattez’ [fight!]— What is the root of “khaatilu”?
04:14   it’s: [more Arabic]. It’s “kill”.
04:18   It means, in fact, “Fight them to the death!”
04:22   See, it’s clearly the word “khaatilu”, “combat”. For example, in French
04:26   the word “combat” is relatively generic and vague.
04:31   It can be used to express, for example, an intellectual fight.
04:35   The word “khaatilu” in Arabic is ONLY used
04:39   to mean combat with blood, fire, dead people.
04:43   Just an explanation. “Khaatilu”.
04:47   “mushrikun” — the unbelievers — that’s you, “kafeten” collectively.
04:51   What does mean collectively? Collectively it’s the bomb in the bus,
04:55   it’s the truck that crushes people; it means
05:00   “Make no distinction.” “There is NO guilty and not guilty!
05:04   Innocent or not innocent, women or children or grownups,
05:08   or militants, or belligerent or not belligerent.” There is none of that: COLLECTIVELY.
05:12   All right? And that’s what it is. It’s this collectivist aspect
05:16   That we find in the terrorist attacks. Blind: a guy enters the subway and he leaves a bomb
05:20   He will strike the people COLLECTIVELY.
05:24   “Khafeten”, OK?
05:28   I’ll show you something. I’ll show you something else.
05:32   I’m trying; I hope it’ll work,
05:36   this tablet.
05:41   Iraq 2013: a terrorist group
05:45   linked to ISIS.
05:49   I’m going to send you the link, this video went viral
05:53   back then, it entered in the frame of
05:57   activities of the groups of…how do you call them?
06:01   moderate rebels, right? So, I’ll show you
06:05   a couple of seconds, so here it is,
06:09   it begins with this
06:13   Music, with those children or sometimes young people,
06:18   Who are singing; this music,
06:22   when I was little, was circulating everywhere
06:26   on cassettes, OK? Little did I know back then
06:30   that this music would one day become the background music
06:34   for execution videos. You aren’t going to see executions. I’m not going to show you
06:38   executions. I’ll just show you one thing: so they stop, as you can see
06:42   a group that is recording , they are very proud of filming their actions.
06:46   So a group linked to ISIS is stopping truck drivers and
06:50   ask them questions concerning their religion, to find out if they are Muslims or not.
06:54   Then you can see progressively, while they are questioning them,
06:59   that those aren’t Muslims, because they don’t know the basic of Muslim prayer,
07:03   of the Quran and all that. And then they realize that they [the captives] aren’t Muslims and
07:07   they will kill them. I’m not going to show you when they kill them.
07:11   I’ll show you something. I would like you to listen to the sound
07:15   because there is this exchange: at one point one of the truck drivers, says,
07:19   “But why are you killing us?” Look what the terrorist tells him. This is very important.
07:35   Wait.
07:44   OK? What has he told him?
07:48   Because the truck driver told him: “We didn’t do anything! We didn’t touch
07:52   Muslims. We didn’t hurt anybody!” And what does he answer him with?
07:56   He tells him: “God says [Arabic].
08:00   It means, he says,
08:04   he tells him: “God told us to fight you collectively” [indiscriminately]. COLLECTIVELY.
08:08   That means, I don’t give a f**k if you are innocent or not. I don’t give a f**k
08:12   if you — in person — did anything against Islam or against the Muslims.
08:16   You are here, you aren’t Muslim, I have orders to fight you
08:20   COLLECTIVELY. This verse is extremely beloved
08:25   by the terrorists, because it is in the heart of the terrorist doctrine.
08:29   Am I clear or not? I am upset with you as well; that’s why,
08:33   because at some point when I see,
08:37   that people show their game like that [are being straightforward]
08:41   in the middle of the street, with your police, who are
08:45   re-directing the traffic and protecting them, I tell myself: Well, those people
08:49   are the accomplices of their own [demise], I mean, you are accomplices at the end of the day.
08:53   At the end of the day, you are accomplices, that’s a fact!
08:58   Your authorities are accomplices, your politicians are accomplices, you vote for them —
09:01   you’re accomplices. I mean, I ask myself why I even bother, finally. Why me,
09:06   why am I in my car, getting upset about it, OK?
09:10   I’ll show you the verse, just in case,
09:14   I’ll show you the verse, so the verse is
09:18   this one, so,
09:22   it’s 9:36, so,
09:26   It’s the Quran, it’s not a hadith or anything like that.
09:30   It’s the Quran. So when it’s translated into French,
09:35   the French translation says, on purpose:
09:39   “Fight the unbelievers with no exception, just as they fight you with no exception.”
09:43   In fact, it’s not really an “exception”. How was it translated into English?
09:47   I’ll show you how it’s translated into English. I don’t know if you can manage
09:51   to see the tablet; I might have to return to the printed paper.
09:59   Look at the words that he uses in English, OK? You can see it.
10:03   I see, I start to see that there is a problem
10:07   with the angle, depending on angle, you see or you don’t.
10:12   See? Collectively [bottom line] there’s a side.
10:16   “Collectively” in English. The word “collectively” exists
10:20   in French as well, but the French translation
10:24   has been softened on purpose. If you want a sentence
10:28   where there is the word “without exception” where there’s the word “collectively” as well,
10:32   well it’s simply, they say: “Kill them all. Don’t make any exception!”
10:36   There is none: “Don’t make an exception for women, or children.
10:40   Don’t make an exception for the innocent; don’t make an exception for those who are nice to you;
10:44   don’t make an exception for those who defend you, who defend your religion.
10:48   Don’t make exceptions: KILL EVERYBODY. Voilà, in this sense, you can understand how
10:53   we render the sense of “khaafa” or “collectively”. Notice, as well, that there is
10:57   a accusatory inversion— it’s often like that. Because they say:
11:01   “Fight the unbelievers without exception, just as they fight you without exception.”
11:05   But it’s not true, in fact. NOBODY is fighting Muslims without exception.
11:09   [Concerning] the Muslims in the Western countries, in the countries called the “unbelieving”,
11:13   the taxpayer finances their mosques,
11:17   the police arrest anyone who discriminates against them
11:21   or mistreats them, or who puts even a tiny piece of ham at the entrance of their mosque.
11:25   I mean they have,
11:29   they are being defended; they get good press. Every time there is an attack, everybody gets up
11:33   to say, no, it’s not Muslims, you cannot stigmatize,
11:38   You see? Whereas the verse calls precisely for STIGMATIZATION.
11:42   The verse calls for not making distinctions: the verse calls for
11:46   lumping everybody together, when it’s about non-Muslims, you see?
11:50   Kill them all! You see? There, my friends! It was just…
11:54   I just wanted to share this with you. It struck me,
11:58   it struck me that they are using literally the favorite verses
12:02   of the terrorists, on your streets. And of course it’s terrible,
12:06   because your authorities, your society, opened a Pandora’s box.
12:10   The problem is that you don’t have mastery; your society does not control the codes.
12:15   This verse, the cops listen to it; well, they don’t know what it’s saying. For them it’s just a guy
12:19   who is praying, and that’s all. They don’t know he’s literally calling for them to be slaughtered.
12:23   Calling for their death. You understand?! For their death!
12:27   For the killing of innocents, for the killing of people. They are writing in the tradition
12:31   of the most bloodthirsty terrorist groups, as I just demonstrated; OK?
12:35   It’s a tradition! There are connections. Not all the verses of the Quran
12:39   have the same meaning. Not all the verses of the Quran are quoted in the same
12:44   context, the same circumstances, with the same intention, you understand?
12:48   Voilà, and then this very code — of course — passes under the radar,
12:52   because people cannot interpret them, of course.
12:56   If somebody… I don’t know. I’ll stop now.
13:00   I think I’ll stop this video here, and I’ll be back another day.
13:04   In better circumstances, I hope.

10 thoughts on “Street Prayer in Paris: Kill Them All — No Exceptions!

  1. Why not gather across the street and pray publicly and put loud for their salvation by Jesus Christ?

    • Because of fear? More than likely you would be attacked, then and there.

      They just prayed for the wholesale slaughter of infidels, and then a group of uppity infidels would dare to pray for their own God in front of them?
      Insult! Blasphemy! Kill them all, and let allah sort them out!

      That’s why not.

  2. An Imam at a mosque in Davis, California called for the slaughter of (all) Jews on video, and the local Jews rallied…to his defense. This is deep self-loathing.

  3. I see gathering a cohesive argument for establishing within the USofA communities of people who’ve been oppressed by the brainless opprobrium of their dietary preferences.

    Well, cannibals are people too. And it’s time for them to experience the wonderful inclusiveness of our tolerant Republic. Let’s show the World Who Are! And besides, it probably tastes just like chicken.

  4. And Westerners, in the sheltered ignorance of ‘PC,’ continue to spew, ‘Embrace Muslims without exception, just as they CURSE, CONDEMN, and MURDER you without exception.’
    Islam: The Nightmare of collective, supremacist human folly!

  5. One wonders when some French victim, or relative of a victim takes his truck and drives it through the assembled street prayer. It’s almost like they are inviting a retaliation in order to solidify the increasing muslim distrust and hatred toward the other in French society. If no retaliation takes place, then it exists as a demonstration of their power and unity.

  6. Dog-whistles: Some work, some don’t

    A “dog-whistle”, in a political context, is a secret signal, a way to get a message to your people in a way that will not be understood by outsiders.

    Donald Trump is a singularly inept dog-whistler. Why? Because he is thwarted by a master dog-whistle detector, Hillary Clinton. According to

    ==QUOTE== Clinton said Trump’s comments about the NFL [National Football League] is a “dog whistle” to his base and an attempt to appeal to America’s “dark underbelly.” ==UNQUOTE==

    For the details, and a demonstration of Prof. Clinton’s semantic detection prowess, view the first minute or so of the 5-minute video.

    With dog-whistle detectors like Hillary, every dark underbelly is exposed.

    Can we find an example of a *successful* dog-whistle, one that delivers a message to the followers without being detected by outsiders? Yes.

    The video here is an analysis of a dog-whistle, disguised as a prayer, that the French police are completely unaware of. The street demonstrators recite their “prayer” (Quran 9:36) openly, but its dog-whistle nature remains undetected.

    — Mark Spahn (West Seneca, NY)

    • This signal only appears ‘secret’ because most of us Westerns are largely ignorant of Arabic, myself included.

      Hillary’s ability to easily call out Trump rests largely on the fact that she has the unconditional backing of the leftist media.

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