To Prevent Terrorism, Implement Sharia Law. Then You’ll Be Safe.

Last night’s news feed featured Bondi, a suburb of Sydney, Australia. A planning request by the Jewish community in Bondi for the construction of a new synagogue was turned down by the local council, on the grounds that it a synagogue would bring with it an increased risk of terrorism.

This constitutes, of course, the voluntary implementation of sharia law by the secular authorities in a non-Muslim country. And it’s standard practice for the Great Jihad: make the infidel afraid, and then wait for him to apply Islamic rules on his own initiative in order reduce his fear (and the fear of the people who vote him into office).

For more information on the Bondi council’s decision, see and The Daily Mail.

Earlier today Vlad Tepes interviewed Gavin Boby of the Law and Freedom Foundation about what happened in Bondi. Mr. Boby’s extensive experience with the planning requests put before local councils — and his familiarity with sharia law — give him some insights into the situation in Australia:

For more on Gavin Boby and the Law and Freedom Foundation, see the Law and Freedom Foundation Archives.

15 thoughts on “To Prevent Terrorism, Implement Sharia Law. Then You’ll Be Safe.

  1. Why not tear down any nearby mosques and build the synagogue?

    I’d feel a thousand times safer living next to a synagogue. Wouldn’t you?

  2. The worm of supremacy that resides within the fruit of Islam is non-eradicable and renders moot any question of co-existence.

    One might suggest that Islamic piety is prima facie evidence of political disloyalty sufficient to compel rescission of citizenship and expulsion to a destination of government choosing.

    One might feel that we, the citizens of the Republic, are as entitled to send away the Muslim Element for the public good, as were our great grandparents, who sent away the Anarchist Element of Luigi Galleani for very much the same reasons.

    • Your second paragraph is spot on.

      Too bad the West no longer understands the meaning of the word ‘sedition’.

  3. Here is the link to the judgment of the Land & Environment Court of New South Wales upholding Waverley Council’s refusal of planning permission for a new synagogue at Bondi:

    The sad reality is that Jewish institutions are targets of Muslim hostility, everybody knows it, they don’t want to acknowledge it and don’t want to assume the personal risk of being collateral damage when a synagogue is firebombed, shot up, etc. Islam wins.

    While everything Gavin Boby states in the interview is correct, it has little direct bearing on this case as there was no Muslim opposition to the proposed synagogue – which was a Chabad, ultra-Orthodox, synagogue. What makes this case very interesting is the subtext to the refusal of planning permission by the local council – the Court was merely persuaded by the Council’s security concerns argument, as reading the case will make obvious.

    To understand the subtext here, one has to understand the demographics of Waverley, the local government area in which Bondi sits. While there are at least 5 synagogues, several Jewish primary, secondary and pre-schools in Waverley Municipality and several more just beyond its borders, and there is one street in Bondi where the street name is a local byword for the ultra-orthodox Jewish community and another street nearby is simply nicknamed “Kosher Boulevarde”, Bondi is not a Jewish neighbourhood per se. Waverley LGA, less so again, although another of its suburbs to the north of Bondi, Dover Heights, is nicknamed “Jehovah Heights” and its neighbor, Rose Bay, is nicknamed “Nose Bay”. Another suburb adjoining Bondi and Waverley, the very affluent Bellevue Hill, has the highest density of Jews (by postcode) in Australia and is nicknamed “Bellejew Hill”. It is the other, non-Jewish, demographic of Bondi and of Waverley which is in play here.

    Waverley is home to the iconic Bondi Beach and several other beautiful ocean beaches such as Bronte and Tamarama (“Glamarama”). It attracts “Bo-Bo’s” (Bourgeois – Bohemians) and affluent hipsters and has been gentrified since the 1970’s. Such people vote to give the left wing faction of the Labor Party and the Green Party a very substantial, often dominant presence, in the local council and in state parliamentary representation. The left wing of the Labor Party and the Green Party are both deeply, ahem, “pro-Palestine”. They are never “anti-Israel” of course, although they are increasingly willing to go on the record as “anti-Zionist”.

    A recent representative for the seat of Waverley in the NSW state parliament was the former mayor of Waverley, Paul Pearce, who is a member of the left wing faction of the Labor Party (and inherited the seat from another Left Laborite, Ernie Page). The balding Pearce, now cruising through life on a generous parliamentary pension, sports a ponytail and ear-ring and used to wear Che Guevara cufflinks to state parliament. Pearce bequeathed the mayoralty of Waverley to his left-faction Labor Party girlfriend (they are both in their late 50’s – early 60’s and have lived in Pearce’s father’s impressive multi-million dollar home overlooking Bronte beach for several decades) Ingrid Strewe, who used to speak glowingly of her years living in East Berlin before 1990 where “there was free childcare so women could have careers” – never mind the Stasi.

    Getting the picture of Waverley? The Bo-Bo’s, hipsters and others who vote for the likes of Pearce, Strewe and the former Labor Party (left faction) federal candidate for the area, David Patch, or for the Green Party, would never, ever, come out in the open and state “We don’t like Jews and don’t want them or their schools or places of worship around” but … .

    I recently obtained a surprising insight into how some people in the Waverley area feel about the armed security guards stationed outside synagogues and Jewish schools. I accept such a presence as a natural and normal response to danger. The wife of an artist from the area, however, whined to me at a dinner about how offensive it was to her that security guards outside a Waverley synagogue would stare at her as she drove past. When I made the point that they had to be wary of who was passing by their synagogue for security reasons, especially on a Saturday, she responded: “They wouldn’t need security guards if they weren’t doing what they’re doing in Palestine”! It is that type of sentiment and viewpoint amongst, presumably many, of the non-Jews of Waverley that drives the refusal of planning permission for a new synagogue at Bondi.

    Interestingly, the group that proposed the Bondi synagogue formally called themselves “Friends of Refugees of Eastern Europe”; no doubt in an attempt to garner some of the extraordinary sympathy extended to “refugees” in our era.

    • Thank you very much Julius. A factual presentation concerning any issue is always a valuable contribution to the discussion.

      I’ll have some comments on the general issue later in the thread, but let me note that I just came back from the Touhy West Rodgers Park area of Chicago, which has a very heavy population of orthodox, black-suited Jews, and also a considerable population of Muslims. As far as I can tell, there is absolutely no friction between the two, and probably as little contact, except for passing on the street.

  4. Meanwhile in Oz, the only allowed objections to mosques are on planning grounds. You’re a bigot if you object – and the Muslims just ignore council orders anyway and build what they want:

    The local Councillor threw his constituents under the bus but the full council knocked the plans back: and is now headed to court where the court will likely find in favour of the Muslims.

    As a commenter to the above noted: “The building is already built much bigger than approved; one of two things has occurred here: the proponents were confused about what they were allowed to do; or they purposefully built something bigger, knowing that Council ‘is not in the business of demolition’ and often the principal of ‘better to ask forgiveness than permission’ applies with our beloved Council. My thoughts are that it’s much more likely to be the latter.”

    Apparently most local residents are all against this development on general terms but they know better than to say why. If you attend a protest in Australia to say you just don’t want mosques at all, you’ll find yourself surrounded by heavily armed police, as was the case at this event: The speaker, a famous cartoonist, makes reference to the cops surrounding the mostly elderly protesters.

  5. I am sick and tired of muslims. If they would assimilate to America and to Europe , I would change my mind. Every previous influx of refugees has assimilated to America.

    Why come here in the first place if you are unwilling to assimilate? This is a BIG country and muslims are not going to change us, and that’s a fact. They can set up their mosques at either end of Kansas and possibly in Wichita, too — but the majority of people here are Christian (or nothing) so it isn’t going to work.

    Actually, I am sick and tired of reading about muslims and their so-called problems. Go back to muslim-land if you don’t like it here. We won’t miss you.

    My last comment is I feel sorry for Europe — they have been disarmed for generations and have no way to defend themselves against the uncivilized hordes. Not right.

  6. If I were Australian, I would send the Bondi council a plaque for good government.

    Here in the US, the major thrust of the Jewish community (or the majority liberal Jews) is that immigration is good, and any particular focus on Muslims for security matters is bad. US Jews voted 70% for Hillary.

    I don’t know if it’s significant that the synagogue denied the permit was ultra-Orthodox. In the US (and I presume in Australia) the ultra-Orthodox are the less politically-connected. It seems that as we go more heavily into identity politics, that your rights are defined more by the pressures your group can bring to bear than by the legal merits of your individual case.

    Perhaps if more synagogue permits were denied (especially for Reform and Conservative Jewish congregations) out of fear of Muslim terror, the liberal Jews would wake up in time to switch positions on Muslim immigration. An additional confounding factor, though, is that there is considerable friction between liberal (non-Othodox) Jewry and Orthodox Jewry. As I noted, denying an ultra-Orthodox synagogue a permit is an entirely different kettle of fish, concerning political blowback, from denying a liberal synagogue a permit.

    • Unfortunately you are spot on about liberal Jews. Over 70% of them voted for [Obama], twice. Sometimes I wonder…………….

  7. Some signs of resistance to the expansion of Dar-al Islam in MN this weekend.

    Of course, the pozzed Deep State already has a full complement of agents on-site to protect the Ummah.

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