Sibel Kekilli to German Muslims: “You Are Full of Hate and Jealousy”

The well-known actress Sibel Kekilli was raised in a Muslim home in Germany, but left Islam to free herself from its oppressive treatment of women. The following report by Egri Nök was originally published at Vlad Tepes in a slightly different form.

Sibel Kekilli: “You don’t accept other people, especially not women or people of other beliefs”

by Egri Nök

The popular German actress Sibel Kekilli (born in Germany in 1980 as the daughter of immigrants), known to an international audience as ‘Shae’ in Game of Thrones, has left Instagram over harassment mainly by Muslims.

Bild quotes her as saying:

This is the first and the last time that I will speak to the people who hate me, most of them are Turks, unfortunately.

I will no longer tolerate threats, insults and disgusting sex photos that you send me. You are full of hate and jealousy. You call yourselves Muslims, yet you don’t accept other people, especially not women or people of other beliefs. You are full of sh**… Honestly, I feel sorry for you. Stop following me. I will say goodbye for a little while.

Sibel’s own experience as growing up as a girl in a “relatively modern” Muslim family in Germany, not being allowed to go to college, or to partake in school field trips, led her to break away from her family and champion women’s’ rights.

She caused a “scandal” in 2006, when, in a speech in Berlin addressing domestic violence, she said:

I have experienced for myself that both physical and psychological abuse are regarded as normal in a Muslim family. Sadly, violence belongs to the culture of Islam.

Part of the audience booed her, one man interrupted her speech and yelled: “Islam has got nothing to do with violence. You humiliate our people!”, and the Turkish consul general got up and left in protest.

In a speech on behalf of Terre des Femmes on International Women’s Day, 2015, Kekilli called Islamic culture “merciless”. She said women like herself were treated “worse than murderers”, which inflicts psychological damage upon women, and asked Muslim men to let women live their lives in peace.

[Photo caption (not shown): Sibel Kekilli: “This inhumane pressure is making you sad, hunched, depressive”]

A video of that speech in German may be found on YouTube: “Sibel Kekilli über Individuelle Freiheit und Kollektiven Druck” (“Sibel Kekilli on Individual Freedom and Collective Pressure”). A YouTube user was kind enough to post a full English translation below the video in the comments.

The comments under that video in (bad) German by users with Turkish names call her a slut, a sellout and a whore.

17 thoughts on “Sibel Kekilli to German Muslims: “You Are Full of Hate and Jealousy”

  1. Former Muslims are very useful for giving testimony on the actual corrosive effect of Islam on young children, particularly on girls. I heard a former Muslima who converted to Christianity and now spends her time trying to proselytize Muslims.

    She was very bright (which may have helped account for the fact she left Islam) and very, very nice. She said she loves Muslims. I went to her after her talk and said I like Muslims also, but especially in Muslim countries. I thought they were coming here at a faster rate than she was converting them, and we would all be better off if she was limited to working with the Muslims already here. She didn’t seem very happy at that.

    Muslims are narcissistic control freaks. The reason apostasy has a penalty of death is not because Islam is in danger of losing a significant, or even countable, number of its zombies, but because not allowing a Muslim to change religions indicates control and power. The people to whom Islam really appeals worship power, and are not in the least put off by the idea that they may get to kill an apostate someday. In their minds, allowing a Muslim to leave Islam indicates weakness.

    • The ex-Muslima you spoke with sounds as though she wants to have her cake and eat it too.

      It is sad to see she’s completely bought into leftist virtue signalling.

      Why would you ever love members of a group who want to murder you for your beliefs?

    • There was apparently an Imam some years ago who publicly explained (I believe with a straight face) that it was necessary to threaten apostates with death otherwise all the Muslims would leave and there would be no Islam. Hard to know whether to laugh or cry.

      • Yes, that was Yusuf al Qaradawi, the evil old toad who’s from Egypt originally but has been holed up in Qatar for umpteen years, where the Emir of Qatar kisses his hand and he gets to spit his venom from the media platform of al Jazeera

  2. ” You call yourselves Muslims, yet you don’t accept other people, especially not women or people of other beliefs.”

    Yet? Not accepting other beliefs is exactly what Islam teaches.

  3. Oddly enough, there is another ‘actress’ on Game of Thrones who plays a….’professional lady’ in the show and in real life, yet claims to be British Pakistani Muslim.

    Pretty sure putting all your wares on display is a disqualifier to be a good member of the Ummah.

    • Oh ya brave, she should just bang to hate out of them…. hypocrisy of this woman has no bounds!

  4. Smaller brains in warmer climates ; as a general rule. bigger brains in environments with harsher seasons because of survival demands. Logical thought processes are critical in harsh environments to insure survival. The obvious contradictions of Islamic teaching are more readily accepted by humans with lower iq’s. A sad but true observation.

  5. “Part of the audience booed her, one man interrupted her speech and yelled: “Islam has got nothing to do with violence. You humiliate our people!””

    Oh, my dear tolerant audience: You have been born into this world and gone through all the painful stages of pederasty and now that it’s your turn to take advantage they say it’s violent! Plain cruelty. But don’t worry: Auntie Merkel endorses your desires, please help yourself.

    • Write a short story with Merjel as Madam of Germany, Europe’s national brothel catering to Muslim pedophiles, busloads of Muzzies pulling up at junior public schools. Complaints by parents leads to immediate arrest for hatespeech.

      • That’s for the Guinness Book certainly – the greatest Madam of them all – what a fantastic setup. The Muslim countries pay into her offshore accounts and prepare for her retirement in South America while she forces all EU women to open up for Muslim immigrants. She must be getting a real hoard for controlling a Continent-sized Bordello.

  6. Any conservative family wouldn’t want their daughter exposing herself for the world see. “She wasn’t allowed to go to college” That’s such a narrow minded comment from her trashing islam instead of trashing her family.

    She’s bad mouthing islam to get accepted with non-muslims. Honestly nobody or turk [redacted] cares about her or her lifestyle. Please give me the name of one celebrity who doesn’t get stupid requests or messages from followers? Plenty of female actresses in Turkey who have scandalous pictures or past acting that are accepted. Especially when one of the biggest stars is a trans woman. She’s delusional and this is why no one likes her.

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