Antifas Riot in Quebec — And One Gets Unmasked

The videos below show what happened to anti-immigration demonstrators that was held last week in Quebec City. Antifa counter-demonstrators showed up (surprise!) and did what Antifas do best.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for all the subtitling, and to Sassy for translating the first video, which shows the hassles the demonstrators had to go through even before they began their march:

The second video shows what happened when the demonstrators encountered “anti-fascist” counter-demonstrators. Notice that the Antifas’ projectile of choice seems to be chairs, just like in the asylum centers of Europe.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation:

Vlad took a brief excerpt from the above video, enlarged it, and enhanced it so you can clearly see an Antifa goon’s face after a woman unmasks him:

Related: After the demo in Berkeley that featured “Moldilocks”, a group of alt-right guys successfully ID’d and doxed a Berkeley professor using sophisticated facial-recognition software, based (I think) on a still from a video. The prof had masked his lower face like all the other Antifas, but the software was sensitive enough to find him based solely on his eyes.

A still from Vlad’s slo-mo should give you a clear enough shot of that Quebecois thug’s face. If you have access to the same sort of software, I recommend trying it out — you may be able to find his ugly mug somewhere on the web.

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For a report on the demo and the Antifa response, see this article in La Presse (in French).

Video #1 transcript:

0:00   … “basic rights for democracy and secularism.
0:04   These are three issues in direct conflict with radical Islam.
0:08   I’m available for your questions, but we have
0:12   500 to 600 people waiting for the march to start,
0:16   so we’ll speak as we go along.”
0:20   So the march is starting? —“YES.”
0:24   Did it go well inside? —“It went really well;
0:28   now we’re asking you to follow the beat.
0:32   Everybody was calm, and cooperated.
0:36   The police kept us informed every ten minutes.
0:40   I’ll answer one question at a time, if you don’t mind.
0:44   Of course, at the beginning, it was hot,
0:48   we had no water, no bathroom, then the officials
0:52   sent us to another floor where all the amenities
0:56   were available. It was much more comfortable.”
1:00   It went well? — “Yes, we’re coming from there.
1:04   At first, we didn’t think we would need to move to another floor
1:08   but the police suggested we should be in a tighter space with walls,
1:12   because it’s easier to protect us than in an open 360 degree area.
1:16   It took a while longer for us to leave, but we felt safe.”
1:20   What street are you heading toward now?
1:24   “We don’t even know. It’s the police that set up the itinerary.
1:28   It’s up to them, so we’re following the officials. We have no clue.”
1:32   It’s the police that set up your itinerary?
1:36   “They opened up a pathway for us, a secure one,
1:40   so we are following their advice.”
1:44   How long were you in the parking garage,
1:48   confined and in difficult conditions?
1:52   “I don’t know what time it is now but
1:56   since about half past noon for most of us.”
2:00   When did they send you up to the second floor? —“About two hours ago.”

Video #2 transcript:

00:04   Chant: Cops [unintelligible] assassin
00:08   cops [unintelligible] assassin
00:16   Banner: Quebec united against hate
00:21   Racism and xenophobia
00:25   Banner: Antifa antiracist league — Chant: Alerta, alerta, antiracista! [refer. ‘Alerta Antifascista’]
00:29   Chant: We demonstrate against the police
00:37   Chant: We demonstrate against racism
00:46   … to park here…
00:50   Chant: We demonstrate against the police! …
01:11   …91 of the town of Quebec
01:15   …disperse, because… know…
01:44   …looking for… legal or illegal
01:49   When I say “La Meute” [the Pack, the patriots], **** you say **** you!
01:53   La Meute! — **** you! — La Meute! — **** you!
01:57   Disgusting racist! Disgusting racist!
02:01   Disgusting racist! — [Woman’s shirt: La Meute]
02:06   … They will kill people, f***ing…
02:10   A**hole!
02:18   Chant: Move, move [They seem to speak English among themselves]

6 thoughts on “Antifas Riot in Quebec — And One Gets Unmasked

  1. Not that many young anglophones in Quebec City.

    It’s pretty much a sure thing that these losers are from out of town.

    Interesting, eh?

  2. A Soviet style revolution is taking place across the West, in every town and city. It is bureaucrats mainly and spoiled rich brats. We are going to have to fight physically for our lives too and folk need to “man up”! This whole rebellion is organised internationally top down.

    It will be bloody and people have and will die. Just make sure it ain’t our side.

  3. Is it possible that Antifas only gather in cities where the organizers know the police chief to be one of them, or where he can be coerced into doing what they want?
    If that is so, the Alt-Right would be wise to avoid such places, if they can be identified beforehand.
    Seems the Antifa organization is far bigger than anyone could believe.

  4. While disgusting and irritating, I am increasingly thinking that these Antifa are the gift that keeps on giving.

    They seem to so unnerve your average normal, mildly conservative person that it in a way pushes that person even more rightward, and makes them more aware of the severity of the situation we are facing.

    As their connections to Soros and the corrupt European-governments of Merkel, et al become increasingly well-known that should also serve to expedite the same process I believe (not to be too optimistic).

  5. One gets unmasked . . .only one?
    Link to an educational video which will teach viewers the legal and effective way to stop Antifa and its terroristic activities throughout our country.
    How to Effectively Stop Antifa (No Petition)
    Remember there is a chain of command when it comes to the Police Dept.Police respond to supervisors orders, be they sergeants, lieutenants, or captains. The head of the police department is the “chief”, responsible for hiring, firing,.discipline, pay raises and overseeing those officers ordered to take leave w/without pay pending investigations.

    The Mayor is the boss of the police chief. The Mayor hires, fires and disciplines the Chief of Police. IOW, the Mayor (Vice or Deputy Mayor in Mayor’s absence) instructs the Chief of Police on policy. It is the Mayor who instructs the Chief of Police to ‘stand down’ during AntiFa related events.
    Now, the only reason AntiFa is so bold and dangerous is because they hide their identity behind a mask or clothing while assaulting innocent bystanders and vandalize property without being identified for subsequent arrest.
    To destroy AntiFa or any violent group concealing their identity you have to get rid of the masks.
    We have anti-mask laws and need to demand that our mayors enforce anti-mask laws or suffer legal consequences.

    Remember D.C., Berkeley, Charlottesville and Boston all have anti-mask laws were not enforced because they have democrat mayors.
    However, in Auburn, Alabama, Republican Mayor Bill Ham Jr. DID enforce the anti-mask law when Richard Spencer had his rally. Any member of AntiFa who violated this law were to be arrested and their identities would be revealed. When AntiFa members realized this, they left and there were no riots, no vandalism despite some AntiFa removing their masks and protesting. Those AntiFa who assaulted opponents were arrested and identified.

    To stop AntiFa we need to recognize that Mayors are elected officials and weeks before the next AntiFa scheduled event familiarize locals with anti-mask laws and demand that mayor enforce the anti-mask law. Police officers will require any AntiFa member showing up with a mask or identity blocking garment must be unmasked or arrested. If the mayor refuses to comply with the anti-mask law, apply pressure with threats of lawsuits which ultimately cost the city millions. Political suicide for any mayor.

    The following states have Anti-Mask Laws.

    Alabama – PENAL LAW 286.769 Section 13A-11-9

    California – PENAL CODE SECTION 185

    Connecticut – SEC. 53-37A

    Washington DC – § 22-3312.03


    Georgia – CODE TITLE 16 – CRIMES AND OFFENSES,16-11-38

    Louisiana – RS 14:313


    Michigan – 750.396 WEARING MASK OR FACE COVERING DEVICE. SEC. 396.

    Minnesota – Statutes, Chapter Criminal Code, Section 609.735

    North Carolina – (1953, c. 1193, s. 6; 1983, c. 175, ss. 1, 10; c. 720, s. 4.) §14-12.8

    Nevada – NRS 439.255

    New York – PENAL LAW 240.35 (4):

    Pennsylvania – 750.396

    Ohio – 3761.12

    Oklahoma – §211301.

    South Carolina – SECTION 16-7-110.

    Tennessee – 39-17-309

    VIRGINIA- Section 18.2-422:

    West Virginia – , 61-6-22


    Sessions understands the value of unmasking AntiFa:

    TheHill: Justice demands 1.3M IP addresses related to Trump resistance site

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