Iranian Ex-Muslim: “In Islam Pretty Much Everything is Forbidden”

In the following video from AfD (Alternative für Deutschland, Alternative for Germany), an Iranian ex-Muslim who now lives in Germany discusses the realities of Islam. She remarks upon the fact that Muslims who are in effect her persecutors have been given refugee status and now walk the streets of German cities.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Referendum in Germany
00:05   My name is Laleh Hadjimohamadvali.
00:10   When you grow up in an Islamic country like Iran, you know also
00:15   the dark side. You experience it every day on your own skin. You live with it,
00:20   you grow up with it. Especially women, who in an Islamic country have no rights whatsoever.
00:25   I wouldn’t want to live like that. And I don’t wish such a life for my daughter, either.
00:30   I lived through the Revolution, the Islamic Iranian Revolution, at the age of five.
00:35   I lived through the war between Iran and Iraq waged in Allah’s name.
00:40   There were incredible numbers of innocent people who died, for a senseless war,
00:45   with no explanation. From the moment that Allah is mentioned, everything is allowed,
00:50   everything is legal, nothing is questioned. And human rights
00:55   are simply abandoned, and that shouldn’t be the case. It is absolutely true that when you
01:00   are born in a Muslim country you automatically ARE Muslim, whether you want it or not.
01:05   Many people don’t know that. There is no choice in an Islamic country.
01:10   If you don’t accept this faith, you will be executed. And many people
01:15   don’t pay attention to that. It’s not as if we wanted to be Muslim. We HAVE to be Muslim.
01:20   We HAVE to pray, we HAVE to wear veils, whether we like it or not.
01:25   Nobody asks us. If we don’t do it, as women we are stoned, and men are hanged:
01:30   they have it a little easier. I have a nun, Sister Hatune,
01:35   who is very, very famous, who visits Christian families in Syria,
01:40   gives them food and money. They are hidden in basements.
01:45   Even in Iran it is true that people live a double life:
01:50   one official and the other, the underground one. Underground people live freely.
01:53   There are numerous finished basements, with soundproof walls, where
02:00   people can have a totally normal life. Because this open way of life
02:05   isn’t allowed above, on the street. It’s hard to explain:
02:10   in Islam it’s really like that, that pretty much everything is forbidden,
02:15   and is allowed by the back door. Everyone can do what he wants when he can afford it.
02:20   When you have money, you have power. There are gated neighborhoods for government
02:26   workers, who work for the Islamic Government; normal people cannot go there.
02:31   And women who live there are not veiled. This is of course not common knowledge.
02:36   Lately there was a drone — on purpose or accidentally— sent there,
02:41   and that is secret information, right? Even, for example, alcohol
02:46   is forbidden. You will be whipped if you drink alcohol. For a medical reason
02:51   it’s allowed, so everybody who wants to drink becomes “ill”.
02:56   And everyone who wants to live freely does so secretly. This is the sad story.
03:01   Men can do everything, and a woman is simply an object.
03:06   She is a property of a man. A woman in a Muslim country
03:11   isn’t a human at all. She belongs to a man, and she can do only what the man allows her.
03:16   A woman is a thing. When there’s a trial, for example, and a male witness is brought,
03:21   they have to call 2 female witnesses to counterbalance it. Because female testimony in a court of law
03:26   only counts as half the testimony [of a man]. A woman is not a whole human being.
03:31   A woman can do what her husband allows her. So a woman who marries a Muslim man
03:36   is transferred like property: first she belonged to her father, and then she belongs to her husband.
03:41   Until she dies.
03:46   Oh, a woman cannot divorce at all; this is decided by the man. But a man doesn’t necessarily
03:51   need to get a divorce. He can marry as many women as he can afford. He can have four main wives
03:56   and he has to divorce from them, and for the children from such a marriage he has to pay alimony,
04:01   also for the woman. For side wives he doesn’t have to. It means
04:06   he decides on a time window: “I marry you for one hour.” This is, by the way, the reason why
04:11   there is allegedly no prostitution is Muslim countries. He marries the lady for one hour,
04:16   and when the hour is over, he’s automatically divorced. And he doesn’t have to
04:21   pay alimony for that reason. And for that reason the Iranian government says proudly:
04:26   “In Iran we have no more prostitution!” No, those are simply “hourly wives”.
04:31   It’s really like that; when I go on the street, I really can see my persecutors.
04:36   We are refugees from Islam; we are not economic refugees. We didn’t come here
04:41   because “one can live here easily”. We truly came because we were running away
04:47   from Islam. I’m walking on the street now and I see my persecutors.
04:52   Germany is the only country that gave simultaneous protection to the victims and the persecutors.
04:57   This cannot work well. For one thing, I simply can’t understand that a Christian party
05:02   is allying with Muslims. This makes no sense whatsoever!
05:07   And Islamization isn’t a secret: it is out in the open! I was summoned
05:12   to the elementary school, because the principal wanted my daughter — because I was born in Iran —
05:17   To go to Islam class. I was really summoned by the principal. It was the only time that
05:22   I ever had the opportunity to talk to that principal in four years of elementary school.
05:27   He considered it self-evident that a Iranian woman would absolutely want her daughter
05:32   to be sent to an Islam class. He really wanted to influence me with it, because a lady from Turkey
05:37   absolutely wanted to have Islam lessons. He didn’t even try to question
05:42   that I might have a different belief, that I might have a different life-attitude.
05:47   We are all being lumped together. Nobody is interested why those people really came here.
05:52   And this has to change. There are people who came here because they cherish the German way of life
05:57   and they want to live like that; they would like to be part of that. And there are people who
06:02   simply want to destroy it. And I don’t want to allow it. This simply cannot happen!
06:07   Truly, when it’s about real refugees,
06:12   that’s fine with me. But the problem is that there is no differentiation.
06:17   Everyone is let in, and nobody is asking why those people arrived here.
06:22   It’s a fact that the real refugees cannot even cross the borders.
06:27   There are numerous videos about it. That the Christians who are persecuted in those countries
06:32   Actually die in the basements. You cannot describe it differently. The borders
06:37   are being guarded by Muslim men: they let through those who can afford it or
06:42   those who are working with them. It’s been known for a long time. It was, for example,
06:48   if you follow Iranian media abroad (because in Iran it’s everything is
06:53   forbidden anyway, even breathing). We read years ago that they — especially Erdogan —
06:58   are only letting people cross the border that he WANTS to let through.
07:03   The real refugees cannot afford it. And I got a confirmation of that when
07:08   I met a refugee from Kurdistan. His brother was executed;
07:13   he spent long time in jail. His uncle was set on fire in front
07:18   of the family, so the family would no longer interfere in the business of the Islamic government.
07:23   And he also confirmed for me that Turkey, the Turkish government,
07:28   caught him when he was in Turkey on a stopover. He had letters with him
07:33   and he could prove it to me: The Turkish government wrote to the Iranian government.
07:38   Which then wrote to his family that he was arrested in Turkey, that he would be returned,
07:43   and for that the Turkish government also gets money. So they take money first from the Europeans,
07:48   and then they bring the real refugees back to their countries where they are wanted people,
07:53   and then they take money again. There is nothing humanitarian about this.
07:58   The AfD [Alternative for Germany] must be supported, because if they disappear, the entire social
08:03   system in Germany will be eaten like a Christmas turkey. Not everyone who comes is looking for help
08:08   or protection. There are millions of people who come here especially
08:13   in order NOT to have to work. There was even a report in German TV, which was perhaps
08:18   shown once. Muslim men advertise: they are advertising
08:23   especially for four and side wives. They are advertising in their home countries
08:28   — because a Muslim can have as many wives he can afford, if he cannot afford them, then
08:33   they’ll be paid by HARZ IV [welfare]. They’re advertising: “Come to Germany, be my side wife.
08:38   You never have to work again.” For that is the system that is abused. It is abused
08:43   on purpose. There is a documentary about this problem.
08:48   The government knew about it, but they are simply helpless,
08:53   they cannot prove it to the women. This women, they are really arriving, those side wives.
08:59   Even pregnant with a 10th kid, they go in full veil to the state and say, “I was drunk at a disco
09:04   and I don’t know who the father is.” Because when the father is unknown there’s even more money
09:09   for the kids. And this proud Muslim dad sitting with two women in his arms and about 27 children,
09:14   and he proudly told the story that this is how he does it.
09:19   And this has to stop. And AfD is fighting for it and this is incredibly important.
09:24   I have even talked with a Syrian asylum seeker, it’s very important,
09:29   who was looking for help, in Saarland, who was asking for help,
09:34   because he was being abused in the asylum seeker home, because he was against Islamization.
09:39   Even he — he presented himself as Syrian, and
09:44   I would like to give him the benefit of the doubt — even he confirmed that it’s very easy
09:49   to buy IDs for a small price, to buy documents.
09:54   One can “order” what one would like to be: doctor, lawyer, engineer.
09:59   It will be printed. There is a price list, they can simply order it,
10:04   they can invent their life story; then they bring it to the translator, they pay,
10:09   and they give it to the German government. The German government
10:14   isn’t at all capable of verifying it. This is impossible, right? The government
10:19   was overwhelmed already when I came 30 years ago. Now it has become even worse.
10:24   Just because of those massive numbers, which are uncontrollable, untamable. The government
10:29   in Saarland are truly unable, and one can’t reproach them, since nobody taught them,
10:34   to determine whether someone really is from Syria, or perhaps from North Africa or Pakistan
10:39   or Afghanistan. They cannot tell. I even noticed it myself,
10:44   with my incredibly long and complicated family name. It took years until the officials
10:49   accepted that I am a woman and not a man. All the letters
10:54   and mail were addressed to Mr. Mohammad Laleh Hadjivali.
10:59   They cannot tell. It’s very difficult for them. They have no experience. They don’t know the
11:04   background. And this is exactly the problem, exactly this
11:09   is the reason why the abuse is so easy: because the people [in the government] are confused.
11:14   Just go on a weekend on the Bahnhofstrasse and you can see the picture.
11:19   This is, I think, insanely sad, when one has to look for Germans
11:25   on the street, because one cannot se them any more. Even when we have visitors from Iran
11:30   (I’m not inventing it): our visitor really asked us
11:35   why did you try for eight years to convince me to visit you — it’s really difficult to leave Iran;
11:40   one cannot just cross the border— “I have the veils at home as well.”
11:45   Yes? So even the people who live in Islamic countries are warning
11:50   and saying that it’s not the country they once knew.
11:55   Also Paris, one friend said about Paris: “This isn’t the beautiful, free, colorful city
12:00   that I knew in my youth when I was in college.”
12:05   I haven’t indeed met anybody in the AfD who would simply have something against foreigners.
12:10   This is definitely not the case. It’s about the abuse.
12:15   This has to be fought against. This has nothing to do with xenophobia.
12:20   It’s about power. The old parties simply don’t want
12:25   to lose their power. And they are trying to destroy everyone who is better.
12:30   AfD can do it better, and it’ll be successful, and it will definitely save Germany.
12:35   And from my personal experience, I would like to clearly say
12:40   that Islam DOESN’T belong in Germany, for sure. I grew up in an Islamic country.
12:45   I know Islam.
13:00   Courage to tell the truth — AfD

6 thoughts on “Iranian Ex-Muslim: “In Islam Pretty Much Everything is Forbidden”

  1. “In this present crisis, government is not the solution to our problem; government is the problem.” Ronald Reagan

  2. The problem with what Laleh Hadjimohamadvali describes is, she, who speaks so eloquently of being persecuted, cannot herself be verified. I’m not being mean, but she describes the problem very well: German government inspectors try to judge who is genuine and who is not, and don’t know the names, language, or customs, and they cannot recognize phony documents.

    Even assuming a genuine desire on the part of the bureaucrats to do a credible job, which I do not believe, and assume that the politicians will back up a sensible decision on refuge, which I do not believe, it would be an impossible job to extend life-saving help when needed. And Laleh Hadjimohamadvali does not indicate she came to Germany to save her life: simply that it was very, very much more comfortable and free for her to be out of Iran. Granted she undoubtedly is very much a benefit to her host country and with her knowledge of real Islam and the language, probably would be priceless if the country decided to protect its borders, but allow a small number of real refugees to show their heart is in the right place.

    But, the only way to deal with it is to cut them off altogether. No more refugees period. No more tribute to Turkey. The veiled Muslim women who got pregnant dancing and drinking in the disco can live in the street. I realize I’m blowing against the wind, but their choice is to sink or swim. I know they have chose to sink, but might as well keep the distinction clearly in mind. Who knows? The US itself might ultimately decide to swim, and that is why we need blogs like GoV.

  3. Notice something really scary in her talk? You pay the money, you can get documents that say you are a doctor, engineer, whatever. Then, since Germany cannot verify anything, you are simply accepted as a learned professional. How in the hell is that gonna work in a medical clinic, building a bridge, etc? And those same people will want to come to the US from Germany with the same “credentials” in their repetorie. I can only hope that a self certified “doctor” works on Angela Merkel.
    Point: The Deplorables are not the ones who are crazy!!

    • “The Deplorables” are actually the intelligent ones.

      The ones who didn’t “fall” for communism and Nazism.
      And who now aren’t falling for Islamism.

      Bubba with his pickup truck, 6-pack, etc., is actually much more politically astute than the sophisticates in university departments. Bubba doesn’t *sound* so sophisticated, but he actually understands what’s going on, unlike the fancy-ass sophisticates.

      When the chips are down, I want to be on Bubba’s team.

      • In our county Bubba has the pickup truck and the gun rack on his truck. He also keeps dogs for hunting. He has an RV for vacations, and he often goes to church. Thus the six-pack is not a feature of his life. Many like to read American history, too.

  4. In 1914, Europe was still following antiquated laws and treaties from the mid-19th Century.
    The result was World War 1.
    In 2017, Europe is still following antiquated refugee laws and treaties from the mid-20th Century.
    The result will be similar.
    Or worse. Europe may not survive.

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