Hug a Muslim!

I find the following article from Barcelona more disturbing than any photos of run-over or blown-up corpses or any other scenes of jihad carnage. Those horrific images represent the death of one, or a dozen, or a hundred people, but the story below represents the death of an entire civilization.

The grieving father interviewed by the newspaper reacted to his little boy’s death with totally orthodox multicultural political correctness. His public response underscores the extent to which a collective suicidal madness has entrenched itself in the West.

Pampasnasturtium, who translated the piece, includes these notes:

Note 1: I don’t know what they mean by “boxes” on the last paragraph — I double-checked the same piece in the Catalan edition, but they use “boxes” the same way. It could be local slang for coffins, I suppose.

Note 2: In my opinion, just as Mark Steyn said: when writing The Time Machine, H.G. Wells misdated it by a mere 800,700 years too many — we’re the Eloi!

The translated article from El Periódico:

Father of Xavi, the 3-year old child dead on the Rambla: “I need to hug a Muslim”

Javier Martínez claims he has no hard feelings after the attack that killed the kid

He had to comfort the weeping deputy-imam of Rubí

[Caption] Javier Martínez, father of Xavi, and Silvia, the mother of the three-year old victim of the attack on the Ramblas, moved with emotion next to imam Driss Sallym in Rubí.

Javier Martínez, the father of Xavi, the 3-year old child who died on the Rambla, receives an El Periódico correspondent with the dignity of those who need to tell their story. He’s with his family: his parents, his sister and his two daughters; one of whom, Marina, was strolling together with her brother Xavi and uncle Paco the day of the terrorist attack.

He wants to make his gratitude very clear: “Thanks to all. I love to see that the Rambla has gone back to being full [of people] again. Let there not be fear.” He received direct messages of support these days: from Rubí’s [female] mayor, from Llimiana’s mayor, where they holiday, and from the Royal House. Today, Thursday, a week after the attacks, is the first day that a psychologist goes to their house to assist them personally.

Javier has recently come to know that an agent of the Guardia Urbana [municipal police force of the city — translator] tried to revive his son with a defibrillator from a pharmacy on the Rambla. When the agent saw no ambulance coming, he got the child into his patrol car and took him to the Peracamps CAP [First Aid/Emergency Public Medical Center]. That’s why Javier is so thankful towards all the security forces, especially towards the Mossos [the police force of Catalonia — translator], who helped speed up the process of moving the child’s body to Rubí from the Ciutat de la Justícia [judiciary district]. “They’re one of the best police forces in the world,” he says.

No hard feelings

On Javier’s face there’s not a single sign of hard feelings, of hate. “I know there’s another kid dead. I couldn’t meet anyone else, but I share the pain with them. With everyone. I also share the pain with the relatives of the terrorists. I share it. We’re persons. We’re truly, truly, truly, truly persons [repeated four times in the original — translator]. I’m not talking as if I were on drugs. I don’t take any kind of pills: I don’t need them. I’m speaking from my heart.”

Xavi’s father wants “my son’s death to have a purpose.” He explains it while appealing to the welcoming nature that Catalonia has historically had. To the alliance of civilizations. “I need to hug a Muslim. Let those people not be afraid. I need to do it.” Hours after uttering this phrase, Javier comforted with a hug the weeping deputy-imam of Rubí, Driss Sally.

“What happened during the ramming I cannot say. Only Silvia, Xavi’s mother, saw it. They published things like that Uncle Paco pushed the baby-buggy, or that the baby fell to the floor… mere speculations. It can’t be known, because the wounds Xavi had, his blow on the head, it was not from falling from a buggy. He ended in the midst of some bikes. He was surely mown down.”

When Javier first found out of the attack via his ex-wife, Silvia, who was taking a walk with Xavi and Paco, he took a cab to the Rambla because he couldn’t drive: “My legs were shaking”. There a Mosso helped him get to the CAP. A “tall, young” doctor told him that, although Xavi had a pulse, he wasn’t reacting after twenty minutes of resuscitation. From there they went to the Hospital de Sant Pau, and thence home, already knowing the worst thing.

The bodies would be taken to the Ciutat de la Justícia, where until Saturday the 19th of August Javier couldn’t take Xavi back home. Before that, and after choosing the boxes, they could identify the bodies of Xavi and Paco. To the [female] forensic doctor, Javier said: “Know that you’ve just performed autopsy on an angel.”

67 thoughts on “Hug a Muslim!

    • Now I know how and why muslimas occupied Al-Aldalusia and reached Vienna. Muslims don’t have to send men to battle Europe, muslimas are more than enough for jelly-fish-hearted creatures.

      Has Satan controlled Europe and the world?

      The imam is crying that he is being hugged and his [stop it, murad!] licked by such a moron.

  1. Question: Other than virtue signalling, why was the imam weeping?
    Answer: Maybe because the cathedral is still standing.

    • Or because they were planning to blow up hundreds in massive propane gas explosions but only managed to blow themselves up first and thus had to resort to kinetic van attacks which in themselves were the usual murderous Muslim approach to all things civilised.

      Fourteen centuries of inbreeding (and thus no hint of hybrid vigour), the resultant low IQ’s and addiction to the cretinous dictats of their book of death, slavery and atrocity have taken their toll, reducing them to what is best described as a human sub-species…or, alternatively, a classic example of terminal moral and cultural regression.

      • Inbreeding does not produce hybrid vigor.
        Only the first generation from 2 different gene groups.
        That is called heterosis and it is usually expressing the best of both genes groups.
        In Israel I have seen the most beautiful children , because f the cross between the sepharady and askenazy lews.

      • Whats the excuse of the west and Christianity?

        A western culture that aborts its children does not protect its women, and which promotes sexual perversion and irresponsible moral behavior does not deserve to survive. Did Europe loose anyone with strong morality in WWI and WWII? Do only the corrupt and corruptible remain?

        As for Christianity, when did the injunction to forgive sinners who have turned away from sin become an injunction to accept every type of moral perversion under the rubric of “Who am I to judge?”

    • He cries because now he have to ritually wash his face after the dirty kuffar kissed it…

  2. Forgiveness is a Judao-Christian idea. I am sure the Iman was overwhelmed by it. Unfortunately, forgiveness without consequences is not enough.

    • In Judaism, forgiveness requires the transgressing party to acknowledge their guilt, express remorse and ask the aggrieved for forgiveness. Recompense is also required in cases of measurable harm.

      There’s (yet) no basis for forgiveness in Barcelona!!!

    • Forgiveness to someone who didn’t personally wrong you is empty posing. Forgiveness for someone who personally wronged you should require remorse from the offending party. Forgiving Muslims in general required only alol wing God to make the final judgement rather than yourself. None of these cases require the removal of earthly consequences. If this imam, who was not directly involved in the killing, does not actively move to stop Islamic attacks against the west, violent or non-violent, a hug is not required of Christians.

  3. These are the people who will kneel and voluntarily bare their necks for the sword.

    • No, they are more likely to convert given the choice between death and saying the shahada.

      • The death and destruction that will follow Islam’s ascendance in Germany will kill endless numbers of people. As they continue to vote for Merkel, they are begging for the sword.

  4. Not that it is important, but the article probably stated “boixes” which is Catalan for bundle or things mixed together.

    It seems that the poor kid was laid out with some other bodies and was identified later.

    The procession on the next Saturday was a disaster, with people whistling at the King and the Spanish Prime Minister, and shouting out, out, go home, basically blaming them for the atrocity.

    Thousands of small placards with “No to Islamophobia” courtesy of the left wing Barcelona town hall had been left on street corners for passbyers to pick up if they so wished. Many did.

    Next month they are voting to form an independent state.

    Good riddance.

  5. I’m not sure this Imam’s tears are fake. Not at the moment he’s shedding them. Not at the moment he’s commiserating with a suffering infidel. At this moment he is sincere.

    In the mosque he will also be sincere when he calls for sacred jihad against the unbelievers. At this moment he will sincerely rail against the infidels and urge death and destruction upon them.

    Is this really so unfathomable? Aren’t we all somewhat split-minded? It is the extremity of the Muslims’ split-mindedness that poses the mortal threat.

    I do not see why so many are nonplused by Muslim behavior. Is it so hard to understand that Muslims can both sincerely “feel your pain” and sincerely attack you?

    • You are very close there, have to experience it to believe it.

      My question is, why in sincerity would he comfort an Imam that way? It is at best a noble and Christian gesture, but the setting was pre-arranged, obviously with his consent. That is to say he was willing to play his personal circumstance into a religious and political meaning.


      As someone mentioned, Stockholm Syndrome comes to mind, it is the closest he feels will get to understanding or sensing control of something that has overpowered his life. It would be good to know who contacted him before this meeting was arranged, or if it was truly as voluntary as it would appear. In his circumstance he will have been subject to an immense wave of support and influence… you cannot blame him or the Imam, but if it were sponsored, our own vile political filth that installs this nature of public show on us.

      • Who contacted him? Who set it up?

        Does it really matter? He was to dumb and or to weak to not be taken advantage of. Good riddance.

    • I’m inclined to agree with you, and I am glad you expressed that sentiment: he may well have been genuinely grieving. Never underestimate the ability of people to deny the consequences of their own ideology.

    • I remember watching an interview with Cactus Jack and Terry Funk, and Cactus (aka Mick Foley) said you can believe every word that he says to you … at the time!

      Man, those were the days. Who had even heard of damned Islam or “political correctness”? The world really has gone totally crazy.

    • ricbic, you are close. To the average Eurocentric mind Islam is beyond rational comprehension. After a long life, much of it spent living, working and soldiering amongst them in their strange mindless universe in the Near East, Africa, the Middle East and the Far East and having once been reasonably fluent in colloquial Arabic I still struggle.

      No matter how hard one studies, watches, tries to learn and understand why they are and what they are there eventually comes a meeting with an impenetrable wall which denies further access to those who have not been indoctrinated, brutalised and enslaved into their system since birth.

      One can get a reasonable feeling for what it’s about one day and then, experiencing it the next day, it becomes something one hundred and eighty degrees different. The Quran itemises most if not all the basic social and organisational requirements for a specific, geographic and climatological tribal time and place where rules for an ordered human existence postulated in one Sura are then abrogated in the next. It is the product of pre-Medieval simple mindedness and it mandates on pain of death the development of any other form of intellectual or social evolution.

      Now, in the winter of my years, I have come to accept both that I will never really understand why it is able to sustain into the 21st century and why I no longer want to try; Islam is an irrational plague, a mind worm, devouring the collective thought processes of our species and until it is eradicated in its entirety those of our thought processes so infected will remain crippled beyond the possibility of curing themselves.

      The Quran does and will forever deny its drone-like followers any opportunity to explore alternative ways of co-existing with the rest of our species and will persist in doing so until Islam is expelled from or terminated within those regressive, ideological bastions where it has established itself amid far more advanced cultures.

      This is what it Islam is, what it has always been and what it will forever be. Unless…unless!

      • It is the product of pre-Medieval simple mindedness and it mandates on pain of death the development of any other form of intellectual or social evolution.

        You may wish to replace “mandates” with “prohibits”.

          • Well Seneca, you may have posted after a spell at the pub, but your second last paragraph is both eloquent and truly insightful. And the final sentence in your third last paragraph is pretty damn good too.

            What puzzles me in a cosmic sense is that with the demise of the Ottoman Empire, Islam was at its weakest in hundreds of years and with a secular Turkey looked doomed.

            And then the Saudi clan of Bedouin tribesman established their dominance of the Arabian peninsula in 1926 and oil was discovered in Saudi Arabia in the late 1930’s by an American oil consortium. And Islam has been on the ascendant ever since.

            Just imagine how different the world would be if the British and Americans had decided in 1945-48 to push the Persian Gulf “kingdoms” and “emirates’ aside and take control of the region’s oil.

      • In Israel it has happened where a moslem has been brought into a jewish home as a housekeeper, nanny or caretaker, becoming as ‘one of the family-household’, only to one day and without provocation engage in mayhem against their employer: destroying the home, throat slitting, defenestration, poisoning, etc.

        You have described their mindset well. It is beyond the rational comprehension, description or mediation of western man–not physician; nor psychologist/psychiatrist, sociologist, politician/political scientist, anthropologist or diplomat. The rare political philosopher and military general perhaps, alone, offer the sagacious way to unburden us of their “honor/shame” modalities.

        It is wise to quit in any effort to solve or accommodate!
        (And, with this, Israel–it is demanded–must negotiate?!)

        My assessment of Islam has long been thus: an irremediable pathology. {full stop}

        • Indeed homo homini lupus. Man acts as a wolf towards other men. Especially the followers of Islam killing, maiming and harrying the non-Muslims.And if our leaders were decent shepherds, they would expel them from our lands, drive them away and erect barriers to their free ingress.

      • Great post, and this is why I oppose Trump’s decision to continue U S. involvement in Afghanistan. It’s a lost cause. The West needs merely to contain Islam in its nature lands as best it can and pray that internal pressures will eventually force change.

    • Ricpic, Europe needs your discernment, nuance, and distinction. You cannot fight a formidable enemy with kisses, hugs and paying jizya.

      This photo is good for the mostly naive creatures of Europe, to feel good and confirm their superficial thinking. But the consequences are disastrous in the long run.

      No wars have been won by kindness, and forgiveness for some is synonymous with the most terrible idea of the human nature: WEAKNESS is provocative.

      Of course the imam will sincerely attack infidels to do otherwise is to betray his Book of Instructions.

    • ricpic: I agree. On the one hand there’s the normal human response to suffering – anyone’s suffering; on the other there’s the dehumanising ideology that justifies murder. One of the terrible things about Islam is that it turns what could be normal, decent human beings into psychopaths. By denying and rubbishing decency in the Imam, we simply provide support to his ideological side.

  6. To clarify what I just wrote:

    It is important to understand that the fact that the Muslim Imam can be nice, that the Muslim shopkeeper can be nice, that the Muslim auto mechanic can be nice, doesn’t cancel the fact that they all harbor the desire – instilled in them by their holy book – to attack us with the intent to kill us.

    It is important to get our head around this reality in order to dispel the fuzziness about who Muslims are…a fuzziness which is DEADLY for us.

  7. It is strange. A few snapshots can tell any story it wants. I can’t know what is in a man’s heart. Neither the imam’s or Javier’s. And I’m not naive or uninformed.
    I would love to think the imam has had heaps of coals put on his head, in shame for what his religion foments. I would love to think Javier knows what hate will do to destroy his own life. I don’t know if I would be capable of that kind of forgiveness. I want the wisdom to take each person as they come. What a world.

    • This guy could use a little hate. A little hate isn’t a bad thing. It’s one polemic end of a value judgement.

      As Mick told Rockey, let the hate burn, propel you, and keep you warm. Just don’t let the fuss of hate burn out of control and consume you.

      I doubt this guy could muster a spark to even start the fire.

      • Tlr: it depends on the context. A spark of hate amongst eloi (the Barcelonans) could save them. On the other hand, generous gestures when there’s institutionalised hate (eg, those few who helped European Jews during WW2) can redeem mankind.

      • Does it even need to be about hate?

        Why can’t it be about swiftly and efficiently solving a problem so the rest of us can get on with the business of living and enjoying this beautiful world we have been blessed with?

  8. The most disgusting hijacking happening in the world today is when Muslims hijack the West’s virtues in order to spread their genocidal religious cancer.

  9. Better hug him with a damn knife.
    I cannot believe this! Europe is really gone! If Jewish kid is dead his dad will kill 10 muslims instead.
    Shame and this is really gross.
    El CID will be turning in his grave

    • My ancestor Rodrigo Frueles (known as Pelayo) too.
      I feel an earthquak in Astúrias (845Km from Lisbon).

  10. Javier Martinez first found out about the attack from his ex wife….

    His daughter and the uncle may have been willing to forgive, if they had lived. I do not believe that other persons have a right to forgive trespasses upon others than themselves.

    This man may only be seeking the praise of the soft heads or the daft ones.
    Not everyone wants to be respected by the daft, but so far, the daft are choosing the leaders. He does know who he thinks lead in his city.

  11. It’s not hard to imagine their sincere thoughts. Imam: “I’m sorry you were raised in moral filth. It saddens me to see the need for you to suffer & die for rejecting Allah the Merciful. But die you must. And your child, though he’s in hell, is better off away from you.”
    Father: “I miss my son. In my pain I’d rather kiss the devil himself, who of course doesn’t exist, than admit evil has entered our lives.”
    A nearby priest shakes his head and walks away.

  12. I’ve just extricated myself from a website ‘Gumshoe News’ where this kind of mentality is not open to skepticism of any kind when it comes to the Muslim.

    One may beat to death the Jew, but please do not attack their Muslims who are perceived victims to the NWO and 9/11.

    Talk about a closed shop full of closed minds!

    Needless to say that I will not be returning that site!

  13. Multicultural indoctrination and identity deprivation are are also forging Spanish citizens.

  14. He has what ever syndrome that allowed muslims to take over Spain all those hundreds of years ago. History repeats itself. Girly men syndrome, perhaps.

  15. They are mad. For 7 centuries they fought against muslims, now the hug them. In 2062 muslims be 52 million in Spain, the triplicate their number every 15 years, they are now 2 million. In 2062 the original Spanish population will be 22 million, they have one kid per married couple. In 2001 there were 478000 muslim in Spain, less than half a million. Albricias, they make it.

    • Long before they become more numerous than the Spanish, democracy will do the job for them.

      Ask the Lord Mayor of London.

  16. Is this chap an Ahmadi? Possibly the only Muslim group bar some Sufi who are compatible with Western civilisation. And needless to say viciously persecuted by Sunni Muslims.

    • The Imams name is Driss Salym.
      He is the Imam of the Mosque (Mezquita) in Rubi, a small town near Barcelona.
      Quite likely Sunni or part of a typical Morrocan Tariqa (Sufi-brotherhood).
      Not much information there…

      But please, neither Sufi nor Ahmadiyya are compatible with Western values.
      This is a quite common misunderstanding.
      Sufis often were fighting orders in Jihad like the al-Murabitun in North Africa and Spain, or the Turkish Bektashi (who mostly were Jannisaris).
      Just because they include some esoteric and spiritual concepts and some music and singing doesn`t make them automatically moderate, tolerant or peaceful.
      And concerning the Ahmadiyya (who belive in death sentence for converts):

      Being an Imam himself this Driss Salym surely must`ve known the other Imams and Mosques in his neighbourhood.
      But so far we haven`t heared that he ever had informed the authorities about the radicals and the hate-preacher there.

      • The least problematic Muslims are the Alevi or Alawites.
        Some minor groups of them don`t even see themselves as Muslims any more.

        But of course they can still be Turkish or Syrian nationalists.
        And having organized foreign nationalists in your country is never a good thing.

  17. ricpic says:
    “I’m not sure this Imam’s tears are fake. Not at the moment he’s shedding them. Not at the moment he’s commiserating with a suffering infidel. At this moment he is sincere.” So true.

    As I’ve stated before, a Muslim can deny that the holocaust ever took place and then, in the next breath, say that it is too bad that Hitler didn’t finish the job. And the Muslim sees no contradiction. He is equally “sincere” in expressing both sentiments.

    People report that Muslims can appear to be perfectly reasonable and rational until any Islamic teaching or doctrine is touched upon–then suddenly a wall goes up and all rationality is at an end.

    I’m reminded about what a small business owner (window installation company) once told me about his experience with Muslims : “They lie all the time and they don’t even seem to know that they are lying.”

    • One thing I learned over all those years spent in close proximity to this weird, barbaric cult is that during any form of debate or negotiation they will always respond to a kuffar (and each other, for that matter) with what they think he or the other parties want to hear. Truth and demonstrable fact have no meaning or function within that socio-intellectual black hole between their ears.

    • As a lawyer with much experience of Muslim clients said to me “Truth is a currency unknown in their culture”.

  18. Yes «caja» means coffin

    And either he is a leftist idiot, or works for the Generalidad (Catalunyan local government) on the verge of an illegal plebiscite in order for independence. Due to this they have imported millions of Moroccans, to whom they give lessons in Arab and Amazigh, while forbidding Spanish to be taught in public schools.

  19. I’m sorry for those who believe this filthy serpent shed tears out of sincerity. Pretentious behaviours like this is what they have practiced for their whole lives.

  20. Notice the creepy NARCISSISM of the father “I need to hug a Muslim…” I need, I and I and I. What a public drama queen putting on a show about ‘his grief’ and furiously ‘virtue signaling’ to beat the band. It is rather obscene.

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