8 thoughts on “Houston vs. Charlottesville

  1. Difference between the pictures: on the first one the helping hand is a volunteer, on the pictures below the demonstrators are paid to create a hateful ambiance.

  2. I believe the Houston pic epitomizes what takes place daily in America not only in time of crisis, but everyday life. Little is it noticed, except when an event such as Hurricane Harvey cannot be ignored. The other pics portray a quite small segment of our society whose actions are magnified and distorted by the media to appear as though there more frequent and widespread than they are.

    Perhaps, out of this tragic storm some good will come. We as a nation will see persons of diverse backgrounds struggling, working together, and overcoming the great task before them and, in turn, will have little patience for these hate-filled groups.

    God bless America, especially those in Texas so adversely affected by this historic storm.

    • Yes – we just have emerged from a terrible storm, my fellow Houstonians battered by the wanton cruelty of natural forces, yet defiant and showing compassion every day, every hour.

      We as a nation: E Pluribus Unum – one of the noblest principles our Forefathers bestowed upon us.

      • In all sincerity, as you and all who have been so adversely shaken because of this historic storm and floods through your we-shall-not-be-over-come spirit serve as an inspiration to America as we continue to wage against another “storm,” the torrents of which threaten the very foundations of our nation.

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