Hogamous, Higamous — Germans Are Polygamous

A higher court in Germany has essentially made polygamy legal for German citizens — provided that said citizens are Muslim males. If Heinz or Franz tried to turn a couple of Fräuleins into Frauen, he probably would get no more than a cursory court hearing before being thrown in the slammer.

The following translation by Egri Nök was posted at Vlad Tepes in a slightly different form.

German Court Rules: Polygamy Not Against the Constitution

An original translation from Stuttgarter Zeitung by Egri Nök:

German Top Court Decides:

German Passport And Two Wives: Both Are Permissible

By Eberhard Wein
August 27, 2017

According to the Koran, a man can marry a second woman; but in Germany, too, this is not against the constitution. At least this is what the two highest administrative law judges say.

A Syrian, who is married to two wives, can still become a German national. The city of Karlsruhe cannot revoke his naturalization, the administrative court says.

Karlsruhe — if you contract a second marriage abroad, you can still be a good and loyal citizen. This is the gist of a verdict of the administrative court (VGH) in Mannheim. The highest administrative law judges of the country repealed a contrarian decision by the Karlsruhe administrative court. The city of Karlsruhe had revoked German citizenship from a native of Syria after it surfaced that he had married a second wife in his old homeland.

The 36-year-old Kurd came to Germany in 1999, studied and became a construction engineer in 2008. He married a German that same year, and applied for German citizenship shortly thereafter. At the naturalization test, he scored 33 out of 33 possible points. He received his naturalization certificate in October 2010.

Shortly after the wedding he married a second wife

In 2010, 2013 and 2015, three children were born. But then the man recognized fatherhood for another child born in Damascus in 2012. What surfaced now led to the revocation of naturalization by the city of Karlsruhe. The man allegedly had married another woman in Syria back in June 2008, only seven weeks after his marriage in Germany. The charge is that he had given incomplete information in his application.

In the verdict, the administrative court leaves open the question of whether the plaintiff gained naturalization by willful deceit. It is true that the application form only asked for “previous marriages” and not “additional marriages”. Still, the judges of the previous instance were not wrong to say that a second marriage should have been stated “all the more”. But at the same time, the senate does not share the administrative court’s opinion that the principle of singular marriage was part of the constitution.

Marriage saved woman from ostracism

The city of Karlsruhe had argued that polygamy violated the dignity of man as guaranteed in article 1 [of the German constitution — translator] — in the judges’ opinion “an absolutely unique legal opinion”. They pointed to a decision by the Regensburg administrative court: Whoever violates the principle of single marriage, is not necessary an “enemy of the constitution”, it said “boldly and correctly”.

In the case at hand, the court also acknowledged the special circumstances. The plaintiff said that he had married the woman, his cousin, because their affair from the year 2006 was discovered. Only in this way was he able to save her from social ostracism in Syria. His Muslim belief allowed a multiple marriage. At the same time, he admitted, he could not imagine being one of several husbands.

Case of fundamental importance

After detours through Istanbul, Abu Dhabi and Sweden, the wife now lives in Karlsruhe, too, but in an apartment of her own. His first wife always knew of her, allegedly. There would be no marital contact. The city of Karlsruhe already lodged an appeal against the verdict. The administrative court allowed the revision at the Federal Administrative Court. “We deem the clarification of this legal matter of fundamental importance for generality and consistency,” a town spokesman said.

19 thoughts on “Hogamous, Higamous — Germans Are Polygamous

  1. I think that some Germans are reliving a successful variant of the Nazi dream, vicariously.

    Except that this time, they’re probably going to be the ones getting slaughtered, by the time it’s all over.

    It’s HIGH time to grow a pair, people!

  2. Yesterday I was speaking with a German woman living temporarily in the USA. She said she is far left: the SPD leadership isn’t left enough for her. When I mentioned AfD she mentioned the first leader, who as I recall was rather extreme, then said we had enough trouble with Nazis in the past. In the eyes of most Germans, any truly conservative party is neo-Nazi. Thus “Hitler’s Revenge” will slowly spell the destruction of Germany which Hitler wished on the country at the end of WWII. Irony of ironies.

    • The best to quote then such lefties from the book “The Big Lie”: Nazis were lefties too!

  3. A sinister fact of life, as a result of government policy, is that Ethnic Germans are being replaced via selective breeding laws inaugurated by Germany’s legal system.

  4. Hmm … let’s see: the gentleman is no uneducated migrant. He belongs to – judging by the article’s facts – to the creme de la creme of the Syrian echelon in Germany. He is a contributing member of the German society, paying taxes and most certainly does not live on the government dole.

    Yet … he cannot overcome the legacy of his roots. Another wife … he must clearly know that it is counter to the European (read: Western) norms and laws and simply everything and is an utter no-no in our cultural milieu. In other words – he does not belong to that milieu, even this extremely promising case of “integration” failed badly.

    Owing to his “religious” creed.

    And yes – if that ruling is upheld by whatever court is the final one, Germany is finished: legal schism of this kind is so grave that only a schizophrenic person could live with it.

    Germany, you have had a good run, especially in the last quarter of the XX. century.
    Finita la comedia.

    • ” In other words – he does not belong to that milieu, even this extremely promising case of “integration” failed badly.”

      This is my personal observation, too. An Afghan colleague, who had lived in the West his whole life, who wasn’t particularly religious, didn’t even appear to like Afghan culture much – suddenly, in his mid-30s, he married a 16 year old cousin, who was brought over from Afghanistan for the occasion. Why? I guess because he could.
      We – his colleagues, friends – asked him, but he always evaded answering, joking and laughing it away, as if it was just a harmless prank.
      Gave me food for thought.

      • I knew a young, upper-middle class woman born to Algerian parents who had immigrated to the US.

        She stated that, after almost 20 years in the US her parents still felt Algerian and were proud to do so.

        Sorry but non-European peoples simply cannot or will not ‘integrate’ into Europe or North America.

        Magic dirt and passports do not exist!

      • The “marriages between relatives” topic would start another discussion about inbreeding and related issues thereof – now that would be patently “racist” by the standards of the neo-Marxist-infested media.

        You example, Egri, just shows again and again that we are looking at a large cultural problem, where material wealth status, education, long exposure to the life in West mean little to so many of those individuals: savagery eventually prevails and their live choices become incompatible with the life in a civilized society. There are very few exemptions of this sad rule.

      • Egri,

        The marriage was probably a result of extreme family pressure plus a big dowry and other incentives. Asians, Indians, Muslims they all do it.

  5. let alone my roman catholic background, … anytime I told my now ex wifes about a second female, I had to find myself another place to live. Is that different in islam? Can the second wife just move in?

  6. Of course it’s a mistake for Germany to take in immigrants from Syria, a nation afflicted with the mental illness of Islam, a nation whose population has an average IQ of 85. But polygamy is neither here nor there. Marriage in any form ought to be nobody’s business but the parties involved.

  7. “Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all the others”. I think democracy has caught up with all the others.

  8. What if polygamy is really a feminist conspiracy!

    The dude is outnumbered.

    There was this newspiece from Africa about a man who had the most wives, and he said from experience it was not a good idea… almost felt sorry for him.

  9. There is an old Chinese saying that 4 wives is ideal.

    1 wife whether royalty or day laborers it’s just too much work for one woman. Plus she risks death every time she gets pregnant and then who does the work?

    2 wives gang up against the husband.

    3 wives 2 of the wives gang up against the 3 rd wife and the husband has to mediate.

    4 wives it settles down to 2 wives against 2 wives and they leave the husband alone.

    4 wives was perfect for breastfeeding before formula and bottles. A major problem with breast feeding is that as soon as a woman becomes pregnant the milk dries up. Unless the baby can be quickly weaned to goats milk or solid food that baby dies. Until Pastuer discovered germs babies and toddlers died from intestinal diseascif weaned too early.

    So in terms of survival of babies and husband’s sex life 4 wives is perfect.

    One breastfeeding an 18 month old, one pregnant and 2 available for sex. The wives rotate between pregnancy, breastfeeding and sex.

    • Some renegade Mormon sects do this.

      BTW, as long as the woman is breastfeeding, she is unlikely to ovulate and become pregnant. In the past, women often breastfed for three years, thus spacing children.

    • Also, you’ll notice that multiple wives only really works in a tribal society, where people like in distinct groups. They are usually patrilineal.

      With the advent of the nuclear family, which happened quickly in the West, family dynamics changed radically. A woman might live under the thumb of her mother-in-law, but she and her husband and children were considered a separate familial grouping.

      Survival of children varies. Female foeticide is still widely practiced in India and China. As a result large generational cohorts of single men who will have no chance to marry are a fact of life in those countries. In the West men are remaining single because of wide-spread cultural hatred of women. Back when misogyny was widely accepted, men still married. Not so much anymore. Few marriages, few children.

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