Fashion in Iran: What’s Hot and What’s Not

What does the well-dressed woman wear to a gay-hanging in Tehran? The following video from Denmark provides some pointers for hip fashionistas in the oh-so-frumpy West on how to look “hot” in their hijabs.

Actually, this is shameless propaganda for sharia and the veiling of women. It’s hard to believe that Danish TV could dispense this sort of sewage to its viewers. What’s happened to the Danes?

Many thanks to Tania Groth for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Dicte is testing fashion in Iran.
00:03   I am out traveling right now, because I really want to see
00:07   how the women of Iran dress, their style and fashion.
00:11   I am accompanied by my mom and dad and my sister Emilie.
00:18   In Iran women are only allowed to show their face and their hands.
00:21   Does this work? Yes, sort of.
00:24   But I have seen on Instagram that you can look really hot with a headscarf.
00:29   Ooh la la! Here in Denmark we sort of all wear the same H&M-type clothing.
00:34   So I really want to check out the fashion in Iran.
00:37   Dicte testing fashion in Iran.

14 thoughts on “Fashion in Iran: What’s Hot and What’s Not

  1. Sometimes I think these people really believe that kissing the behinds of the islamists will keep them safe. Useful idiots.

  2. Let’s get it out of the way that this is obscene. Yes, it’s obscene but NOT to the female child partaking in it. A child. But a female child. Are male children as seducible? As easily seducible? I think not. The spirit of the West, to the extent that there is a spirit of the West, is feminized, is looking to submit. Would that it were not. But it is.

    • Do you think the child made the video? Does that mean that male viewers are credulous? Have you seen the women resisting hijab in Iran?

  3. Bushwa! This female will NEVER submit to a sub-normal backward religion. Are you kidding? Jesus Christ is good enough for me.

    No submitting to this backward so-called religion. No way, Jose. Never in a lifetime. You can take that to the bank, as they used to say long ago.

    I am sorry to say it, but after reading a lot about Islam I have concluded it is a disgusting religion which abuses its adherents and others who don’t see the world their way. I cannot think of a single positive word to say of it.

    Oh, and Ted — the only things that will work are guns and lots of them. We don’t kiss their nasty behinds, we shoot them off. If I ever see one, I’ll do it. Maybe. I’m not really voilent but I hate the stinkers with a passion — don’t know why we let so many of them in either. Something went wrong. Muslims belong in muslim-land as they mostly cannot adjust to American freedom or thought.

    • Maria_dee, the reason that pious muslims are getting into civilized nations is that the left is using them as a proxy army to overthrow their governments. first they took over the education systems and trained new citizens to believe leftist claptrap and to not think critically of anything, so that they would willingly swallow the propaganda from leftist media. this also has the added benefit of filling the halls of the media and government with those who are at least nominally leftist, because they don’t know of any other possibilities, which builds the leftist power edifice. next, they brought on the religion of pedophiles and mass murderers, and use the media to tamp down the logical fears the stinking masses may have. mix well, then let stew until the bloodshed explodes. the stinking stupid masses (that’s U and i) will demand that the State do something about the chaos and death in the streets, and the governments, almost always dominated by leftists, will gladly oblige by imposing a state of martial law. guess when it will be lifted.

      most leftists actually care about people, but don’t understand that leftist thought leaders are using lies to manipulate them. decades ago, when most people were not leftist, it was much more difficult for leftists to affect the outcomes of political debates, but after decades of the “proper” training, the stinking masses lean their way, and they can now see their goal of absolute power within reach. it is the hard-core leftists, the alinskyite liars like ms. clinton, mr. obama,, who know what is going on. they *want* the republic to fall, so that they – the “smart” people – can stop paying attention to the rest of us, except to shoot us when we step out of line.

      i know that this sounds paranoid, but how many people, other than pious muslims, does anybody know who have actually read the quran, the various sahih ahadith collections, and ibn ishaq’s sirat rasul allah, yet still support islam? those would be the people who would support ms-13 or hard-core nazis so long as they attacked the freedom of this and other free nations. i’m no social butterfly, but i *know* that nobody who is decent can be so stupid to actually have read the islamic “holy” literature and still support anything about islam. only an idiot would attain the highest reaches of power in a republic, yet fail to check out complaints about islam by actually *checking* islam, unless he is either untrained in critical thinking (which the left no longer teaches in indoctrination centers – excuse me, public schools) or is a traitor actively undermining the republic.

  4. Maria-Dee, I am 100% behind you. We aren’t allowed guns here, but I don’t shop at their stores or eat at their restuarants, or have any commercial transaction at all. Not much I know, but I do what I can within the confines of law.

    • This, a million times this.

      Even when you are traveling during the holidays in Europe, there is always a perfectly good Chinese or Indian buffet that can be patronized instead.

  5. This is also from state-run television, which lives off of a mandatory tax. As far as I know, it is produced by three ex-employees of the Danish state broadcaster DR.

  6. There are things to be said for broadcasting the video.

    The important thing is to not focus on what it specifically says, but focus on the discussions it opens up. For example, it says:
    “In Iran women are only allowed to show their face and their hands.”

    Well, the more you repeat this statement the better, even if you are forced to say “and that’s a wonderful aspect of Iran”. Lol. How often do you see in MSM broadcasts in the US that women in Iran are only allowed to show face and hands. Let’s repeat it endlessly.

    Also, “But I have seen on Instagram that you can look really hot with a headscarf.”

    Let’s repeat this in every teen magazine and TV program focused on teen girls. I’m sure teen girls will swoon over the idea of wearing mandatory headscarves.

    My point is that, sometimes, most times, it’s better to get a topic under discussion , even if you disagree with the opinion stated, than to simply ignore the reality altogether. Once you get hundreds of drones claiming headscarves are hot, you can’t really cut out the opinion that headscarves are actually pretty icky.

    See what I mean? Sometimes it’s better to use a strategy rather than impulse to react to a phenomenon.

  7. That reminds me of the BBC spoof “Real Housewives of ISIS”, where one of those housewives says: “It is only three days till the beheading and I have no idea what I am going to wear.”

  8. Strange world. The Guardian is so busy fighting for the rights of Iranian Women to drop headscarves while Danish TV tries to promote the usage among White Women:

    Please notice the usage of word the “liberal” in the article to see how they advertise their propaganda to their idiot Iranian readers. John McCain is also too busy these days touring from Washington DC to Tirana and back giving lectures in favour of Communist-Islamist groups (Mojahedin Khalq); the armed partner of Islamic Republic in 1979 and true followers of Bolshevik fashions. Surely they are preparing us for something.

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