Which Country Blocks the Most Websites?

Here’s another TV report from Hungary on Western Europe. This one discusses which country exercises the most censorship of the Internet. The winner of the prize may or may not surprise you.

It’s hard to believe that China and Pakistan are not on the list — maybe there are no figures available for them…? I know Gates of Vienna used to be blocked in Pakistan; I assume it still is. And China has had special assistance from Western tech giants in designing its website-blocking systems.

The bottom line, of course, is that the “fascist dictatorship” in Hungary doesn’t block any websites.

Many thanks to Riposte Laïque for the translation, to CrossWare for the timing, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

14:44   Well, I have some fresh, crunchy news in my hands.
14:48   A French portal — Riposte Laïque
14:52   Yeah, am I saying it correctly? Because you are the one with the French language.
14:56   Layman Answer. Here is today’s article at The Layman Answer, a French web page,
15:00   You can look it up at home.
15:04   We can see and read this little chart there.
15:08   This chart is about the number of pages that the current —
15:12   so still existing — French government
15:16   is blocking
15:20   after qualifying them as “nationalist pages”.
15:24   Portals or groups on Facebook
15:28   they block. I’m saying the French government!
15:32   I’m talking about blocking! France alone is blocking more
15:36   than the rest of the entire world.
15:40   I’ll say the numbers, but let’s repeat: Today,
15:44   in France, the French government is blocking, on the internet
15:48   and on Facebook — because it deems
15:52   nationalistic and dangerous — 37,990 pages.
15:56   The second is India with
16:00   30,126 pages.
16:04   And look now, that horrible dictatorship Turkey,
16:08   You know, that… that… grrrr,
16:12   6,574 blocked pages.
16:16   Next is Germany, with 554,
16:20   Israel is fifth with 431,
16:24   Austria with 401, and what is this? United Kingdom: 105,
16:28   and that Putin-like
16:32   disgusting trashy illiberal dictatorship
16:36   has the courage to block 84 pages.
16:40   You get it? …And
16:44   the French: 37,990. —Show the chart on the camera for some visuals.
16:48   You should be able to differentiate between blocking something for a good cause —
16:52   Yeah, this where we always screw it up.
16:56   We can’t really understand what real anti-Semitism is, and
17:00   we just can’t see that blocking something for
17:08   liberal reasons is “democratic” and everything else is just “dirty dictatorship”.
17:12   Yes, and blocking is “totally” serving freedom of speech.
17:16   Do you think I’m stupid, how could I not know?
17:20   But imagine, just imagine — well we can see it — how can France look like
17:24   where — for the greater good of course —
17:28   they need to block 38,000 websites.
17:32   Hey, brother!? Matyi Rákosi [1950s communist dictator] is licking his 10 fingers in the afterlife.
17:36   Well, he isn’t because he was burnt. Unbelievable, unbelievable.
17:40   —We are not on this list. Hungary?
17:44   We don’t block websites! —Oh my God, for the life of me, in a “real fascist dictatorship”…
17:48   In a “real fascist dictatorship”, they are not blocking anything.
17:52   We should add, though, that even if we wanted to, Mr Zuckerberg would not do it.
17:56   He won’t do it. I mean, how many articles mention how even the Hungarian police
18:00   had to use some kind of Irish mail address, for them to finally send
18:04   the details of paedophiles to them? — Yeah, exactly!

6 thoughts on “Which Country Blocks the Most Websites?

  1. Not a comment on the content, but I find it interesting that the presenter wears his ring on the right hand. I do, too, but I thought that this was uncommon in the West. Is this normal in Hungary?

  2. The translation transcript is a bit vague, but I’m assuming Russia blocked 84 pages.

    It makes sense to me that the political leaders of the West European countries who have through total irresponsibility have allowed unchecked immigration have now gotten to the point where they are merely trying to keep the pot from blowing while they are still in office. Part of kicking the can down the road is eliminating sources of information by which the native citizens can see for themselves just how much in danger they are.

    The Germans are looking to put Merkel back by a landslide, so it is hard to feel too sorry for them, not because they were Nazis 70 years ago, but because they refuse to help themselves now.

    Anyone from any of these countries can get unfiltered information by using a VPN like CyberGhost, and spoofing a different country. For example, I got a pdf that was copyrighted in the US but not in Britain, by spoofing a British address. (Note: I used it to preview the pdf, but for purposes of actually using something, I generally pay legitimate fees).

    • Yes, it’s Russia. The RL page referred to shows that.
      Denmark should also be on the list, we block quite a few pages.

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