Does Germany Owe Poland Reparations for World War Two?

Until recently I didn’t even know that this was an open question. Perhaps the recent gloves-off treatment of Poland by the EU — echoed and co-instigated by German Chancellor Angela Merkel — concerning migrant quotas has had an effect on the Polish government. In any case, the old issues are being dusted off and discussed again in public.

The two videos below address the issue of German reparations to Poland. Many thanks to Ava Lon translating them, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling.

The shorter one is an overview of the case for reparations:

Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

The second video is a panel discussion from Polish TV:

Video #1 transcript:

00:04   Changes on Earth
00:08   Germans have had truly bad luck lately concerning Poland.
00:12   First, the party they supported [PO, Civic Platform] lost the elections, and now, on top of it all,
00:16   they found out that in the opinion of Jarosław Kaczyński [chairman, PiS party], who is de facto
00:19   the person who rules in Poland, the war losses that Poland suffered because of WW2
00:24   were so serious that our country to this day can feel the effects.
00:28   He also reminded and stressed that Poland never refused to take reparations due
00:32   for WW2. Kaczynski indirectly reminded Western allies
00:36   of their betrayal of Poland, and brought up the fact that the Marshall Plan
00:40   wasn’t designed for us, but for what was left of Nazi Germany.
00:44   Because of that we became a communist open-air museum,
00:48   and the criminals went back to a normal life and yet again reached
00:52   a position of economic power, which allows them right now to pull the strings for the entire EU,
00:56   as if it were some strange Fourth Reich. Additionally,
01:00   the chutzpa of our neighbors has lately reaching its zenith.
01:04   Not only do they refuse their responsibility for the crimes of WW2,
01:08   trying to turn Poles and others into Nazis on the international stage, but they also caused
01:12   the migration crisis in Europe by inviting millions of “pseudo war refugees”,
01:16   who revealed themselves as even more shameless scoundrels [than the Germans],
01:20   expecting free money without working and women eager for sex. When they don’t find that,
01:24   they turn to crime, violence and rape, which has caused the level of security in the West
01:28   of Europe to drop dramatically. Germans are so shameless that
01:32   they decided to share the guests they invited, telling fairy tales
01:36   about European solidarity, the best example of which might be the gas pipeline Nord Stream
01:40   and the planned Nord Stream 2. [from Russia to Germany] Anyway, we might want to agree
01:45   with the chairman of the party ruling now in Poland [PiS, Law and Justice] that if for our refusal
01:49   to accept their Islamists, they are planning to punish us with a fine of €250,000 per capita
01:53   — for every single one of them! — then perhaps the time has come to demand on the EU stage
01:57   a similar fine for Germany for every single illegal immigrant that they let in,
02:01   which can be justifiably called an action against the Schengen treaty.
02:05   And since Germans are so eager to punish Poland for its refusal
02:09   to allow a social catastrophe that is the result of their [German] actions, then truly
02:13   they could only be sobered up by the WW2 reparations, which they never paid us.
02:17   There is legal basis for that, and Germans worry that Poland,
02:21   supported in the international arena by the USA, could actually do that.

Video #2 transcript:

00:00   Three years ago our magazine, Sieci, published
00:04   a journalistic investigation of Dr Grzegorz Kostrzewa-Zerbas.
00:08   He has a PhD in international law and is a top-level expert,
00:12   who also became for an investigative journalist for a while, and he checked out,
00:16   he walked step by step, asking where is the agreement,
00:20   where is the document showing that we have waived [WW2 reparations]? Like
00:24   Mr Obara esq said, the only traces are pictures in two or three newspapers,
00:28   or articles saying that there was such a decision. We asked in the UN
00:32   and the answer came from their office that they verified it carefully,
00:36   and there is NO document about it. And this type of agreement should
00:40   be registered there. It HAS to be, if it’s supposed to be valid. Second: the German government
00:44   announced through the deputy of the spokesman for the German government
00:48   that they consider the subject closed; but it [German government] shows no document based on which
00:52   we supposedly renounced [reparations]. So there is no war, no discussion and no attack on the EU
00:56   as Mr Grzegorz Schetyna said, or against anybody at all; however a single notice:
01:00   we are verifying whether there is such document: Hallo, Berlin government! Do you have it —No?
01:04   I understand. Not in Poland, either, because there was a careful search; perhaps in
01:08   the UN? No. Then perhaps there are witnesses who signed that agreement?
01:12   None of those, either. Following those clues, I think we are already
01:16   close to the truth. However, a conclusion, for example in the form of a statement by the Polish
01:20   parliament, which would confirm that they cannot find such an agreement and consider
01:24   this an open case; well, this isn’t something that German government could dismiss and say
01:28   there is no case! Germans are paying reparations to this day to various
01:32   ethnic, various social groups, except for Poles. As if we were a worse type
01:36   of people. No: Germans need to answer for those crimes.
01:40   This is a moral and economic requirement. —Let’s turn to the Olsztyn studio.
01:44   Sir, as we heard, indeed there is a question whether the Polish government
01:49   would have the legal basis to do so, let me remind you that MP Mularczyk
01:53   turned to the Office of Parliament Analysis with this question on July 12.
01:57   We are supposed to find out about its opinion in the coming weeks. Can it be positive, indeed?
02:01   And secondly, has any country, after so many years
02:05   done anything similar? So do we have any chance of succeeding?
02:09   Well, let’s remember that in the forties,
02:13   in the fifties and for a long time after that, countries like France,
02:17   the Benelux and twelve other countries obtained different types of war reparations,
02:21   which are a natural form of compensation:
02:25   the loser is supposed to pay to the winner.
02:29   However, where we were concerned, because of certain political relations that I pointed to
02:33   that condemned us, the question was abandoned, or even
02:37   that unimportant action of one side was supposed to nullify
02:41   the chances. In no treaty
02:45   that we signed in the nineties (starting in seventies, but
02:49   about regulating mutual relations) there is any mention about
02:53   war reparations. We aren’t tied by any
02:57   peace treaty. There is no treaty regulating reparations.
03:01   The only trace on the German side was
03:05   in the 1970 a resolution of the Bundestag which gives its own version
03:09   of the invalid statement , that
03:13   we supposedly waived it concerning the DDR, [East Germany], but we are treating Germans
03:17   as if it concerns the new large German country which was created after reunification.
03:21   We think that there is no [document], and there still is a possibility of a conversation,
03:25   a diplomatic one, and if not, then I analyzed legal material
03:30   dedicated to that subject: the International Tribunal of Justice in The Hague
03:34   could weigh in this dispute. Of course, first
03:38   will come many different diplomatic negotiations.
03:42   There is a question, which… For example, Greece:
03:46   when we say that our compensation, after conversion,
03:50   and it was already calculated in 1944-47, which today
03:54   would mean 850 billion dollars
03:58   — Warsaw alone 45 billion dollars —
04:02   Well, a small country such as Greece
04:06   calculated their loses and presented
04:10   the German government with a bill for 280 billion dollars.
04:14   We think that on the agenda today is the problem of the settlement after WW2.
04:18   Reparations weren’t paid.
04:22   A question for the Warsaw studio: what is the political price of such a process?
04:26   Because we can see that there is no good faith on the German side. Is it worth it
04:30   to talk in this way with the government in Berlin, a very important country from the point of view
04:34   of the whole of Europe and our important trading partner. —If I may come back to
04:38   the answer from Mr. Obara esq, with one sentence, well, those 845 billion dollars,
04:42   we also said that according to the calculations of
04:46   Dr Kostrzewa-Zorbas, those are solely calculations concerning material losses.
04:50   So loss of human life isn’t in these calculations, which also — this sounds bad —
04:54   which also should be somehow compensated.
04:58   So the non-material losses. And I’m going to reverse your question, meaning:
05:02   What would be the price of waiving, in this case? Meaning the price of waiving.
05:06   Well, we’re talking about several generations of wealth that would be lost… —No, not even material
05:11   things; the price of waiving the non-material part is this: German television is “treating” us
05:15   to a series “Our Mothers Our Fathers” where there are brave young Germans who
05:19   commit crimes with regrets, and Polish AK soldiers [Polish resistance] who
05:23   kill Jews with glee. And this is something… —Yes we all watched it…
05:27   — which is forcing us to pick up this subject. The price of waiving is
05:31   also the fact that the Germans tell us: “we gave you EU funds”.
05:35   Completely forgetting the historical context of the funds. —And that we have those funds in common
05:39   Can you imagine a situation where the Berlin government gives us some, not even… Yes, but even if…
05:43   it’s not even the money we’re talking about but much less. —I do agree about that,
05:48   there’s different context, but I repeat: for now let’s forget that it’s a common fund,
05:52   and let’s accept that Germany is a big net payer into the EU budget. Then let’s say it that way:
05:55   cutting the historical context, forgetting about
05:59   the German fault against Poland and about incumbent engagements,
06:03   results in those effects that suddenly [between Germany and Poland] the relationship
06:07   of a patron towards a student is being built; and on top of it all giving us democracy lessons
06:12   [allusion to German criticism of Polish elections in Poland]. In my opinion the costs won’t be big.
06:15   European nations mostly understand and remember German crimes regardless of what Germans try
06:18   to tell them, and I think that they will understand the information that Poland is —
06:23   and it might shock them —
06:27   that Poland is a country that never obtained any serious reparations, and she was
06:31   the country that paid — at the material and non-material level— the highest price.
06:35   And one more question to Olsztyn: can you imagine, sir, that such a…
06:39   that we could really win such a case, and if yes, then in what time span? When?
06:43   Well, I can imagine, but I think
06:47   that in the order to finalize
06:52   the arrival at a settlement about WW2, finalize some
06:56   unfinished business that exists between Germany and Poland, we could
07:04   close this chapter.
07:08   I think the trial that
07:12   the government would start would be only a last resort,
07:16   but I can see that the world
07:20   Is beginning… we say: Greece. Italians are beginning.
07:24   Different movements are springing up that demand not only
07:28   reparations for material losses but also for personal losses. Verdicts
07:32   were handed down in Italy and Greece… For now the immunity of a country
07:36   against claims of a physical person is intact, but it’s a matter of time.
07:40   I still support the conversations among the parties;
07:44   it’s not the first time that we’ve talked. In 2004
07:48   and 2005 there was also a conversation. There were also first analyses,
07:52   also we pointed out to the Germans the problem of
07:56   Reparations, which wasn’t closed. In situations when
08:00   they started bringing up the problem of possible claims related to
08:04   So-called “expulsions” [of Germans from Eastern Europe after WW2].
08:08   We still have claims from individuals, which are directed
08:12   to us concerning real estate in Warmia and Mazury, Pomorze [northern Poland],
08:16   Opolszczyzna [western Poland]. So there are a bunch of problems
08:20   that we could solve.
08:24   One more question directed at Michał Karnowski, about the political price.
08:28   Because if we start talking like that with the government in Berlin, then perhaps
08:32   they will say this: then let’s renegotiate the borders! And someone will dispute
08:36   the border at the Oder and the Neisse [border rivers with Germany]. —No, because it wasn’t the
08:40   German government that decided or ratified that border. It was the consequence of WW2,
08:44   the consequence of German politics and crimes the consequence brought by the allies.
08:49   And Germany wasn’t in that group, so they have no valid claim
08:53   concerning the borders; but this is a very important subject you just brought up, because
08:57   very often we forget that the truth about WW2 isn’t exclusively a question of historical truth,
09:01   but it also has its very real consequences, for example in the line of the borders.
09:05   If today we allow the blurring the truth about WW2, about the magnitude
09:09   of German crimes against the Polish people, then in a couple of generations
09:13   someone might ask why those borders were set that way, and perhaps it’s wrong
09:17   However, if we talk about it, it’s our duty also from that point of view,
09:21   not just a moral one. Simply put, in today’s Europe many things
09:25   are the results of WW2, and we have to keep bringing up this truth and bringing up
09:29   the question of reparations; and by the way it’s worth mentioning that it was started
09:33   by the late mayor of Warsaw, Lech Kaczyński. —Yes, he was the first who estimated Warsaw’s losses.
09:37   So we can see that this ridiculed Kaczor [nickname of late Mayor Kaczyński, meaning a duck]
09:41   did so many wise things. —Good we talked about it today. Thank you for the meeting.
09:45   Michał Karnowski, a journalist for Sieci and Polityka PL in our Warsaw studio
09:49   and I have here in studio Olsztyn Mr Lech Obara esq. Thank you for the meeting.
09:52   —Thank you very much.

86 thoughts on “Does Germany Owe Poland Reparations for World War Two?

    • Great link, thanks! It is a somber read, though. I have never realized how devastating the war for Poland was – almost complete annihilation of Polish intellectual elite was probably the worst.

      • Yes, but Nazi-Germany and the Soviet Union (ie. Russia) planned and executed this together.

  1. With all the territories that Poland grabbed from Germany, with millions of German refugees that Poland created, Germany owes nothing to Poland. And Poland owes nothing to Germany. It’s not Germany’s fault that Russia shifted all of Poland to the west, geographically. Also, Poles just about ask, but not everything that they ask is theirs. Most of the land that they lost in the East was Ukrainian and Belarusian. Why did we have to have a Poland bigger than Italy? Poland has its own history of imperialism and conquests.

    • [insult redacted]! You must be one of Putin’s willing [helpers].
      Poland didn’t grab anything from Germany. The movement of the Poles onto the land emptied by expelled Germans was forced upon Poland and Germany by the treason of Jalta.The expulsion was conducted under the supervision of the Soviet union imposed military units (mostly Soviet) and the Poles who fell from the barbaric occupation by the Germans and under the equally barbaric occupation by the Soviets had nothing do do with the tragedy of expulsion. The entire fault with that lies with the US, Great Britain and above all Soviet Union.
      Germans have murdered 5,7 million Poles and for that alone they own Poland at least 57 trillion dollars compensation. Then there comes at least 14 trillion for the unlawful enslavement of 28 million Poles and at least one trillion for the material damage.
      This sum of app. 70 trillion refers to the end of the WW2 and doesn’t take into account the rate interest for unpaid debt towards Poland during the last 70 years.
      The comparable sum is owned to Poland by the Soviet/Russians.
      The city of Lviv was 70% Polish before WW2, the city of Grodno was some 80% Polish and the current capital of Lithuania, Wilnius was 100% Polish so yours is a [false polemic] about the Ukrainian, Belorussian and Lithuanian land returning to their rightful owners.
      Today’s Poles don’t consider present generation Germans responsible for the unspeakable barbarism their fathers inflicted on the Poles, however the current Germans must must recognize that they have unfulfilled enormous obligations towards Poland.
      Read something, learn something before you [insult redacted].

      • Are you sure about your figures? I thought that Wilnius was about 40% Jewish. And Lviv too. And there was a big Jewish community in Grodno. Why do you forget about Jews? Are you ashamed of Poles’ role in their extermination?

        • Are you suggesting that Jews cannot be Poles, that they can only be Jews, given that you’re treating them like two different people?

      • Lol.

        By your calculations, the Germans, none of whom was alive at the time, owe the Poles, none of whom was alive at the time, 70 trillion dollars.

        Might as well just tell the Germans to send all their possessions, lock stock and barrel, to Poland, and move to Siberia.

        I hope the Germans greet your calculations with a well-deserved belly laugh.

        • Apparently, you haven’t bothered to read my post carefully enough. As I stated above the Poles don’t hold the current Germans responsible for the unspeakable barbarism inflicted on the Poles by their fathers.
          Nobody from Poland to expect Germans to pay such an enormous sums of money as a compensation and have Germany destroyed in the process.
          I have just presented the general estimation of the material and above human cost of the German occupation of Poland.
          If Germans are so prone to laughing they should laugh at their own stupidity for allowing Merkel (the STASI or even more directly KGB sleeper agent) to keep destroying their country.

          • “Germans must must recognize that they have unfulfilled enormous obligations towards Poland.”

            An “unfulfilled obligation” is a debt. I recognize your position, but the clarification helped.

      • Bogdan, a co ty pijesz? Musi byc bardzo szkodliwym. Bogdan, your compatriots stole after WWI ( one ) vast parts of the German terriories, including the immense important industrial area of Upper Silesia ( where my, German, family lived since centuries ), which was more than 90 % German and voted accordingly in the various referendums after 1919.
        This unlawful actions had no consequences, they were tolerated by the US, French and Brits. And what about Eastern Prussia / Prusy Wschodnie? Poland started after WWI wars against each one of its neighbour, was considered as the rouge state at that time. A fact quite unknown today.


        • Willanders, the question is: [insult redacted]?
          Poland was invaded and partitioned by Russia, Austria and Prussia at the end of the 18th Century and was occupied for the next 130 years.
          Dozens upon dozens of thousands of Polish patriots have been murdered imprisoned by the occupiers and the Poles subjected to the enforced germanisation and rusification. The Polish land forcibly taken away (stolen) and German colonizers moving in (what about paying a compo for that?)
          IT alone consists a crime against humanity judging by the current criteria.
          Right after Poland regained her independence, Poland began making a very painful effort to consolidate the land that belonged to Poland for centuries so some descendants of Germans and other nationalities were harmed along the process.
          It is understandable that the freshly independent Poles were highly paranoiac about anyone showing less enthusiasm about Polish independence and that resulted in many traumatic events.
          You have to remember that the invasion of Poland took place just only 100 years after the Polish king Jan the Third Sobieski risked his entire elite forces of famous winged husars and rushed to the help of besieged Vienna thus saving not only the Austro-Hungarian empire but large swaths of the Western and Middle Europe.
          100 years later the treasonous Germans and Austrians showed their gratitude by invading Poland.
          Maybe this short presentation will force you tho thing.

          • Bogdan, we did not steal any land from nobody. This is this well known Polish propaganda lie. Our family got the nobel titel along with the crest from the GERMAN kaiser, written in GERMAN language already 1309, for the development of vast lands in Lower Silesia.
            Bogdan, ou have no arguments, only propaganda and insults.

    • ILIA, a little correction. It was not Russia that shifted Poland to the West, but the Soviet Union, the multiethnic and multicultural State that consisted of 15 republics. All these republics are now independent, many of them (for example, Ukraine and the Baltic States) are governed by passionately anti-Russian elites.

      It would be ironical if Poland does really claim the territories in the east that it owned before 1939. None of these territories is nowadays Russian! They belong to Ukraine, Belarus and Lithuania. The Lithunian capital Vilnius is actually sitting on such a formerly Polish chunk of land.

      The rabid nationalists that are now in power in Kiev might than think that Poland is as bad an enemy as Russia. In view of what Ukrainian fascists did during World War II to Poles (the notorious massacre of Poles in Volyn and the massacre of Polish professors of Lvov University are two examples that readily come to memory), the relations between these two States might become somewhat sour, to put it mildly. And Lithuania, despite its good relations with Poland, might take exception too.

      And, of course, the idea of changing World War II borders is, in itself, fraught with big trouble. Remember Yugoslavia? If Poland voices territorial claims on Ukraine, Romania might think of claiming its own piece land taken away by Stalin and integrated into Ukraine. Hungary might try to get a little piece of Ukraine populated by ethnic Hungarians (also a little gift to Ukraine by Stalin). As Ukraine itself is currently weak, poor and demoralised, the ethnic Hungarians and many of their Ukrainian neighbours might be glad to become part of Hungary.

      Germany, looking at all this mess, might think it unfair that Poland gets all and Germany nothing. Some Germans might think that Silesia, Danzig, Stettin and East Prussia would feel better if they returned to the Vaterland.

      No one can predict how all this might go and where it will end. The example of Yugoslavia is rather sobering, isn’t it?

      • Germany can’t even fill its own maternity wards, Germans seizing old lands is laughable, as is the idea that they’d want to.
        Instead they have short haired women in their prime with no children celebrating that Germans will become a minority in their great cities.

    • And that’s only after WWII, what about territories taken, at the insistence of France, after WWI?

      • I agree. Am reading history from Soviet perspective. Was somewhat familiar, coming from Albania, but only with the main slogans. Then fell for the West, “democratic” history that is exterminating us evil White people. Having a second look, it’s quite interesting.

        WW2 wasn’t started by Germany, or Soviet Union. It was started by UK, US, and France. In 1938 his generals wanted to arrest Hitler for the crazy outlandish idea of conquering Czechoslovakia. It had 1 million soldiers, inherited (incredibly) 80% of the Austro-Hungarian industry, and was easily defensible by nature. Chamberlain has entered history as a villain, but it seems that these guys are instruments of the same orchestra. Without Czechoslovakia, Germany simply didn’t have the economy to wage that war. This is why Chamberlain gave Czechoslovakia to Germany. Then, it added to manpower, for war and economy as well. The goal of WW2 was to destroy Soviet Union, foremost, and Germany while at it. Churchill repeatedly said that he was not fighting against Hitler, he was fighting against German spirit, against Schiller.

        WW1 was supposed to start in… 1912. Jean Jaurès, French socialist, stood in the way. In fact, they killed Jaurès just days before WW1 started. They did similar things in all involved countries. The goal of WW1 was to destroy Germany, Soviet Union, Austro-Hungary, Ottoman empire at once. Got nearly there, except for Soviet Union. Lenin was killed because of the Brest-Litovsk treaty, which he was not supposed to sign. The “constant revolution” was supposed to go on and on and on.

        While at it, all these wars culled the White crowd. Just saying, as a cherry over the cake.

        • Your post makes no sense whatsoever.

          “The goal of WW1 was to destroy…Soviet Union”.

          Russia was not Soviet until well into WW1, and the Soviet Union did not consolidate its empire until well into the 1920s.

          Lenin was not killed, but suffered from fatal strokes that had also afflicted his father; in other words, it was hereditary.

          “While at it, all these wars culled the White crowd. Just saying, as a cherry over the cake.” Another example of the fuzziness of your general post.

          • * Russian Empire. One of the goals of WW2 was to destroy Soviet Union.
            * Lenin died of gun-inflicted wounds. Or that brought his death closer.

  2. With no intention in wanting to downplay the Nazi-Germany atrocities…
    With the same right Poland could expect reparations from Russia.
    And some Jews from Poland itself (some Poles killed Jews under Nazi occupation and decades before that expelled thousands of Jews from Poland, who fe. went to Germany).
    Furthermore Poland made up for it by expelling almost every ethnic Germans from their Homeland in todays Poland. This went on until 1960!
    Many also died in polish death camps (between 20-50%).

    Sometimes it`s better to turn the page in the book of history and begin with a new page.

    • Another [insult redacted]. The pogrom in Jedwabne in Poland for which some members of the American Jewish diaspora (yes the same body which sides with Muslims against Israel) accuse the Poles was conducted by the occupying Germans (please, read independent conservatives networks about that tragic event).
      Post WW2 pogrom in the city of Kielce was a provocation conducted by the dreaded Stalinist security services, UB (Office for Security) of whose leadership consisted in 80% of the so called Polish Jews to force the remaining Jews to cooperate with the Soviet imposed barbaric anti-Polish regime or flee from Poland.
      There are many works that deal with that barbaric act just make some effort to read them before you [insult redacted].
      The Poles saved 60 thousands Jews during the WW2. 60 thousands Poles have been executed (in many cases the entire families) for helping to save the Jews.
      Irena Sendler, the Polish nurse and a member of Zegota a branch of Polish Home Army created purposely to save the Jews has herself saved 2,5 thousands Jewish children fro which she was tortured by the Germans and sentenced to death.
      The Jews overwhelmingly dominated and Soviet imposed UB (Office for security) has murdered almost 60 thousands Polish patriots (5 thousands of them tortured to death in UB dungeons).
      Poles are NOT responsible of expulsion of Germans (read my post above). The entire fault for that lies with the US, Great Britain and above all the Soviets who concocted that ethnic cleansing in Jalta.
      The expulsion itself was enforced mainly by the occupying Poland Soviet troops and the Soviet imposed security services the dreaded UB (Office for Security).
      Again, read something, learn something before you [insult redacted].

        • Yours is an empty accusation devoid of any merit. There have been NO POGROMS of the Polish Jews conducted by the Poles during the entire 800 years of the so called Jewish presence on the Polish soil.
          There is no doubt that there is a streak of anti-semitism existing in some sectors of Polish society.
          That abhorrent pathology is restricted mainly to the lower, uneducated classes.
          On the other side neither Israel herself is free from the chauvinist so don’t generalize because nobody is without a fault.

      • Thank for redacting my, otherwise justified, insults. They were, indeed, unnecessary.
        With regards- Bogdan from Aussie

      • History is seldom all just black and white.
        Poles often were victims themselves, but they also victimized others sometimes in their history (as Russians did, as Germans did, as the French did, as the British did…).
        And you might not know this, but there were also Germans who helped Jews to survive or to get into safety.
        But that is one aspect, the other still is the Shoa.,_1944%E2%80%9346

        For me this is something of less importance.
        We really have other and more urgent problems at hand in Europe, and anyone who doesn`t notice that is stupid and plays just into the hands of our common enemies.

      • Interesting, but you would find more sympathy if you were less rude and aggressive.

        “After Hitler’s war had been lost, millions of ethnic Germans in regions that are today part of Eastern Europe were expelled — often under horrendous circumstances. It has been proven that at least 473,000 people died as they fled or were expelled.”–For full article and alternative perspective, including plenty on Poland (East Prussia) Google that quote. It’s not often the German MSM covers this topic.

        • I don’t need your sympathy. Equally,it is difficult to remain civil in the face of such an ignorance being displayed even by token “sympathisers” of Poland as yourself.
          You should know, as I explained that matter exhaustively above, at the time of the expulsion, decimated and enslaved by the Soviets Poland had no say in that act of barbarism inflicted on Germans by the treason of Jalta.

        • It’s a reasonable assumption given that Israel gets a huge amount of liability payment from Germany but isn’t so great at passing that money on to actual survivors.
          German reparations should be to survivors, not to a State that didn’t exist at the time various crimes were committed.

        • By the very fact that Israel didn’t even exist during the period of WW2, Israel should not be a party in the legal process related to compensating the suffering Jews and their descendants.

      • Please read our commenting guidelines. Otherwise, your often interesting information will simply be deleted. It takes time to hunt through the bumpf and find the offensive pieces.

        Home-schooled children read our posts for their work and we made an agreement with the parents to keep this site free of casual obscenities and bullying rhetoric. They aren’t necessary to make your points.

        Curb your keypad.

      • Yes Bogdan, the Poles never, never did anything bad in the entire history, but caught in the act, then of course someone else forced them to do this or they give the responsibility away in other ways. I was forced to live in this country and it makes me sick to hear this lies again and again.

        • [I disagree with your statement, which] doesn’t recognize the basic fact presented in my posts.

    • Why Russia? Russia is not the Soviet Union. The USSR consisted of 15 republics, all of which are now independent. And the population of all the republics took part in everything that the Soviet Union did. Stalin (whose real name was Jugashvili) was an ethnic Georgian (just like Beria, the sinister head of the GULAG in the 1940s). Why not demand reparation from Georgia? Let us also not forget the Pole Feliks Dzierżyński, the bloody founder of the horrible CheKa ( who made an enormous contribution to the rise of the Soviet Empire. Or the Latvian Theodors Eihmans, the head of the notorious Solovki prison camp. In fact, if you look at the lists of those who governed the USSR in the 1930s and 1940s, you will find people of most varied ethnic origins: Ukrainians, Latvians, Jews, Georgians, Armenians…

      Why should Russia be responsible for their actions? And why should not Russia demand damages from Georgia for Stalin’s crimes?

      • Russia of today don`t seem to have much of a problem presenting itself as the rightfully heir of the Soviet Union…
        And the Soviet union was only the successor of the Zaristic Russian Empire.
        And only called “Union” because of ideological reasons.

        Many non-Germans have fought and killed not only side by side with, but also directly for the Nazis as part of the Wehrmacht or SS, Japan had korean soldiers, so what…

    • Tell it to the guys in Berlin. Make them stop meddle into our internal affairs [again, and again, and again … – a long tradition, apparently for somebody there it’s still the same page] and stop shifting the responsibility for the camps WE were dying in for being wrong race [even in their media and school books – sic!]. Perhaps it has become necessary to remind our dear neighbours people here actually know what they are trying to do. Asking for “reparations” – they will of course never pay anyway – will do the job, me-thinks.

      • I agree with you to a certain extent.
        But I also say, look behind the smoke screen so that the evil puppet masters can`t play divide and rule with us.

        As European peoples we need to stay united – here and now!

      • To anticipate an argument I will make further down the page:

        Even if all the ethical questions are resolved (good luck) German reparations would be an unmitigated disaster for Poland. Why? Because it would make Poland susceptible to German diktats. Money transfers, under whatever guise, give the money supplier control over the money receiver.

        Get Poland dependent on German charity for a few years, spending well beyond its income. Then, what will Poland do when Merkel tells it to accept refugees or the largess will stop?

    • Ethnic Germans were slaves in Poland till the early 70s.
      Then FRG bought them from Poland. Yes, Germany paid millions for the freedom of their people.

      • Say what!? [Redacted for incivility]

        Note from Admin: please check commenting rules.

  3. The way Merkel is behaving about ‘refugees’ should make every country that wants to resist her use all the strongest arguments for reparations, keep reminding them to feel guilty etc.

    And btw, I used to love Germany and until Merkel went mad would have said it was time for Germans to start appreciating their culture better.

    But it Merkel can only be controlled through the ‘Nazi Keule’ [Nazi cudgel], then that’s what other Europeans need to to.

    • Using reparations is exactly the wrong way to express independence from Germany. Reparations will increase, not decrease, reparations. Merkel is fine with transferring German money to extend Merkel’s influence.

      The proper response to German pressure is to systematically cut dependent ties from Germany, and for Poland to maintain security, fiscal, and economic independence.

  4. Instead of fining Poland and other countries for rejecting Muslim immigrants, the EU should bill the Muslim countries for each one Europe accepts. Unfortunately that simple concept is too obvious for the Marxist elites.

  5. I agree with the Poles in the video. The situation is actually the same in the Czech Republic. Yes – some three million Germans were expelled from Bohemia, but the reason why was:

    1 – they wanted to strip Bohemia of its lands, disrespecting a border that’s been here for over 1000 years (!)

    2 – the German Nazis had throughout plans to relocate whole Czech population somewhere beyond Urals, “after the war”. Czechs live her for over 1000 years, mind you

    3 – Practically all of the Sudeten Deutsche greeted each other “Sieg Heil”, they were the master race, Czechs were the slaves. In Bohemia: A Czech country for over 1000 years!

    …So I’d say the Czechs had every right to expell the German population after the war. The Germans reaped what they sawed. The German population in question came here mainly after the 30 year war in late 1600’s, so I would say: The Czechs were here first 😉

    BUT – and that is my point – bringing all this up is a slippery slope and won’t help us at all. It is a conflict generator: Grandfathers business into young minds…

    Yet – we the Czechs would be silent about it, because we know that relocation of the 3000000 germans was a bad thing – nevertheless – the Germans just keep bringing it up!

    Just like the Poles in the video say: The Germans are for some reason forgetting the reasons why it all happened, and we, the Czechs also, have to keep on reminding Germans and Austrians that they started the war, not us, not the Poles… And that what happened after the war was a direct result of Germany’s actions!

    Germans, we have nothing against you! But beware of bringing up 70 year old sentiments. Divide and conquer, slippery slope ahead!

    • When Irish monks arrived in West Czechya (today) they found heathen German tribes, not slaves. The West of Bohemia(Suddentenland) was populated by Germanic speaking people in 1918. Czechoslovakia needed the minerals of the area, so Versailles put the territory outsider Germany or Austria. One of many mistakes.
      And you sound Nazi -not in favour of Germans but of Czechs.
      Not proper -one or the other version

      • When Irish monks arrived to continent, current eastern germany was occupied by Slavs. To be more precise polabian Slavs. Of course germans being germans butchered them all. [redacted].

        • You are right. We were not allowed to leave Poland until chancelor Schmidt payed billions DM ransom to the Polish government. 1977 we were finally free.

          • This was a reply to Ines’ statement above about the Germans kept as “slaves” by the Polish.

          • Thank you.
            I’ ve not answered, “whatsoever”, because I don’ t talk to people who use inappropriate language

          • If this event happened at all, (which I doubt as no sources are cited of this supposed payment) this dubious statement should be asked of russians who resettled germans to siberia. But obviously it’s easier to blame Poles rather than actual culprit.

            Narrative has changed over the years, from germans to nazis and now poles were the ones who murdered themselves, apparently caused holocaust and ww2. Poor germans were just trying to help …. Butchering a half of country population was just a slip-up.

          • No, Chancellor Smith paid nothing to Poles. If Germany paid anything, it was for the Commune-fascist regime that was totally illegitimate at that time and the money itself was squandered by the commies while the Poles got nothing.

    • I would be glad to learn which Germans keep on bringing the subject up?Politicians? Media?
      And its decades ago I last heard about the “Sudetendeutsche” .Its not more than a sorry bunch without any clout.


        But really I am talking about people like Inês Tavares above: Back – all the way to the stone age – to generate conflict.

        I happen to live right in the Bohemian forrest. Bohemia and Bavaria are both named after the Boii boys. Those were wiped out probably during the

        …and the territory from Danube up to Danmark has been occupied by slavic tribes from the Balkans: From Adriatic see to the Baltic. Sverige – Sweden = “Severie”, the same as “Siberia” – “The Northern Land” in Slavic language. Landmark names in this area suggest river and hill names are “celtic” Boii, including many towns and most ancient cities. But from 6th century on we have clear and continuous Slavic population up until this day.

        Inês Tavares also skipped the part about Bohemian borders, being over 1000 years old.

        Thats the Border the Nazi Germans disrespected – before and during the war. A country cannot live stripped of its borderlands, and if the whole population in the borderlands are in effect “hostile foreigners”, what can you do?

  6. i had no idea that reparations had been paid by germany after WWII, because the reparations imposed by the allies after WWI caused the collapse of the german economy and the rise of the main leftist (national *social*ism) who started and lost WWII. it does make sense, however, and if imposed on a scale that doesn’t unduly burden the german economy, it would be the right thing to do.

    it also makes sense that poland never saw a zloty of reparations, because she was under the thumb of the soviet-imposed leftist (communist) dictatorship. to the extent that we in the u.s. allowed that to happen, we are culpable, but it must be remembered that not only did leftists in europe start the war, leftists in the u.s. (specifically, FDR) allowed it to happen in spite of the evidence of the evil that was happening. if one wants to be a leader, then one must be willing to make unpopular decisions; FDR was unwilling to risk “his” presidency (he believed that *he* was the best man for the job, and should have it as long as possible) to do the right thing. funny thing how leftists are always willing to risk other people’s money and other people’s lives to further themselves, yet paint anybody who dares to disagree with them as racists, bigots, know-nothings, and hate-mongers.

    in any case, i believe that poland *should* push the issue of WWII reparations should the current crop of nazis in eurabia try to destroy poland all over again. committing suicide is one thing, but committing murder – especially a *third* time – is quite another.

  7. “Until recently I didn’t even know that this was an open question.”

    That’s because it’s not… If Poland gets reparations, then surely it’ll be Yugoslavia, Greece, Czech Republic, Holland, France, Britain who’ll be next in line. And naturally, the former USSR and the Jews, who arguably suffered even more than Poland. Meaning that Germany would likely go bankrupt. That’s why reparations won’t happen – and if they do, they’ll be largely symbolic… like how much Jewish (and other) slave labourers were paid.

    Nonetheless, perhaps it’s useful to bring up this topic every time some genious in Berlin or Brussels has the bright idea of tying EU funds to relocating FakeFugees to Poland, etc.

    • That’s probably exactly the reason behind this move on the part of Polish media and government – just to remind Germany about what it perpetrated in the past, and why Poland is unwilling to dance to the tune coming from EU (or from Berlin in particular).

      I can see some useful stir this may cause …

    • Rather than going down the rabbit hole of reparations to refuse EU demands to take low-IQ, unskilled, unsocialized, uncivilized, sociopathic immigrants into Poland, Poland should issue a simple “no” with no explanation or rationale.

      It’s the difference between co-dependency and autonomy. Poland should assert autonomy and answer to no one for its own decisions.

      • so do we, west of the Rhine! Not to forget Louis quatorze. And what about the french support for the Ottomans during their conquest of the Balkans to screw the Kaiser ?

        • And the infamous French lack of support for Vienna during the Ottoman siege. Vienna would have fallen except for the help it received from Poland. I understand there is a church in the outskirts of Vienna dedicated to Poland. If memory serves (and it doesn’t much anymore), I wrote a post years ago about this church and its celebration of the OLD 9/11, the one from 1683.

    • France, Great Britain, US want reparations? Ok, but then take all the industrial facilities, railroads, patents and not to forget all the rocket scientists and nuke experts they stole from Germany after WWII into account, as well.

  8. Poles are right when they refuse “refugees”, but Germany has paid them millions -so stop the fuss.

    The genocide of Jews was after WWII by genocide of Germans. One cannot be against one and support the other -I’m not of that area in Europe, but no one is clean over there between 1918-1950

  9. Here is my take, hopefully bolstered by logic, on the subject of reparations to Poland by Germany.

    Even if you settle the ethical, moral and historical questions, which is extremely unlikely, reparations would be a total, unmitigated disaster for Poland. It would make Poland dependent on Germany. Merkel would then be able to dictate that Poland accept refugees. Merkel would be able to threaten withholding of reparations. Poland would be dependent on German payments and would face violent disruptions if the payments were to end.

    You can see the result of unearned gifts on a personal level. The parent who supports his work-averse child into adulthood does the offspring no favor. The offspring become lazy, lethargic, and far more dependent on the parents dictates than they would like to be.

    The US has to kowtow to Saudi Arabia because Saudi Arabia owns hundreds of billions of dollars of US treasure securities which the US used to finance deficit spending. Poland would be in exactly the same boat with German reparations. Bye-bye Polish independence, nationalism, and racial distinctiveness. Hello, Polish globalism, loss of identity and EU subservience.

    Then, there is the moral aspect of reparations, which have been dealt with fairly thoroughly by the other commentors. Logically, Russia would be far more liable for reparations than Germany, but nobody even thinks to waste the breath on Putin. So, it’s really a matter of who has the deepest pockets and is the easiest victim for a shake-down.

    There’s the question of whether people not alive at the time can owe damages to other people not alive at the time. There’s a concept in the law that after a matter is settled, it generally can’t be reopened, because otherwise, you’d never have a stable situation. Collective guilt is not only morally ambiguous, but terribly destructive. My father had to flee as a Jew from Austria before WW2, but frankly, I’m sick of the reparations rap. If I can’t make a living on my own, I have bigger problems than the injustices from 70 years ago.

    Most people advocating reparations are seeking free rent, or unearned income.

    • good of you to mention the ” educational” aspect of un- or deserved affluence.
      The principle of ” oblivion ” used to be tied to any peace treaty for hundreds of years.Why does France still exist in its historical boundaries after the Vienna Treaties of 1815?

  10. I am fed up with this.
    More I will not say, but my first draft was a lot longer.
    But if this german bashing continues I will post it.

    Or as Alfred de Zayas said: The world knows everything the Germans did but they know nothing what was done to the Germans.

    • In Czech Republic we know what was done to the Germans, don’t take it personally it was long time ago…

  11. Please correct if I’m wrong, but Poland didn’t start asking for reparations until the German-controlled EU threatened draconian measures if Poland didn’t start taking in migrants. Seems like this is more of a creative way of telling the EU to back down than a real push for money. Coincidence? I think not.

  12. I’m still expecting reparations from the French for the Norman Conquest. My Saxon ancesters suffered terribly. We’ve never really recovered. But so far we’ve not received so much as a brass farthing in reparations.

    • I have Neanderthal blood. I’m still waiting for compensation from the Cro-Magnons for the bestial things they did to my ancestors back in 40,000 BC.

      • You look like you have Neanderthal blood. Tell it to Blacks. Then ask them “what were your ancestors doing at that time? What are you guys doing now? Filing for reparations for having been beaten to pulp?”

      • Write a declaration of payment to yourself on a piece of paper. Then hand the paper to your non-writing hand. Whenever you want to collect on your payment the money will be waiting for you in your bank account or other place of storage.

        As you also have cro magnon ancestry this is a good way to make good on such past debts, one set of ancestry paying off the other.

        Black americans, a large part of whom have white slave owning ancestry can also try this easy way to get reparations from their slave owning past.

  13. At least if Poland gets the money it will be better spent than if it remains in the clutches of the German government.

  14. Reparations talk is a useful political weapon against Germany. There are justified complaints here in Poland though that its mostly a tactic for Law and Justice to appeal to their base of voters and that there is no serious plan to actually follow through and presenting a case in court. The case for reparations is a strong one. Not only did Germany murder 20% of the Polish population, their soldiers raped and maimed hundreds of thousands more, while stealing untold amounts of art, furniture, archives and cultural patrimony. They were also beneficiaries of the Marshall Plan, while Poland and the rest of East-Central Europe, the victims of the war over which it was started in the first place, were not.

    Their attack continues to this day in German historical policy to try to cast blame for the holocaust on the Poles, obviously an effective tactic as many comments by [insult redacted] in this thread reflect. At present Germany is playing the role of the major destabilizing force in Europe for the third time in a century. Since they don’t shy away from trying to shame other nations for not submitting to their suicidal migration policy, reminding them of the sins of their past is fair game. It’s not only for Poland’s benefit but for all of Europe, Germany included. If they won’t be snapped out of their insanity, they need to be resisted by all means necessary.

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