President Donald Trump, What a Relief!

The following subtitled video shows excerpts from a debate in the Dutch Parliament between Foreign Minister Bert Koenders and Geert Wilders, the leader of the Party for Freedom (PVV). Mr. Wilders castigates Mr. Koenders for his government’s feckless immigration policy, contrasting it with President Trump’s “travel ban”, part of which came into effect a few days ago:

16 thoughts on “President Donald Trump, What a Relief!

  1. Such videos have made me realize America has no monopoly on fools as elected representatives; indeed, I believe western Europeans have it far worse when it comes to the lack of common sense in their representatives.

    It begs the question though, which came first and why – the fools in government or the morons who vote for them… How can such a literate and educated population produce so many idiots that Western civilization itself is threatened?

    • “indeed, I believe western Europeans have it far worse when it comes to the lack of common sense in their representatives.”

      Well, you bet. You bet. I watched the segment with Wilders, but when Koenders began, I could no longer bring myself to follow. Spineless b*st*rds ruining our beautiful countries, stealing our children’s futures.

      We are about four months past the Dutch elections now, and there is STILL no government… Because Rutte and Co. REFUSE to even entertain the thought of ruling together with Wilders’ PVV, which mathematically is the logical candidate.

      So the moral betters in the Dutch political scene try to cobble together with whatever splinter parties there are some sort of coalition and of course it ain’t possible .

      In retrospect, what happened on the eve of the Dutch elections was a scandal of the first order. Less than a week before, there was a fake row between Rutte and Erdogan during which Erdogan called the Dutch nazis and a grateful Rutte was able to mimick the possession of a backbone and ‘shoot back’ borrowing (stealing rather) some of the PVV’s vocabulary.

      Enough gullible Dutchmen were lured into believing that Rutte was the better choice.

      The elections passed, Wilders won but nowhere near enough, and magically, MAGICALLY, the row between Rutte and Erdogan was OVER.

      A disgusting charade, and I am CONVINCED that Erdogan played the part. I’m sure that when all was over he breathed a sign of relief. Naturally he’s far better off with a coward like Rutte in The Hague than with Wilders.

  2. Geert Wilders is one of the very few politicians in the Netherlands who understands the danger of open borders towards countries where the “religion of peace” rules, and who also dares to express this opnion openly.
    And for this he gets branded as a “nazi”, while the true nazi’s, the hate-preaching imams of the “religion of peace” and their extremist followesr, are being protected by the (totally corrupted) judges, who no longer seems to (be willing to) understand the true meaning of the law.
    The reaction of Koenders is as predictable as that of a hungry fox in a chicken farm.
    We have seen and heard it so many times before, one can almost predict the exact lines that he is going to say before he pronounces them: Deny the points that are being made by Wilders, blabber over it in typical left-winged manner with big, pretentious, but empty words, and turn the criticism around, by falsely accusing Wilders of having caused the problems that he himself, as the foreign minister, was co-responsible for of having created, together with all the other corrupt EU-officials.

    • Obviously for him, the Dutch aren’t human, since Koenders nowhere promises their rights will be preserved. A gas balloon.

  3. This comment is off topic. When I type Gates of Vienna lots of sites and blogs come up. I read some. There are several anti Gates of Vienna sites and blogs.

    One claims GatesofVienna is an Islamophobic website that agitates for a Muslim holocaust. I wish that these White race hating liberals would look in a dictionary for the meaning of the words phobia and phobic.

    A phobia is not hate it is a totally unreasonably fear not based on reality.

    It’s not a reasonable fear based on reality either. I’ll go on those sites and make all sorts of comments praising Gates of Vienna and trashing the pro Islamic invader comments.

    • Be sure to remind them that this word was coined by Iran, which has promised death to Israel and to the U.S. Being a Shi’ite nation their deaths will come at the hands of the majority Sunnis.

  4. The Foreign Minister Bert Koenders is perfectly aware of what mainstream Islam represents along with its aggressive push for Shariah Law to be implemented across the whole of the Christian West and not just Holland.

    He and his ilk are followers of the agenda of Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi, an early 20th century White European genocide advocate.

    No amount of appeasement and human rights conferring, (a White Western creation, by the way), will win the respect of Third World invaders of whatever race and culture. Their collective ultimate aim is to take over White European homelands with the assistance of indigenous European traitors and enslave the indigenous White inhabitants, in other words, dispossess, disinherit and disenfranchise native Europeans completely.

    Muslims and Africans are considered the most realistic
    means by which the collapse of the West can be quickly achieved by the New World Order operatives.

    They, the New World Order operatives, are the true enemy and it’s they who must become the global target of destruction.

    • For a small, very vulnerable country, the Dutch have done remarkably well keeping the sea at bay, so they do have some very smart, able people; but engineering is rather different from politics, and common sense, which seems to be lacking in the Netherlands, or Wilders would have won by a country mile. But then the same could be said of the French, the Brits., and indeed all western European countries.

      When it comes to unadulterated stupidity however, no one comes close to the PM of this country, Canada, who has just made a multi-millionaire out of a moslem terrorist murderer who killed an American Medic. who was trying to help him–nothing to do with Canada, but Trudeau gives him $10 million to ‘get on with his life’ while in the States, the widow of the dead American medic scratches to make ends meet.

      Justice died on 4th July, courtesy of the ‘prime minister’ of this country. (Sorry to go O.T. here Baron, but like many Canadians I’m just so steaming mad!)

      • I read about that and Kafka has nothing on it. You are angry, true, and rightly so, but where’s the rest of the Canadians fuming about this insanity?

  5. “Well, Mr. Wilders, in response I’ll offer this bromide. And if that bromide isn’t enough, I’m prepared to offer you another.”

  6. I just returned from a 10 day, European vacation. Our Greek tour guide stated 60% of her income is now taxed from the economic, austerity measures put in place by Merkel and the EU. She questioned her own sanity for working as a tour guide when she could stay home and collect welfare like the migrants. Three thousand greeks committed suicide in 2017… from shame, humility, and depression from not putting food on the table for their families. Approximately 1-2 Greek companies close per day because of bankruptcy. Only the island, affluent communities are thriving from tourism. I visited Santorini and saw a young Muslim woman screeching for monetary hand-outs while holding a polytheism sign indicating her perceived oneness of Abrahamic religions. Her teenage son sat nearby watching his mother beg. No one seemed compelled to help because her Arabic screeching drowned out any sympathy she hoped to gain from her English printed sign for help. Two other Muslim women were begging in Venice. However, they were bent over with their faces on the ground. Only their backs and cups were visible. They were silent. No printed signs. As a middle age woman, I felt sorry for the female beggars. And incredibly angry that male Muslims would allow or force their female relatives to beg on European city streets in 2017. I did not see any males begging in Europe. It seems to be the domain of female Muslims and European elderly women.

    At Dusseldorf airport, I saw several Africans working in the cafe’s and restaurants. They were happy, singing, and grateful for the opportunity to be working in a clean, safe environment. Western nations should adapt a zero tolerance policy on crime. If a migrant commits one criminal act (no matter how small) before becoming a full-fledged citizen, he/she would be immediately deported back home. Once citizenship is established, only then would it allow criminals to have a local sentencing, prison stay. If a terrorist is living with other migrant adults in the home, flat, apartment… all of them should be deported for not sounding alarms about criminal or terrorist activities (bomb making, illegal weapons, chemicals, money laundering, sex slave trade, etc). Western nations must stop the migrant pampering, political bull%hit.

    If I were living in Germany, I would not be too happy about a proposed, mandatory retirement age of 70, to pay for hordes of illegal, economic migrants invading my country! Merkel invited them all to Europe. Germany should house, feed, educate every one of them! Funny how they seem to know that Britain has the best welfare benefits. Just this week, Hundreds of migrants were rounded up on the streets of Paris, taken by bus and relocated to gymnasiums until their migrant status reviews are completed. Last year, French police emptied the Jungle camps in Calais, France. Yet, the migrants returned in 2017; over 200 per day on the streets of Paris… Waiting to sneek across the Channel in lories.

    I saw migrants in European cities and airports with cell phones and the males primarily dressed in Western attire. Their skin color and weight (skinny, normal size) gave them away along with their Muslim women walking or standing 6 paces behind them. The misogyny they displayed was sickening to say the least! I saw a Muslim male buy a bottle of water, at Dusseldorf airport, take a few drinks while his veiled woman waited patiently behind him. He never offered her a single sip. She dutifully followed him everywhere, six paces behind. This is the mindset, mentality coming to Europe and America! A misogynistic, alien culture, economic invasion.

    • Amen. It would be far cheaper to “help” these immigrants in their home countries. But that is blocked, in part, by the corruption and lack of law. We’ve learned that aid goes into the pockets of leaders.

      Similar to the way that unaccounted-for money lines the pockets of the EU Parliament. What an oxymoron. It’s not a parliament in any authentic sense.

      • No.Absolutely no help whatsoever.
        The only thing that more money would provide, would be more reproduction.
        More Muslims are not necessary for this planet.They bring nothing intelligent, creative and useful.

        • Brain-dead zombies, only good for digging ditches or sweeping streets–or selling drugs, or running halal protection rackets.

          You’re right–they bring nothing positive to Europe, or anywhere else.

  7. ‘Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds’ seems more true with each passing year. In markets fear and hysteria can overwhelm all rational approaches to understanding market dynamics. Politically the developed world has entered a period of intense delusional thinking. Reason cannot prevail until this hysteria exhausts itself. But long before that happens much of Europe will drown in a sea of Islamization. Nithing can stop the treason of the left, unfortunately. I couldn’t watch all of Rutte’s reply, he’s as as spineless and repulsive as Trudeau or a CNN ‘journalist’.

  8. Only the truly corrupted would deliberately spar with Geert Wilders by uttering absurdities and falsehoods. That foreign minister knows he has to say what he says because he is getting paid to say it!

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