Matt Bracken: The Deep Pockets Behind the Migrant “Rescue” Industry

Matt Bracken has made a meme using a still taken from the video below. His topic is the carefully planned and executed “rescue” of migrants who cross the Mediterranean — usually just a few miles of it — in flimsy boats. He says:

This is a massive effort by Soros and others like him. There was no market for these boats prior to the planned hijra invasion of Europe. They have no sporting or military use and were not built anywhere in the world prior to the migrant invasion.

Boat plus engine cost at least $10,000, and probably double or triple that, delivered to Libya. They are suitable only for short-range one-time use by migrants who have the expectation of being picked up by NGO “rescue ships” that will ferry the migrants to Italian ports.

These massive and overloaded rubber boats are death traps if the weather turns bad or they are not “rescued” almost immediately, and within sight of Libya, by waiting NGO ships.

This invasion of Europe under the guise of an ongoing “rescue operation” is as carefully planned as D-day in 1944. There are deep pockets behind it, and Quisling traitor politicians in Italy and Europe who are being bribed to continue the charade. Concerning the likes of Reinier Boere, the SeaWatch mission director seen in the video, words fail me.

Leftist quislings on full display and proud to be destroying Europe:

3:13 in: “Make no mistake: as well as a rescue mission, this is a political act, and the organization and the crew by and large have a left-leaning open-borders world view which some will find unpalatable. For example, what’s happening in the stern as we speak, the political equivalent to nailing your colors to the mast.” (Shows white Europeans around a flag that says “Build bridges, not walls.”)

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  1. These smuglers operate along the Lybian coast between Tripoli and the Tunesian border.
    Usualy between the Libian towns of Al Zawyah and Zuwarah.
    These NGO ships can be easily found and tracked by this website;

    The ships to look out for are;
    Vos Hestia
    Vos Prudence
    Sea Eye
    Sea Watch
    Sea Watch 2
    Sea-watch Tango

    I’m sure there are more but I haven’t flushed them out yet.

      • Phoenix, from M.O.A.S. (Migrant Offshore Aid Station), the ones who started it all. There is more to this than meets the eye. Look up the founder’s (Chris Catrambone) connection with Erik Prince of Blackwater notoriety. There seems to be a plan to drive the EU to dire straits and then Prince will get a huge multi-billion euro contract to secure Libya’s southern border.

  2. Last year some time the CEO and I were watching the news on TV and saw a large Norwegian ship ‘rescue’ a couple of these, and my wife exploded; “My own government (she is still a Norwegian citizen) is engaged in people smuggling!”

    And the Italians, and the Greeks, and the Brits, and others. Money is being made, and we know the Mafia is-or at least was-engaged in it.

    • Obama and Soros and multiple American and European intelligence agencies colluded together to destabilize Libya and Tunisia (unsuccessfully) and put into motion this plan Mr Bracken and many other curious folks have exposed. Why? They are advocates of Hell and lower case hell on earth. Soros was one frequent visitor to the White House. He was not there to encourage world peace or convince Obama to practice fiscal restraint.

    • maybe because a country with significant oil reserves wanted to trade oil for gold?

      The Primary Directive in the world of banking is that you don’t do that, for it would harm the fiat currencies like the Dollar or the Euro. And if you do that – it is a declaration of war to some really powerful banks.

      • I can’t comment on the specifics in your allegation, because I have no knowledge whatsoever on that.

        But, studies of history have indeed shown that over recorded history, moneylenders, bankers and financiers have pursued their own interests to the exclusion of any concern for the nation they were supposedly part of. I can’t tell you the psychological dynamics of such actions, but there is an empirical support for the possibility of what you suggest.

      • To be entirely fair, such an act would instantly have wrecked every economy in the First World.

        Economic warfare is also war.

        I’m going to be unpopular for saying this, but there was also the small matter of unfinished business and accounts well past due from the 80s and 90s, when Muammar Qaddafi was in direct competition with Iran to be the world’s largest state sponsor of terrorism. Qaddafi’s head belonged on a pike in front of the White House entrance, right beside Osama bin Laden’s and Saddam Hussein’s, and several others not yet there. It seems to me there were less expensive ways of putting it there, though–could the CIA not have borrowed a page from the KGB and encouraged some ambitious general to knock off his boss and stage a coup, with the proviso that he would receive Western support, perhaps even some kind of profitable trade deal, IF the new regime did not support terrorism? That’s how we used to do things, back when adults were running the show in Washington, before foreign-born Affirmative Action Presidents.

        I am reminded of Lyndon Johnson’s perhaps apocryphal complaint when his Tuesday night poker game partners kept letting him win, supposedly because they feared his volcanic temper. “Can’t any of you people play this goddamn game?”

    • Yeah, no – it’s a lot deeper than that. There’s a long term plan to destroy Western Civilization using Muslims and Black Africans. If they couldn’t use a destabilized Libya and the War in Syria as a pretext, they would have found other means and other pretexts.

  3. So if the NGO “rescue ships” weren’t performing ferry service, there would be no torrent of scofflaw immigrants? Is it really that simple?

    • That’s exactly right. They only go out in flimsy 50 foot rubber boats because they can see the “rescue” ships waiting to pick them up.

      Imagine how many Haitians would be landing in Florida if NGO “rescue ships” were waiting a few miles off the coast of Haiti, and the USCG was helping them to pick up every Haitian in a rubber boat to ferry them to the USA.

      Haiti would be depopulated in a month, and every Haitian would be in a South Florida “refugee camp” awaiting “resettlement” in all 50 states.

      I can’t believe you even posited that question, unless it was meant as sarcasm or dark humor.

  4. Death Traps, indeed. I have a tally in my head, but it’s very difficult to confirm numbers.

    I figure 5,000 drowned in 2015 after the siren call of a formerly great German chancellor who became ill lured poor, desperate people without first insuring they would all arrive safely, followed by the same number or even more in 2016. I’ve read at least 2,000 in 2017, but no one is really counting.

  5. White helmets appear to be everywhere these days. Incredible. Stuff you read in the bible, now we just need plagues.

  6. First of all, I ask myself what can be done to unmask this to the public.
    @All: What Do you think of the Identitarian’s (Lauren Southern et al.) proposed mission at the coast of Libya organising a REAL SEA RESCUE MISSION:

    Is it worth donating for this Money, or are there serious doubts of the integrity of this Mission: This includes
    – taking migrants back to the nearest coast: Libya
    – Real collaboration with the libyan coast guard(does this exist at all?)
    – Identifying the other NGO Ships and recording proof for their collaboration with the traffickers/smugglers

    To add for completion, the german lutheran state churches are financing this lunacy via proxies, too.

    • “What Do you think of the Identitarian’s […] proposed mission at the coast of Libya organising a REAL SEA RESCUE MISSION: …
      or are there serious doubts of the integrity of this Mission”

      One of the driving figures behind the Mission seems to be Martin Sellner, a student of philosophy from Vienna and political activist from the New Right/Nouvelle Droite/Neue Rechte. You will find a lot on/from him on the Web, especially on Youtube, including

      I don’t have the least doubts in Sellner’s integrity and I strongly hope his plans are sound, as Sellner also belongs to the patriotic center which has the support of lawyers, professors of law, and other professionals including former special forces soldiers.

    • I would prefer it if the Identitarians were even more aggressive and went after some of the shipyards that are assembling these vessels.

      It’s not just the German Lutheran churches making $$$ off this, there are plenty of Catholic NGOs in the US that are making bank as well.

      • Thanks for your assessment.
        As I am from the Heavenly-guided caliphate of Merkelistan myself, I can answer the question why the Identitarians are very careful:
        – Harsh punitive laws (§130 e g) applied only to People seeking to defend their geman Lifestyle and culture (or at least what is left after 72 years of re-education)
        – Antifa posing as “Merkeljugend 😉 ” who assault any activist
        – No Career opportunities left after “Outing” as pro-german in government and universities.
        – Official Observation Status of the counter-intelligence in every german state
        – The only thing that is an internal problem of the identitarians is in my humble opinion a deep strain of distanceritis which hampers any direct co-operation between the new right and new political entities like the AfD, which could provide institutional endorsement via e g parliamentarian staff.

        • EO-

          Thank you for the detailed update from the European caliphate.

          What you have described is simply horrific, but it does not surprise me.

          It sounds as though the only hope is to establish parallel, underground structures within the diseased ‘German’ state.

          As an American of 25% (pre-war) German heritage, I find this very distressing.

          • @rapsailwasright
            I would like to allude a little bit about your suggestion(which is to my personal opinion the only way to survice the upcoming thirty years war, volume III: Merkel did it, again) of building parallel structures.

            @Administrator: Is it OK if I shortly leave this discussion ONCE?

            As I am product of our perverted, formerly one of the best in the world educational System and cannot think for myself:

            Here is a link to the german “constitution” called Basic law:

            To which conclusion do you come, if you read Articles 5, 120, 139 and 146? In one or two sentences? Note that the “constituition” was changed at least 50 times since 1949, but these articles(with an exception of a minor new more convuluted wording of 146) HAVE BEEN UNCHANGED SINCE!

    • A Libyan “coast guard” would require Libya to have a functioning government. Currently and for the foreseeable future it’s just another lawless failed state just like Somalia.

    • I’ve heard that they are made in China, as are the all but useless life vests handed out to passengers.

  7. The Italian Ambassador made a very true comment that the journalist did not like and brushed aside: “Why are these migrants being brought only to Italian ports. There are other countries in the Med?” Yes like Libya, Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria, that are closer to where these boats are being rescued. Also, would it not be cheaper to bring them to one of these nations that are closer to the point of rescue and cheaper for the international community because the cost of living in these countries is less. How many refugees can you care for in Europe for a $100 a day as opposed to Africa?

  8. Amazing enough, leftist German magazine Der Spiegel published a good documentary on people smugglers in Libya:
    “On the way with Libyan law enforcement”

    At 6:30 the brave Libyan captain of the only seaworthy boat of the Libyan coast guard says: “In the past the traffickers had to sail 160 miles to Lampedusa. Now only 12 miles. Takes them only 2 hours. A taxi service for migrants.” [Taxi service by NGO boats.]

    At 7:30 the captain has got an order from the command center in Rome to rescue people at given coordinates. German NGO ship Sea Watch II is trying to do the same — hold your breath. The Libyans then force the migrant boat to stop the motor at gunpoint and bring the people back to Libya.

  9. thoprimusands of fit young

    Thousands of young incompatable males perfect recruites for Merkal & Macron”s new euro army.Our demise is planned for & under way.

  10. I’m going to speculate on the refugees themselves.

    These guys are mainly young, well-fed, healthy, even athletic males. Since they are not experiencing physical deprivation in their country of origin, what’s making them travel?

    In a word: the desire of their genes to propagate themselves, and therefore seek receptive women.

    These guys are the losers in loser cultures. They have no skills, no wealth, no education and no prospects. They leech off their families or the government or whoever provides for subsistence, but no local women will even look at these guys. The cultures are polygamous, and eligible women would far rather be the second (or third) wife of a man of wealth than these no-prospect, but physically-healthy loungers.

    So, their genes are pushing them into a “hail Mary” pass. They put everyone on a risky gamble and a few days discomfort, so they can travel to a place where, if not a job, they can receive no-strings-attached aid. This gives them the wealth that would turn the eye of the local women. Whether it would turn the eye of women in their new location is open to question, but then there’s always the prospect of rape, which is another Hail Mary maneuver for the genes of losers.

    It doesn’t tell you anything about the “rescuers” but it sure tells you what Europe is bringing in. They’re getting the dregs of the dreg countries.

    • Yes, and the dreg countries know full well that they are largely exporting their losers to leech off the white European devil, and they are extremely grateful for the opportunity to do so.

      Look at the behavior of former colonial or subservient nations – they have no desire for reconciliation with Europe, merely revenge. The sad part is that the Europeans are largely clueless to this fact.

  11. FEED THE CHILDREN may once have been a valid charity. I did notice their logo on one of the rescue ferry vessels. They may once have been a valid charity, making poor countries better by feeding and educating the unfortunate in those countries. I have no evidence that they ever were that decent, but it is certainly possible.
    Bringing those who can only impoverish their neighbors to Europe cannot possibly be decent. Except for the Semper Fi fund, I am very suspicious of all charitable institutions any more.

    A friend of mine who does watch television told me that she almost never sees Feed The Children ads on television any more. It is easily imaginable that my friend is in error but then again, maybe not. Many of our charitable institutions may have found new funding sources and no longer need public sympathy.

    We vote not only with our ballots but with our dollars. Charity may be one more of those words which is no longer used to mean exactly what it is understood to mean.

    • I do not really wish to pick on Save The Children, as if they are unique. They are not unique.

      The new pattern for many organisations called charities is to no longer do charitible works themselves but to force it upon others. It may make for more spectacular numbers to transport the designated needy and then dump them on existing public assistance here and there. And it is much more pleasant for themselves to not have to be bothered very much by helping these self designated unfortunates. Governments often pay them for this. As in central governments pay them to dump these refugees on local governments.

      A lot of people are working hard at gaming decency, charity, and democracy for the purpose of destroying all of them. Some are more aware of this than others.

      Believe in God, or if you are an atheist believe in goodness as a principle, but be skeptical of everything else.
      We need honest skeptics now more than ever.

  12. 1. westerners in “NGO” personnel hired to operate boats, ships and logistics, are mostly lumpen/nihilists, + some minor % of useful idiots

    2. overall plan of migration project is to destabilize West

    3. at least part of migrants are intentionally selected to be male/Sunni Muslim/fighting age

    4. to succeed both tactically and globally, project needs – aside money – extensive, multi-level, military type, real time intelligence and coordination

    5. there are only two forces in the world of that caliber, that would possibly benefit from weakening the West – globalist Sunni Islam and neo-imperial Russia.
    this time I bet on jihadis, – other facts are in favor of that, e.g. fast developing in recent years Islamic (Sunni) accomodation infrastructure in the West

    6. don’t be ridiculous with that Gyorgi Soros guy, he may be one of useful idiots but not more than that

    7. eventually the migration project will be supported by a large -cale weapons smuggling to the West, and immediate abrupt growth of terrorism/islamic insurgency.
    when that happens, the whole issue of authorship/funding/planning will become obvious.

  13. Matt’s latest book ‘The Red Cliffs of Zerhoun’ can be pre-ordered for Kindle, released on the 16th. I for one am looking forward to it!!

  14. The rubber dinghies are made to order in China then shipped via Malta to Libya. Many of the NGO ferries are based in Malta. Follow them on You can usually see them just off the Libyan coast unless they turn off their AIS.

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