Playing the “Anti-Semite” Card Against Viktor Orbán

Translation of the poster: “Let’s not let Soros have the last laugh!”

Throughout the eight years of the Obama administration, the president’s supporters made repeated use of a scurrilous tactic: Anyone who vigorously criticized Mr. Obama was immediately accused of “racism”. That’s one of the reasons Hussein the Lightbringer got away with so much, because his critics — especially the spineless Republicans — were so afraid of being called WAYCISTS.

Something similar is happening right now to Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, who is being attacked as an “anti-Semite” for launching a campaign against George Soros’ migration industry. Because Mr. Soros — who himself happens to be one of the great Jew-haters of our time — has a Jewish bloodline, any criticism of his flooding Europe with Muslim immigrants is prima facie considered evidence of anti-Semitism.

Mr. Orbán, however, is not spineless. He is fighting back.

CrossWare has translated two articles about the current controversy over the “Stop Soros” campaign. The translator includes this foreword:

One of the primary weapon of the liberal-Bolshevik (“libsi” for short) crowd in Hungary is to call people with opposing point of view “anti-Semites”. They can do it, because the membership of their organizations contains a disproportionate percentage of atheists of Jewish descent.

Of course, in reality — other than biology — they have nothing to do with the people of Israel, or the religion. They support Cultural Marxism, open borders and unlimited Muslim migration. They, just like their Antifa and BLM comrades in the USA, are racist in their attitude. When Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, in his famed speech a couple of weeks ago in the EU Parliament, called George Soros “a powerful and influential speculator”, the choir of whining from the other side was immediate: EU bureaucrats, the German government, a Jewish spokesperson from Israel and the President of the Hungarian Jewish Association of Religious Communities [MAZSIHISZ] jumped up immediately to scream bloody murder and of course: “anti-Semitism”.

Well, English, is my second language, so to me calling someone a “speculator” does not mean that person has to be a Jew, but I could be wrong… Please educate me in the comments!

[Interpolation from the Baron: George Soros manifestly is a speculator. That’s how he made the bulk of his fortune, and how he brought down the British pound (among others). Mr. Orbán’s remark was a simple statement of fact.]

To me it’s like when someone says: “Today a guy in front of me was driving really badly…” and her friend says: “Hey, what is your problem with Asians!?”. Doesn’t that mean the friend is the one who is biased and believes in the cheap stereotype that “Asian drivers are not that good”?

A bit more context:

  • I have read numerous comments under the articles reporting on this issue (censorship is visible only in the liberal media), I have not read a single comment that blamed the Jews for George Soros. Even the darkest-minded, most radical neo-Nazi in Hungary is clear about Soros’ past, his collaboration with the Nazis and his destructive efforts against Israel. Nobody really cares about his genetic heritage; his actions are what people find objectionable.
  • Presently one of the largest Jewish community in Europe is the one lives in Hungary. It used to be France, but since the country started to convert itself a Caliphate, thousands of Jews left it. Some moved to Israel; some moved to Hungary and other countries.

First, an article from the Fidesz Party’s website:

The State Will Enforce its Political and Legal Power Against All Who Attack the Safety of Hungary

Illegal migration is clearly a matter of national security. Anyone who attacks the security of Hungary, regardless of their origin, religious affiliation or their wealth, the Hungarian state will enforce its political and legal powers against, says Viktor Orbán, answering the letter sent by President András Heisler of Mazsihisz [Hungarian Jewish Association of Religious Communities — translator], in a letter sent by the Prime Minister and released to the Hungarian Media Association [MTI — translator] by Press Secretary Bertalan Havasi.

In a letter dated Friday [July 7, 2017], the head of government reacted to the letter from the President of the Hungarian Jewish Association of Religious Communities (Mazsihisz), in which András Heisler asked for Viktor Orbán to stop his “Soros” campaign, because he believes the campaign is capable of “generating uncontrolled anti-Semitic sentiments”.

In the letter Viktor Orbán suggests that mass illegal migration has brought Europe to a crossroads: either it protects its borders, protects its thousands of years of culture, the security of everyday life, tolerance, religious tolerance and national diversity, and the rule of European law, or it overthrows himself. “The unanimous opinion of a large majority of Hungarian people suggests that the answer given to the problem of illegal migration will determine the fate of Hungary and the European Union. The growing number of terrorist attacks and acts of violence against the Jewish communities in Europe are of particular importance here. Now the lives of all of us, our children’s and grandchildren’s lives, are at stake here,” read the document.

Concerning the Hungarian position, the prime minister says: “We protect the security of our country, our families and our everyday lives, our achievements and our culture. Only the Hungarians can decide whom they want to live with and whom they do not… We are the only ones who can decide our own destiny… Who uses his wealth, power, influence, and network of NGOs to bring millions of migrants into Hungary and the European Union consumes up our common future. György Soros, a billionaire speculator, has repeatedly made it clear that this is what he wants do,” writes Viktor Orbán.

He emphasizes that “as Prime Minister, given the power by Hungarian electors, I have the responsibility to protect our country and the citizens of Hungary… As long as I am Prime Minister, I will be able to fulfill my duty,” he says, adding that the Jewish community living in Hungary can always count on the protection of the Hungarian government.

“Illegal migration is clearly a matter of national security. Anyone who attacks the security of Hungary, regardless of their origin, religious affiliation or their wealth, the Hungarian state will enforce its political and legal powers against — regardless of their origin, their religion or their wealth. I am sure you do not want us to differentiate in this respect among the citizens of Hungary,” wrote the PM in his letter.

Viktor Orbán also points out that, due to civilizational and religious differences, illegal migration brings the culture of intolerance and growing anti-Semitism into Europe. “For our fight against illegal migration, I do not expect any thanks or appreciation, but a little help from your community would be good,” the Prime Minister concludes.

Then the Israeli ambassador to Hungary joined the chorus against Mr. Orbán, and after that things got interesting. The following article is from

The Israeli Ambassador made a mistake when he defended Soros and attacked the Hungarian government

The Israeli ambassador accredited to Budapest made a hard-toned statement in which he defended George Soros and attacked the Hungarian government, warning them to remove all the posters. In Israel they disagreed with the ambassador’s actions.

The Israeli ambassador in his letter called on “those who are responsible for the poster campaign to think about the consequences.” Based on historical experience, no benefit can come from a campaign of this kind. At present, this campaign does not only create sad memories but hatred and fear.”

The “rogue” ambassador could face consequences

Ambassador Yossi Amrani did this without the knowledge of his own government. Israel’s Channel 20 has contacted the Israeli Prime Minister’s office and wanted to know why the Foreign Ministry is on the side of anti-Israeli organizations.

Arutz 20 recalls that despite the Jewish origin of György Soros, he finances Palestinian organizations that question the legitimacy of Israel; many are considered as a terrorist organization by the international community. Indeed, there was a time when the Soros University (CEU), was propagandizing for the destruction of Israel in collusion with the Hungarian left.

In connection with the ambassador’s letter, the Israeli channel contacted the Foreign Ministry:

“Our ambassador made a mistake. Israel always protects Galician Jews who have suffered atrocities for their Judaism alone. This does not mean, however, that it stands in favor of George Soros, who supports anti-Israel activities. The Prime Minister’s office added that the press statement had been published by the Prime Minister of Israel without his knowledge and did not reflect his opinion.”

14 thoughts on “Playing the “Anti-Semite” Card Against Viktor Orbán

  1. Not only French Jews are fleeing to Hungary, so are non-Jewish Austrians and Germans, despite the mixed welcome they receive. They openly admit they are escaping the migrant invasion. Sopron, a town near the border with Austria is seeing more and more Teutons arriving every week!

    Hungary ought to be the model for the West – and Poland and the Czech Republic! They understand only too well being under the boot of a savage and do not wish to repeat the experience!

    • “mixed welcome” -. In the past Austrians, Germans came over to Hungary, bought up land pushed the prices up and caused the local farmers losing their livelihood. Also people are suspicious, if some Leftist “gutmenschen” coming and soon they start their demand for open borders…

      • Exactly right. There is a huge danger that the Jews coming as refugees from France will bring their politics with them and shift the Hungarian electorate into the multi-cultural standoff that gives Muslims and blacks in the US such political power.

        One should never assume that people rescued from dire straits will show appreciation.

        The Jews in the US who supported Obama, who pursue cultural-Marxist objectives and who support Muslim immigration are not simply atheists who don’t identify as Jews.

        In fact, the US Jews who supported Hillary and who support Muslim immigration are significantly different from Israeli Jews, and should it ever become necessary for US Jews to immigrate to Israel because their own policies fouled their nest, Israel would be well advised to determine if the influx would be beneficial to Israel, or if it would create political pressure against Israel’s unflinching stand to protect itself.

        • Ex-Californians are reviled in the US for the same reasons – they leave their socialist pit for another state, then vote in the same leftist policies that destroyed California.

  2. The Jewish people have to wake up! Just like the European people slowly realizing, that there are traitors in their midst, Jews must realize, they are no different. Cultural Marxist atheist Jews (by birth only) are advocating open borders, mass Muslim migration while they’re noting at every turn, they are Jewish and anyone against them is anti-Semitic.

    Remember, only 13% of Germans were Nazi, but that minority were able to drag the whole population into disaster and it earned to ALL Germans a shameful stamp. How many people will “love” any Jews, if the Marxists Jewish minority plunge Europe into a civil war? If they succeed to start WW3? If they manage to assassinate President Trump?

    It seems like Israel finally woke up and spoke out and gave their support to the Hungarian government. This is a good start, but Jews must re-evaluate their positions. The Right not necessarily anti-Semitic and some Jews are not automatically allies and do not deserve community protection.

    • I think Soros’s early service to the German invaders was merely a situational adaptation. The purposes of the National Socialists at that time have no bearing on his actions now.

      Rather, Soros aspires to be the Destroyer of Nations. There is nothing fine, noble, lovely, decent, wondrous, or civilized that comes after what he defines as “success.” He intends for there to be utter devastation and for afterwards he has no vision that he dares describe.

      Nothing that he is doing benefits anyone besides leftist lunatics and predatory Muslims and other third-world parasites. The end result of this mad infatuation with foreigners to the exclusion of all other citizens means only two things: collapse of the Western world and massive bloodshed necessary for Westerners to avoid enslavement and degradation.

      • You’re right, he does aspire to bring about the destruction of nations – but the question of why democratically elected politicians work towards the demise of their own nation states remains utterly baffling to me. Merkel set about doing Soros’s work for him when she unilaterally opened the gates to his migrants, the EU meekly endorsed her decision and now we face an influx of an alien culture on an unprecedented, unmanageable scale.

        • “but the question of why democratically elected politicians work towards the demise of their own nation states remains utterly baffling to me”
          Multiple reason. One is money, another one is these people no longer think of themselves as sons or daughters of a specific nation: rich, jetsetters wandering from one conference to another tropical paradise, having a luxurious and protected lives… why would they care about a specific place when the whole planet is their oyster?

          • This is correct.

            The elite largely flit between a network of globalist city states that are also no longer part of their nations.

  3. I would suggest using the term market “manipulator” rather than “speculator”. Soros finds markets that he can actively influence and then over saturates them. It is like a “pump & dump” penny stock scam, except on a much larger basis.

    Neither term has any ties to Judaism or any other religion.

  4. I think people, who take any criticism levelled at any individual of Jewish origin as antisemitism and make a row about it, are doing more harm than good to the Jewish community. A scoundrel should not be treated as a holy cow just because he happens to belong to a particular ethnic, racial or religious group.

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