Polish Teenager: “The West is Sentencing Itself to Annihilation”

On Thursday we reported on a teenaged boy who uttered some VERY politically incorrect words in the Sejm, the Polish parliament. His remarks may have been the most sensational, but he wasn’t the only young person to speak against the grain of the Narrative that day.

The video below shows the brief speech given by Erwin Rabarijoely. Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   “PM” Erwin Rabarijoely has the floor
00:08   Mr President, Mme Minister,
00:12   honorable members of the House,
00:16   let me begin with the old Polish “God bless you”, a beautiful greeting,
00:20   Which used to give hope to Polish people who lived
00:24   during the German Nazi occupation and under the communist lack of freedom.
00:28   These words remind us about the Christian
00:32   identity of our Homeland. The identity
00:36   on which Europe was built. It reminds us about the tradition
00:40   that allowed to our brave nation to endure the difficult
00:44   years of Nazi enslavement and dependency on the Soviet Union.
00:48   Today, perhaps not directly, there are attempts
00:52   to drive us away from the motto “God, Honor, Homeland”; words which
00:56   were carried in the hearts of the “cursed soldiers” [anti-communist resistance in WW2].
01:00   By rejecting the fundamental rules and values which centuries ago allowed Carolingian Europe
01:05   to be built, and which in 1683 saved us from destruction by Ottoman invasion,
01:12   the West is sentencing itself to annihilation. Why am I talking about it?
01:16   The subject of this year’s Children and Youth Parliament Session is, among others,
01:20   de-communisation. But in order for it to come to fruition,
01:24   it has to be carried out on several levels: on the sociological, psychological
01:28   and social levels. The role of tradition and of
01:32   fundamental values is extremely important here. It’s thanks to those factors
01:36   that Poland isn’t shackled by terrorism, and her streets
01:40   don’t look like those during the time of the emergency and martial law [in 1981], in contrast
01:45   to their French and Belgian counterparts. For being loyal to those values we are being threatened.
01:49   The former French president said: “You have values and rules and we have structural funds.”
01:53   And Mr Hollande is right, although
01:57   countries that forgot their Christian identity today have
02:01   problems with growing radical Islamization and terrorism.
02:05   Notice that even with all their funds they have trouble handling it!
02:09   Honorable Members of the House, let’s remember about those values,
02:13   because if we forget the past, we won’t be able to build our bright future.
02:17   Thank you!

11 thoughts on “Polish Teenager: “The West is Sentencing Itself to Annihilation”

  1. Just still talk!

    When does the street battles start? Where are the organised resistance fighters???

    Where is “the day of the jackal” ????

    Muslis use social media and technology to easily form instant flash mobs that appear out of no where to beat you down and stone you to death.

    Where are our flash mob armys??? We need the peoples army now,
    To strike real fear into the trautors sitting in bullet proof bubbles in brussels and london.

    The revolution and strike back must be begin asap, or we are to be genocided by the likes of schultz, merkel, macron, rutte, blair, trudaeu, straw, corbin, may, de maziere, these are totalitarian murderers, with blood on their hands.

    I dream for the day these traitor monsters get whats coming to them.

  2. Bright kid.How I wish I could hear a speech like that from the limp-wristed rabble that pass for leaders in the West.

    • What’s your point, Nona? I’ve no idea about his ancestry, but if he’s perceptive enough, at such a young age, to see the danger, who cares?

  3. If s.o thinks that he does not “look Polish”:

    Polonized Germans, Tatars, Armenians, Gypsies, [and] Jews belong to the Polish nation if they live for the common ideal of Poland…A Negro or a Redskin can become a real Pole, if he adopts the spiritual heritage of the Polish nation, which is contained in its literature, art, politics, customs, and if he has an unwavering will to contribute to the development of the national life of the Poles. Wincenty Lutoslawski, 1. half of the 20th century, Polish endek (national democrat, often they were/are accused ob being “xenophobic” and/or “antisemitic” by…the left, who else?)

    Love this guy, hope he becomes a politician soon, we need such patriots!

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