Polish Teenager: “The European Union Must Be Destroyed”

A teenaged boy got a chance to speak today in the Polish parliament, and what he had to say was not to the liking of Polish leftists who hope to turn Poland into a carbon copy of Modern Multicultural Germany (or any other culturally enriched Western European country).

Our Polish correspondent Green Infidel sends this explanatory introduction to the video clip:

The following video shows a teenager who spoke earlier today (June 1) in the Sejm. (I’m currently unsure of his name — although the Facebook video already has 1.2 million views, and is rapidly going viral — so perhaps it will soon be known.)

To recap: Today was Children’s Day in Poland — due to which they let children have their say in the Polish parliament — but it didn’t quite go as the leftists would have liked. Many voices critical of political correctness were heard, and this particular teenager even tore up the EU flag, after railing against “political correctness, which causes hundreds to be blown up or run over by trucks driven by Muslim extremists”.

Footnotes: The young speaker is wearing a bow-tie, and ends his speech with “The European Union must be destroyed”. Both of which are also characteristics of the maverick Polish MEP Janusz Korwin-Mikke … this may or may not be a coincidence.

The Sejm is the official name of the Polish parliament.

Many thanks to Green Infidel and Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   A Teen Made a Statement in the Polish Parliament
00:04   We find ourselves in the Sejm [Parliament] of the Polish Republic. In this place, where
00:08   on a daily basis those who are responsible for our state’s functioning are in session.
00:12   We sit in the same place as the people who took us out from under the Soviet banner,
00:16   and put us under the blue banner of the European Union,
00:19   where under the dictatorship of political correctness hundreds of people die,
00:22   run over by trucks, blown up by explosives,
00:25   or are shot to death by Muslim extremists, who were imported by the leftist rabble in Brussels.
00:30   Today the Communists are not red. Today’s Communists are blue.
00:33   Furthermore, I believe that the European Union must be destroyed. [Carthago delenda est]
00:37   (applause)
00:41   Thank you!

29 thoughts on “Polish Teenager: “The European Union Must Be Destroyed”

    • And what is more, he has a platform on which to do it! Eastern Europe must now re-teach us all what democracy really is!

      • We Love our Millennials.
        Strong and stubborn characters like their grandfathers :-))
        Another example :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PiyJg2GKdx4
        Your blog become very popular in Poland.
        Thank you for doing such a important educational job !
        God Bless America! God Bless all of you.

  1. Gives me hope for the world to see that the Polish youth are clear sighted enough to fight the tyranny of the E.U ,P.C and Islamic terrorism.Must have a vastly superior standard of education

  2. I think blaming the EU is letting national governments off the hook. The UK, France, Germany, the Netherlands and other Western European countries all started importing Muslims in large numbers long before the EU became the monster it is now.

  3. While the left is cheering turning white people into a minority in their own cities and villages, the right is also promoting division, via white sharia (i.e. women are responsible for everything that went wrong in the past few decades, they should never have the right to vote, no woman should ever have any power over a man etc), via demonizing Eastern Europe, via pitting UK against other Europeans, Poland against other Europeans, Hungary against other Europeans etc.

    Well, the muslims are not divided, they have strong communities who support and stand by each other. We (whites, Europeans, Americans, Canadians etc.) are divided, on a local level, on a national level and on an international level. Instead of the right fighting for community and unity and the reform of the EU, they are fighting for further division.

    The union of European countries must be destroyed? What if more Trump-like candidates win the next rounds of national elections, does European union and collaboration need to be destroyed then? So many harmful ideas promoted these days…

    I’ll put it smply: united we stand, divided most will not survive.

    • I second this notion. All Euro-Skeptics should go to the urn and see that Parties are elected that reflect their goals. They also should not forget that THEIR OWN politicians make up part of the European Commission and decide on matters. So they have to elect fitting parties locally too. Even if they don’t win 20-30% and rising votes for Pro-Nationalist-Parties (instead of Pro-Migrant-Parties) sends a message. European fragmentation pains my heart.

    • What [material I deprecate]. We are not saying all women are responsible for Western ills .
      We are saying that the modern day man-hating feminists bear a lot of responsibility for the battle between the sexes .Fortunately surveys taken in Britain ,Australia and the U.S show that only 8% of young women identify as feminists.And this is because young women don’t want to be associated with the vociferous extreme left lunatic fringe.

      • I did not say that everybody on the right supports white sharia, however the idea of white sharia has emerged and is supported by some people from the right. Otherwise I agree with you.

    • Are you denying that out of control feral feminism is not a major component of the current situation the West finds itself in?

      • To every extreme there is a similar extreme reaction, usually both just as stupid (white sharia is a right-wing reaction to 4th wave feminism). 4th wave feminism, 70 genders politics, communism, anti-culture, anti-white, pro-muslim, pro-migration are all problems the West is having. But to blame women for everything that went wrong (as if nothing ever went wrong before women had the right to vote) is not only dumb, but counter-productive. And if right-wing parties want more that 2/5 women to vote for them, they should try harder to appeal to women, instead of the current sour grapes attitude.

        • I’m not trying to blame women for everything, but there seem to be a significant percentage of Western women who lack any in-group loyalty. This is a serious problem for the ongoing perpetuation of Western society and culture.

    • I don’t know where you’re from, but write would only apply to some cults in the U.S. Seriously not one mainstream political group or Christian denomination believes in what you write.

      You’re either trolling or pushing another agenda.

      That said, Western feminists are a problem. They are hardcore Leftist foot soldiers who promote a variety of suicidal and toxic policies that have only harmed women and children and society at large. But that’s what the Left is at heart a death cult.

      They are anti-white, anti-Christian, anti-stay at home mom. Their idea of a female is childless corporate drone who supports “social causes” and lives at home with cats.

      If people point out their ugliness and vileness it is because they crave the spotlight and make themselves noticeable.

      But everyone knows they are just one part of a bigger problem. That being socialism which has turned into soft totalitarianism in the EU.

      What that little Polish boy stated would have gotten him arrested in Britain, Germany, France or any other degenerate EU state that has abdicated the notions of free speech and national sovereignty.

  4. Toooooo much truth for the EUropean snowflakes in this young man’s speech.

    (Move on, move on now–nothing to see here and NOTHING TO HEAR!!)

  5. The EU which the right love to rubish is what has kept Europe peaceful and prosperous for the last 70 years, including Poland since 2004. Where would Poland be without the EU? Just like Belarus or the Ukraine. I have lived in Poland for the last 15 years, sadly you wold struggle to find a more racist country. I feel sorry for the this boy and the parents who brainwashed him

    • Poland would be where it is know.
      M i “racist” according to you ?
      Hmmm i don’t care at all about your [insulting adjectives] opinion…
      ps. Where are you From ? what’s your ethnicity ?

    • You fell sorry for that young man?
      Feel sorry for yourself instead; you obviously can’t distinguish between ‘racist’ and ‘patriotic!’
      Viva Poland! Viva Gates of Vienna!

    • If it weren’t for the West, IMF and its “help”, it would be probably even further than it is now. Thank you, laddie, but we are a normal people and we don’t need anyone to make us feel better. If you don’t like us so much, then get out of here. I won’t shed a tear.

    • Absolute [material I deprecate] .Peace has nothing to do with the E.U.

      The E.U started off as a Customs Union in the 1950’s .

      The risible justification that what was originally a customs union was entered into to keep the peace was only added in in the last 10 years . This post hoc ergo propter hoc justification for the way a customs union had morphed by stealth into a pan- European German empire was erroneously and cynically linked to the fact it coincidentally occurred during a totally unrelated period of peace.

      This manipulative self -serving justification was only offered in the last 10 years because it only became necessary as the E.U’s true nature finally stood revealed to the common man ( who naturally objected to becoming a citizen of a province of a German Empire by stealth).

      The original European Customs Union has morphed into a tool of the German chancellor who uses collective emotional blackmail and sanctions to force the whole of Europe to do Germany’s bidding to Germany’s advantage and the disadvantage of everyone else.

      • Peace has everything to do with European collaboration and EU is a means to achieve that. I’ll give you a simple example. Breitbart (UKIP’s media outlet) published a text yesterday that paying EU workers’ pensions, benefits for their children abroad or allowing them to bring their spouses is colonialism and is making EU workers a superprivileged caste. Obviously the UK citizens in other EU countries would have the same rights. To this BS some readers have reacted by saying that UK should go to war with the EU instead of meeting any of the reciprocal clauses for the millions of UK citizens living in other EU countries. The anti EU hysteria has been stirred to such an extent that these people are willing to send young people to kill each other because they have been made to hate the EU so much (when in fact the EU is a scapegoat used by their own incompetent politicians) At the same time the mosque where the Manchester terrorist went to, who killed little children with a bomb, is still standing, muslims continue to get their welfare, but heaven forbid they treat European workers fairly.

        While the EU is supposed to be a union of equal members, in reality the larger economies (Germany, France, UK) have more decision power, but, in order to win the vote, they need the support of the smaller states. If UK didn’t manage to get their way and Germany together with France did, then it’s a failure of the UK diplomacy, instead of “evil” EU.

        You are correct about the blackmail used not just by Germany, but also Greece, Italy, Austria, Sweden, Netherlands, UK etc. (at various points in recent times) – this should not be allowed to happen anymore. But to fall for political propaganda that collaboration and uniform policy and free travel between European countries are responsible for what is in fact lack of action and lack of courage by local politicians, is a big mistake. France will have problems first of all because they elected Macron, Germany will have problems if they reelect Merkel, UK if they reelect May, Netherlands for not voting in larger numbers for Wilders etc instead because of the EU.

        EU needs to be reformed, just as national politics does. Falling for the political propaganda making the EU a scapegoat and destroying this collaboration organization is a massive mistake for the future of Europe.

        • You are hysterical if you believe the Brits would go to war with the EU. Calm down, it will never happen as the British elites are in bed with Merkel and Macron and are happy to let Muslims butcher their own people.

          You know why that Mosque is still standing? Because Muslims have more rights than the natives of Europe do. PM May and the police actually came out and told the natives to get used to be killed off.

          So much for nationalism from the brit leadership.

          The fact most of your post is just your typical globalist/anti-nationalist fear mongering aimed at demonizing the critics of the EU and supporters of nationalism.

    • Tom, if you’ve actually been living in Poland for the last 15 years it must have been in the offices of Gazeta Wyborcza (Polish NYT/Pravda). “kept Europe peaceful and prosperous” deceitful garbage, its thanks to NATO that Western Europe has spent profligately on welfare for millions of imported Muslims, most of whom want to subject Europe to Sharia!

      I’ve lived in Poland for the past three years (not to mention in the 90s as a child). I’m still waiting to meet the mythical Polish racist/anti-semite. Maybe your experience is different Tom, the question is why you would choose to stay in such an evil place unless you yourself were a racist or more likely [an epithet] who doesn’t recognize one of the best countries the West has left.

    • Do you honestly believe someone his age follows politics and has the background knowledge and critical thinking skills developed enough to make informed decisions about the future of his country/continent/race etc? The kid is simply repeating something he heard adults around him saying, adults who are probably not confident enough in their opinion to promote it outside their close circle of friends.

      I will remind you that the reason we have been hearing about migrant quotas for the past two years is because Poland switched their vote at the last moment to accept migrants. An election has taken place in the mean time, where the government has said they will not take any migrants, only to come out this week and say that they will take migrants under the pretext that they need medical treatment (of course they will stay afterwards).

      So please excuse me if I am not impressed by any of this.

      • You’re not impressed by any of this… got it.

        Not all kids are created equal, wouldn’t you agree? Some (very few) are very smart and aware of what’s going on around them, even as teenagers.
        However I was referring to this young man’s delivery; could you speak like that in front of a large crowd as a teenager? I certainly couldn’t. He was impressive.

      • It’s called practice and competence. But you know that already. The fact you won’t condemn the kids who uttered EU approved pablum as puppets for adults, says it all.

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