Culture-Enricher Murders Five-Year-Old in Arnschwang

Today was an unusually busy day in the little Bavarian village of Arnschwang, which experienced more than its share of cultural enrichment, Afghan style.

Many thanks to Egri Nök for translating this breaking news from Mittelbayerische. Notice that the headline says “two dead”, as if the perp and his victim were in the same general class — those who were killed in a “tragic incident”:

Two Dead in Refugee Shelter

In Arnschwang, an asylum seeker from Afghanistan stabs a five-year-old child from Russia to death. A police officer shoots the man.

by Evi Paleczek

Arnschwang. During a conflict in the refugee accommodation in Arnschwang/Wöhrmühle late Saturday afternoon, a 41-year-old Afghan and a five-year-old Russian died, the police spokesman Marco Müller announced. Around 5pm, the police station Furth im Wald received several calls from the accommodation. They deemed it an “unclear dangerous situation involving weapons”. When the officers arrived, they established that a 41-year-old Afghan had taken a 47-year-old Russian woman and her five- and six-year-old children hostage on the second floor, using a knife.

The five-year-old boy was already injured. The man kept stabbing the woman and the two children. Therefore, the police officers used their firearms, lethally injuring the Afghan. The five-year-old succumbed to his injuries at the scene.

The woman suffered severe but not life-threatening knife wounds, the chief of the rescue operation, Michael Daiminger, announced. She was taken to hospital. The six-year-old remained uninjured, but is in grave shock. One police officer and three inhabitants of the accommodation, also in shock, were taken to the hospitals of Cham and Bad Kötzing.

The Afghan and Russian families were inhabitants of the accommodation. The policemen at the scene were not able to comment on the context of the deed.

The criminal investigation department was at the scene, too. Officers of the State Office of Criminal Investigations were called to verify the lawfulness of the use of firearms. Müller stressed that all police officers involved were experienced.

The outer perimeter is still cordoned off; the accommodation was cleared. The police are consulting with the county commissioner to find a different temporary accommodation for the 18 inhabitants, among them three toddlers. Emergency pastoral care was at the scene to take care of people. An interpreter was called as well.

Daiminger announced that a large contingent of police and paramedics was in action, seven ambulances and a support group. Two helicopters were ordered, but one was called off.

Curious onlookers came to the scene with bicycles and cars, some of them even tried to take photos. The police had to cordon off the area.

The locals were greatly upset, and rumors spread on social media. But police refused to comment for the first hour and a half. Residents of the accommodation, who had been out during the incident, were not let back inside. Only when Mayor Michael Multerer arrived at the scene were the police willing to inquire into the wellbeing of their families.

The mayor is shocked by the incident. Until now, there have been no problems in the asylum seekers’ accommodation, he said to our media outlet. There were just a few occasional rumors at the beginning, and the police had to go there a few times. And when one man arrived, there were brawls between the different ethnicities for a while. But this incident was a brutal crime that rendered him speechless, Multerer said. He knew the two Russian boys. They had been living in the accommodation with their mother for two or three years and spoke German very well. The municipal administration was just talking about what nice conversations everyone had with them. The mother was a kind, quiet woman.

He had not had any bad experiences with the refugees so far, said the mayor. Now he will have to see where to go from here. This occurrence is still inexplicable.

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  1. German authorities and their cowardly media will conveniently bury this story tomorrow, or not even report it.
    Germany is a very sick country, and thanks to merkel and her fellow EU sociopaths, jihad has become as common as beer and strudle.

  2. Have you noticed the news from London… London and Kabul are as (un)safe as each other

    • Yes, I’ve seen the news reports. It will be in the news feed — no more at this point, waiting for more info.

  3. The floaters in the punch bowl are bad enough, but the sinkers are the biggest threat. Our public servants keep ladling the cups full, and keep the serving line moving with ‘Selfies with celebrities ahead! Bear left at the rainbow.’

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