Paul Weston: “June 18th, 2017 Marked the Beginning of the European Civil War”

In the following video, Paul Weston of Liberty GB discusses last Sunday’s ramming attack in front of Finsbury Park Mosque as the first skirmish of the coming civil war in the UK and the rest of Europe. Assuming the incident was what it appears to have been, its significance is that it was the first violent retaliation by a native British person in response to Muslim terror attacks, especially the recent “Ramavan” attacks.

The two-part essay about the European civil war mentioned in Mr. Weston’s talk may be found here: Part 1, Part 2. It was written more than ten years ago, and, as the author points out, the timetable for the grim times that lie ahead hasn’t changed since then.

Paul Weston is a British-based writer who focuses on the damage done to Western Civilisation by the hard left’s ongoing cultural revolution, which seeks to destroy the Christian, capitalist and racial base of the West. He is the leader of Liberty GB. His website may be found here, and his political Facebook page here. For links to his previous essays, see the Paul Weston Archives.

39 thoughts on “Paul Weston: “June 18th, 2017 Marked the Beginning of the European Civil War”

  1. I think he is mistaken.English people are conquered already;You going to see just muslims taking advantage of this situation.
    I know , we all want here to see some form of organized retaliation but will not happen.
    The only way will happen if the police and army is fed up and if there is areal leader.A new leader .
    The rest is just words.And words we are fed up with.

    • Your police have become quislings. We have the same problem is some areas of the USA. That is what drives people to civil war, when the power of the police are used to enforce an unjust set of laws the people will turn on them. What is unfortunate is many police are opposed to the laws but like the Germans of WWII they will use the excuse of just following orders. War is inevitable.

  2. He is right of course, what we are now witnessing though is the Fourth Great Jihad against the West. We were able to defeat the previous three Great Jihads, but will we be able to defeat this Fourth Great Jihad that has been a long time in the planning, aiding and abetting by our own elites?

  3. Finsbury Park murders? When? One moslem died, and that from a heart attack before the van arrived.
    Paul is a good man, a patriotic Englishman, but imho the war has not started, and I think his evaluation of the police is quite wrong–they are following the orders of the government, courts, leaders and so-called academics without whose backing the moslems would not have infested our countries.

    Further, I think myfreeeurope has it correctly; moslems will only benefit from this single episode. The only way for us to fight this war is if westerners take to the streets in their millions, not in a single van which only injured a few people. No, the war has not started.

    • I had a hard time deciding whether to respond to Peter, Nemesis, or myfreeeurope so I chose the bottom.

      All good points and I believe everyone is correct to a certain point. Organization will be required and the way that dissent is silenced, groups right now are probably forming around high trust relationships and keeping off the internet. I’d be curious to know how the more rural British feel.

      However the passivity demonstrated by vigils and tattoo sessions shows that just not enough British are willing to challenge the status quo. Thought control will punish and demonize the defenders while lionizing the Mohammedans. Random violence is a means to push the pc narrative even harder.

      Even with the internet, it is very difficult to gauge the reality of a situation like this. The media hides and controls much. The election of Trump and the constant rebuffing of the Dems in the special elections are but two examples from a litany of propaganda, lies, and bs.

      • You may have hit on a solution by your use of the word Mohammedans”.

        Consider the word “Islamophobia”.

        “Islam” means “submission”, and so Islamophobia is an aversion to acknowledging God your Creator and to doing His will.

        Only Jews and Christians are true Muslims. Mohammedans are not.

        Do not judge, or you will be judged. For with the same judgment you pronounce, you will be judged; and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you. (Matthew 7:2)

        It is Islamophobic to deny the existence of God, His beginingless eternality, His endless eternality, or to deny the justice of the divine law which requires atheists to be put to death. (Reliance of the Traveler, o8.7(5))

        It is Islamophobic to deny any verse of the Torah (Reliance of the Traveler, o8.7(5))

        It is Islamophobic to hold that Moses or Jesus is a liar or to deny that God sent them to give, respectively, the Torah and the Gospel as received respectively by the Jews and the Christians. (Reliance of the Traveler, o8.7(15))

        It is Islamophobic to affirm that Muhammad is a messenger of God or to deny the justice of the divine law which requires blasphemers and false prophets, and those who aid and abet them, to be put to death. “Whoever blasphemes the name of the LORD shall surely be put to death. All the congregation shall stone him. The sojourner as well as the native, when he blasphemes the Name, shall be put to death.” (Leviticus 24:16)

        “But the prophet who presumes to speak a word in my name that I have not commanded him to speak, or who speaks in the name of other gods, that same prophet shall die.” (Deuteronomy 18:20).

        • What ever Allah means to Islam he is not the God of the Jews or the Christians!

          Allah is a vile, contorted God of Hate, who will not allow freedom of thought and asks his acolytes to destroy all who don’t submit to him.

          That’s a very different concept of submission than what we have in the Judeo-Christian understanding of God as a God of Love.

          Christ spoke about false prophets. Clearly, the insane Mohammed was one and Allah reflects his creator’s mentality – APPALLING!

        • I’m sorry, Michael. There’s something not right about your post. It sounds to me like a word salad.

      • yeah, i pretty much agree with this. It looks to me that the deed is done. I can’t see a war….but, then, 30 years ago as Reagan was leaving the stage, could I have seen the current state of Europe and the UK?

        No. So in thirty years? Who knows? Perhaps we’ll be in the middle of a long war inside our borders…a war of attrition.

      • Hello from a Rural English woman. Fewer people live in the country than live in the cities. The cities are populated with various types of enrichers, and the intellectual, left wing young. Just look at the voting map, to see who votes what, where. The free thinkers, are often of a certain age, we think freely because we have had life experience, and can smell the bull a mile off, where the young are still – to quote an apt American phrase – gulping down the Kool Aid, and asking for more please! My generation are too old, and no longer influential enough, to make much of a difference. The future belongs to the young. By the time they are old enough to have seen how the world and humanity tick, it will be too late. I don’t see any sign of a real rebellion, look how the sheep voted in the recent general election. I just hope the Western Caliphate it is delayed long enough for me to live out my life, as I won’t submit, and thus risk being flogged/ fined/ home repossessed/ take your pick. I don’t really look forward to that, in what should be my golden years after a lifetime of work and bringing up the next generation.

        • Get out there and rage! Call them out for the hypocrites they are. Lobby, persuade reason agitate and vote. Do not surrender to despair. We have turned the PC debate around in Australia. It happened over a few short years. My son was in the UK recently and noted that people were angry. Brexit is a sign of this. You outnumber them. Yo outvote them. you can deal with the antifa and the BS that happens in the universities. All you have to do is organise.

          What are you waiting for?

    • Yes, fully agreed with you here,

      The only way forward now is to go after the political people in the uk who are behind our destruction, go after the thugs who are following there orders to lovk us all up if we protest against being murdered and our countrys stolen and our women and kids raped, our people of these islands genocided!!’
      [intemperate imperatives redacted]

      Only mass organised people in the millions is going topple nazi traitors like t. May and the thousands of others hiding inside that big brown westminister building, hiding behind this metal gates at 10 downing st, with those stormtroopers standing at the metal gates in body armour with sub machine guns.

      I think 2 million people on the street running amok could take out this bunch criminals who are holding power over us all.

      The british army, we need to rebel, there must be a coup, rebellion in uk armed forces, i think there must be high ranking officers who are thinking same as gov crowd here.

      Look at romania in 1989, the army eventually came over to the side of the people, ceacescu woke up with 2 million people outside his home in bucharest,

      It can happen same in uk!!!

      We need the organisers, to do it.

      What will it take to set it all off??

      How many more muslim bomb attacks and truck murders?

      It cant go much more, the tipping point has arrived!

      Who the HELL are these people?? T may? Blair? Corbyn?
      Merkel? Clintons? Juncker? Schultz? Macron? Verhofstadt?

      They are the enemy of 60% of whole of europe!!!

      We must topple these dictators, there has g
      To be a uprising like bucharest 1989,

      Organised simultaneously, im london, berlin, paris, belgium, brussels, amsterdam, stockholm, helstinki,

      A operation involving millions in each city to storm the offices, homes, apartments, gov buildings, and capture these people and there partners in crime.

      • This is the whole concept behind Fourth Generation Warfare (4GW). Take the fight or protest/demonstration/pressure to the ones that really matter. Those who have the power to change things or step aside. The problem with any kind of mass protest movement will be the Deep State actions in the Western World. Agents provocateurs and crisis actors can be used to infiltrate any protest and create a situation to justify yet more draconian measures. Mohammedans are being brought in to subsume Western Civilization while dumbing down by interbreeding natives.

        Look at all of the young, virile “refugees” who have spread through Europe. The foot soldiers and eventual conquers under the auspices of the Globalists. Martial law and ever more control will be the response from the jihad. Look at how broth France and Britain have rolled troops in the street. SAS will be stationed in London as quick response. The naked dialecticism being displayed is sickening. As much as the hirja is a dire issue, it is merely a symptom of a much greater threat represented by the globalist sellouts which runs through so many aspects of our society.

      • I’m going to sound like pedant but the British Police as far as I know do not carry submachine guns (ie something like a fully automatic carbine firing pistol type rounds).

        They have the H&K MP5SFA2. SF= single fire making these a semi-automatic weapon.

  4. Britain and in particular England, are reaping exactly what they deserve. There’ll be no civil war, I’m afraid you’re incorrect Mr. Weston. The climate in the UK is thick with apathy, so long as the sheeple get to watch their soaps, drink warm beer and watch their favourite sport at the weekends they’ll keep heading towards the point of no return.

    They actually deserve to be colonised.

    • Sigh. You are sadly correct. I am reminded of the Romans in about AD 300. One used to wonder how such a magnificent civilisation was so easily overrun. Now I know. Firsthand.

    • del, I toured the U.K. and Ireland in 2008. My wife and I spent five weeks on the road stopping at pre-booked accommodation away from the big cities which we avoided like the plague.

      We don’t like Muslims.

      I got to talk with many ‘locals’ in the towns and villages we stayed over night in and the impression I received in a general sense from those many conversations was one of preparing for an uncertain future.

      I didn’t see any lacking in will from anyone that I spoke with not to tackle head on what was coming – and the majority then had a fairly good grasp on what to expect.

      I have read Ellie’s comments and disagree with her prognosis on future events that she bases her fears on from what is occurring within the big cities – and the trouble will begin and then escalate in several big cities and will become confined there when the authorities employ drastic measures – and they will – to contain the fighting to controllable areas just like they did in Northern Ireland.

      And it will be the Muslims who will be protected, not the native Brits.

      The countryside may be spared much of what lies ahead as far as warring parties are concerned – but will not be spared an ever tyrannical over reach of authoritarian central government Hell bent on maintaining the status quo away from the trouble spots.

      So, the onus will then be on those confined to country areas to take up their own resistance, otherwise, what Ellie has expressed so pessimistically in her first comment, will come to pass.

      • The real danger in this type of conflict is not even so much the national police and military, but international troops. Recall it was NATO forces that attacked the Serbs and forced them to withdraw from a victory against the Muslim, and later the Croat militias. The papers and network news ginned up atrocity stories to justify action against the Serbs.

        It was Bill Clinton and I would guess Hillary, who engineered the US actions. The Clintons are a perfect example of leaders who work for money.

        My guess is that plans were already laid out for NATO backup for national governments which looked shaky on enforcing the suppression of their own people. Trump’s election may or may not have thrown a monkey wrench into the planning. I have no doubt whatsoever Hillary was considered in the bag to sign off on the use of US troops against indigenous European populations attempting to take back their territories from Muslim invaders.

  5. There is too much about this incident that we do not understand because we do not have the information, and we have no way really of getting the information. There is a record in Britain of the state spies working closely with the Media, evidence from the time of Orwell onwards. There is evidence of the state agent provocateur in Ireland – the Littlejohn Brothers being outstanding examples. Some questions need to be asked: Was it actually Darren Osborne? Is Osborne alive? The answer has been taken out of our hands effectively.

    And if it was Osborne one way or another he was reacting to the attacks on his country by the political elites who have made illegal demographic changes to his country so even if we have political disagreements with Osborne he must be defended unconditionally by libertarians. The fate of Michael Crehan who died in prison is still unknown as to what befell him. The framing of the Birmingham 6 by the British State also needs to be kept in mind.

    These concrete questions need to be asked and answered by those serious about this issue of Islam.


    I have mentioned earlier the Littlejohns in Ireland but even more recently the Animal Rights case is enlightening for us today in considering what may have happened to Darren Osborne – because it seems all who know him are mystified

    How much is the involvement of the Special Branch in the lives of the working class people (working as spies and with spies and provocateurs) especially in these areas of Britain where there have been huge demographic changes and where there is bound to be growing anger against Islam?

    The way the State approached the issue of militant Animal Rights activists can give a good indication. These operators employed by the British state were wont to adopt the identity of dead children, so a principled moral outlook on life cannot be expected.

    (A heading in the Guardian) “Home Office ‘knew police stole children’s identities’
    Bob Lambert admits to adopting the identity of a seven-year-old boy and has conceded to having four affairs while undercover”

    The Animals Rights militant groups issue was nowhere near as serious as what the state is facing today from millions over Islam. I am certain that both the Brexit vote and the vote for Trump is linked to millions of people getting involved in opposition to Islam.

    So if the state did THAT on animal rights my question to myself and others is what will they not do in relation to defending Islam.

    We saw their action against the EDL, then against Tommy Robinson, the banning of Michael Savage, Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer. They had Michael Crehan in prison for a year over a piece of bacon where he deceased after some months.

    From the reports in the trash media like the Daily Mail Darren Osborne was a “character” and I mean in the sense he was known and would have been like a magnet to these types of police agents looking for perhaps fall guys.

    Was Darren Osborne killed and replaced by an actor? Not so likely although all is possible in these situations I would say.

    I would though say that the state did what it had to do and morals do not come into it.

    If not killed I would say his life now is in very great danger for many reasons.

    Despite my political differences with the event I say he must be defended unconditionally against this dangerous state.

    • Islam is the Globalists anti-Christ Felix. They are Hell bent on destroying Christianity, the destruction of which will take with it, individuality and inalienable human rights, the fundamental aspects to Western Civilization.

      And it looks more and more like that native Brit driver has been a set up from the beginning – another false flag event?

  7. We had Hizbullah virtually declaring war on the British government in central London, aided by the Corbynistas, allowed by London’s mayor. They are blaming the deaths of children in an accidental fire on Mrs May and ‘the Zionists’. Such absurd Iranian government propaganda should not be allowed on our streets, Amber Rudd take note. However, the Finsbury Park incident has been to some extent neutralised because Osborne is a ‘lone wolf’ with mental health problems, and, like the killer of Jo Cox, not party of any neo-Nazi group.
    However, I fear there may an incident so egregious that it cries out for revenge. Weston is right, our current crop of political leaders are really followers and conformists, trying to keep the old order going, when its clearly bankrupt.

  8. If they kill more kids and then kill more kids after killing more kids, it will happen.
    I believe the spear point of Islam want war and will do anything to get it. Social media shows that the Manchester bombing has woken up alot of people that have never bothered to pass comment.Eventually the extremists will get war.
    Ten years ago I was telling my unbelieveing friends there would be blood on the streets. I am just as convinced that within the next ten years war will happen.

  9. Note that footy is much more important. Absolutely nothing is going to happen in the UK. I suspect that a country like Sweden will collapse within the next decade or so. That might force people to take action.

    • Sweden is crumbling as we babble.
      “What better time than now?”
      “What better place than here?”
      The victorious islam is already building Victory Mosques across the conquered lands and you are speculating about when to begain to resist.
      If you didn’t burn the bulldozers preparing the site you waited to long.
      Ask the Palestinians how that works.

  10. Take heart. People around the West are protesting. 150,000 Poles protested against Islam in November 2015. The media under-reports the degree of anger. It won’t take much to ignite it – one match into a hayrick will do the job. People are fed up to the back teeth., even if they keep silent about it.

    If Paul Weston is correct, it will be street to street warfare at first and therefore people should start to arm themselves. At least with Muslims holed up in readily identifiable urban areas, they will be easier to deal with – but they are already well armed. You remember that a weapons cache was discovered in the Finsbury Mosque.

    However, the most important issue is to make sure they have a place to go back to. All this trouble has been caused by the corrupt and inefficient ruling elites of their Third World nations who did nothing to stop a population explosion and didn’t develop their economies to keep the youth employed. Of course they all want to leave.

    Now it’s been mooted that the West must pay these corrupt Third World rulers to take their people back. Can you imagine how they have us over a barrel there? We need to put our foot down and threaten every Third World leader with a MOAB if they don’t institute birth control, build hospitals and better schools and give their kids a proper education – not reciting the Koran!

    • No. The last thing you want to do is get involved in the internal affairs of Muslim and African countries. That’s what we’re doing in Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan.

      Sadly, the genetic proclivity of most of these people is to have as many kids as possible. This is not only a cultural, but a biological drive for them. I don’t blame them for it, but neither do I want to be brought down for their misfortune.

      The only appropriate action by the Western governments is to seal off the populations of these countries, absolutely denying them admission to European countries. Chance are there will be mass starvation and rampant disease, but at least it won’t be our doing. It is absolutely not the obligation of the West to medicate, feed, and protect every individual on earth.

  11. The decisive European victories at Tours, Malta and Vienna were fought by Christians inspired by their faith. Will anger alone be enough to drive the Muslims back to their hell-hole Empire of sand and dust?

  12. UK and Europe should look attentively at Israeli model.

    – conscription (including women)
    – armed population
    – separation of Muslims and non-Muslims (natural soft apartheid)
    – no special privileges to Muslims
    – defensible, defended borders
    – prevention of weapons smuggling
    – preventive air strikes on hostile forces, wherever they are
    – no diplomatic relations with Islamic countries
    – controlled, low-numbers, non-Muslim immigration

    • Correct. The Israelis provide a template for measures to control and defeat all the Islamic garbage.

      There is no reason why these measures could not be used to deislamise any country.

    • You’re wrong. Israel has formal relations with Jordan and Egypt, and informal relations with Saudi Arabia and likely the Sunni Gulf states.

      I’d like to see what happens to the Israeli Law of Return, giving immediate Israeli citizenship to any Jew, if US Jews begin to immigrate to Israel in a big way. The political profile of the US Jew is completely different from the Israeli Jew, even the non-religious Israeli Jew. The US Jews would take the same soft-immigration stance on Muslims they take in the US and would completely skew Israeli politics and policy.

      I would love to see US Jews become uncertain about their safe berth in Israel. It might make them more hesitant in fouling their own nest with Muslim immigration in the US.

      • I tried to discuss policies and methods, but these Jews are everywhere. Spoil every discussion. 🙂

        Yes formally Israel have diplomatic relations with Jordan and Egypt.
        These are the relics of Cold War era.
        But, both logistics and politics-wise, influence is minimal.
        Whereas in the West, Islamic oil spreads parallel societies, – demographics, infrastructures, animosity.. and, last not least, treason.
        Notable difference.

        • Ok. I’ll take the remark about Jews as a joke.

          But, I do have corrections.

          What’s malevolent about Middle Eastern oil is not the oil, but the US dollars. The US practices deficit spending, financed by the holding of US treasuries and dollars by the likes of Saudi Arabia and China.

          A country engaged in deficit spending is not independent. Period. The Saudis use their dollars to finance Wahabi mosques in the US, buy communications, establish faux-academic institutes supposedly devoted to tolerance but in fact functioning as Islam-apologists. They also funnel millions or hundreds of millions of dollars to politicians and last but not least, buy US arms. The US doesn’t look too closely at how these arms are to be used.

          Now, the US can and should forbid Saudi money from any US religious, media, educational, or political purpose. But that would dramatically cut back the value of US treasuries for the Saudis, and they would stop buying them, or begin selling the ones they have. And that would put a damper on US deficit spending. The US government throws money at far too many places to even contemplate. Having to live within its revenue would be a new experience and highly unpleasant for politicians accustomed to buying the votes of constituents, particularly identity groups.

          Israel receives a large subsidy from the US and consequently, Israel is not really independent. In my opinion, we should kill two birds with one stone, and eliminate all foreign aid to Israel (not to mention all the other countries receiving US foreign aid). This would give both Israel and the US a shot at being truly independent.

  13. Its wrong of me, but I can no longer bring myself to care about the fate of a culture that won’t even take basic steps to protect itself. I thought there might be a chance after the last terror attack in the UK, but the results vote afterward just cemented my apathy.

  14. Appealing as Mr Weston’s rhetoric is I do wonder whether he might as easily have chosen for the date of the commencement of the civil war last year’s assassination of Mrs Cox or somewhat earlier the massacre in Norway by Anders Breivak. One swallow does not make a summer any more than one reprisal makes a civil war.

    Even so, one can surely see Brexit as an indication that the English have had as much as they can stomach of a lot more than just the European Juggernaut.

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