A Warm, Fluffy Mosque Inside a Church in Berlin — “Interfaith” in Action

The “interfaith” movement has reached an important milestone: a mosque has been constructed inside a church in Berlin. Everyone is excited and happy about this significant event, which allows people of all faiths to come together under one roof in peace and harmony and etc blah yak.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for translating this TV news report, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling. Vlad has added some instructive footage by Maj. Stephen Coughlin about the significance of the “interfaith” movement in the Muslim Brotherhood’s long-range plans:

Video transcript:

00:00   Today in Berlin a mosque is opening for moderate Muslims, where men and women
00:05   will pray and preach equally. This is a little unusual in most mosques. The founder is
00:10   a woman of Turkish background, an activist for Women Rights, Seyran Ateş.
00:13   For this mosque she is renting a room in St John’s church in Berlin-Moabit.
00:16   Ateş is hoping she’ll soon have her own mosque.
00:25   Now to Michael Wöhnlieber, who is standing right now where this mosque, this prayer room,
00:30   was opened today in Berlin-Moabit. A mosque on Christian land.
00:35   This is already an unusual constellation, Michael.
00:40   Yes indeed. Very unusual. Here is St John’s church, an evangelical church;
00:45   on the third floor, underneath there is for example a youth room, a confirmation room; and here
00:50   on the third floor we are standing in the Ibn Rushd-Goethe mosque.
00:55   We could call it a multi-religious center,
01:00   and with me there is right now the press officer for the Ibn Rushd-Goethe
01:05   mosque, Mrs. Marlene Löhr. Mrs. Löhr, why Goethe? This is immediately striking!
01:10   Goethe had already very early built bridges between our Christian world and the Islamic world.
01:15   He was occupied with Islam in a very friendly way. And we would like to show our appreciation,
01:21   and that’s why we took him along to our prayer room. —This is something very special.
01:24   This isn’t only the name, but you would like to — over and above the religions —
01:30   to have an effect on Muslims. What does it mean, exactly? —We would like to show that there is
01:35   a liberal/moderate voice in Islam. We would like to build a House of God for those moderate Muslims
01:40   so they could pray, talk with each other and congregate, and that’s why
01:45   we decided to found this mosque. —So Sunni, Shia, Alewites: all will be here together?
01:50   Yes: for the first time in Germany, all will pray under the same roof, something very special,
01:55   since it is very divided within Islam itself, so we are looking forward
01:58   to bringing all together under the same roof.
02:01   Especially the fact that men and women pray together. Isn’t that usually unknown among Muslims?
02:06   This should be a [good] sign as well. —That’s exactly right! And this is a sign as well:
02:11   We want to demonstrate that we desire an end to the divisions
02:16   among patriarchal structures which in traditional Islam are often practised.
02:21   We want to show we are all together; we all pray together; we don’t want to delimit.
02:26   Perhaps let’s have a first little look. It’s still a bit simple.
02:31   It’s opening today at noon, and we can see in the background
02:36   there are final preparations, there are shelves being built, where shoes will be placed:
02:41   it’s also important; and perhaps back to Mrs. Löhr.
02:46   It is also — in certain circumstances — practising a way of believing
02:51   that offends, may we say that? And that means that there is police
02:56   protection? Why? —Well, we will simply be informed,
03:01   they will watch the event, so we will be safe here, but the positive
03:06   feedback that we receive during recent weeks was definitely stronger.
03:09   So from that point of view it’s not that dangerous or in such need of protection,
03:16   but we are very happy that so much positive feedback is coming in.
03:21   Is it possible that you would like to proselytize a little in the Muslim
03:26   community? Maybe with one or another youth who is thinking
03:31   about the radical trends in Islam, pull him in here, perhaps, and tell him:
03:34   “Look, look, one can practise Islam in a different way.” —We would like
03:41   to create a house, a House of God for all those who don’t feel comfortable
03:44   with traditional Islam and how it is practised by most. And of course
03:52   there could also be youths who say they have no roots, they don’t know…

25 thoughts on “A Warm, Fluffy Mosque Inside a Church in Berlin — “Interfaith” in Action

  1. Rather reminds me of Martin Luther’s statement, “For where God built a church, there the Devil would also build a chapel.”

    There is no accommodation between “is” and “is not.” Either Christ Jesus is the Son of God, Second Person of the Holy Trinity or he is not. If he is, then there is no room in a church, which has bee consecrated in the name of Almighty God: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, for dent that he is not.

    The church is a holy space set aside for the worship and glorification of God. All that takes place within its space ought to have this as an underlying fundamental of all, all, activities.

    History has demonstrated that, eventually, one side will yield, give way, to the other. The ways things have been going plans for parapets might as well be drawn up now.

    • I cannot agree more. This is worse than terrorism. Terrorists kill the body, and these ‘Evangelicals’ and Muslim ‘activists for Women Rights’ kill the soul.

      • It’s so very troubling and mortifying, especially when recalling the early days and years of Christianity. All the intense struggles, the most profound of philosophical and theological debates, and the martyrdom of the faithful, now seemingly being swept aside for this delusional belief in tolerance and accommodation.

        Today, it’s a room. Tomorrow it will be some symbol or other things that’s offensive is removed. Before long, it’s the Muslims with a new mosque and the Christians in a room.

        • Don’t hold your breath until there is a Christian worship room, or closet, in a mosque.

          • Ironic how that works, isn’t it. Yet, there are those who would be standing in line to tell us we don’t know what we’re talking about.

      • It’s so very troubling and mortifying, especially when recalling the early days and years of Christianity. All the intense struggles, the most profound of philosophical and theological debates, and the martyrdom of the faithful, now seemingly being swept aside for this delusional belief in tolerance and accommodation.
        Today, it’s a room. Tomorrow it will be some symbol or other things that’s offensive is removed. Before long, it’s the Muslims with a new mosque and the Christians in a room.

    • Who could have thought it, hey? I sympathize. A Wehrmacht under a German who was not a psychopath would be most welcome.

  2. Yeah, this is going to end well. I thought we Christians considered suicide to be a sin.

  3. After Constantinople fell to the Ottoman Turks 1453ca group of Christians asked Mehmed the conqueror if wanted to pray in one of the churches the Greeks were allowed to keep. The sultan refused otherwise the church would have turned into a Mosque. I believe it was the church of the Apostles, these naive people need to learn from history. Dr. Bill Warner has also warned about interfaith dialogue.

    • Unless its an entirely different story I think it was Caliph Umar ibn al-Khattab and the church was the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem.

  4. Are these lovely moderate Muslims, whom I’m sure are probably well-intentioned, going to REMOVE the violent passages from the Koran and it surrounding literature – otherwise they are spitting into a gale force hurricane?

    As for 21st century Protestant ‘Christianity’ it has been so watered down that it is little more than a civil rights agenda. And the Catholics still have their vile Curia in place!

    Poor Bohnhoeffer would be swiveling in his grave that it had all come to this – even in the absence of a Hitler! Disgusting!

    • This is really most horrible. It is a clear sign that all mainstream Protestantism in Europe has become a revolting caricature of Christianity. Roman Catholicism is going down the same path, only somewhat slower.

      Only the Orthodox Church still maintains her doctrines and practices intact, but even there worrying signs are appearing. More and more voices are heard that the Church should become more ‘modern’ and more ‘tolerant’.

      All human disasters start with in the sphere of the spirit. They reach the material level somewhat later. As most people refuse to realise it, very few take the signs of spiritual degradation seriously until they began to affect life at the material plane. But then it is too late.

      • To be compassionate toward evil is to be uncompassionate toward the rest of humanity. I cannot think of one instance where Jesus was compassionate toward the unrepentant.

  5. This seems to be a pie in the sky. The lady sounds genuine and well meaning but extremely naive if she thinks “proper” Muslims will allow her to redefine unreformable Islam.

    • Well-meaning naive people, so proud of their supposed virtue, cause as much harm as cynical criminals.

  6. The Muslims are not going to be bowing on the floor while the Christians are saying the Lord’s prayer. Dreaming.

  7. I read a short article that I clicked through over at Vlad’s site that said that one diocese in Germany, comprising 96 parishes, was going to close all but 14 parishes.

    It is amazing to watch our civilization disappear step by step.

    I also read an article that inventoried the ancient monuments that have been destroyed over the past several years. It was a Gatestone Institute article and the author made an interesting assertion. He claimed that places like Palmyra were destroyed because western civilization is fascinated by and venerates ancient civilization. He claimed that Islam destroys these places to make the point that their civilization is different from ours and that they reject ours.

    So yes, better start measuring that church for minarets and all those Catholic churches soon to be closed in Germany.

    Last observation; have you seen any pictures of the Dinsbury mosque in Manchester? This is the mosque at which the concert suicide bomber was a congregant. It was formerly a Methodist church and looks exactly like one. I guess all you have to do is take out the crosses, punch out the stained glass and remove the pews. You are ready to ISLAM!

  8. Wouldn’t a person need to skip John 3:16 in order to sincerely participate in this kumbaya exercise? Whoops, I forgot, we shouldn’t judge another person’s sincerity. Although doing so violates 2nd Thessalonians 3:6-15, where the Bible tells us to “never tire of doing what is right…warn our brothers and shame them if they do not obey the word.”
    I’m sure it’ll all work out how the muslims want it to work out. News at 11.

  9. I’ve read Stephen Coughlin’s book three times, and it explains in detail the deception and strategy involved in interfaith activities. My recommendation is to pay the extra $4 and buy the whole book, rather than just the interfaith appendix.

    The theory of interfaith is to dissolve differences between religions. Sincere participants in interfaith must renounce of deny the doctrines of their own faith which are in conflict with another faith.

    But, Islam is not about to renounce any aspect of its faith, or embrace any aspect of another faith. Hence, the only possible interfaith dialog is to give way entirely to Islam. This is exactly the strategy of the Muslim Brotherhood. Think of the swiss cheese strategy. Put a hole here, a hole there, and pretty soon, the entire cheese is eaten. This is the Muslim Brotherhood approach to bringing Islam to infidel Western nations.

    Reading Coughlin’s book is like taking the red pill. It’s difficult to listen to people who are so obviously ignorant afterwards.

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