A Mentally Disturbed Culture-Enriching Kidnapper in Lausanne

The account below from the Swiss daily 20 minutes describes the abduction of a baby in the Lausanne area by a North African migrant. Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation:

“He hit me and fled with my 6-month-old baby”

by Abdoulaye Penda Ndiaye

A kidnapping took place on Sunday in La Sallaz. Two days before, the kidnapper sowed panic in the M2 [metro in Lausanne] shouting “Allahu Akbar”.

The physical marks of the wounds are still there: Marco’s* lips are slightly swollen and traces of blood are visible on his skull. But it was mainly in psychological ways that the 29-year-old Neapolitan, who resides in the La Sallaz district of Lausanne, was most affected.

On Sunday, at around 11am, he was walking in front of his building with his 6-month-old baby in his stroller and his dog on a leash. “A man came up to me and asked me, ‘Who is this baby?’ I told him it was my son,” the Italian said. In an unexpected and unlikely way, his interlocutor immediately became delusional. “He said, ‘No, it’s my son.’ I felt the danger. And I held tight to the stroller. That’s when he started beating me. I fell. The stroller flipped over. He continued to kick me before escaping with my baby,” continued the tired Italian.

Elite police and negotiators

Frightened by the kidnapper, the witnesses at the scene did not dare to intervene. But one of them had the presence of mind to alert the police. Meanwhile, Elena*, the mother of the child, received a phone call from her companion, terrified, who told her the disturbing news: a stranger had fled with their child.

While talking on the phone, Marco pursued the abductor to his home, about a hundred yards away. But the stranger barricaded himself in his apartment. With the child. “A man who saw the perpetrator of the abduction told me that he had the bulging devil’s eyes,” says Elena.

The police and elite troops quickly arrived at the scene. A security perimeter was deployed. The negotiators went into action.

When the baby saw me, he gave me a smile

Marco heard the crying of his baby. But he couldn’t do anything and feared the worst. Especially since the kidnapper was on the balcony with the child-hostage. The bargaining cell first convinced the man to feed the child with a bottle that the mother had brought. And after more than two hours of talks, he agreed to put the child on a bed. The elite policemen took the opportunity to launch the assault. The man has been subdued. The child is safe and sound. “He was in the arms of a policeman. He saw me and gave me a smile,” commented Marco with emotion.

Not a danger to society?

The author of the kidnapping is not unknown to the forces of order. He is a 30-year-old Sahrawi [people of the Western Sahara] who does not possess all his mental faculties. Two days earlier he caused panic among the M2 passengers by shouting “Allahu Akbar” in a carriage of the Lausanne metro.

Examined by a physician and heard by a public prosecutor, this permit B holder [work permit holder] had been released. The authorities concluded that he didn’t represent a danger to society. But less than 48 hours later, the facts proved them wrong. The Sahrawi was again heard by the courts on Tuesday afternoon. He would have argued obstinately that the baby was his and that it was Allah who had given him to him. Fearing recidivism, the Court of Coercion ordered a three-month pre-trial detention and a psychiatric examination.

Contacted by “20 minutes”, the Lausanne police simply acknowledged that an intervention had taken place on Sunday in La Sallaz and that an investigation was underway.

* Fictitious names

14 thoughts on “A Mentally Disturbed Culture-Enriching Kidnapper in Lausanne

  1. A quote from “Working in Switzerland” guide:
    – When considering your application, the FOM will take factors such as language skills, age and ability to integrate into account but authorisation will usually only be granted if: you are a manager, specialist or an otherwise qualified worker, that is, you hold a university degree, have specific expertise and several years of professional experience; the established quotas allow it; there is no Swiss or EU/EFTA (European Free Trade Association) person suitable for the position.

    That means that holder of “type B” must possess skills nowhere to be found in Switzerland. So mentally challenged “type B” worker roaming the streets instead of being chained to a chair in some office of a global corporation 24×7 produces a feeling of a some kind of scam here.

  2. Do not worry to much about this. This is a normal method to adopt children where the distressed North Afrikan come from. The importent issue here is the well being of the “new father” who lost his new son to the police. And – the Ummah lost a beliver of the Religion of Peace.

    I will try to sleep to night…

  3. What the hell is this???

    If italian had fought back, and busted up or killed this savage muslim loser lunatic , then the traitor law system, complete with left wing marxist witch finder generals would have labeled the italian victim as a murderer or violent racist!!!!!’

    This is is whats going on, and this is what is stopping western men and women fighting back, our lAws are corrupt and stupid, backward, designed to reward the perpetrators, and punish any victims who dare fight back or even dare speak jp!!!

    We are all now prisoners inside the EUSSR GULAG!

    I advise everyone to start carry weapond, and dont hesitate to defend u self in an instant against any muslims who want to mess with you.

    Always flee the scene after u defence, AND NEVER! Get invloved with cops or the system, u have 95% chance they never find you :)))

    You jeed to understand sere at war mow, mot only with muslims, but with there enabelers, which are all goverment agencys and the media.

    Plus 49% of the population are brainwashed left wing liberal socialist feel good (but not in my back yard) commie traitors of our countrys and peoples.

    The cops shoukd have shot this muslim savage dead on the spot.

  4. “Frightened by the kidnapper, the witnesses at the scene did not dare to intervene. But one of them had the presence of mind to alert the police. Meanwhile, Elena*, the mother of the child, received a phone call from her companion, terrified, who told her the disturbing news: a stranger had fled with their child.”

    What a sorry lot of cowards. If they won’t fight to protect a baby, they deserve to be replaced. [epithets].

  5. Even the Swiss have been dhimmified. I had held some hope for Europe in the Swiss, but no longer. Now it is up to the V4 and the Danes.

    • Forget the Danes. They rolled over after the first Mohammed cartoons. I believe it was in Denmark that a girl who fought off a rapist was prosecuted for having an illegal pepper spray.

  6. What’s the problem?
    Haven’t we been told it take a village to raise a child?
    The immigrant was just doing his part.
    Those Euro-centric “partners” need their attitude adjusted.
    What do they think that they are entitled to keep that child all to themselves?
    Off to the camps for these two!

  7. While their legal system may be failing the Swiss people (as with everywhere else in the EU), the abduction of an infant is something that tends to galvanize ordinary people.

    With their total refusal to moderate criminal or antisocial behavior these “immigrants” and “refugees” are manufacturing the very worst sort of advertising for themselves.

    Although the more spectacular attacks (e.g., Manchester, Berlin, Nice, etc.) attract greater notice, it is these smaller events that will most thoroughly polarize indigenous Europeans against these invaders.

    In this particular case, one of the only mitigating factors is that so few Europeans are having children to where the kidnapping of a baby may not resonate quite as much as it should. However, the heinous aspect of this crime will still tend to offend the sensibilities of nearly all who hear about it.

    • Europeans have become a continent of Eloi. If the lack of reaction to the broad daylight kidnapping of an infant in front of a crowd of onlookers does not demonstrate how cowardly and passive the average european has become, then I don’t know what will.

      Such an act should galvanize normal people, but europeans of all stripes continue to elect globalists, and if they are burning down the invader centers and beating the inhabitants for their antisocial behavior, then such news is being extremely well hidden.

  8. It is good that the father did not fight back. One does not want to run the risk of being called a racist. That would be far worse than losing one’s baby.

  9. Poor child. I hope he was too little to understand the danger and did not get too frightened.

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