A Studly Syrian: What Girl Could Resist Him?

For this culture-enriching “youth” in Sweden, “no” never means “no” — because the kafir girls are so overwhelmed with lust for him that they don’t know what they’re saying.

I wonder what Swedish feminists will make of this nuanced view of consent vs. non-consent.

Many thanks to Tania Groth for translating this article from Fria Tider:

Abdul’s explanation as to why the girl shouted “NO”: “She was so horny she did not know what she was saying”

Abdul from Syria raped a girl in a car while everything was recorded with a mobile phone. Abdul claimed that the reason the girl shouted “Stop, I don’t want to!” on the recording, was because she “was so horny that she didn’t know what she was saying.” Now he gets away with it because he claims that he is only 16 years old — and he won’t face expulsion from Sweden.

The girl contacted the Arab refugee child via social media and they decided to meet. In April of this year, the girl was at a party in Kalmar County and drank too much, which led to her vomiting several times.

At the end of the evening and she had a hard time taking care of herself. She then got help from Abdul and a friend who brought her to a car.

The girl lay unconscious in the back seat when the car suddenly stopped. When she woke up, she noticed that her underwear had been removed.

When the police made a search of Abdul’s home, videos and pictures were found on his computer that showed when the girl had been raped. When the girl in question heard about what had been found on Abdul’s computer, she panicked because she was afraid that the material had been spread.

The video has been used as the strongest evidence against Abdul. In a sequence, the girl is heard screaming, “No, stop, I don’t want to!” Despite that, Abdul claimed during the trial that they had had consensual sex.

During a police interview, Abdul was asked how he interpreted the girl’s screams that he should stop and that she did not want to.

“I didn’t pay attention to it; she just said things that she knew about,” said the child refugee.

When asked to explain what he meant by that, the Arab replied:

“She said things that she didn’t know she was saying. I mean, she was so very horny that she did not know what she was saying.”

“So when you’re horny, you may say things that you are not aware of — things you don’t mean,” Abdul further explained.

Abdul misused the girl because she was extremely drunk, writes Sweden’s Radio. He will avoid prison because of his allegedly young age, reports SVT (Swedish Television).

The Kalmar District Court sentenced Abdul to 85 hours of youth care. He additionally has to pay 115,000 kronor ($13,000) in damages to the girl.

The prosecutor did not recommend that Abdul be deported from Sweden back to his Arab homeland.

Documents show that the refugee child is a citizen of Syria and in need of an Arabic interpreter. He has a criminal record for shoplifting, for which he merely received a warning on February 2nd, 2017.

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  1. Youth care and a fine for rape? I’ve got to stop reading this site. This item both enrages and deeply saddens me. Btw, this child is obviously quite wealthy. I certainly didn’t have the equivalent of 115,000 kronor when I was 16, and obviously the court in its wisdom wouldn’t sentence this [epithet] to pay money he doesn’t have or isn’t likely to have.

    He is taken in, protected, then steals and rapes AND IS ALLOWED TO STAY.

    Europe cannot be saved. End. Finito. Gone. *Please read Douglas Murray on the matter of cultural suicide (“The Strange Death of Europe”). Excellent writing.

    • All of Europe won’t be saved, only the parts that are capable of defending themselves. Reality is coming to Europe, and they just aren’t ready for it, but that won’t matter.

  2. ¨The girl contacted the Arab refugee child via social media and they decided to meet. In April of this year¨

    At what point can one say it is self inflicted? What is going on in the mind of european girls? And what about the parents? This is a common theme in these kind of stories.. Its almost like they want this to happen at a subconscious level. I know that in Sweden there is a heavy promotion of dating these ¨immigrants¨. But common, drinking on a first date with a group that is known for this behaviour? Is this just stupidity or is there some other psychological dynamic at play here?

    • This is a contentious area, robert. It seems to me that if you leave your Ferrari parked with the keys in the ignition and it’s stolen, you may be guilty of contributory negligence, but this in no way diminishes the responsibility of the thief. Similarly with this unfortunate young woman; trouble is, her assailant comes from a different culture which doesn’t teach young men about consent, and I don’t suppose the Swedish authorities even tried to explain this to him.

      It would help if such offenders were given the maximum sentence, to set an example.

      • I agree, i am not excusing the perp. In a hyperfemenized society like Sweden one would think the girls would see a rapist behind every bush right? Then why again and again its the girl initiating contact an placing herself in the victim position? In such a society she must know that this is the risk she is taking? The same happens in my country sadly. A dutch girl took the offer of being cycled home by a somali immigrant while under the influence of alcohol. She got assaulted and almost raped. I think she was 24 years old. I think there is some underlying pathology to this phenomena. Its not just alcohol and ignorance. Also the systematic voting of leftist parties by european woman ties into this i feel. Cant find a solid explanation anywhere on this topic.

        • The explanation is that they hate their own culture. They believe the men in their culture have cause all the problems on earth, white western man is to blame for all problems today, the western patriarchy is the evil to them. They believe these refugees are victims of western man, and have decided to do everything in their power to destroy the society set up by western man, or at least to give it to someone else. This is postmodernism, this is our plight, and it will be our end.

          • Hmm, that makes sense. Can this ever be fixed? I fear the worst. If they think western ¨patriarchy¨ is evil then they clearly have no idea what is waiting for them. It is harder and harder for me to feel sorry for these entitled woman. Seems like karma to me when these type of things happen. females never had it better in the west, and even in the last few centuries they where better of then in other tribes. Ungrateful is what comes to mind..

          • Many of them also seem to hold the naive belief that the non-white males are inherently sweet, kind, and morally superior because they haven’t been tainted by filthy European or American culture.

      • It would help more if the offenders were publicly flogged.
        Just imagine writing this in today’s Sweden!

      • Of course, the offender must be punished. All rapists should.

        Still. I have very little sympathy for this particular ‘unfortunate young woman’. If she is too young to take care of herself, she must not get drunk, especially in male company.

        I think, a hundred years ago when Sweden was still a sane Christian country, no self-respecting young woman would behave in such an irresponsible way. Neither would she seek amorous adventures with a Muslim.

        A country whose women normally behave like this is doomed.

        • Anton,

          Look at what the media is pushing in advertising as being “cool” and the thing to do in terms of dating.

          Heck, do an image search for “white couple” on Google and just look at what comes back in the top results.

          You may find the accuracy of the results a bit…lacking….

          • I do understand that the young woman is really unfortunate to have been brought up in a society that has, to a great extent, lost its moral bearings. Therefore, we should not be too harsh on her.

            But shall we then refuse to recognise an individual’s responsibility for her or his actions? If so, we cannot judge the Syrian rapist either because he has been brought up in a society that regards a woman who seeks her dating partners on the Internet and gets drunk to the point of vomiting in their company as a worthless whore who is there to satisfy any man not too squeamish to use her. And be thrown away after use.

            Refusal to recognise individual responsibility for the results of one’s actions is a dangerous thing. It has already caused enormous damage to modern Western societies. And it will be one of the reasons of their collapse in foreseeable future.

    • It would indeed seem that there is some combined state and comfort induced naivete at play here. Perhaps also some cognitive bias “It won’t happen to me!”. There may well be some other psychology though. I recall a youtube video by a user called “Black Pigeon Speaks” regarding that subject, its title was “Why women destroy civilisations” I think. As far as I recall it claimed, based upon evolutionary biology, that women were (on average) influenced by biological imperatives that made them want to be caregivers for the whole world and/or throw their lot in with the group they perceive as being the strongest i.e., the better bet for long term lineage continuation. Examples given of the “caregiver” trait were the policies enacted by governments containing a large number of females, and female voting trends (an interesting additional bit of data would have been a break down by sex of volunteer/employees associated with various NGOs). The latter trait was argued for using the relatively large number of women who shacked up with Jerry during WW2. Recently, snaphanen.dk presented what might be construed as another example of this latter trait, namely a video of a female asylum worker giving an alleged refugee child a highly erotic lapdance (cases of sexual intercourse/impropriety between such workers and these “children” have been in the media in both Sweden and Denmark, in the latter country leading to the shutting down of such a center), and some numbers on how many Swedish women are estimated to have travelled to Africa in recent years for a bit of exotic strange.

      • Dreg-

        Check out an article titled, “War Brides” by the writer Rollo Tomassi.

        It is an interesting analysis of the fairer sex and in-group loyalty.

    • Interesting that draw the conclusion that “contacted the Arab refugee child via social media and they decided to meet” accurately descibes any number of factors. It presumes that this would be how she would describe both the fact of meeting & the purpose of it. It also presumes that she knew his background & status after that interaction. And it presumes that a specific face to face meeting was arranged amongst a host of presumptions.

      A chance exchange over any of a number of Apps could bring people into contact. And the intended nature of a direct meeting can take any number of permutations, with each having their own view of what that means. It ranges from “I’ll be a “X” partying on Wednesday & maybe I’ll see you there” to something more OR less specific. Not only that, but given this is an English translation of a story in Swedish it is likely something was literally “lost in translation.”

      As for are European girls thinking? Really? The entire Western world is off it’s damn rocker. Muhammadans are human Kudzu, an invasive species that suffocates all native life bringing destruction and the West thinks they are merely misunderstood. So get real… the psychosis is endemic. Say goodbye to Europe… it committed suicide.

  3. “I wonder what Swedish feminists will make of this nuanced view of consent vs. non-consent.”
    Don’t hold your breath while waiting for swedish or other scandinavian feminists to make anything of this ; their main concern these days seems to be womens “right” to wear any symbol of submission they choose….erhhh,make that : any symbol of submission that is “chosen” for them .

    • “When two pieties, feminism and multiculturalism come to conflict, the only way of preserving both, is an indecent silence.”
      Theodore Dalyrumple, When Islam Breaks Down.

    • There main goal is a postmodernist marxist one, it is to end the culture and society built by their men, or give it to someone else that will change it.

      • Feminists fighting for islamisation of Europe is the best possible example of useful idiots.

  4. I’ve worked as a licensed psychologist, but I have to repeat what Freud said, “sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.” I think that multiculturalism is like a religion for many people and, indeed, is based upon a misunderstanding of Judeo-Christian teachings. We may all be brothers on the spiritual level, but on the level of psychology, culture and polity we are very different, have different belief systems and different cultures/civilizations and want different things. This fact is not recognized by the multi-cultis. For them, we are all brothers and therefore all basically good people. And to deny that is racist and/or bigoted. And they feel that they are good people for espousing such beliefs. And they hold these beliefs with religious intensity–wanting almost to excommunicate those who don’t hold them. They are willfully blind because they don’t want to face a world in which Muslims are . . . well Muslims.

    • As I keep saying, the tale of the Good Samaritan was NOT a suicide pact.

      The Samaritan did NOT invite the beaten traveler into his home, to eat all his food, to preach his ideology, to sleep with his wife and daughter, to spend all his hard-earned money!

    • Very fine. Absolutely! [They] also posit the fundamental religious-spiritual concepts of Love, Mercy and Justice as political dictates-mandates.

      It is one thing for my God to command or compel me to love, to show mercy, to pursue justice. As a Jew, even as law it is rooted in free will, soul ful-ness and dialectic relationship (with God and the proverbial [now cliche] other). Yes, all the intellectual/spiritual anti-semites from Luther to Voltaire, Kant and Hegel, etc. get that wrong about Hebraism. But, when these virtues (or ideals) become legislated or dictated politically they become absurd and inverted–violent, oppressive and totalitarian.

      To promote or impose Love, for example, as the solution to political problems and tensions is to deny man as the “political animal” to reduce man to one-dimension…and ultimately to condemn him to abolition. Yes, it is risible when it is proclaimed as a cri de coeur by pop stars and shallow celebrities [God, what is not shallow today?!]. But, ultimately, to resist the Universal call to Love, to Justice, to Equality is to be relegated to the margins of contemporary movements in society.

      And the Muslims? They are more then just useful fellow-travelers in progressive efforts to dismantle the West. They offer a compelling and (seemingly) competing universalism guided by like pseudo-spiritual dictates, something the left and the somnambulant are deeply drawn to. Ultimately, they will converge. We will see more conversions, abdications and gleeful surrender. Teddy bears, candles, flowers and tears will be offered not to their murdered victims, but to they themselves. Women and ersatz-men will not be offering standing ovations to Linda Sarsour, but prostrating themselves before her. And offering her their heads.

      • @Raspail: That reminds me of (perhaps) my favorite line in the Hebrew Bible, from Ecclesiastes (Kohelet) 7:16:

        “Be not overly righteous; neither make thyself overwise, for why shouldest thou destroy thyself?”
        אַל-תְּהִי צַדִּיק הַרְבֵּה, וְאַל-תִּתְחַכַּם יוֹתֵר: לָמָּה, תִּשּׁוֹמ

        And that reminds me of my favorite line from Voltaire: “The perfect is the enemy of the good.” My hermeneutic inclination has always been to read it as a warning against sabotage by idealists and the common foolishness of over-extension rather than lamenting the inertia of the perfectionist.

        And that reminds me of my favorite line from Bob Dylan…from Nietzsche… Ah, Western culture!! A glorious edifice of Mt. Zion and Athens’ agora, of the Stratford stage and Viennese parade ground, now relegated to extinction in the muck of the encroaching swamps and sands of the arabian desert.

    • Best analysis I’ve seen. I’ll “steal” it if you don’t mind as attribution will be problematic….

  5. The world is becoming fed up with this pretense of naivety, as if it has not become self-evident that access to the female pubis of the non-believers is Allah’s gift to Muslim manhood. Just ask them.

    And there are endless other ēmolumentum that make jumping ship only reasonable. So, scoot yourself down to the mosque and sing the Fandago, or jump over a broom, or whatever the enlistment ceremony is. And be early in line to divide the spoils, as ye shall become heirs to lands ye have not seen. But you want to edge your way to the trough early enough to get your snout in first. Don’t blow this like you blew off Amway in 1970.

    Act now. Allah helps those who help themselves.

    • Great sardonic humour. I’ll skip the light fandango; likewise, the five prayers and five pillars. Hello, I won’t stand on ceremony, at all–even if it exposes me to prosecution.

      Islam has been the enemy of human civilization since its inception. It ranks as the greatest scourge ever produced by mankind. A marvel that it transcended cannibalism.

      Nay, that it ever merges with art (progressive) rock music. Wait! Roger Waters!!

  6. I am glad I do not live in Sweden. Knowing such a monster was walking the streets after committing such a crime, would try my civil nature to the breaking point. And if this happened to a loved one of mine, I can assure you that civility would be nonexistence in my mindset.

    One skill picked up living on a cattle ranch is how to use a gelding knife. And there are a lot of Americans who would feel that is just what type of skills would be need to correct the injustice that occurred.

  7. There are a lot of thoughtful comments, but most ignore the biological aspect.

    There is an r/K evolutionary strategy model. The r (rabbit) population breeds quickly, prolifically, and indiscriminately. There is little or no parental involvement in bringing up offspring. Parents produce many progeny, with multiple partners, and the progeny are on their own.

    The K population selects mates with care, mates for life (theoretically), has few children, and invests great effort in the upbringing of their children.

    The Swedes have existed in a total welfare state for more than a century, making any selection for survival or mating completely superfluous. Resources are devoted to bringing up the children of the most dysfunctional parents, while high producers are taxed, literally, almost 100% of their reward.

    So, what we’re seeing is the shift of a K childbearing strategy (from old Sweden) to an “r” childbearing strategy. The parents who allow a 13-year old girl to get drunk/drugged and ride with a stranger obviously put very little effort or concern into their upbringing. Similarly, a girl who consorts with African immigrants and has suggestive encounters with them is displaying the characteristics of the rabbit dam, who mates with the most active and attractive male in the vicinity.

    Paradoxically, the enormous presence of African and Middle Eastern migrants is going to change the environment completely. Transitioning from a completely non-selective welfare state, Sweden is now becoming a place where parents who do not put effort into raising and guiding their offspring are not going to have their genetic line continued. And the Swedish women who follow the r mating strategy are not going to have their offspring survive, and indeed may not themselves survive to childbearing age.

    The problem is, the change is coming too quickly for the Swedish population to adapt. The Africans and MEs (Middle Easterners) are a competing species, with their own survival strategies, and may very well overwhelm the native population before the native Swedes adapt to the end of their protected welfare state environment.Biologically, it’s pretty common for an invading species to wipe out the native populations.

    I’m not talking about religion, philosophy, or ethics. These concepts only have a meaning in a relatively homogeneous environment, where most or all of the members of society know what you’re talking about. It’s like preaching the value of a human life to a psychopathic killer.

    • Thank you, Ronald B.

      So, love does not transform the savage, nor the pathological. And law neither transforms nor constrains him. And to hope or pray for his enlightenment is worthy of mockery. To teach the savage (educate-instruct-train) is quixotic; to entertain the pathological is to become the buffoon.

      So, what redemptive outcomes are possible, biologically speaking? The host or native population is generally depleted and nearly bereft of the masculine (perhaps an inevitability or necessary condition/outcome in an ‘r’ ecological model). The ‘K’ family has been eviscerated, the ‘r’ family abandoned to the State and Screen. Reproduction levels (even in the ‘r’ environment) are very low.

      Now, the invader was INVITED, first as guest-workers, then as girders of the welfare state, and ultimately as exemplifiers of a value-ideal (you know, of being a “Humanitarian Superpower”). Biologically, what are the predictors-conditions-causes of inviting in a replacement population?

      Is survival possible? Adaptation? Does the “survival instinct” really exist in all organisms?

      What grotesque mutation might emerge?

      We’ve seen the Swedish pseudo-sensualist, soft totalitarian welfare state. We’ve admired it and desired to emulate it. A corollary of the Stockholm syndrome, perhaps. But, if it reemerges as an Islamic House of Peace we might reawaken our will to overcome it. Is war a biological necessity?

      • And thank you Steven,

        I enjoyed your posts. You tend to a philosophical outlook taking practicality into account, while I (I think) tend to a practical outlook taking philosophy into account.

        I do value ethics and think we should use ethics to the extend, and in the form, possible. I think the most ethical approach to immigrants is to leave them alone in their own countries and not use them as chess pieces in a global game of influence and control.

        I don’t think you’ve given a good picture of the etiology of the decision to flood Western countries with unassailable Muslim (and other) immigrants. That’s not against you: I couldn’t give one myself, and I’ve been wondering for years. But, there’s really no need for an analysis of the psychodynamics of self-sacrifice to immigrants. The effect is pretty stable, describable, and predictable. We know how it acts, even if we don’t really understand it.

        Are our current societies survivable? The big advantage of the K strategy is its dependence on intelligence, training and experience. A K population can overrun an r population every time, all other things being equal.

        But what worries me is the K organizations in service to the population displacement. Specifically, NATO, the EU nascent military, and the highly-corrupt UN peacekeeping forces are a direct threat to any indigenous European action to protect the people of a country. And this, by the way, makes me think there’s more to the immigration support than simply a mindless generalization of western ethical theory.

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