Carmageddon in Amsterdam

In Amsterdam on Saturday, a vehicle ran into a crowd of pedestrians in front of the main railway station, injuring five people. Police say the incident had nothing to do with terrorism, but rather happened because the driver felt unwell, due to the fact that he was a diabetic and was nearly in a diabetic coma.

Our Dutch correspondent H. Numan sends these somewhat skeptical observations about what happened.

Carmageddon in Amsterdam

by H. Numan

On Saturday June 10 a car suddenly drove into a crowd on the square in front of the central railway station of Amsterdam.

Five people were injured; nobody was killed. The Amsterdam police, which you should know for their predilection for burqas, almost immediately reported that this was just an unusual accident. No sudden jihad. The driver was unwell. That’s all. Move along. Nothing to see here. However, there is a lot to see. Only those are things the police would rather that you not know.

I’ve been to Amsterdam many times, and can assure you that parking cars on the square in front of the railway station is not possible. Only official vehicles (police, firefighters, ambulances) or those with permission (maintenance work) may park there. That’s the thing that tipped me off immediately. The whole area is a no-parking zone. Has been that for decades. Any car trying to park there is immediately approached by the police.

The perpetrator was a 45-year-old man from Amsterdam. When approached by officers he suddenly sped away. If you feel unwell, that is very unusual behavior. Only a full day later did the police come up with the diabetic coma theory. Who is this ‘man from Amsterdam’? As you know, when sometime bad happens that doesn’t promote mohammedanism, every reference that might tip you off is always removed. Had this man been a real Amsterdammer, his first name would be mentioned. Jan H. or Piet Y, for example. Not a thing here. Not even after two days. Might his name be Mohammed Y, or possibly Osama B L? We don’t know. But we can guess, can’t we?

I’m not the only one who doubts the sincerity of our burqa-loving police force.

Several witness told Radio AT5 that the car approached the tram stop at high speed. One witness said: “I saw the car stopped on the rails, and thought, ‘If an attack is going to take place, this is the moment.’ The driver was addressed by two officers and then raced away. I think it was on purpose.”

Another witness: “I was walking on the west side of the station. A friend shouted ‘Run! Run!’ when the black Peugeot came toward me on high speed.”

“Two officers approached the car. The driver appeared to be irritated. He was talking on his phone, and sped away. We saw people flying through the air. When the car sped away from the officers he increased speed. I am absolutely certain the driver was not feeling unwell. I think he made two attempts to kill.”

Only on late Sunday afternoon did the police come up with the diabetic theory. As I am diabetic myself (fortunately, the lowest possible level), I can assure you one doesn’t react irritatedly to people when you’re about to pass out. Unless you’re a mohammedan, of course. But then, they are always irritated by the presence of infidels. Diabetic or not.

The police issued a statement on Sunday evening: They aren’t sure how this accident happened, and are investigating it. They think the man became unwell due to a low blood sugar level. If anything comes up, they will report it. Only if it supports this flimsy blood sugar theory, of course. They did admit the man has a criminal (?) record, for something minor (?). For what, we don’t know. Normally the police wouldn’t mention that fact if the record only contains parking citations or spitting on the sidewalk.

At this moment mohammedans are celebrating their annual ‘starve yourself to death, even it kills you’ month. They call it ramadan. Religion precedes health. Diabetics are required by doctors to eat regularly. They are explicitly forbidden to participate in starvation binges. Every year doctors warn about the dangers for diabetics of fasting in ramadan. Which is always ignored by most Mohammedans. After all, we don’t want sensible advice from infidels, do we? Allah knows best!

In short, it is almost certain this was a Mohammedan carmageddon attack. A successful one too, as five people were injured. To paraphrase the great bard: “A jihad attack by any other name would stink just as bad”.

— H. Numan

35 thoughts on “Carmageddon in Amsterdam

  1. Methinks at least 75% of the Dutch are simply sheeple. Too cowardly to call the ritual cultural suicide of their country through unfettered immigration what it truly is.

    • 1.2 million Dutch voters did the right thing and marked the PVV or FVD box on the ballot. That’s les than 10% of the inhabitants. Your a bit to optimistic about the Dutch.

      The Dutch people have a long history collaborating with foreign powers..

    • Special message for shepherds of the sheeple:
      “Wake the flock up!”

    • H. Numan’s article provides more information about this incident than any of the local Dutch media has given so far. No mention of the name or race of the perp, as per usual, can only lead the astute reader to the conclusion that something is being hidden from the public.

      Living among the Dutch, as I do, I can attest to the fact that they are as much sheeple as the Germans, Swedes or French appear to be.

      All of (Western) Europe appears to be sleepwalking (sheep-walking?) to its eventual doom, and those of us that can see what is coming are treated as thought criminals. I have tried, with friends and family now and then, to point out the madness and where it is leading to, but I am increasingly looked at with disdain, for not getting with the multi-culti program.

      As Mike pointed out, it really is cultural suicide (and demographic suicide too), but the Dutch love to eat spicy meat on a stick from a foreign land, so who cares that their children and grandchildren will be a minority in the land their forefathers reclaimed from the sea, in a few short decades?
      Just pass the shoarma and kebab, please! Lekker!

      • “I only see a pure tactic by Muslim officials who want to obscure these truths, to give a sleeping pill to Christian society so that they sleep through the Islamisation of Europe, sleep through a treacherous, false representation and the obscuring of truth. That is part of the strategy to Islamise Europe.”
        Nassim ben Iman,
        former hardline muslim

      • Look, I like shawarma, kebab and satay as much as any multiculturalist, but as I see it, that has nothing to do with politics.

        I’m *all* in favour of multicultural food. Food from northern climes is generally awful compared to the food of just about anywhere else, for historical reasons.

        Better recipes is something that can be imported from another culture in an “everybody wins” fashion. Nothing wrong with that.

        Just the same way that importing some Western values into the land of kebab would also benefit them.

        Importing yucky food into the land of kebab and kebab-values into the West, however, isn’t good!

      • An update to this story:

        The man involved in this story has today (Tuesday) been released from custody, but no decision has yet been reached as to whether he will face charges or not.

        Two of his ‘victims’ remain in hospital with broken bones.

        Furthermore, it was revealed that the man had been spotted, earlier in the day, driving at high speed along tram tracks at Rembrandtplein and other locations in Amsterdam. The man, who has diabetes and low blood sugar (annually occurring, month-long and religiously-caused diabetes, perchance?), claims he can remember nothing of the incident or even how he got to the station. Eindhoven stadium suspect to stay in jail, Amsterdam station driver freed

  2. “diabetic coma”: hmmm
    Is this the new dishonest police-speak for reactions affected by food-deprivation?

  3. As well, they have been thoroughly cowed and indoctrinated, as has some (or most) of Europe. Those who forget history. . . are they condemned to repeat it? And how will it turn out this time? The PC police are pretty good at intimidating people, so there are many people who might say something if they felt safe to do so, but they don’t so they remain silent.

    I will say it for them. The muslim religion is incompatible with modern laws and society. It should remain in the muslim world and most muslims should stay in the muslim world. I do not wish ill on them, but I am also against their attempts to put their religion into areas where it is not wanted. I’m sure there is a better way to express this, but it’s 5:00 am here and I’m not at my best.

  4. Perhaps you could edit the report for clarity?

    Perhaps state when and under what circumstances the accident occurred in conjunction with other events described; and the significance of the ‘parking’ issue.

    I think I figured it out after a little work. But why leave me that work?

    • Suggested edits: additions in block capitals:

      “The perpetrator was a 45-year-old man from Amsterdam. When approached by officers AFTER HE STRUCK THE PEDESTRIANS he suddenly sped away. If you feel unwell, that is very unusual behavior. ……. But we can guess, can’t we?”

      [Now place preceding paragraph NEXT and add further clarifications in:]

      “THERE ARE FEW SENSIBLE REASONS FOR THE MAN TO HAVE DRIVEN WHERE HE WAS DRIVING WHEN HE HIT THE PEDESTRIANS EXCEPT TO PARK ON THE SQUARE. I’ve been to Amsterdam many times, and can assure you that parking cars on the square in front of the railway station is not possible……”

      The above modifications would, I believe, make it all very clear. They would have done it nicely for me.

      Of course, these modifications I propose are based on my ATTEMPT to figure out what you are saying. This attempt of mine could be wrong, which is part of the problem.

  5. Aristoteles has said “Tolerance is the last virtue of an under-going society!!!!

    • Socrates considered democracy to be just a short prelude, before the highest forms of tyranny are achieved. The Republic, book VIII. I believe it was.

  6. They can’t hide his identity forever because of the five injured people, some of whom may wish to take the diabetic jihadi to court.

  7. I am simply preparing for the time when (NOT “IF”) this metastasizes over to this side of the pond. Keeping my shooting skills sharp (and reloading–the cost of ammunitions is $till too high; though most availability problems have been solved.)

    But as for EUrope and EUropeans………….well………………..
    ………….dare I say…………………..IT’S BORING?!!!!
    I keep wondering……………………….

    Will they act……..NOW?

    What about …………………..NOW?

    ………………surely THIS TIME they will……………………..

    HOW CAN THEY not see that………………..

    But they never do.
    Do they?

    • You just wait. Just two years ago I was in heavy arguments with my Austrian friends who wanted to welcome whole world to Linz. All of them female.

      And now – even the “refugees welcome” types are coming back to me with an apology – because all of them bought tasers and pepper sprays, and Linz is guarded by policemen with machine guns…

      Just give it some time, it takes time to start a war, and believe me when I say the German folk are extreme – whether they want to be nice, or bad – they always give it full throttle.

      • I guess there’s a point in the idea that Germans know no middle.

        Koreans seem to have some of that, too: whatever they do, they want to do it better than anyone else. Even more than the Germans. Their communists are more communist than elsewhere. Their evangelical Christians are more evangelical than elsewhere. When they get drunk, they *really* get drunk. When they rebuild a society from destruction, they rebuild it in a generation into a first-world country. No half-measures, for good or bad!

    • The only difference between Europeans and americans at the moment, as it seems to me, is that the atlantic is wider than the mediterranean.

  8. Dutch permissiveness of everything and anything, no matter how perverse or degrading, always made me feel queasy-even as a very young man. There always seemed to be an element of sleaze and self-delusion. Intelligent but stupid people.

    • “Intelligent but stupid” having worked with many Dutch in NZ, I agree with that evaluation, which I would also apply in some ways to Swedes, having lived some years in Norway. Not that Swedes are sleazy or degrading though.

    • Wow That’s exactly how I feel. I’ve long felt that there is an element of socially acceptable perversion in Dutch and German society. And lately I’ve realized this sewage-rich vein runs through British and Australian society too.
      It’s really the concept of moral and cultural relativism.
      That evil and good do not exist.
      The pedophile, the violent criminal, the irrational terrorist, the hate filled totalitarian leftist all rebranded as good.
      The victims of their degradations are bullied or ignored for giving the lie to the official narrative that all things are good.
      Apparently calling a spade a spade and standing up for the victims is just wowserism, imperialism, colonialism, white supremacism, the patriarchy, jingoism.

  9. Diabetic? Sounds like translation error or intentional misdirection (not from Numan but from Islamophiles protecting their own interests) . Perhaps it’s a stretch of the truth – consider the possibility the jihadi was suffering from low blood sugar due to doctrinal requirement to fast during daylight hours for ramadan. Low blood sugar can make someone exceptionally ‘grumpy’. Combine that with doctrine regarding treatment of uncompliant members of dar al harb…

  10. Claire Berlinski wrote: There is an important tradition in the Netherlands – as there is thruout Europe and the West – of bargaining with depravity. The Dutch response to Muslim terror – failing to acknowledge the lethal seriousness of the threat – has much in common with the Dutch posture toward Nazi terror.

    • Picolino: Yes, I’ve made than connection too and compared it with Danish response to Nazism. Holland had the highest or second highest decimation of its Jewish population during the Nazi occupation. I saw the figures but can’t remember whether they were percentages or absolute numbers.

      • Yes indeed.The Dutch were really fond of rounding up the Jews and handing them over to the Germans to receive a pat on the head from the occupying Nazis.It’s like kiddies ion the school playground sucking up to the bully in the hope that they won’t be punched next.

  11. It seems to me now that nothing absolutely nothing will waken the sheeple anywhere. We have riots after our General Election.

  12. It is common knowledge that the man in question is from Maroccan descent. Since currently there is Ramadan, those people are not allowed to eat during day time. So some people get a bit jumpy. B U T during Ramadan sick people ( and diabetes is a sickness ), old age people, pregnant women and small children are exempt from that rule. His reaction on the scene was not that of a sick man. It´s political correctness, stupid, that the Police is not divulging to the public who he really is.

  13. So what if a few Dutch are run over. More important to show the world that they are not racists.

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