Geert Wilders: “The Netherlands Must Be Ours Again”

Geert Wilders, the leader of the Party for Freedom in the Netherlands, made the following video in the wake of yesterday’s the Islamic terrorist attack on the Champs-Élysées in Paris. In his remarks Mr. Wilders discusses the larger issue of the accelerating Islamization of Europe, and especially of the Netherlands:

12 thoughts on “Geert Wilders: “The Netherlands Must Be Ours Again”

    • Yeah, you are not allowed an opinion unless it agrees with mine. If you persist with your opinion I will take action to make certain that you do not exercise it.
      Tsk, tsk, how fascist is that!?

      • Hi Acuara,

        I believe that these people are oblivious to the dangers of Sharia.

        These people could be protesting about Angela Merkel’s failed open door policy. Do you agree with me?

        Thank You.

    • I’m not worried by the occurrence of stupid protests. Antifa or Muslims can protest all they wish.

      What really worries me, though, is that government and government security forces allow the use of the veto through heckling and thuggery. Like the dictatorship in Venezuela, the administration of UC Berkeley more than obviously refused to intervene in violent actions by masked criminals attacking legitimate speakers.

      This is a total breakdown of constitutional government and the social contract giving the rationale for our recognition of representative government.

  1. “…two thirds of muslims in the Netherlands find Islamic rules more important than our secular laws.” and hasn’t it always been the left that has always been in opposition to religious beliefs being imposed by secular laws? now that they have found a religion that is as vicious, violent and totalitarian as their political ideology suddenly they are in favor of religious law.

    • Of course, they finally found a religion that agrees with them. Thank you, I don’t care to be around when they get their wish.?

    • in rejecting the Lord Jesus Christ and the laws of God, they will become second class citizens under allah.

  2. The leftists only need to look to Iran and their revolution in 1979 to see what their fate will be once Islam takes over.

    • History holds no lessons for the leftist.
      Instead it is revised to fit their narrative.
      The fate of leftists like the MEK in Iran should be a cautionary tale for useful idiots.
      Or more recently, leftist activists who aided the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, only to be excluded as soon as the MB’s short-lived reign began.

      Not only does the EU encourage political Islam but thinks it can reform Islam from outwith.

      Their hubris is a danger to us all.

  3. Wise words from a great man.

    Time to stop listening to the Tusk’s, Sutherland’s, Junker’s, Soros’s, Timmerman’s,
    Merkel’s and Macron’s of this world – globalist, self loathing, ethnomasochists all.

    When will the rest of Europe finally wake up to the imminent destruction of
    All its precious freedoms and values so valiantly fought for by previous

  4. Hear hear! A great worded speech, super, in a nutshell,

    Like rushdie, wilders lives under death threats from the muslim death cult,
    I dont understand how it is that we ade being led to our destruction, annilation, total genocide, by a internation group of political persons who sere elected to take care of there own kungrys and peoples first hAnd,

    Protect our borders, sovereignty, culture and identity, from invasion by aliens of all types and creed.

    We are betrayed, im sick of writing the same complaints over and over again for years, with no change in sight,

    Merkel is not only still alive, but in process of being re elected!!!!!!!

    Blair, straw, cameron, clegg, milliband, are all free, walking around.

    Our borders are wide open, and still each day thousands upon 1000s of muslim bogus asylum seekers are being ferried into our countrys in europe,
    Nothing is done to stop it.

    If u say anything, they will arrest u, and use so called hafe speech charges to jail you!!!!!!

    I prey le pen wins tommorow, i want to see juncker, schultz, and tge rest of these brussels nazi communists fleeing for there lives, running fir there lives, like the nazis fleeing from the reichstag zfter russians broke through.

    I want to live to see the death of these traitor political nazis, i prey that the mob will quickly catch them, overrun them, drag them thriugh streets, before the lamp posts and ropes are tethered.

    I fear the wordt, for its clear now that the enemy ckukd also be u next door neighbour, the leftitst are 50% all round us, we have to cull these traitors, they must be stopped, like the nazis had to be dealt with, and japan, we had to deal with them, mow we must deal with any persons who support the genocide of our countrys, cultures, white people, in the name of cultral marxism.

    We are at beginning of world war 3,

    The war has started, look around you……

  5. 2:05: “[Muhammad is] an example for Muslims all over the world who worship him.”

    What? Some Muslims worship Muhammad (pbuh)? That *shirk*! No being is worthy of worship except Allah. Imam Geert agrees with Imam Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi that these Muhammad-worshiping Muslims should be decapitated.

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