You Take Pork on Your Pizza? Prepare to Die!

The following incident appears to be an example of when sharia law is enforced against non-Muslims.

The article doesn’t specifically indicate that the victims were native Danes. However, Danish media aren’t as reticent about enricher crimes as in some countries (e.g. Sweden), and describe the perpetrator as being “of an ethnic origin other than Danish”. Thus it’s reasonable to assume that the young lady who was eating pork on her pizza was an ethnic Dane.

My guess is that the young couple made the mistake of eating their pizza in an area that local culture-enrichers consider a zone reserved exclusively for Muslims, which makes its inhabitants subject to sharia dietary restrictions, whether they are Muslim or not. The only curious thing is how the infidel offenders managed to obtain pork inside a sharia zone — did they carry it in with them?

Many thanks to Tania Groth for translating this article from

On Saturday night a young couple were attacked by up to five people of alien ethnic origin in Silkeborg (Denmark).

In connection with the incident, Mid- and West Jutland police are searching for the offender, whom they describe as a man about 175 cm tall, of standard build, of an ethnic origin other than Danish, and wearing dark clothing. They are also looking for two to four other persons who participated in the attack.

The attack took place on March 12th at 6:07 in Nygade in Silkeborg at Eiffel Pizzeria, where the 24-year-old and her male acquaintance sat on a staircase eating pizza.

The perpetrator took one of her pieces of pizza and threw it on the ground. This turned into a scuffle, and soon afterwards a group of men, friends of the perpetrator, arrived at the scene and started kicking and punching her male acquaintance.

Midtjyllands Avis writes that the young couple were asked if there was pork on their pizza, to which they answered yes. It was apparently this that triggered the brawl.

“Suddenly a young man of different ethnic origin rushed out and struck the young girl gratuitously on the head and she subsequently lost her hearing in one ear. At the moment we do not know whether she has permanent hearing loss! He then takes a stranglehold on her and shouts that she sure as hell should not eat pork on her pizza!” Writes the mother of the young man in a post on Facebook. The newspaper has seen the post.

To BT Police Commissioner Bent Riber Nielsen has confirmed that the perpetrator enquired about the contents of the pizza. The Police Commissioner has no further comments to add.

He hopes that the above video can help to identify the as yet unidentified men.

Below is the full CCTV clip that includes the incident described above. Vlad Tepes has added text and voice-over to describe the events that evening:

37 thoughts on “You Take Pork on Your Pizza? Prepare to Die!

    • Or perhaps Samoans…you gotta be politically correct and get the facts

  1. Anywhere ( home or out ) I eat pizza with my wife, children, or grandchildren, on my side, is my .380 semi auto. It is a shame they can not do the same in the EU. If a business is posted no guns allowed ( as is their right ) we go elsewhere. The EU is going to get real interesting in the coming years.

    • Exactly why the left hates guns and the second amendment so much. It gives people other options, apart from submitting, and calling the police, who have themselves already submitted.

      An individual with a legal gun is a bigger threat to the left than a black Chicago street gang. The individual is a barrier in the way of revolution through street violence.

    • See, I don’t agree that they “can’t” or that it’s the right of those businesses to bar guns. Let’s say those businesses said: “No fighting back if someone attacks you in here.” See what I mean? I’m of a slightly conquering mindset with that.

      As for the EU, I was there recently & I think it’s sometimes foolish to obey the law- even to simply fly under the radar. Again, they could ban all sorts of things (including rape & murder)- it doesn’t mean that it’s not something a person needs to defend themselves from. Or revenge, let’s be honest.

  2. I guess the ethnic Christians especially still do not quite get it – yet. Freedom, democracy and Muslims just don’t mix. One or the other is going to have to go – sooner or later.

  3. We now know all too well about the “peaceful” lying Muslim and their moony inspired war on the world. Why would anyone risk eating anything prepared by a Muslim? “The EU is going to get real interesting in the coming years”? Everywhere amigo. The same insanity is all over.

  4. The modus operandi is certainly Muslim – always outnumber the infidel when attacking them and tell them why they are being attacked.

    As paul above hints at, there is not much one can do against five attackers who are already primed into attacking while their intended but unaware victims will need time to react to such an attack before they can respond.

    When my wife and I eat out, I always insist we sit in an area close to a rear exit and where I can see the entry to the eatery. I sus out all new arrivals after checking out those already there before taking our seats. Being prepared is almost as good as being forearmed.

  5. Always a gang. allah sure does breed a bunch of cowards as “believers.” These are the same “refugees” fleeing violence. What a load of cr*p!

    • As to the gang aspect I think it misses the point to call them cowards.

      They’re here for a specific purpose – to colonize, to intimidate, to dominate. They’re going to use any tactic which gives them the upper hand. And why shouldn’t they?

      They’re not interested in figuring out what our honorable rules of engagement are and then accommodating us on those terms. They’re interested in conquest. Any which way they can. No holds barred. No dirty tactics ruled out.

      They have the mindset to win and we don’t.

      • Maybe some day soon some of the younger Europeans are going to figure out that their older generation leaders are selling out their future and do a bit of gang action of their own. There is no honor in letting an invader into your home

      • The times have changed. It is not eating out as usual. It is not taxi as usual. It is not gas as usual. It is nothing as usual. Any Muslim who thinks otherwise is bound for a no virgin demise. Small sacrifices of convenience by the citizens of the civilized world.

    • Here’s the thing: refugee or not, if you don’t have basic tolerance for your hosts, you shouldn’t be allowed in.

      It’s time to develop criteria by which even genuine refugees should be declared inadmissible.

      (In an ideal world, the readership of GoV would be put in charge of the effort :-).)

  6. This is so retarded: around here (normal parts!), one of the local Muslim families had a pizzeria, where they sold pork-topped pizzas (while not eating them themselves). Business is business… They’re also well-liked by everyone in their small town. Those things are, I imagine, linked.

    I think that a huge part of Europe’s problem is the overly generous benefits.

    • The Muslim is always friendly if it is their benefit to be so… e.g. selling you pizzas. Once they reach a certain critical mass, their demeanour changes. We have seen that here is blighty, over the last 40 years or so. I speak from experience and observation of facts, not what my utopia seeking philosophy would like me to see.

  7. With each “crisis” the European Union, which is the utopian state, proposes more powers for itself. And so the European continent continues in a vicious cycle without end.

  8. Trichinosis was eliminated a LONG time ago once it was discovered that pigs were becoming infected from being fed garbage contaminated with that roundworm. The problem was swiftly addressed.

    Many of the old dietary rules were very wise at one time, but are now outdated in the time of refrigeration and proper food preparation.

    I know plenty of people who refuse to eat pork, but it’s because pigs are such intelligent and sweet animals, not because they are unclean, and one of our friends has two pig pets.

    • Dietary rules are imposed by religions, as ordering every activity you perform, from what and how you eat, what you wear and how you engage in sex and defecate, is a well recognised way to indoctrinate the mind. Its a form of control.

    • in the middle east, porc was kept until biblical times. Excavations prove that porc was eaten there.It is an idiological sublimation to blame the germs and worms, when for real, the omnivorous porc with its habit of digging became a too dangerous food- competitor for sedentary men and thus was expelled, anihilated.

      • Once, I had a Muslim from Lebanon (or was it Egypt?) tell me that the reason pork is forbidden is because the male pigs do not look after the female.

        Cool story bro….what religion did you say you’re a member of?

        • More likely because pigs are not suitable animals for nomadic herdsmen. They prefer a more humid environment, and provide nothing but meat. No milk, wool, or labor.

    • Yeah. I don’t eat beef when there is chicken available, for the same reason. Cows and pigs are intelligent and tame. I have no emotional connection with chickens or turkeys, so down the hatch.

      I knew a guy with a pet pig. It was intelligent, possibly more so than its owner, but it wasn’t at all connected to people in the way that dogs are. After interacting with the pig, I couldn’t imagine wanting one as a pet.

  9. The area is not a “muslim zone”, it is the shop street of a fairly homogeneous danish area called Silkeborg. The perpetrators came from a near by larger city of Aarhus ( which does have such problems). Muslim groups travelling out of there and making problems in Silkeborg have increasingly become an issue. This makes the conclusion worse, as it implies these misfits expect to go anywhere in the country and not have their religious sensibilities offended/actively seek out offende as a pretext for violent assault. They consider the whooe country a muslim zone.

    • Wow! Yes, that’s what it sounds like: They consider the whole country a sharia zone.

      I was in Aarhus for a few days back in 2007, and I didn’t see much enrichment. But then, I didn’t go anywhere near Gellerupparken.

    • But,,, but,, ultimately its because the authorities have not drawn a line to say “this is not acceptable” The Muslim pushes and watches for the reaction. In the West it has been concilliatory and pro-Muslim. So they push a bit harder. “How will the West react now?” They think. They will keep pushing harder and harder and harder, until we say no, or until I am wearing a burkah and praying 5 times a day.

  10. Pre- arranged. Moslem Pizzeria “Takeaway” selling pork products. This was also aimed at the owners for doing thta. This was an ambush. Enforcing the sharia writ.

  11. In Finland we have a lot of pizza and kebab restaurants owned by muslim migrants. A couple of years ago there was a newspaper article about those places having pork on a menu, but using turkey instead of real pork on pizzas. Just be aware. When you order some ham you could be cheated.

  12. Oh, Muslims! Pork! I get it.

    I thought they were importuned by a bunch of Sicilians for eating pizza with a fork.

  13. I listened to Teresa May’s claptrap speech about the terrorist attack. Praising the first responders and policemen. Then the usual **. ” We will not be defeated, we will keep our freedom that all cultures in the UK enjoy” Then the statements about “we will go about our business” Yata,,,Yata,,,Yata…..and so on. Politicians with their security and fences and private planes don’t have to worry about terrorism hitting their domains. Time to start with the nucleus of the problem……POLITICIANS!

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