Erdogan on Europe: “This is a Nazi Mentality”

Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the would-be Sultan of the Neo-Ottoman Empire and the would-be Caliph of Sunni Islam, is at it again. Evidently his earlier vituperations against Germany and the Netherlands did not produce the reaction he had hoped for, so he ratcheted up his rhetoric even further. It’s as if he is determined to start World War Three, no matter how much the West resists his provocations.

The following speech by Erdogan was close-captioned in German, and Nash Montana has translated the captions into English. She includes this prefatory note:

And once again, Erdogan is swinging the Nazi bat against anyone and everyone not him.

The video was hard to translate because, honestly, Erdogan talks like a retard, and he doesn’t make much sense. His self-righteous indignation keeps him from coming across as an intelligent man with the ability to string coherent sentences together, and it shows in his speech.

But it doesn’t matter; apparently his listeners are equally dumb. They get him just fine.

I translated this part of the video from a speech that Erdogan gave on last Sunday in Istanbul. He declared that the “masquerade ball” in Europe is over. He accused the Netherlands and Germany of Nazi methods, which he continually does.

He is a very consistent man in that regard. But then he decided to dial it up yet another notch.

In addressing Merkel personally, he proceeded to say that they, the Germans and Netherlands, would gladly again put gas chambers and concentration camps back on their daily order of business if they weren’t so ashamed of themselves.

He declared that Europe openly is against Turkey and that “their hatred, their discontent, their dissatisfaction against our country and our fellow countrymen, and against all muslims every day on TV, and in the news media” is dangerous.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


0:08   The latest things we’ve seen in Europe show us
0:11   that the war against our country and our goal
0:14   has entered a new phase.
0:18   Those who have tried
0:21   to take us down with their men,
0:24   with the terrorists that they support and give weapons to,
0:27   with the spies that they have bought
0:30   with their dollars,
0:33   they are all working in the fields now.
0:36   My brothers and sisters, the masquerade is over!
0:47   They have said goodbye to diplomacy!
0:50   They don’t even feel the need
0:53   to hide their intentions anymore,
0:56   but they cannot hide the fear of Turkey
0:59   that they feel, because our power grows stronger every day!
1:02   They spew their hatred, their discontent, their dissatisfaction with
1:06   our country and our fellow countrymen,
1:09   and against all muslims
1:12   every day on TV
1:15   and in the news media.
1:18   Because they know the weight of April 16th,
1:22   since the meaning is something
1:25   that they cannot transfer
1:28   to their subcontractors.
1:31   They know very well that there is a chance
1:34   that not only the governmental system in Turkey,
1:37   but also the system
1:40   that they want to use
1:43   for themselves,
1:46   will be torn down on April 16th!
1:54   They would gladly again
1:57   put gas chambers and
2:00   concentration camps back
2:03   in their daily order of business
2:06   if they weren’t so ashamed of themselves!
2:10   Can we forget Srebrenica?
2:14   Can we forget all those that were murdered,
2:17   the 834,000 Bosnians in Srebrenica,
2:20   who died the death of martyrs?
2:23   This is their mentality,
2:26   this is their mentality in the Netherlands.
2:29   And there is more to come, and that’s why
2:32   they become unsettled when we call them fascists.
2:35   They are unsettled when we say
2:39   that this is a Nazi mentality, and their partners in Europe instantly cover their back.
2:42   Foremost Merkel, she covers their back too. You too now employ Nazi methods. Against whom? Against my Turkish brothers and sisters
2:45   in Germany, and against my
2:48   minister brothers or assembly men
2:51   and representative brothers
2:54   from Turkey, who go there
2:57   to confront them.

22 thoughts on “Erdogan on Europe: “This is a Nazi Mentality”

  1. Pretty much the standard technique of all bullies. Been hanging out on with Muslims on various forums, and many of them use exactly this guilt tripping crap as soon as their argument goes south. All the […] time.

  2. He reminds me so much of your typical Union leader goon. Except that he’s unfortunately the president of one of THE most militant islamic countries in the world.

    • Perhaps he should look in the mirror first before accusing
      Others of Nazism?

      His methods – jailing opponents by the tens of thousands,
      Shutting down newspapers, abolishing political posts to take more power for himself and so on, remind you of anyone?

      • They do not think as we do, in a logical fashion. The (mis probably) quote, “take the beam out of your own eye before criticising the mote in another’s” has no meaning for them.

  3. When do we kick this dictatorship out of NATO? It’s seriously getting to be about time!

    • I think our “strategic thinkers” or whatever remains of the old regime, think that that would just play into Putin’s hands. They are wrong, imo, it would saddle Putin with Erdo full time, eek.

      Erdo of course plays both sides for all it’s worth. I mourn the day when Brits and the French prevented Russia from retaking Constantinople.

  4. And the dhimmi dutch didn’t vote in Wilders. Almost as stupid as Swedes [English vegetables similar to a turnip]

    • You have to give the Dutch time. Europe has been the first part of the West to become fully indoctrinated and subsequently we now witness how successful that indoctrination has been.

      When Widlers gives it away, then you and I and everyone else will know that it is over for the Dutch.

      • There is no time left. If Wilders, by any reason leaves, there might not be an other person having the [masculine equipment] and charisma to lead the people.
        The dutch gave away their freedom and the europian sheep might not go with LePen or against merkel because of this bad example.
        With present immigration levels europe cannot wait an other five years.

  5. Not really a serious comment, but looking at the picture of Erdo, both his eyes are red–could he be the devil? (in a not so difficult disguise)

    • Maybe I should have said, “This image has been digitally modified.” I thought the red eyes made the fact obvious, but maybe not. The rest of the changes are more subtle — see if you can detect them. For comparison, the original is here.

  6. ” It’s as if he is determined to start World War Three, no matter how much the West resists his provocations.”

    Was the West resisting?

    Letting Turkey into the EU is like inviting the street vagrant who hasn’t bathed or changed clothes in a month and is reeking of stale alcohol and vomit into your family home for dinner. You can rant on about justice and equality, but your stomach simply won’t allow you this last charitable act of self-denial.

    Of course, we know now that the German staff officers were essential in allowing the Turkish military to organize the systematic extermination of the Armenians. And we know that Turkey was then under the control of the Young Turks, a secular military government that traces directly to the current Turkish government. It’s not that Islam is innocent, but Turkish nationalism is the engine right now: Islam is simply the gas.

    Turkey is not going to be anyone’s friend or anyone’s patsy. Turkey will work to its own national interest, no matter what, and will use any means at hand for coercion. The proper way of dealing with Turkey is the same way as Israel uses with Hamas and the Palestinians: strong military, strong border control, strong deterrence.

  7. He truly doesn’t know when it is better to shut up. The sign of an out of control egotist and a man who believes he can do no wrong. He has probably killed any enthusiasm in Europe for admitting Turkey into the EU.

  8. …sez the Muslim Nazi with a cute little Hitler mustache.

    Lol. If the [muslims] weren’t genocidal mass-murdering maniacs, they’d actually be very funny!

  9. Technically. He is not that far wrong. The European Union, being Euro-centric, financed by a central bank, using a single currency, and run by an unelected politburo is a “national socialist” organization. The “Nation” is Europe, and they will do anything to defend everything it stands for, including building an army.
    What poor, stupid Erdogan doesn’t understand is that he is the modern day El-Duce, attempting to run a Fascist country in the shadow of his Northern master.
    The difference today is that the soldiers on the side of Marxism have not so secretly, and completely infiltrated every country in Europe, and will rise up as one force when the call to prayer is sounded.
    The Red horse (dragon) appeared, and his rider (islam) was given power to take peace from the Earth, and men would slay one another, and a great sword was given him.
    Poor, stupid Erdogan doesn’t remember the history of El-Duce the first.

  10. There is a hypothetical question going around: if one could go back in time to kill Hitler before he gets his damage done, should or would we do it?
    Well, this turkey leader is even better candidate than merkel to decide the question. What would be the answer?

  11. Erdo maliciously mentioned gas chambers and camps. Immo, just some freight trains towards Turkey would do the job.Killing two birds with one stone: bring home his voters and empty our penitentiary system. I wonder about the reactions, if say, 2000 turkish evildoers would hit Istambul mainstation or airport on a single day.

  12. The numberless young males that have been invited to invade Europe will be absorbed by Merkel”s European army._____ watch this space!

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