More on the Halal-Murder in Kiel

Last week we posted about a murder in the German city of Kiel in which a Turkish husband apparently butchered his wife in halal fashion.

Below is a longer report with more details on the incident. Many thanks to Egri Nök for translating this article from

Kiel: Mother of Three stabbed to Death in Front of Kindergarten; Perpetrator in Pre-Trial Detention

March 15, 2017

The victim bled to death on the open street. Her 40-year-old husband was arrested near the crime scene.

Once again a man has killed his wife on the open street. The bloody deed is shocking and deeply saddening. The five-year-old son apparently had to watch as his mother’s throat was cut.

The crime scene in the district of Kiel Neumühlen-Dietrichsdorf is cordoned off with barrier tape. Investigators in white overalls are securing traces. Then the corpse is being taken to forensics. Dilek V. (34), mother of three, bled to death on the sidewalk. She was already dead when police and rescuers arrived, alerted by an eyewitness.

On Thursday forensics began the postmortem of the corpse. Chief Prosecutor Axel Bieler says the woman was killed with a kitchen knife. This was the result of the preliminary autopsy. The final result is expected within the next few days, Bieler announces. The 40-year-old suspect was brought before the investigative judge. The committing magistrate issued a warrant for manslaughter, following the proposal of the State Prosecutor Kiel. “The investigations are still ongoing”, Bieler explains. The man has not yet made a statement on the allegations.

[photo caption: a group of possible relatives gather at the crime scene; police is looking after them. Photo: rtn ]

Dilek V. had been walking her youngest son to the kindergarten “Am Wasserturm” as usual; she lived only five minutes away. At that point, her husband Aytekin A. (40) trapped her. “The investigators for the Kiel Homicide Division assume a marital quarrel between the spouses, who lived separately,” the police spokesman Finn-Ole Henning says. According to information obtained by, this was about child custody.

Aytekin A. was arrested at a supermarket not far from the crime scene. The victim married her husband when she was 17 years old, and had three children by him, two sons (5 and 15) and a daughter (10).

[photo caption: firefighters clean the crime scene after the knife attack in the district of Kiel Neumühlen-Dietrichsdorf. Photo: dpa ]

Last summer Dilek V. ended the relationship. A girlfriend (42) explains: “She decided to do so after a holiday in Turkey, where he brutally beat her up and took away the passports from her and the children and flew back to Germany alone. “ The mother moved out with her children, and a few days ago a court decided to grant her sole custody. “Aytekin could not take it”, the friend believes. “He was telling everyone that he was not allowed to see the children anymore. But that was not true, there was a visitation ruling, and Dilek always told the children: ‘He remains your dad’. She was a kind-hearted woman, an angel.”

Eyewitnesses report the terrible screams of the victim, whose throat was allegedly cut through with a knife. The investigators are silent concerning the victim’s injuries.

[photo caption: Forensics at the crime scene. The bloody deed was done near the municipal kindergarten Am Wasserturm. Photo: rtn]

On Wednesday a number of friends gathered at the crime scene. Many women were crying; one of the men said to a policeman: “We told you something like this would happen — why didn’t you protect her?” Aytekin A. was allegedly violent even after the breakup. The State Prosecutor could not confirm relevant incidents, and investigators also have no knowledge of mental illness, which is being mentioned by people who know the suspect.

The three children are now in the custody of the Kiel Youth Welfare Office. Head Marion Muerköster: “They are being taken care of psychologically, and have been placed together in a foster family.” The case brings back sad memories of the death of Delali A. (38). The woman was set on fire on December 7 on the sidewalk in the Kronshagen district near Kiel by her husband, after they both had taken their children, two boys, to school and daycare. She died.

Tragic: it seems the five-year-old son of Dilek V. witnessed the crime, and then ran into his kindergarten in desperation. The mother (44) of another kindergarten child tells us: “He was standing in the hallway crying and said: ‘Dad beat Mom’. I hugged him, comforted him and promised: ‘Don’t worry, I will bring your mom here.’ I did not know she was dead. I could not keep my promise.”

9 thoughts on “More on the Halal-Murder in Kiel

  1. This kind of stalking/murder of a wife usually seems to involve a loser husband whose estranged wife/girlfriend was the main support and often breadwinner of the family. It’s like these guys realize they blew the best chance they ever had, or ever would have, to have a life of anything but hanging out on the street.

    Especially in a close-knit community, these losers become known, and no woman would go within 20 feet of them…and the family (owner in Muslim societies) of any woman he spoke to would slit his throat.

    So, I speculate, the threatened murder/suicide is a hail Mary play by his genes to reproduce themselves: if he dies, no big loss, but if the play works in even a few number of cases, it becomes a success strategy for the loser genes.

    If I recall correctly, the ability of a Muslim man to have up to 4 wives (no limit in the case of the oil billionaires) shuts out many lower-class Muslim males from the ability to have a wife. So, the hail Mary gene play become more common in polygamous societies. Once in a while, a female is unprotected enough, and scared enough, that she stays with the male loser in spite of the fact he is abusive and is a net drain on her resources.

    Is my speculation correct? Who knows? But this we do know: the instances of violent abuse of females increases radically with Muslim immigration. This is not speculation.

    Of course, after the loser commits the murder, he is put up in a nice, cozy prison with food, living space, television and hoards of fellow-Muslim losers telling him how superior he is, courtesy of the taxpayer. He is deprived of female companionship, but truth be told, this kind of loser is uncomfortable around women anyway, does not know how to communicate with them, and feels no great loss at not interacting with them.

    How does this loser fare in Syria, Yemen, Somalia…? Who knows? Who cares?

    The Germans treat the sociopathic, low-IQ, low future orientation Muslim losers as if the losers had the same values as feminized German males: mortified at the least criticism of their social correctness and social conformity.

    So, the Germans will continue to spend millions of euros investigating and “punishing” the horrific crimes of Muslim immigrants who could really care less if they are convicted and jailed or not.

    All speculation on my part. I let you know when I have research to back up what I assert.

  2. If this is happening in a non-muslim country, it must be happening in muslim countries by the thousands and never reported because this kind of animal behaviour is regarded as normal.

  3. Well, she might have disobeyed him- we haven’t heard his side yet. And if the guy’s honor was at stake, I suppose he should serve six months in the hoosegow so as to discourage this kind of activity.

  4. As long as it is only one muslim killing another… Maybe this and other acts like it will serve as object lessons to those western women foolish enough to contemplate entering into dalliances with muslim men.

  5. Once again “mental illness” is the excuse: “mental illness, which is being mentioned by people who know the suspect.” For all the numerous times this excuse comes up in the context of Muslim violence, we need to start looking beyond the individual Muslim and focus on his/her beliefs. The violent commands in the Quran and Sharia law constitute the “mental illness” that plagues Muslims. Some have developed an immunity, but others are just playing out what their ideology tells them to do. Muhammad perfected his “halal murder” skills in the marketplace of Medina with 600 to 900 Jews.

  6. Islamophobia Leaves Three Motherless

    Muslims heard muttering fears of whom will be targeted next, and whom will be scapegoated, as the enemies of Allah close in.

  7. How is this manslaughter? Did he just mean to gently scratch her throat, then…Oooh whoops! The knife slipped and off came her head.
    As for any pleas of insanity, well any follower of the schizophrenic paedophile is mad in my opinion, so they should all be incarcerated in mental asylums, or even better…returned home to a country where their actions are lauded. Muslim countries.

    • Exactly – how is it not premeditated murder, when he brought a knife with him?

  8. In too many of these cases of the husband/boyfriend killing the woman and/or the children… you read and read time and again how the police were informed of the guy’s violence and threats and nothing much is done to protect the woman or the children. They are pretty much abandoned by the Law and left open to attack.

    Then folk say things like, “How come that stupid woman won’t leave her abusive man??” Well, can we blame them when they know they’ll be neglected by the Law and left wide open to attack?!

    No matter what direction we look we find that Society is utterly failing women and children in so many ways. 🙁 Pathetic.

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