Rainer Wendt: “We Have Already Impressively Proven That We Can’t Do It”

Rainer Wendt, the head of the German Police union, is an outspoken fellow who never hesitates to call a spade a spade. The video below is an excerpt from a recent speech by Mr. Wendt in which he tells the plain truth about the failure of Germany to “integrate” its immigrants.

Am I mistaken in thinking that a German of lesser standing would most likely have been prosecuted for saying the things Rainer Wendt says in this clip?

Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


0:00   …and I don’t even know how people come up with the idea
0:03   and belief that integration could work.
0:06   It can’t function, and I can even tell you why:
0:09   because here in Germany we have already
0:12   impressively proven that we can’t do it.
0:15   And whoever doesn’t believe that, I will gladly invite to Berlin
0:18   or to Bremen,
0:21   the Ruhr area, the Rhineland.
0:24   There we’ve been integrating for going on thirty years!
0:27   In Berlin alone
0:30   we’ve got about twenty large families, twelve of them highly criminal,
0:33   that number a few thousand people.
0:36   Heroin, the weapons trade and human trafficking,
0:39   the whole palette of organized crime, perfect parallel societies,
0:42   with child marriage, forced marriage,
0:45   So-called honor killings,
0:48   genital mutilation… the whole program.
0:51   Not just since 2015, ladies and gentlemen,
0:54   but for the past thirty years!
0:57   There’s not just one —
1:00   I’ve heard the example of the one woman with great interest —
1:03   there are entire families that don’t speak one word of German.
1:06   And women who furthermore aren’t allowed
1:09   to go out on the street all by themselves,
1:12   and who of course don’t speak a single word of German.
1:18   We have therefore already screwed this up thoroughly.
1:21   In some parts of Berlin there even are special traffic laws!
1:24   There are special courts.
1:27   And we say: oh, well, just a little bit, that’ll surely work.
1:30   And we are putting up with more and more.

19 thoughts on “Rainer Wendt: “We Have Already Impressively Proven That We Can’t Do It”

  1. “I’ve heard the example of the one woman with great interest —
    1:03 there are entire families that don’t speak one word of German.”

    So deportation back to their country of origin is not a problem?

    • Not being able to speak German is NOT a problem. They don’t plan to assimilate, they are the replacement population. As they would say, “what is left of German culture that we could assimilate to?”

      • There is zero interest of Merkel and co for the New Germans to speak “German”. It’s not really an item on the to-do list.

        • Lately it became known the German school system is dilapidating at an alarming rate, it’s obvious why.
          The newcomers don’t need or want formal education. All the education they need can be had at the nearest mosque.
          The indigenous Germans don’t need education either. They are on the high road to extinction. So why invest money in something that is not needed anymore.

      • Or you can imagine the future this way: Germany militarises those healthy young men and sets about a conventional war with Russia. The problem here is that Vlad Putin has stated “RUSSIA WILL NOT FIGHT ANOTHER WAR ON HER OWN LAND”

        This poses a problem for the ever hopeful mandarins who make money from trading in weapons and legalised murder. Vlad Putin obviously does not anticipate being over-run on her western flank.

        On the southern flank and specifically the Ukraine and The Crimea, Vlad has ensured there will be no trespass there either.

        So what other options have our Western leaders got to undermine The Russian Federation that will employ all of these fit young men from N Africa and other places?

        • Well, there are all those millions of single young (or young-ish) men in China, India, Africa, who will never have the chance to marry or raise a family.

          Cannon fodder is what they are. Now many of those single young men from MENA are arriving in Europe. Nothing to lose, everything to gain. No wonder they strut as they go from rape to pillage and never have to bother serving in any army.

          • I just wonder how many of our feral savages are under NATO military training in the deep valleys of the Caucasus.

            They will be well suited, and then they can be deployed covertly, or with Bundeswehr.

            Our media will not report on these developments, they will lose their job.

  2. I think you are right that a German of lesser rank would be in a lot of trouble. What is emboldening them now to speak out?

  3. Is Wendt positioning himself for a move into politics? I hope so, he has a straight forward and convincing style. And he speaks from experience. Refreshing as most politicians spout hot air. Very hard to argue against his points. Muslim migrants are clearly shown to be uninterested in integrating into a Western secular culture. They will create a parallel society. The evidence is overwhelming.

  4. I’ve known him for some time now and he’s got guts, that’s for sure. HOWEVER… I was more than a little disappointed not hearing JIM just once.

  5. Tom Kratman wrote a book titled “Caliphate”. Although a fiction novel, it sets out the future Germany and Europe very well. Almost prescient really.

  6. But many immigrants, including myself when I lived in Germany, integrate perfectly. For instance East Asians who are doing brilliantly in academia and music. It depends on the attitude and IQ.

    • I agree with you, many immigrants do assimilate very well into the western world.

      Moslems however, are not immigrants, but colonists; and even if some appear to assimilate, as long as they follow the koran, a visit to the local mosque can turn them into raving jihadis at any time, so I for one don’t see how they could ever be trusted, and are therefore totally unsuited to live in any law-abiding western country.

  7. Wendt talks sense, but unfortunately the German police are not doing their duty, which is to arrest the criminal traitor Merkel who is in massive violation of the Basic Law on several counts. They might as well not bother turning up to work as long as that destroyer is leading the country to ruin, she takes ten steps back for every one forward they take.

    • Unfortunately the police are there to enforce the will of the State through application of the laws. If the State says certain laws are not applicable and the Courts support that, then the police have little option.
      It will be up to the public to do something about this which is why the State wants groups like Pegida to dry up and blow away.

      • In fact, if the political leaders violate the laws and oath of office and set aside the constitution illegally and treasonously, acting clearly against the public good and national interest, then it is the duty of the police (and armed forces if need be) to act to rectify the situation.

  8. These are pre-national tribal and clan centered people whose entire lives and loyalties are formed around kin relationships. As criminal enterprises they are malignant beyond belief.

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