A Muslim False Flag Operation at Concordia University in Montreal

Anyone who has been following the progress of Islamization will have noticed the ubiquity of fake attacks on Muslims and mosques. Someone daubs a swastika on the wall of a mosque, or burns a pile of rubbish outside the door, or sends a threatening note to a Muslim. If we ever learn the identity of the perp, it is usually in fact another Muslim, either a deliberate false flag operation to discredit the infidels or an angry Muslim with a grudge against a fellow Muslim or group of Muslims.

Wednesday’s bomb scare at Concordia University in Montreal was the same sort of thing writ large. Someone wrote a letter saying that explosives had been placed in university buildings in order to target Muslims. The supposed perpetrator was said to be a right-wing extremist, so the story made page-one headlines in Canada. Then the next day (yesterday), the perp was caught, and it turned out to be — surprise! — a Muslim man. As Vlad pointed out, the dénouement of the story was thus relegated to page 22, if it was even mentioned at all.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for translating this article from the Journal de Montréal:

Concordia bomb warning: a 47-year-old man accused

by Frédérique Giguère and Michaël Nguyen
March 2, 2017

The 47-year-old man arrested for threatening to detonate bombs at Concordia University is himself a doctoral student in economics at the institution.

Hisham Saadi appeared yesterday afternoon by videoconference. He faces accusations of creating fear of terrorist activities, threats and mischief.

The man, originally from Lebanon, is detained at the Montreal Detention Facility, better known as the Bordeaux Prison. He was badly shaved, wearing a Bordeaux-colored t-shirt, looking a bit overwhelmed by events, but he did not react when the Crown opposed his release.

“OK,” he simply said before returning to the cell.

He will be met by a criminologist from the psychosocial emergency services, who will determine whether he seems fit to appear before the court.

Very discreet

Saadi seems to be quite discreet about his private life. The Web contains very little information about him, except a mention of his participation in a symposium of microeconomic theory in 2015 where he represented Concordia University.

He was arrested at his apartment on Darlington Avenue in Côte-des-Neiges on Wednesday night. According to our information, his name does not appear on the lease. It is actually the apartment of another student at Concordia, about twenty years old. The neighbors questioned by Le Journal knew nothing about him, either, besides the fact that he did not go out much.

No weapons

A search took place at his house shortly after his arrest. No weapons or explosives or incendiary objects were found.

On Wednesday afternoon three university buildings had to be evacuated after receiving a hateful message from an extreme right-wing group aimed specifically at Muslim students.

However, no explosive devices had been found and the premises had been secured in the late afternoon.

This is the story as it originally unfolded on Wednesday.

See also this CBC report from yesterday.

Hat tip: Vlad Tepes.

4 thoughts on “A Muslim False Flag Operation at Concordia University in Montreal

  1. Never mind the true culprit: that’s for sissies to figure out. What is much more important is determining whether the hateful message was left by a “far” right-wing group, an “extreme” right-wing group, a “violent” right-wing group? Or merely a right-wing group? It could very well have been left by a group of middle-rights on their way home from somewhere star gazing in front of a wrong place? The place on the left? Not in the center. Nowhere near somewhere called common sense, far removed from hysteria.

  2. I should make the observation that journalism is alive and well in the US. It simply doesn’t reside in the Mainstream Media, which is entertainment, rather than news. Real news has always been investigated and written about by slightly weird, obsessed individuals who go after adventure. Money is not often their reward.

    The biggest threat to real independent journalism in the US was the arbitrary, but well-calculated decision by the Obama administration to surrender the US right to assign internet domain names. The right has been given to an international group, heavily influenced by the UN, which henceforth has the power to deny internet access to groups whose opinions it doesn’t approve of. They may lay low during the Trump administration. If they get too heavy-handed, the Trump administration may simply take it back. It’s not legal, but how would they fight it?

    But, this is a buried time-bomb, one of many left by the profoundly anti-American Trump administration.

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