A Police Escort Out of Rinkeby

Rinkeby is a heavily culturally enriched suburb of Stockholm. Its population consists almost entirely of immigrants, and most of those are Muslims. For many years it has been subjected to gang violence, rioting, rape, arson, assault, theft, and all the other problems associated with “refugees” wherever they accumulate in Europe. Rinkeby has been in the international news lately, thanks to Donald Trump — and a new spate of rioting and car-burnings.

With the help of Fjordman’s diligent work, we’ve been reporting on Rinkeby here for almost eleven years. The situation there was dire eleven years ago, and it has grown much worse in the years since.

As reported in last night’s news feed, an American journalist was recently escorted out of Rinkeby by Swedish police (although the police dispute his account). FouseSquawk has translated a Swedish article about what happened, and includes this note:

Fria Tider of Sweden has an interesting piece on an American reporter who came to investigate Rinkeby and the situation in Sweden. There are three videos in English, and I have translated the text of the article.

The translated article:

War reporter gets police escort out of Rinkeby

The war reporter Tim Pool, who recently came to Sweden to investigate whether there was immigrant violence in the country, was escorted out of Rinkeby on Wednesday by the police. It was too dangerous to be seen there.

“We must have a police escort now. We have been warned by them that it can be physically dangerous if we don’t leave Rinkeby now”, says Tim Pool in a film he published on Twitter at 3pm on Wednesday afternoon.

“This is the way it is in the daytime. The police followed us, because we would be followed. We have been warned that it can become dangerous within a few minutes. Fifty people could be here,” he says further in a film he published.

“I really thought I would be able to go around the quarter without any problem. I was wrong. They thought we were Swedish press. When we were leaving, they began screaming things at us,” he explained in two other tweets on Wednesday.

It was after the lawless situation in Sweden gained international attention that Tim Pool, an American war and disaster journalist, decided to pay a visit to this multicultural land.

It was Trump who made this happen. He has called Sweden a dangerous land with big problems, said Pool to Dagens Nyheter earlier in February, and continued:

“We had planned to travel to Sweden regardless, but now we really want to find out what is happening.”

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  1. Nowadays I count a story like this as a ‘feel good’ story, from the neener-neener-told-you-so files.


    The angry Swedish Wog explains the Swedish situation
    based on the Swedish Government’s recent and not very
    truthfully http://www.Declaration to the World:

    — Sweden’s Government is Lying about Sweden. —


    Ever since Donald Trump talked about Sweden our power elite has been working hard to dispute the notion of Sweden having serious issues.

    Most recently the Swedish Government made a statement on their website, which is just filled with half-truths and lies concerning immigration, crime and rape.

    The government claims that it needs immigration in order to keep the economy going, and – at the same time they claim they have nothing to gain from covering up negative aspects of the migration policy.

    In this video the Angry Wog sets the record straight on what is fact, and what is fiction.

    The Angry Wog srongly urges you to watch until the bitter end, “because that is the most messed up part”.


    Mark Steyn on Sweden
    (12 min. in)


    What Happens in Sweden Stays in Sweden –
    How Sweden’s lenient refugee policy has put its women in danger of being sexually assaulted. Another story you will not hear about in the American media.

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