Salafists Gun Down “Murtadeen” at a Quebec City Mosque

Further update: Police now say only one of the two men (the one named Mohamed) is considered a suspect; the Francophone fellow is a witness. This is bizarre, and doesn’t make much sense to me, but here it is (from an updated version of the same article):

Police now say only one of the two people arrested after Sunday’s terror attack on a mosque in Quebec City is a suspect, with the second man considered a witness.

The two arrested are Alexandre Bissonnette and Mohamed Khadir.

One of the men was arrested at the scene, while a second called 911 himself and was arrested around 9 p.m., just over an hour after the first 911 calls came in at 7:55 p.m., police said Monday morning during a news conference involving the Sûreté du Québec, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Quebec City police and Montreal police.

Quebec City police Insp. Denis Turcotte said the man who called 911 waited for officers to arrest him not long after the shooting at the Centre Culturel Islamique de Quebec in Quebec City’s Ste-Foy neighbourhood.

“He was armed and spoke to us about his acts,” said Turcotte. “He seemed to want to co-operate….The suspect said he was waiting for the police to arrive.”

A home on Tracel St. in the Cap-Rouge district of Quebec City was among the places where the police conducted searches on Monday.

The single-family dwelling appears to belong to Bissonette’s parents, who bought the property in 1987, real-estate records show.

Bissonnette’s father is listed in the sales deed as an investigator.

Update: Two shooters have now been identified in the media. The incident has a Mohammed Coefficient of 50%.

One has a Muslim name, the other a Quebecois name. Presumably the latter is a convert — unless he was a local infidel who joined in just for the fun of shooting people.

Here’s a report from The Montreal Gazette (Hat tip: Nick):

Quebec Mosque Shooting: Suspects Not Known to Police

According to Radio-Canada and LCN, the two suspects in Sunday’s terror attacks on a mosque in Quebec City are Alexandre Bissonnette and Mohamed Khadir.

One of the suspects was arrested at the scene, while a second called 911 himself and was arrested around 9 p.m., just over an hour after the first 911 calls came in at 7:55 p.m., police said Monday morning during a news conference involving the Sûreté du Québec, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Quebec City police and Montreal police.

The suspects, men in their late 20s and early 30s, were not known to police and the investigation into a possible motive continues, said superintendent Martin Plante of the RCMP’s C Division.

Nothing published since last night mitigates against my thesis that this was a Salafist attack on murtadeen who were being insufficiently zealous about killing infidels and imposing the shariah.

Anyone want to take bets on the length of the perpetrators’ beards?

As reported in tonight’s news feed, gunmen shot up a mosque in Quebec City, killing at least five people.

Early news stories gave a bare-bones account of the incident, followed by the Narrative describing “Islamophobia” in Quebec, and a recent increase of Islamophobic incidents.

Then came reports from eyewitnesses who said that the gunmen had been shouting “Allahu Akhbar” as they fired their weapons. That shot holes in the Narrative, too — unless, of course, the shooters were white-supremacist neo-Nazis who were just pretending to be Muslims.

The following video sheds some light on what may actually have happened in Quebec City tonight. It’s taken from the Facebook page of the mosque that was attacked. In it you’ll hear the imam of the mosque discuss the enmity of former members of the congregation who were unhappy with the blasphemous “moderation” of this mosque — that is, the shot-up mosque was full of murtadeen, or apostates.

Tonight’s attack may well have been an execution of Islamic justice against murtadeen by Salafist zealots.

Many thanks to Sandra Solomon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Below are excerpts from a CBC article about the attack:

Multiple Dead: 2 Arrested in Shooting at Quebec City Mosque

‘Quebec categorically reject this barbaric violence,’ says Philippe Couillard

Quebec City Police say several people are dead after shots were fired inside a Quebec City mosque on Sunday night.

Multiple people are also feared wounded. Their condition is not known at this time.

A few dozen people were inside the Islamic cultural centre of Quebec in the Sainte-Foy neighbourhood when the shooting began just after 8 p.m.

Quebec City Police Constable Étienne Doyon said mostly men were gathered at the mosque for evening prayers.

The director of the centre said at least five people were killed, but that information has not been confirmed by police.

Two suspects have been arrested, one of whom was apprehended after a chase that ended near l’île d’Orléans.

A large perimeter has been set up around the mosque.

‘A Quebecois accent’

A witness, who asked to remain anonymous, told CBC’s French-language service Radio-Canada that two masked individuals entered the mosque.

“It seemed to me that they had a Quebecois accent. They started to fire, and they shot they yelled, ‘Allahu akbar!’ The bullets hit people that were praying. People who were praying lost their lives. A bullet passed right over my head,” said the witness.

“There were even kids. There was even a three-year-old who was with his father.”

Video transcript:

0:29   It’s a weird thing. You see a group of brothers. They meet,
0:35   to work for the Jamaat Islamiya (the Muslim community). They will agree together and
0:38   they will walk on the same path for a year or two, three,
0:41   and then they will disagree, and then the fights and hatred will start.
0:47   They will boycott the other Islamic centre that’s been opened,
0:50   and they will call it the masjid of the bull. [an insult]

53 thoughts on “Salafists Gun Down “Murtadeen” at a Quebec City Mosque

  1. ‘Quebec categorically reject this barbaric violence,’ – Philippe Couillard

    “A terrorist attack against Moslems” – Trudeau

    Barbarism and terrorism. Their words.

    It is going to be very interesting to discover the true identities of the perpetrators.

    • Aw come on! Don’t tell me that Boy Trudeau did not have a small emotional orgasm on a deeply personal level when the story broke. Every politician, especially the super-narcissists, love every crisis … every opportunity to face a camera and spout canned virtue and plastic concern. Even Rona Ambrose got a few table scraps in parliament today. Admittedly, it is no 9-11 – Boy Bush’s moment of triumphal opportunity – but Canadian politicians will take every bit they get.

      • Add on: The spin-bots are already working frantically to pin blame for the event on American Trumpist Islamophobia. The narrative now only needs the Russian hackers to complete its incredibility.

  2. Thank you for staying up to post this one, Baron. I’ve been watching one of the local state-funded news services and there’s been lots of wailing of Iranian-German dual nationals saying they can’t refuse an Iranian passport (seems strange, Australian dual nationals are advised to enter and leave Australia on their Australian passport, and I know for a fact that an Australian passport has to be applied and paid for, it isn’t thrust on one) but nothing, zilch, nada, absolut nichts, about the Quebec mosque shootup. If it had been militant Catholics, or militant Quebec secularists, you could have been sure that it would have been the most important item in the bulletin. (There’s also been a lot of rubbish about Australia asking for a free pass for its dual nationals–I’d have thought that if you front up to US immigration with an Australian passport and a valid visa, they wouldn’t need to ask any more questions.)

    • Mostly a beat up by the lying media fake news sites. Have you noted how rabidly anti-Trump they are? Mind boggling stupidity from those who represent the sore losers and control freaks.

      • Apparently the US consulates have not been helping. There is a want of administrative efficiency in getting clear and proper instructions to them, but that is not meant as a criticism of the policy if it is properly implemented.

        • Many of those American consulates may have Muslim officials in them, who, and in my mind, would be deliberately mis-interpreting what they are told from on high.

  3. Thank you for researching this. Either way, muslim killers or not, all sane countries are much better off without these muslims.

  4. It seems to me, that if 3 men armed with AK type rifles and full magazines are only able to kill 6 in a room of +40 … a bit like shooting fish in a barrel, that they’re likely not hunters from out west here.
    Was this an outtake from “The gang that couldn’t shoot straight”?

    • I have seen one report that named the rifle as an SKS, not an AK-47. Reporters often mistake “assault rifles.” If it’s not a “sniper rifle” it’s an “AK-47.” If it’s a pistol, it’s a “Glock.”

  5. In all the news reports (including the one on conservative radio), as recently as 5 minutes ago (Australian Time 23.05 Monday) quote the Sorros Toy Boy, Justin Trudeau, as saying that “terrorists had killed poor muslims” – not a word about the killers obviously being muslims too.

    The only slightly amusing bit was that they seem to spell Justins first name like so:
    Justine ….hehehe (a maiden rather figuring prominently in some of the Marquis de Sade’s works) …

  6. Here are my prophecies:
    – Canadian MSM will ignore the beliefs of the perps and screams islamophobia
    – Trudeau’s government will fast track the anti-blasphemy, shariah law they planning
    – The Canadian government also fast track a weapon ban or arm control to disarm its citizens.

  7. “one of the gunmen shouted ‘Allahu akbar!’ as they both opened fire on the mosque”

    Not that this had anything to do with Islam.


  8. DailyMail reports that at least one of the shooters is a Moroccan student. Oddly, in gun free Canada, these guys had two AK-47s and two handguns. Nothing fails like gun control.

    • Gun free? Where do you live? I have a rifle, a shotgun, and two semi-auto handguns….ALL LEGALLY OBTAINED!

  9. Qubec police announce only one suspect arrested, other being held is a witness. You couldn’t make it up, but they probably did.. No mention of mental illness so I’m guessing the Canadian is the suspect

      • I think just the opposite is being reported — that the witness is the Muslim and the other guy (French Canadian) is the perpetrator. This story is not making a lot of sense.

          • The reason is is not making sense fpr you is that the incoming facts don’t accord with your ideology.

            Like the Trump spokesman who allowed as how this showed why the “muslim ban” was necessary. But the perp is a Trump admirer.

          • No, the problem wasn’t my ideology, the problem was in the wording of the article. I read it three times, and had a hard time determining which man was being referred to in several instances. I thought I had figured it out, but evidently I had not.

            I’ll be interested in hearing clarification about the “Allahu Akhbar”.

          • Dizzy, if this crime was committed by a non-muslim, we will fully condemn it. We’re just waiting for the facts to be established.

  10. Quebec has struggled to maintain its independent identity and culture as a minority surrounded by an anglophone majority since the founding of the country. The notion that any white culture should remain homogeneous and intact is antithetical to the goals of Globalists. Quebec politicians have advanced the goal of “diversity” by settling non-white french speaking migrants (Haitians and North Africans) against the wishes of the native-born population and lectured them for being xenophobes.

    The reality that a majority of Canadians, and in particular Quebecois, do NOT want “diversity” and reject the dissolution of their culture does not match the rhetoric published in the press in the US that Canadians are more “tolerant” (ie: compliant) and open towards “diversity” (ie: demographic shift social engineering, planned population replacement).

    “While Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, in contrast to Trump, has held out a welcoming hand to Muslim refugees, many Canadians clearly do not share his views. In 2015, Cogeco Nouvelles released a poll showing that 65 percent of Quebecers stated they did not want a mosque in their neighborhood, according to the National Post.”

      • No, they should not have elected Pierre in 1967. This horror has been in the making for over half a century … and it’s not going to get better. Say goodbye to freedom. Sorry to the cops reading this; you are already the Canadian state’s oppressor dogs – estranged from the people who pay your salaries. I doubt it’s what you envisioned when you signed up: The True North slapped in chains.

  11. Funny how this time the authorities didn’t rush to “rule out terrorism” a few nanoseconds after the event, but instead, did what they never do and ruled out everything else while pushing the terrorism angle, which has already begun to backfire and will likely be buried as soon as possible.

    One has to wonder why terrorism is the only explanation that consistently gets the honor of being “ruled out” emphatically and out of hand, with no investigation and not even the time to take a professional look into the forensic facts. Except, of course, when Muslims are killed, at which point terrorism is gladly “ruled in” by the authorities in exactly the same facile manner.

    Either way, it’s laughably unprofessional, whether or not the event does end up being related to terrorism after all.

    If you’re in the mood for some educational entertainment, google “terrorism ruled out” and “ruled out terrorism”. You’ll get tens of thousands of examples of this contagious “ruleoutitis” in action.

  12. “Anyone want to take bets on the length of the perpetrators’ beards?” — Baron, my beard reaches my navel. Muslims frequently express admiration. Hassidim aren’t as appreciative.

  13. Much is already being made of the French name of one of the attackers–Alexandre Bissonette.

    I would remind readers of the shooter at the Ecole Polytechnique—Marc Lepine. Was he really French Canadian as so many Canadians have been led to believe?
    No. Lepine, or Gamil Gharbi to give him his born name, was the son of an Algerian woman-hating moslem.

    In one of the most shameful cover-ups in Canadian history, the connection to islam has been totally air-brushed away. An hour long interview with Lepine’s mother conducted by CBC never once aired the word ‘muslim’, nor can it be found in Wikipedia, leaving the reader with the perverted fact that the killer of 14 women was a ‘French Canadian’.

  14. And now they’re reporting only one shooter, although all eyewitness reports were more then one. If there’s more then one, easy to mistake the number. If there’s only one, difficult to mistakenly report two or more. And now the French sounding name is the shooter, the other one a witness. With no explanation why he was taken into custody to begin with. The Mohammed suspect now witness was identified at the scene as being a shooter. Now he’s not? Something is really wrong with the narrative on this.

    • That’s what I was thinking: A “witness” (government agent?) and a deluded patsy (shooter and poli-sci student) who phones in his own arrest. Who wrote the script?

  15. My take out on this, is that the one arrested is a dyed in the wool Jihadi, and the witness is a convert whose own part in that slaughter has caused him to doubt his own sincerity in such violence and who has now become the ‘key’ witness.

  16. “Police now say only one of the two men (the one named Mohamed) is considered a suspect; the Francophone fellow is a witness”

    – The article you linked claims the exact opposite:

    “There are reports that the suspect is Alexandre Bissonnette, a Université Laval student. Police would not confirm that information.” […] “Mohamed Belkhadir, a 29-year-old engineering student, told La Presse that he was trying to provide first aide to shooting victims when police mistook him for a suspect. “

  17. The universally incompatible and homicidal certainty that is Islam honors its traditions.

  18. It’s all Trump’s fault, says the UK Daily Mail: “Alexandre Bissonnette arrived at a Quebec City courthouse on Monday night accused of slaughtering the men…as they attended evening prayers at the Quebec City Islamic Cultural Center on Sunday. The 27-year-old student from the affluent suburb of Cap-Rouge was described by classmates as a pro-Trump loner who did not fit in well at Laval University…”

    I’ll bet a tingle is running up the leg of leftie journalists around the world at the moment.

    • Why “pro-Trump” is even mentioned here is puzzling. There is no evidence that the guy was even right wing. On his Facebook page, he seems to have supported the far left party in Canada, the NDP. Nothing points to this guy being particularly anti-Muslim. For all we know, he could be a convert.

  19. A huge factor that inhibits Muslims from assimilating is that more devout Muslims are inclined to kill for it.

    • If this shooting turns out to be because the mosque was pressing for moderation we have a solid example. Shooting the Murtadeen is essentially honor violence, which the left would have us believe is cultural but in no way religious.

  20. Now that the story that the shooter is a white, right-wing nationalist supporter of Trump and Le Pen the Left is gleefully shouting out how this is proof the right is truly the violent and bigoted ones as they claimed all along. As if one evil act negates all the previous examples of “mid-east mental illness”.

    When there is a “nothing to do with islam” attack in the west we have to hear about the ‘poor’ muslims and the backlash and how wonderful islam is and how we’d be nothing without them. And now that they are the victims of us it’s STILL “poor muslims” and islam is wonderful and we’re nothing without them but to the enth degree. And with “nothing to do with islam” attacks we somehow deserve it because we treat muslims badly (though it has nothing to do with muslims). Yet, when we’re treated badly by muslims and someone decides to copy their evil it is “what did poor muslims ever do to deserve this??”

    I really would just like to live and let live but I’m not about to be rolled over either. The whole debacle is rather humiliating. The left is trying to goad us into violence and it is frustrating when someone takes the bait.

    • Just to add further: it’s hard to even feel the anger and sadness I normally would over such a tragedy when others are immediately pressing your face in how evil you are. No sane person is condoning this! I don’t even understand it.

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