Ex-Muslim: Veiling Does Not Protect Muslim Women From Sexual Predators

The following video is the third in a series of interviews with Sandra Solomon, a Saudi expat and apostate from Islam who now lives in Canada (the earlier clips are here). Her latest remarks focus on the way women are treated under Islam, and in particular the fact that wearing hijab does not guarantee that a Muslim woman won’t be molested.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for editing and uploading this video:

4 thoughts on “Ex-Muslim: Veiling Does Not Protect Muslim Women From Sexual Predators

  1. OT-ish: Trump only has 4-8 years, and the MSM is doing everything it can to destroy him.

    We need to show the English-speaking world what Germany and Sweden are suffering.

    Could this site, that collects information about ‘refugee’ crimes get a link from GoV? https://crimekalender.wordpress.com/ The translate function isn’t ideal, but one can’t keep up with perfect translations, as these crimes are happening so fast.

  2. Bagged, gagged, pregnant and submissive … If this continues, I might have to convert to Islam, if only for convenience. I mean, why not?

  3. The hijabi women are being depicted by mainstream media as being brave when they were harassed by infidels but what about us infidels who have to cope(in our daily situations) with those horrible hijabi women who can be even more hostile and even worse, if and when they show their tempers.

    What about us infidel women who are made to feel uncomfortable or harassed when we don’t cover up as much as they do?

  4. is there any way this video could be sent to the national organization of women, or Madonna, or Ashley judd?

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