The Dossier on Islam in France

The following video discusses the proliferation of mosques in France, who finances them, and what sort of imams preach in them.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:01   What were you thinking during this election, when they gave the results, honestly?
00:05   I thought that the Americans were faced with an extremely difficult choice,
00:09   because the chick who was running against Donald Trump, you need to know that she received
00:13   a million dollars from Qatar for her foundation.
00:17   Since Qatar is our worst enemy, it’s as if
00:22   a French politician were to get money from Hitler in 1938.
00:26   And I’m saying that it’s like Sarkozy, by the way, all those people who today get money from Qatar.
00:30   One day they’ll have to answer before a court, because if you are financed
00:34   by people who want to destroy you, at some point it’s high treason.
00:38   I don’t know how Michel sees that, but it’s high treason.
00:42   To be financed by your enemies is high treason. No, the word is strong!
00:47   It’s strong, but it’s the truth. To drag them before a court, we aren’t there yet.
00:51   Don’t make this face.
00:55   Radical mosques, what is being said there,
00:59   what is being read there. Global study of 300 pages that were missing.
01:03   2,500 mosques and prayer rooms were built in France in an in-your-face challenge.
01:07   New construction starts every month. The [unintelligible] counted 148 mosques
01:11   affiliated with Salafism from Saudi Arabia still active. But many others cause problems,
01:16   either by being close to the Muslim Brotherhood — about 200 — or through by their
01:20   belonging to Turkish Islamism, about 100. The Sunni school Maliki,
01:24   professed by Morocco and Algeria, also doesn’t represent an Islam compatible with our values.
01:28   They send us hundreds of imams every year. Officials of an Islam
01:32   that isn’t encountering too much opposition. This book of research allows the French
01:36   finally to have an exhibit of the dossier on Islam in France. What are the sermons given
01:40   in the mosques? What are the books disseminated in the bookstores of the largest mosques?
01:44   France became the playground of foreign powers. Each one is represented in the federation of the
01:49   council “French of Muslim Faith”. Let’s listen to those foreign preachers who still
01:52   teach crime in 2016. Despite the firm front of the [unintelligible] government?
02:05   [Haytam Sarhan, a Medinan “scholar” here in Mureaux, also intervenes in the mosques of Longwy and Marseille. ]
Omar the apostate leaves Islam for idolatry. If he repents, he has
02:09   nothing to fear; if he persists then he is an apostate,
02:13   and he has to be executed.
[Haytam Sarchan obtained a residence visa to prescribe killing the apostates who leave Islam. Here in February 2014, in Mureaux.]
The Sunna can sometimes add
02:17   what the Qur’an didn’t say.
[Amine Madji, imam of the mosque of Nancy-Tomblaire, president of the local council]
It’s when, for example,
02:21   the fact of stoning a man or a woman who committed adultery,
02:25   usually in the Quran: what prompted it was “fornication”.
02:29   it’s the fact of caning of those who committed fornication.
02:34   For those who committed fornication, 100 lashes, but it [the Quran] didn’t talk about
02:38   killing those who committed adultery. It’s the Sunna that came
02:42   to talk about it. It was the prophet who talked about it. Therefore his word
02:46   came to complete what the Quran perhaps hadn’t discussed. Therefore
02:50   to deny the Sunna is an act of clear, pure apostasy.
02:54   Someone, who says, ‘let’s put the Sunna aside, we don’t take it into consideration;
02:59   we just take the Quran’ is someone we consider an apostate.
03:03   Why? Because he hasn’t recognized,
03:07   acknowledged a large part of the Muslim faith.
03:11   Among the examples that we could cite, the example of the battle of
03:15   Badr: as a result of the battle of Badr the Muslims
03:19   captured — how many? —70 prisoners. They
03:23   captured 70 prisoners from among the polytheists. And there
03:28   the prophet called some of his companions and told them: ‘I need to discuss with you:
03:32   what do you think I should do with these prisoners?’ Omar Ibn Khattab told him:
03:36   ‘We take them and we kill all of them.’ Abu Bakr answered him: ‘No, they are our brothers
03:40   and they might possibly convert to Islam, so the best it would be that they pay a ransom
03:44   and then we free them, depending on the ransom that has been paid for them.’
03:48   The prophet opted for the opinion of Abu Bakr, voilà: he didn’t wait for a revelation.
03:52   So he gave his own opinion. He opted for the opinion of Abu Bakr,
03:56   but right after that, the Quran came to correct him, to show him that his
04:00   choice wasn’t correct, here is the proof, there’ it’s a direct proof Allah told him:
04:04   ‘It is not for a prophet to take prisoners of war (and free them for ransom) until he has made
04:07   A great slaughter (among his enemies) in the land. You desire the good of this world,
04:13   (money for ransom), but Allah desires (for you) the Hereafter.
04:21   And Allah is almighty, all-wise. […] verse 8:67-68
04:25   He reprimanded the prophet on his choice. He corrected him. He told him: ‘You should have
04:29   killed them.’ And in fact the prophet told him: ‘Omar, you were right, and the choice I made
04:34   wasn’t the right choice.’
[Amine Madji is Moroccan. Outrageously tolerated by the Interior Ministry, worse: the president of local CFCM-Muslim Association in Lorraine.]
04:41   In bookstores November 29, 2016

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  1. Remember: they’re “migrants,” not “invaders.”

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