Just Who is the Sow Here, Frau Kahane?

Earlier this summer we posted several articles about Anetta Kahane and her Amadeu Antonio Foundation, a Stasi-like NGO run by a former Stasi operative.

Vera Lengsfeld is a German politician, a peace activist, and a former DDR dissident. In the following essay from her website she has a few critical words addressed to Anetta Kahane and her foundation.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation:

Anetta and the Sows

“There is no right to hate speech”, the Grand Mistress of Hate Anetta Kahane just recently wrote in a column of the FR. It is the beginning of a philippic essay against freedom of opinion, turning into an outburst of insatiable hate against all who harbor dissident thought. The style reminds one of the Stalinist hate campaign articles of the fifties.

“To openly be allowed to hate, as if there was no morning. To say everything, just everything. This, so one hears these days, means freedom.”

Where, please, does one read such a thing? Who, outside of the left extremist blogs such as Indymedia and their rightwing equivalent manufactures hate slogans nonstop? Of course, Kahane habitually ignores the Antifa haters. She staunchly targets the democrats who are still of the opinion that the Constitution is the standard and not the narrow specifications of the Amadeu Antonio Foundation and their Stasi-trained boss.

Kahane alleges that the controversies over refugee politics “smear” hate into everyone’s face.

Again the question remains unanswered as to just who is doing what is mentioned above. Kahane engages in the advancement of that which she has learned from her Stasi masters: Denunciation. However, this time it’s not just directed against individual persons, but against entire citizens’ groups which she carefully won’t specify in more detail, apart from the one adjective: “New Right”. Any proof of her outlandish allegations? FAIL.

After a confusing, chaotic excursus about hate and other human feelings, the author’s emotions — to put it politely — completely snap. She writes: There “originates a climate beyond the legal that brings with it far more danger than a race with crazed pigs being driven through the village. On the Internet, hate speech shall be confirmed as the unchallenged norm; yes, it shall be declared the natural right of the love of freedom.”

Again, of course, without any proof, but with very clear associations that everyone who disagrees with Kahane is more dangerous than a “crazed sow”. This diction reminds one of the darkest times of the past.

Towards the end, Kahane of course brings out the ultimate club from her rhetorical bag of tricks to beat people over the head with: “The New Right wants to break this consensus of the post-war era. They now want to finally, finally — after an atonement for the Holocaust which lasted way too long — speak the ‘truth’ again. Without constraint and censorship.”

Whoever criticizes the so-called “refugee politics” is denying the Holocaust. Is Kahane really not aware of just what an unappetizing instrumentalization (exploitation) of the greatest Nazi crime she is conducting?

The finale is pure involuntary comedy:

“To react, to debate, to argue — and to do so without insult, racism and incitement of the people — is important… therefore, beware of free range sows. Once they’re let loose, they’ll run over everyone that stands in their way.”

Just who is the sow here, Frau Kahane?

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7 thoughts on “Just Who is the Sow Here, Frau Kahane?

  1. RULE 12: “Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.”
    RULE 5: “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon.”
    RULE 8: “Keep the pressure on. Never let up.”

  2. How to recognise “hate speech” the Anetta Kahane and Amadeu Antonio Foundation way;
    “Most of the time, emotional hate is disguised as rational argumentation.”

    A thought-crime in other words.

    Meanwhile “German Intelligence Admits Spying On Identitarian movement…………….The German branch of the movement reached out to Breitbart London and were well aware of the irony of protesting Stasi tactics only days before being confirmed to be under surveillance themselves.”
    Is it a ‘hate-crime’ to say some Germans have no sense of humour? it’s so hard to tell these days, just about everything is filled with hate, apparently.
    “German State TV runs afoul of the Stasi censors”
    It’s seemingly ‘vile’ to make fun of vague and nebulous hate-speech definitions, that could encompass just about anyone, saying just about anything or that happens to disagree, with the fanatical multikulti views of Ms Kahane and her ilk.

    The rise of authoritarian states to try and keep a lid on the disastrous consequences of multikulti polices, was entirely predictable.
    However it makes it no less excruciating watching them actually appear.

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