Don’t Hate Nothin’ at All Except Hatred

The following graphic is a present for our German friends. I put it together today with the help of our German translator Egri Nök.

Given the latest hate-speech edicts emanating from the Justice Ministry in Berlin, I doubt the image can be published in Germany. But our German readers can at least come over here and have a look at it:

This is the English version:

The context of this meme is as follows:

Last fall, as the Great Migration Crisis unfolded in Germany and the rest of Europe, Justice Minister Heiko Maas (in the foreground of the meme pics) announced that laws against hate speech would be strictly enforced against people who criticized immigrants and immigration policy on social media. Chancellor Angela Merkel later enlisted the help of Facebook, Twitter, and other internet giants to help her crack down on such “hate speech”.

Mrs. Merkel and Mr. Maas delegated the task of monitoring the web to Anetta Kahane and her NGO, the Amadeu Antonio Foundation (see this post, and this post, and this post).

The pressure was ratcheted up again earlier this month when police raided the residences of at least sixty people who were suspected of posting “agitation” against immigrants on the Internet. Mr. Maas said:

“The resolute action of investigative authorities should motivate everyone to think before getting creative on Facebook… Everyone should take that to heart before opening his mouth.”

In other words, all those people were busted (or at least investigated) pour encourager les autres. It’s kind of like the farmer who kills a crow and hangs the corpse on a fence post to notify other crows of what they’re in for.

The law under which malefactors are being prosecuted is §130 of the criminal code. An official English version is available here. Among other things, the law says:

(1)   Whosoever, in a manner capable of disturbing the public peace
    1.   incites hatred against a national, racial, religious group or a group defined by their ethnic origins, against segments of the population or individuals because of their belonging to one of the aforementioned groups or segments of the population or calls for violent or arbitrary measures against them; or
    2.   assaults the human dignity of others by insulting, maliciously maligning an aforementioned group, segments of the population or individuals because of their belonging to one of the aforementioned groups or segments of the population, or defaming segments of the population,
    shall be liable to imprisonment from three months to five years.

German citizens are now discovering that virtually anything — and I mean anything — they say online that is remotely critical about migrants may get them arrested.

Furthermore, as we reported a few days ago, Anetta Kahane of the Amadeu Foundation wants to ban any content that criticizes or lampoons herself or her boss, Heiko Maas.

That’s why I made these meme pics.

When I told Egri Nök that I was working on an image of Heiko Maas, she warned me: “Watch out! You can be prosecuted!” I reminded her that as an American citizen living in the USA, I am protected by the First Amendment of the Constitution. But that’s no impediment to Anetta Kahane who, in her hubris, believes she has the law on her side when she fingers foreign nationals.

And indeed she does.

The applicable law is here (in German). Wikipedia has an explanation of it, also in German. Many thanks to Egri Nök for the translation:

According to §130 StGB, offenses committed abroad, no matter whether by German citizens or by foreigners, can be prosecuted like a domestic offense, if they appear that they have been committed in-country, so as to disturb the public peace in Germany, and violate the human dignity of German citizens. So, for example, it is enough that offensive content is accessible from Germany via the Internet, for instance in form of an HTML page. Subsequently German courts are responsible for crimes of incitement committed from foreign countries. That is why, for example, the Holocaust denier Ernst Zündel was convicted for inflammatory propaganda, which he had been releasing in the Internet from the USA and Canada, and was sentenced by the district court of Mannheim in 2007.

When I learned of this noxious law, my Scots blood — which runs strong in me — was aroused, and I went digging around the Internet for exactly the right photographs. The result may be seen at the top of this post. It is my way of extending a middle finger to Heiko Maas, Anetta Kahane, and any other puffed-up German apparatchik who thinks he can enforce German law against an American citizen living in the USA.

However… I probably shouldn’t plan a visit to Germany anytime in the near future.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

The background image used for these meme pics features Roland Freisler (center, in the robe and funny hat). Dr. Freisler was the hanging judge of the Third Reich, and was notorious for handing down death sentences in the Volksgerichtshof, the People’s Court.

The original featured a swastika flag hanging behind Judge Freisler, in front of a bust of Adolf Hitler. I removed both, and replaced them with the “cresickle” — the crescent-and-star of Islam next to the hammer-and-sickle of International Communism — which serves as a suitable emblem for Modern Multicultural Germany.

The top line of the German version of the meme was chosen to reflect the actual words used by Heiko Maas: “Entschlossen vorgehen gegen Hetze im Netz”. Which means, roughly, “firmly act against hate on the Internet”.

The title of this post is a quote from the song “It’s Alright, Ma (I’m Only Bleeding)” by Bob Dylan.

23 thoughts on “Don’t Hate Nothin’ at All Except Hatred

    • as in,

      When I find myself in times of trouble
      Mother Mary comes to me
      Speaking words of wisdom, let it be.
      And in my hour of darkness
      She is standing right in front of me
      Speaking words of wisdom, let it be.
      Let it be, let it be.

      *That* let it be?? Or do you not like the B’s obvious schadenfreude in contemplating the outcome of a personal visit to Germany?

      Whisper words of wisdom, let it be.

  1. To spread a meme such as this, the pro-freedom activists of the indigenous peoples of Europe need to establish and exploit secure email networks instead of relying on the “social” media platforms. Many alternative media venues are actively cultivating email networks for fear of a clamp down on free speech by the FCC governing public discourse now that the Internet has been deemed a public utility.

    The prominent “social” media platforms are propaganda channels and digital ghettos where Stasi-like apparatchiks gather data and select targets with information that has been freely surrendered by clueless users, knowingly and unknowingly. It is no wonder that In-Q-Tel, the CIA’s venture capitalist firm, has been seed investors in all of these companies — effortless intel while turning a profit. Cunningly brilliant. (I’m always struck by how Zuckerberg looks like a deer caught in the headlights; I suspect he’s a high-tech cut-out recruited in college and still can’t believe his luck.)

    • A deer in the headlights? Apt.

      I do wish the man would spend a bit of his billions on a few wardrobe alternatives. The T shirts and track shoes are as banal as his political ideas.

  2. I am concerned for your welfare. I think you should take it down. You do more than enough for freedom of speech as it is and you don’t want to needlessly inflame those people. Perhaps cowardice, on my part, for you, but this blog already has heroic status as far as I am concerned. Zealots like Kahane, with the law on her side, are very dangerous.

    • Google “Rachel’s Law” (I don’t have the time right now) — I’m covered. For the moment, an American is still well-protected from such nonsense.

  3. Does this include Muslims, especially imams, of hate speech against Jews and other infidels?

  4. For the benefit of our German friends: Das islamische Recht (scharia) schreibt die Zerstörung der nichtmuslimischen religiösen Gruppe als solche ganz oder teilweise vor. Die Förderung der islamischen Glaubenslehre macht somit die Beihilfe zum Völkermord aus, und der Islam selbst ist keine ‘Religion’ im Sinne des Volksverhetzungsgesetz.

  5. “Between us and you enmity and hatred forever……” K 60:4
    Muslims “are the best of peoples raised up for mankind” K 3:110
    Non-muslims are “the vilest of beasts” K 8:55

    Those should do nicely.

  6. Holy Zeus and Ahura Mazda
    The whole Koran is filled with hate speech against the Yahud, unbelievers and polytheists. What up with that Frau Kahane? Huh. Huh.

  7. Scratch the surface of today’s Germany and you have the same old nazi frame of mind, which in essence says: you may say what I say you may say. Unbelievable and yet entirely believable. They don’t change. However, their laws do not apply to other countries, and they need to get through their thick heads.

    Freedom of speech? Ha, not in Germany. And they’re trying to impose that control of speech on Americans living in their own country of America???? Nice try, but no banana.

  8. Baron: I’ve been giving this approach some thought.

    It’s is not necessary anymore to mention refugees so much anymore because the situation is so well known. I’d prefer to target the political leaders, as you are doing.

    What do you call someone who lets an invading army into their own country?

    A Quisling.

    Pretty strong stuff I think, time to get it out there.

    Publication of this post is optional.

  9. If a couple of thousand germans give them the finger, what are they going to do?

  10. This is getting out of control. Way beyond what any sensible politician would want. I’ll try and find out if AfD has some policy on §130 StGB.

    The last couple of days I tried to make a few comments to some islam-related Welt articles. Pretty harmless comments, mainly about the importance of protecting secularism, equal rights of women, homosexuals, non-muslims etc. And mentioning that I grew up in Germany as a foreigner and it wasn’t difficult to fit in and I had no trouble being accepted by Germans. i.e., all the ‘poor darlings, it’s so hard for them to fit in’ nonsense comes down to one thing only: the immigrants’ lack of desire to assimilate.

    ALL my comments were removed. Nothing is permitted anymore. Welt must be scared of being prosecuted.

    And the idiotic Welt website people want me to actually *pay* to read their articles! The only reason I read them is to see the comments section (and contribute).

    • How very sad. It sounds like they’re afraid of government persecution. Has any state in recent history become so quickly a police state? Well, we know the pushback to that, since it’s happening here: a turn by the electorate towards populism. As it is occurring here, Bill Whittle and others point to the dismay of what he calls The Iron Triangle: Washington D.C., Hollywood, and the media. Or perhaps he considered Hollywood and media as joined at the hip and made academia the third arm. Whatever. Average folks are in open rebellion. If the Dems don’t outright steal the election in the big cities they control, there is sure to be a significant rollback.

      How that will look in concrete terms remains to be seen. Donald Trump’s actual policies are a moving, malleable target and his supporters don’t care. They want an agent of change in charge of genuine paradigmatic shifts in thinking/doing. They’re disgusted with Obama’s divisive “transformational Communist change” a la Alinsky. BHO knows how to foster envy and he’s a master at it. No Martin Luther King’s dreams for him, more like the nightmares of Lex Luthor.

      There is hope for Europe if America leads the way this time – that is, leads by largely by staying out of the way so Europe can deal with its burdens of 20th century history, not to mention the karma of colonial guilt which has caused some poor decisions re immigrants. The most we have to deal with here is the adolescent “Black Lives Matter” and that one has no staying power…but we sure do have some fences to mend and to build.

  11. OK, all I could find re AfD and §130 StGB is that they a bringing charges themselves for ‘hate speech’ by an AfD-critical politician (Stegner). No results to a search of the AfD site. Blind to this outrage, it seems.

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