The Stasi Never Died, It Just Went to Work for Angela Merkel

Last fall the German government invested a former Stasi agent with the powers necessary for cracking down on “hate speech” on the Internet. As Breitbart reported back in September:

[Justice Minister Heiko] Maas has recruited the help of an organisation — Network Against Nazis (Netz Gegen Nazis, or NAN) — to aid him in his crackdown. NAN was founded by, and according to its website works in partnership with, the Amaedu Antonio Foundation, run by Anetta Kahane , who between 1974 and 1982 worked for the Stasi under the code name ‘Victoria’.

Now the apparatus of repression has been fully established, and the neo-Stasis have begun their crackdown in earnest. Nash Montana has translated an article about Frau Kahane and the repression of dissent in Germany.

First some information about Anetta Kahane’s father Max, which the translator put together from sources on the Internet:

Max Kahane was an avowed communist. A member of the KPD, co-founder of the DDR news service ADN, journalist and chief commentator at the Neues Deutschland, the state propaganda paper of the DDR that agitated against West Germany and their free market system and at the same time glorified the thug state DDR. Even the paper Neues Deutschland itself (yes it still exists) wrote in April 2016 at their 70th anniversary about their own past: “In this paper were written terrible things, the Left was vilified, people were disparaged who didn’t see hope anymore in actual existing socialism. There were lies. Real conditions and their contexts were obscured.” Yes, well, it wasn’t just the Left that was vilified. But in fact, the paper did spread terrible things. And Max Kahane was an integral part of that.

And now Nash’s translation of the article from Politically Incorrect:

The Left Wins

There are multiple volatile topics being discussed these days — especially concerning the “hate speech” activities of our minister of Justice and his loyal minions. While he delegated the dirty work to someone with great experience, at the same time the creators of so-called hate speech are being persecuted. And so Frau Kahane and her charity (Amadeu Antonio Stiftung) have been “finally” endowed with the necessary authority.

(From Cantaloop)

Now she has the completely legal and official possibility to really hurt (dissident) people, and harm them in the greatest way possible — and to destroy their existence. She has arrived at the final goal of her long and discombobulated journey. Anyone who has taken the time to study the curriculum vitae of said lady will note that with the support of highest authority she can now explicitly do that which she does best. However, fun in the form of satire is not something she can stand, and so a truly funny contribution of the ZDF [state television broadcaster] was immediately sharply criticized and rejected.

Humorless, grouchy and dogmatic —this is exactly how one should imagine the lady and her employers. One may safely assume that if in 2017 a Red-Red-Green coalition should be “elected” at the federal level — which is highly likely — there has already been reserved a relevant ministerial position for her.

But our conservative attention should also be focused on a different and very dicey development, also on the left side. Within the framework of the newly developed and numerous activities against alleged racism, new alliances have been made that in that specific form have not existed before. The “new German media makers” [Neuen Deutschen Medienmacher against hate on the net] for instance have consolidated and are proud of the fact that they’re not of “German descent”. According to their own statements, they have definitely declared “war” against sociocultural topics and people that are not conforming to their vision. Through their “intercultural” competences they are considering themselves as a sort of “shining light” that shows the dumb Bio-German through the use of media how he has to imagine his “colorful” future in his own country. It is unnecessary to mention that the whole concept of the “new German”, which pretty much sniffs out racism in all corners of the country, is very favorable to Islam, and that there will be a zero tolerance of any kind of criticism concerning the prophet and such. Also, according to their own statements, they are the future Germans who will want to sooner or later “remove” the native inhabitants of the country. Good for those who have already reached a certain age and don’t have to experience these arrogant snot-noses in action anymore.

But none of these enterprising new organizations and alliances has yet taken a position against the escalating violence of the Left. Yes, they don’t even see a need even to talk about it. Even while in the meantime, cars from mobile nursing services are burning in Berlin, the topic is not even considered as worth mentioning within their circles. In front of this background we can already brace ourselves for a heavily regulated future with filtered news and a ban against thought. But the only power in the country that could actually alter the course is too concerned with themselves, so that there apparently isn’t any time left for the important needs of the rest of the country.

It’s not going to be very long anymore until the 2017 elections, dear AfD! Please get back to your core competences and finally end these internal struggles. Otherwise the ‘future Germans’ will ban you entirely before you can even begin to strike.

17 thoughts on “The Stasi Never Died, It Just Went to Work for Angela Merkel

  1. Nurenburg anyone? Plenty of time for them to hang around in future then?
    We have our own too in UK.

    Don’t worry we know who they are and where. They make enough noise about their intent. Their big mouths will eventually cost them. We are watching and noting everything. We note the culprits from Tony Blair downwards machinating for another Referendum.

    It is actually a potetntial Breach of the Queen’s Peace to sow sedition and unrest.

    • By spying on people they are in direct breach of the said Peace.

  2. Unlike them we use the force of Law not violence.

    • To quote our dear Ambrose Bearce’s definition:

      REVENGE–“The solid rock upon which is reared the temple of LAW”.

      Coming soon to a neighborhood near you.

  3. So Anetta Kahane is the Witchfinder General, official.

    With hindsight, German re-unification was a huge mistake; it was actually a reverse takeover.

    • A face that says it all.

      Why do these feminazis always look like a bulldog chewing a wasp?

      This deluded harridan must look in the mirror every day and think ” how can I further ruin German peoples lives today”

      NAN – Not Another Nitwit!

    • The elephant in the room.
      Jews in Europe are heavily critical of the way they are being treated by moslems pouring in, yet those same Jews belong to communities that support the opening up of Europe to mass immigration from the moslem world.
      You’d also think that anyone serving in a political capacity under the soviets would automatically be excluded from the modern democratic political system.
      So the current system welcomes the extreme-left but barely tolerates the centre-right; it puts into perspective the ideology of the current system which must by default be far-left.

      • “Jews in Europe are heavily critical of the way they are being treated by moslems pouring in, yet those same Jews belong to communities that support the opening up of Europe to mass immigration from the moslem world.”

        The Jooz conspiracy theory- I’m getting sick of this IT IS EUROPEANS DOING THIS TO THEIR OWN, like Merkel, Hollande etc etc
        If a few nutty Jews promote mass Muslim immigration into Europe, while also supporting a Jewish state, they are involved in the most suicidal, ill-advised conspiracy theory in the history of the world and deserve all that comes to them.

        But who cares what a few Jews think, it’s not million of Jews flooding into Europe nor do any of them want to impose Talmudic law.

        14 million Jews worldwide,one Jewish state.
        1.5 billion Muslims, 56 countries taken by the sword.

        I know which group troubles me more.

      • Bingo!

        The slide to the Left began in America just after the turn of the 20th century. It continued fitfully to FDR, who put it on steroids. Then came Eisenhower’s big blowout with the interstate road infrastructure. The next YUGE slide was LBJ’s so-called War on Poverty which ruined the black family. But he didn’t care – all those black voters switched to the Generous Party.

        I will continue to recommend this book as the prequel to Diana West’s definitive work re FDR and ff. It’s shorter, but an easy read:

        The Revolt Against the Masses: How Liberalism Has Undermined the Middle Class by Fred Siegel (7-Apr-2015) Paperback

        If you want to understand how we came to the crossroads where we are now, this is the book. I will continue to recommend it, just as I continue to re-read it. Like West’s book, it bears re-reading

        • I’m puzzled by the inclusion of Ike’s road infrastructure. Wasn’t this an investment in the nation’s prosperity?

  4. Thank-you Dymphna, I have a lot of time for Diane West and will check out Fred Siegel on your recommendation,

    all the best to you and the Baron,


  5. Your understanding of American cultural history will change. Siegel has the evidence showing a long-standing hatred for small-town America by the elite and would-be elite. It eventually culminated in Obama’s sneering “you-didn’t-build-that” speech. In fact, you’ll see how we came to this point in America – i.e., where populism is sneered at.

    • In the UK, for a glimpse into the arrogant corridors of power in Whitehall, we have the declassified Foreign and Commonwealth document FCO 30/1048.
      The contempt for the electorate and of middle-England in particular, is palpable, I can’t think of any other document that has made me quite so angry, not a quick outburst but a cold anger that persists to this day.
      Christopher Booker describes some of the predictions from the FCO concerning the EU;
      “how all this would eventually lead to “we the people” feeling alienated from the whole process of how we are governed. We now see a gulf yawning between, on the one hand, the consensus government of our new nomenklatura and, on the other, all the rest of us, aware that we are democratically powerless.”

      Dr Richard North elaborates on FCO 30/1048- ‘a case for treason’;

      Brexit is the beginning, one hopes, of resistance in the UK and in Europe to EU/Globalist ambitions and EUrabian agendas.
      The Islamophiliac tendencies of Whitehall however, are another can of worms altogether;
      In 2006 a Policy Exchange report claimed a FCO leak expressed, “deep concern…..about the accommodation the department was making with radical Islamism” and thought it “pursuing a policy of appeasement towards radical Islam that could have grave consequences for Britain.”
      No kidding.
      (have ordered

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