Weak-Kneed and Whiny

Many thanks to Nash Montana for translating this editorial from Junge Freiheit:

Weak-kneed and whiny

How pathetic. A Tunisian mows down 84 happy and innocent people celebrating Bastille Day, injures dozens heavily, women and children are lying on the street covered in blood — and the only reaction that immediately follows is the same old threadbare phrases, just like after Toulouse and Brussels, Charlie Hebdo and Bataclan.

One knows them by heart. Consternation, bewilderment, shock, pre-cut empathy and feigned grief, solidarity and partnership and thoughts and prayers and so on and on and on. Flowers and stuffed animals in front of the embassies, spotlights in the national colors of the at the moment affected country’s buildings, Facebook profile pictures with “je suis something” — messages, the rituals are as practiced as they are helpless.

Where is the righteous anger, the determined and absolute call to the terrorists followed by actions, instead of the ever-identical phrases and hang-in-there rallying calls? “We strongly stand on France’s side” sounds exactly like the phrase machine from the chancellor, regardless of whether she resides in Berlin or in Ulan Bator.

The return to normalcy gets shorter every time

The reactions are all a little short of everything, when the frequently-invoked oldest ally gets hit in the core. And whether they are responsible or not, the ‘Islamic State’ is rolling on the floor laughing over the West’s whiny, weak-kneed and spineless reactions. There is not much to fear in such enemies.

This was a “attack on our values,” blather the German President Gauck and his US counterpart Obama in synchrony. No, it was not. It was an attack on France and the French, on Europe and the European people, as well as on our country and our nation [The writer is German, so he speaks of Germany].

It may be that these attacks in one case or another case really have nothing to do with Islam. But they have to do with the Arab-North African conquest. We won’t let our freedom and our lifestyle be taken from us? But we already have let it be taken. France just prolonged the state of emergency. The return to normalcy gets shorter and shorter, because the attacks come ever closer and in ever faster succession.

Symbolic actions

Whoever wantonly declares his country as a welcoming paradise for hundred thousands or even millions of angry young men from other cultures, of which not just a few hate us as the enemy and despise us, will see the associated development of a police state, while still not being able to protect his country from terrorism. When the festivities in the capitol city are protected with military security, then the attacks will just take place in the unprotected underbelly of the country.

All of this is of course not spoken about by the politicians and the media and their pseudo-scientific accomplices, who at this time are once again are bloviating and beating around the bush on all channels. If they did, they would have to admit that they committed deadly mistakes and covered them up and because of that are indirectly co-responsible for the attacks.

Only when one recognizes errors can they be corrected. Only when one knows where the enemy stands can the fight then be correctly led against terror, minus all the cheap and ineffective phrases and symbolic actions. Not somewhere in the Middle East but in our own country. Then we could at least try to dry up the hostile parallel societies, the hate-preaching mosques and conspirators, the violence- and terror-inclined subcultures and infrastructures.

What else has to happen?

Then we can begin to reject and denaturalize those immigrants that come to our countries and hate and fight against our way of life. Then we can close and control our borders and slam the door in the face of those who try to intrude with hostile intentions. For the protection and the safety of our own citizens, but also for those immigrants who are really peaceful and want to assimilate.

What else has to happen before very necessary measures are taken?

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  1. What will happen is that some Israeli genius will develop very accurate technology that allows authorities to separate the sheep from the goats.

    Once that happens, then STATES – as in nations, sovereign and bordered – can test their residents as to their intentions. And that will make the crimes of sedition, treason, etc., treatable again…

    I am optimistic about the rise of populism. It is the means by which national pride can return, globalism can be pushed back. Once the concept of place, the value of sovereignty and loyalty return, then limits to public behavior -or the potential for that behavior – can be determined.

    Civic order twined with civil liberties will return because people will know they’re safe.

    Note: why are the tacky people in charge? They don’t even take the plastic wrappings off the bouquets of flowers.

    • No, the computer geniuses who are continuing to “fix” the world will NOT be rooting out sedition, treason, etc.

      They are rooting out “homophobia” and “Islamophobia” (which puts every Christian in a 2-front war), along with “climate denial” (Right! Because we deny that there’s a climate!), and “conspiracy theorists” (which is anyone who thinks CNN is lying to us… ever).

      A technocracy is not a pretty thing. If you think it’s going to make the world a better place, then you’re about to get your heart broken.

  2. This is why I changed my twitter profile to Charles Martel. No more weak-kneed and craven response, ride into the enemy and kill him. Expel him from my land and make the slaughter so severe, he abandons his bivouac, leaving his spoils behind.

    St Augustine of Hippo reminds us that “turning the other cheek” was not permission to surrender, it was to ensure that we fully appreciate the threat and that society has a right to defend itself.

    We need a new Crusade, like before to reclaim Christian lands from the barbaric Muslim invaders. This time the Crusade needs not travel too far from home.

    • First you need Crusaders. They have to be willing to fight for something; it would have to be a vibrant, breathing faith in what it is defending. WWII more or less finished off that kind of optimism in Europe…Outliers such as Le Pen, Wilders, give one hope, though.

      • Yes, agreed Dymphna. Europe during Martel’s time was weak and divided and Europeans still managed to successfully resist the invaders.

        Now we in the West have overwhelming military and economic superiority and we’re apparently helpless. Earlier generations in the West had no doubt that their civilisation was superior and worth defending.

      • I agree Dympha, but more than Crusaders, we need a lion to lead. A Martel, Charlemagne or even an Urban II, who was able to inspire action.

        30 years, and I still work with the Raiders of MARSOC, I know that most of those young men and women I served with, or observe firsthand training for their deadly basis are more than equipped to win this fight. However, they are prevented from doing so.

        Alexander did not fear an army of lions led by a sheep, he feared an army of sheep led by a lion. When we get our lion, we will solve the problem.

  3. Hi folks! I am from Visegrad Four and I have one advice for you. You spend much time writing and reading articles, but it doesn’t solve much problems. You should stop supporting what you dislike. If you live in France or Germany, every time you buy something, you support the state by taxes. By spending less you support it less. And by working less you support the state even less. I live off less than €100 a month excluding housing. If you lived like me, then: 1. The state wouldn’t have enough money to finance the invasion. 2. GDP would be so low that it wouldn’t attract migrants.

  4. The EU has almost enough Muslims running wild violating its seemingly not worth squat to defend cretin values that maybe Bruxelles could apply to join the Erdogan caliphate? We can all multi mutilate and degenerate together. We are being bled by idiots. With the huge fifth column that has build up behind the incredible wall of blind ignorance these past four decades, ISIS can more less do anything they want now. “Ever-closer Union”.

  5. First came across your site back in the days of John Mohammed and Lee Boyd Malvo. Glad to see you are still here as they really are at ‘The Gates’ now.

    The next year will be decisive, one way or another. Either Europe and America get new leadership in the coming elections or the West will crumble away under the pressures of Afro-Muslim immigration and demographic decline. A line has to be drawn now as Erdogan finishes off all secular Turkish opposition and before al Sisi’s regime in Egypt collapses. Looking down the road its not hard to see why.

    The Turkish economy will now go into a tailspin as foreign investment flees and tourism revenue dries up. Turkey will become Europe’s Mexico as Erdogan will have to export his jobless to Europe. The same fate will overtake Egypt in the next few years as low oil prices weaken the Arab petro states and they cut the foreign aid to Egypt. Egypt is the largest importer or grain in the world and that makes its government acutely vulnerable to rising prices/crop failure. Subsaharan Africa is in even worse shape and population growth there is out of control.
    The demographic pressure on Europe as this region sinks into Islamic led economic decline will get ever more intense.

  6. Reading as I do so much and so many of the (well ‘moderated’) comments on MSM websites I am convinced that I can detect a sea change in overall public opinion regarding the Religion of Peace and its everlasting objective.

    Yet, because of the ‘moderation’, it is difficult to determine the precise ratios between those who have surrendered their children’s future into the arms of the slavers and those who have just woken up to reality. But, despite that, there is no doubt that the pendulum is swinging in the direction of those who are prepared to at least give consideration to joining the survival fight and are trying to find their place within it.

    It may be too little too late but none the less it is encouraging that it is there at all.

  7. You’re over analyzing the obvious; Western Europe has lost its will to survive and as such will be dealt with naturally.

    • Jeff I tend to agree.

      I have actually come to peace with myself in regards to the last few open ends and family and friends I have back in Switzerland and I have said goodbye to it all. When I now think back at my homeland, I think about it in a time machine, about 30 years ago. Yes, I shamelessly go back that far. Sometimes even farther. In my mind, Switzerland is wildly exciting, beautiful, mysterious, clean, free and happy. Because the reality what it is now is exact opposite of all that. So I might as well.

  8. Implosion, on a global scale, on steroids. Who would have thought that the end of days would have come about like this? Hollywood could have written a better script, or maybe they already have. My, aren’t we [cliche redacted].

  9. Any politician who says, “We have to get used to terrorism”, “This is the new normal”, or “We can absorb these attacks” should be dragged out of his office and lynched.

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