Nothing to do With Islam — Again

Below is another opinion piece on Thursday night’s events in Nice, this one from Denken erwünscht. Many thanks to JLH for the translation:

I Don’t Intend to Write Today What is Usually Written

by Klaus Kelle
July 15, 2016

“In Nice, an alleged assassin ran over numerous people with a truck…”

No, it was not an alleged assassin, it was a real assassin. 84 dead, eighteen seriously injured — the gruesome balance of the past night. And again and again this ritual. Actress Mia Farrow, who likes to spend her vacation in Nice, shared with the French people — “I send love to France.” Very nice — that will help the relatives who have to identify the shredded bodies of their family members and their children — who wanted to celebrate the French national holiday and the values of their Republic: Liberty, Equality, Fraternity. US President Obama offers the French people help on Twitter (!), Chancellor Merkel expresses her sympathy and assures that the battle against terror will be won. The battle? What battle? And against whom? According to the first media reports, the mass murderer of Nice was identified neither as a radical nor as a politically motivated perpetrator. Against whom are we fighting, Mrs. Merkel?

The murderer of Nice comes from Tunisia — but surely has nothing to do with Islam. Like the mass murderers of Paris, Brussels, London, Madrid, Istanbul, etc. Nothing to do with Islam, like the 1,500 young men who en masse sexually abused women on New Year’s Eve. Yesterday it was announced concerning the investigation by the North Rhine-Westphalia legislature that in the meantime eight additional rapes on that night in the square in front of the Cologne train station had become known. Several of the women had not even reported it to police. What’s the use? Only a few of the suspects are being investigated. None of these people is going to be sitting in jail — the ones we offer help to, reach out a hand in welcome, offer a chance at a happy future in a prosperous and free land. But they despise us. Not all of them of course. Probably even a clear minority. I will say this here once again: I know many Muslims who are happy to live here with us, obey our laws, work, pay taxes and love their children as we love ours. But today, we must not go back to business-as-usual. I cannot listen to the empty words of our politicians anymore. “We are in solidarity with our French friends…blah, blah, blah.” Something has to change — now!

The Russian air force bombed positions of IS, the so-called Islamic State, this morning. Perhaps that is precisely the right answer. Are you shocked that I write that? Force has never been a solution, we always learn. In Germany it is legally sanctioned to say that our soldiers are murderers. Who in Germany, in France, everywhere in the West has a better idea to counter terrorism? Anyone who has eyes to see has known for years what is going on. The angry young men who riot in Parisian banlieues night after night, the swift growth of Salafism in our societies. And 9/11? Already forgotten? I can no longer listen to the drivel in a society that no longer knows how to defend itself, in which attacks against police become an everyday occurrence, caused, by the way, by mobs that definitely have nothing to do with Islam.

After the attacks several months ago in Paris, I read in a newspaper report that there are 800 known radical Islamists in Brussels — the center of the EU — who are likely dangers to public safety. There could be more in Paris and in London. They are in the Ruhr area and Berlin, too. They are under surveillance around the clock. Why? Why do our European societies not have the courage to deport these people? Anyone who comes to us and gets our help and then commits crimes must go. Out! Out! Out! I can already hear the first conciliators who will now say: Yes, they have to go, buuuuuut… human rights are not recognized in their home countries. Let me tell you. I don’t give a crap! For all I care, ship them to the North Pole or pay North Korea to lock them away in their vacation paradise. It pains me to see these picture over and over. Blood on the street, mangled bodies covered with dark blue cloth, a dead child with a doll next to it.

“In these difficult times, we stand beside France,” Foreign Minister Steinmeier is just now saying on television. The announcer says, “Shortly before the weekend, the temperatures will improve.” I think I may throw up.

36 thoughts on “Nothing to do With Islam — Again

  1. As someone who has skin in the game, a child in Bavaria, I couldn’t care less about “the good muslims.” If it took the deportation of every single muslim from Germany to keep her safe, I would be all for it. I’m more concerned about my child than I am about people who can’t forge a sane society so they move to (what used to be) one. Most Germans weren’t Nazis but look what they did. Look what Stalin did. Look at what Pol Pot and the Khymer Rouge did. As far as I am concerned, with all their rules about deceit and lies and world domination, the “refugees” can all go to hell and gone.

    • Same here. Additionally, after having read the quran and some of the hadiths , islam will never co-exist with free nations, ever. islam is the problem. I have also studied the history of islam, muslims going into other nations have always presented a peaceful people, until their numbers are high enough, then they become occupiers. Over the centuries one of 2 things happens, the muslims take over the nation they invaded or the host nation declares war on them and drives them , by sword or gun point. Same pattern without fail. I don’t hate muslims but I have islam, mohammaed was serving hell!

  2. Everything to do

    The Nice terrorist‘s family cannot understand how he could do it, talking about the shock to msm.

    Anyway, their father is a member of the Tunisian islamic party Ennhada, connected to the Muslim Brotherhood, according to Tunisian press.

    You might even think, by now, that before each attack they prepare the families of the terrorists with a script to use for telling the msm how shocked they are afterwards.

    • He sent 100,000 Euros to his family in Tunisia days before the attack.

      They all knew what that meant. They all knew.

      The “bad” Muslims who are non-observant can be the most dangerous of all. A lifetime of having infidel friends, drinking beer and eating pork is wiped out by a final act of jihad, vaulting the jihadist to the front of the line for 72 virgins. The same thing happened years ago with the “bad Muslim” pilot of the Egypt Air jet that he crash-dived into the Atlantic, screaming “Allahu Akbar!”

      We can’t trust a single one of them. Not one. They are ticking time bombs.

      • Exactly, a bunch of two faced vermin, they reject the very thought of all of this violence, mayhem,slaughter and destruction, while ‘high fiving’ each other behind closed doors.

      • Matt-

        You are exactly correct they are all ticking time bombs.

        Additionally, even if the “bad” Muslims never go out in a blaze of glory, they will never openly condemn the extremists. And they will go along to get along when the extremists take control of a region and implement sharia.

        • My thinking is that this fellow tried his best to be a ‘good’ Muslim and couldn’t quite live up to it, so in his desire to be a ‘good’ Muslim, he sought another route … that of jihad!

          So we read in the press about his failure to be a ‘good’ Muslim as if that means his religion could have nothing to do with his actions – but it is entirely plausible that it had everything to do with what he did.

          As in: If he couldn’t get to ‘paradise’ one way, then he’d find another way … by killing infidels.

  3. “Force has never been a solution, we always learn.” It was certainly our effective solution against the third Reich. I’m sure Kelle’s grandparents noticed that.

    • “Force is not a solution” is what we’re taught by home and school. However, life teaches us that “Force–enough of it, applied at the right places and times and in the right ways–is essential to destroy an enemy.”

      I keep hearing politicians saying “We’re not at war with Islam.” They have it exactly backwards. The reality is that “Islam is at war with us.” “Us” being the West.

      My opinion of Obama’s intelligence (a former Constitutional law professor, you know) goes down and my anger goes up each time he fails to mention Islam in connection with the terrorism and pretends to be “looking for the motivation for the events in Nice.” Really, now. Looking for the motivation?

      Try this: The Tunisian was Muslim and we are not. The people in Nice were not. Ergo, he had a religious duty, per the Quran, to kill as many of them as he could. He was fulfilling a religious obligation.

      There ya go. Motive described in simple words.

      • Cynthia, you are the only person I have ever read who may see things, evidently, almost exactly as I do. I too grew up hearing that: “Violence never solved anything”. My stint with the Fayetteville North Carolina Home for Wayward Young Men (aka the 82nd Airborne Division) taught me otherwise. The truth is that an insufficient quantity of inexpertly applied violence never solved anything. All human problems save one can be solved by a sufficient quantity of properly applied professional-grade violence- and there is a little blue pill for the sole exception to the rule.

        Muslims do not hate us for our freedoms. They do not hate us for our possessions. They do not hate us, really, for any reason but one: we are not Muslim.
        I offer my fellow infidels a simple, unassailable syllogism:

        1. Sharia is as indivisible from Islam as the Resurrection is from Christianity (you may have to study Islam to verify the absolute truth of that first premise, but absolutely true it assuredly is).
        2. Sharia is sexist, homophobic, intolerant, violent, barbarically inhumane, and totally antithetical to all Western political values, specifically including freedom of the press, freedom of speech, and freedom of religion.
        THEREFORE: Islam has no place in the United States of America (see: Irony 101).


  4. Is it not apartheid to want to move the Muslims out of Europe? It happens to be a crime against humanity, you know.

    • Islam is a crime against humanity. If I invite you into my home, I expect you follow my rules, if you do not, I will eject you, using the requisite amount of force necessary.

      The west has a right to establish its rules, and expect those who wish to share in the bounty to assimilate. Since that is not happening, the West has every right to remove the foreign influence and send them home.

      • Islam is a crime against humanity.

        So say you and I and many others. But getting large numbers of the brain-washed to accept our thesis could be problematic. We would certainly have to improve our persuasion skills beyond their current levels.

        If I invite you into my home, I expect you follow my rules, if you do not, I will eject you, using the requisite amount of force necessary.

        Ah, the futility of this one I know quite well. In my years working with battered women, there wasn’t much help available to enforce one’s wishes if she had invited him in. “The law” was impotent if he kept returning despite her restraining orders and such. One reason women ‘stay’ is because trying to get free places them at great risk. If you scale that quandary up to a whole state or country, I guarantee the violence would increase exponentially should a group feel threatened. It would end in open warfare at our current level of cultural degradation. #MuslimLivesMatterMoreThanYours might be just one of the pushbacks.

        The west has a right to establish its rules, and expect those who wish to share in the bounty to assimilate.

        Enforcing those “rights” used to be a matter of course. But at the current level of cultural degradation in the West victims’ rights trump (so to speak) any other right. Especially migrant victims’ rights, which are enforced from the top down. If that were not the case, we wouldn’t have situations in which an illegal immigrant who murders someone is found to have been caught previously numerous times and, instead of being returned to his country of origin, has been repeatedly released. Where the public’s will regarding rights and responsibilities is so scattered and dissolute, any kind of enforcement of rules the rest of us live by is non-existent.
        Since that is not happening, the West has every right to remove the foreign influence and send them home.

        And who is “the West” specifically? Merkel? Obama? May? Hollande? Rutte? Do any of these leaders see as part of their duties the “right” to remove “foreign influence”? Obama is busy with his poison pen signing executive orders increasing the numbers of ‘Syrians’ allowed into the country. Vermont, for example, is now burdened with new active T.B. cases. No, Vermont’s Health Dept will not be given extra funding to deal with the public safety issues incurred by the president.
        In other words what you’ve described is logically true but it is politically impossible. That is why the rise of populism/nationalism across the West is beginning to show. The Left sneeringly calls all such manifestations by any number of perjorative terms. GoV is dismissed as “neo-Nazi”, etc. They’ve worked unceasingly to make the term “racist” so loaded with opprobrium as to make those accused of this potentially genocidal crime beyond redemption. Thus are populists dismissed: neo-Nazi racists.

        The U.S. is late to the game; those who care about our sovereign borders have been increasingly marginalized as soi-disant “conservatives” avoid any talk of halting immigration. However, once Donald Trump showed up the conversation changed and so did the rules. What had been undercurrents of frustration and contempt fused lines drawn in the sand into cemented divisions. Interestingly, those calling out the ‘racists on the right’ are more likely to resort to violence than the focal points of their hatred.

        Trump has been labelled a racist, a bombastic narcissist (when it comes to politicians, not a one is exempt from this tautological title, but only those on the right are ever accused), a dilettante, etc. Those labels arise from the (justified) fear that should Trump win the creeping globalist socialism hampering America’s prosperity would be halted. To mix a few metaphors, the feather-bedded gravy train would be derailed. And mindless immigration would be halted.

        Men, and particularly white men, have been under attack for the last generation or more. Trump is their sole advocate and champion. The only way the “rights” you name can become reality again (instead of the theories they are now) is via his plan to “Make America Great…Again“. A call for Restoration of any kind is foundationally conservative – just one more reason America’s ‘conservative’ talking heads have been up in arms. Not all of them, but enough to be noticeable. Their fear is making them even more marginalized.

        Aside from the rise of populism in the West, what other avenues do you see open to the “rights” you espouse? At the moment they exist only in potential; their actuality long ago became blocked.

        • I explained my support for W’s Excellent Iraqi Adventure as providing the last best chance for the West to avoid World War- such war to include such civilian violence as necessary to render Western nations safe from this plague.

          That chance failed/was wasted.

          The minor skirmishes going on today are prelude. We should all prepare for what is clearly coming

          • That is one place where you could look at how Turkey promised U.s./Allied a landing base for the Iraq invasion and then reneged at the last moment, utterly fouling what had been an excellent strategy. Turkey should have been made to pay for that betrayal of the West – Britain had its strategy planned with Turkish base in mind, also.

            No one has followed up with a good explanation for what that did; one of the military in charge back then ought to have done so.

        • At least if the gravy train is feather-bedded, no-one should be injured in the derailment!

  5. The definition of the word gravity has come to mind often in the last three months. Defined as the force that attracts a body toward the center of the earth, or toward any other physical body having mass.

    And that folks is the problem that vexes Western Civilization. Islam under “present conditions” possesses mass, and undoubtedly brigades of enablers in the international media and the elite political class.

    That these two forces would find each other was inevitable. Yet the penultimate moment came when the weight and mass of all,those North African Arabs and Sub-Saharan Africans and the emptying out of the Syria and Afghanistan and Iraq of its’ young men into Europe, simply the gravity became overwhelming and the Earth shook and simply our planet shall never be the same.

    Our consumer society consumed us, our appetites distracted us from the threats and taunts of the enemy. Even the prosthetic limbs adorning our beautiful young naive boys didn’t rally us away from or addictions. Not even disposing a female body riddled with shrapnel at our front doors caused us to pause from our obsessions. Not even when they raped our sisters. Yes any American women serving is my sister.

    Gravity is pitiless. And the mass of it is wearing us down and we’re not helping the situation with our thrashing and whining and now threatening one another with violence and anarchy. Folks “The centre will not hold”. Yeats screeched it. Joni Mitchell cooed it. I understood it. I never thought I’d live to see it unfold.

    • Islam under “present conditions” possesses mass, and undoubtedly brigades of enablers in the international media and the elite political class.

      We can “defy” (counteract) gravity by various methods. What is the method to counteract the problem of “brigades or enablers”, wherever they may be found? What’s obvious is that we do not have the “persuasion skills”–those of us who describe the problem.

    • Donald Trump is living proof that the “center” has totally collapsed. All that remains is who will emerge victorious. With every shooting of police officers, with every terrorist act, he looks correct and the left looks weak. Are there still enough voters left in the US who do not want a socialist state is the only question remaining.

  6. It has been said time and time again that whenever another such devastation happens in Europe or US, the sociopaths from the politics, media, academia, church, feminist and ngo useless mobs jump to describe the perpetrators as lost souls derailed because of our prejudices and hate, or heart broken fathers, or youths tempted by fictitious radicalizers — anything but. And then again we stand in unity and promise to keep fighting an abstract concept, terrorism. Nameless, faceless, and always far, far away.
    Even as a concept, it encompasses various forms. I consider terrorism every financial analysis signed by “experts” that warns me about how big the next financial crisis would be and every austerity measures EU is imposing on its member states. I consider terrorism merkel’s cold threats to impose her fuhrer-like mandatory quotas of more and more rapefugees because of human rights and Europe’s duty to pay for others’ children. I consider terrorism every picture of vicious wolverine young armies of invaders posing as children. I consider terrorism every official statement and law to crush the hate speech and all the attacks of Facebook multiculti users branding the courageous ones as bigots, racists and fascists. I consider terrorism all those gangs of antifa and other affirmative movements breaking down in force every patriotic demonstration.
    It’s islam. It’s marxism. It’s diversity. Mistified history. Miscegenation. Genderism. As they say, one evil never comes alone. We have to live with terrorism now, we are told.
    As a diabetic, you have to live with it too. But you don’t go and burn the sugarcane crops. You stop eating sweets and take insulin.

    • I find it interesting that now we see the majority of muslim attacks described as lone wolf attacks by psychotic individuals. Does this seem familiar to anyone? Recall how the Soviet Union described political dissidents.

  7. Well its illegal to say otherwise in some countries already.
    Its even can now be punished harder than some “accidental” murders (when male/female old or teen….. dies after fatal hit/hits to the head).

  8. I feel it will take quite a few more attacks before people really start to wake up. From conversations I had and overheard yesterday.

    • What would have happened if the 1993 bombing of one of the WTC buildings had succeeded? (Toppling one building onto the other, while both full.)

      What would have happened in 1994 if the hijackers of Air France Flight 8969 had succeeded in crashing the plane into The Eiffel Tower or some other location in Paris?

      What would have happened if the 9/11/2001 attackers had succeeded in demolishing both towers before so many people were evacuated; and Flight 93 had made it to Washington and destroyed the White House or Capital building.

      What would have happened if attack ______ (fill-in the blank) had succeeded as planned?

      What would it look like if “people really started to wake up?” Those on the Left fear violent backlashes from their respective fellow-citizens. The trajectory is set for that outcome.

  9. “Force has never been a solution, we always learn.” No Klaus, force is the solution, which we know instinctively. That force is not a solution, is what we are taught.

    I appreciate his sentiment, but the phrasing of that comment is a root cause of the problem. We are not vigilant, steadfast and resolute. Instead we are the adult elephant tied to a toothpick and unable to escape. Trapped by our polluted minds rather than free by our naturally gifted instincts.

    • As an ex-engineer, I can say that force is used all the time.

      Because it works.

  10. ‘Reasoning’ is mere prattle in the face of a promise that martyrdom cancels all shortcomings, sins, even acts of pure evil or depravity, and transports the martyr immediately to a ‘paradise’ of carnal indulgence. The appeal is universal, as long as there is either hopelessness or zealotry, and Imams.

  11. Having been sitting in the common room of a Chicago hotel/hostel as the the Nice massacre was being reported on the TV news, several things struck me:

    1) The vast majority of the hotel’s guests not only did not understand that Nice was a jihadist attack, they disputed that Islam had anything to do with it. I could only patiently roll my eyes and gently urge them to await further news … before they arrived at a conclusion that it was workplace violence, a lone wolf, or the actions of a self-hating homosexual.

    2) Americans under 40 have been utterly brainwashed into thinking Trump is the devil incarnate. People who had found me a pleasant, polite and knowledgeable person would reel back in horror when I imparted that I hoped that Trump would win the US presidential election. Think of the reaction to a nun who, in the midst of a conversation with a bunch of teenagers, says “Okay, who’s up for some intravenous Heroin?”. The under 40’s in the States are an almost lost cohort. Time and time again I had to ask ‘Why are you so agin Trump?’. To be fair to Americans, I encountered the same reaction with Dutch under 30’s in 2010 over Geert Wilders.

  12. When we take the bodies of the jihadi murders to the morgue, we should smear it in pig lard. And let it be known that is what happens to them. Those thinking about a martyrs death and his fictitious 72 virgins, will therefore (according to their nasty fairy stories) know, there will be no paradise for them. Hoist them with their own petard.
    And yes, those born or growing up post WWII have been told violence solves nothing. Whereas, appropriate violence actually does. It stopped Hitler didn’t it, or did I imagine that?

  13. [revision]
    Everyone talks about having to get tough, just like Hollande has so repeatedly said the West and France are at war and we’re now really gonna get tough. Well, define war and define tough. Make a list of actions any Western state could do and not one of those actions would be accepted by any leftist leader or party. They wouldn’t b/c it will mean suspending habeas corpus, passing laws that deal specifically with Muslims, having a very clear 2-strikes laws that would deport or incarcerate a Muslim offender, etc. It’s not difficult to lay out what societies and their institutions will have to do. Such measures below are on a sliding scale of severity …

    * continue pretending there is a moderate Islam and ineffectually fight the shadows of constantly-shifting radical Islam.

    * impose a mild moratorium on Muslim immigration (i.e. the immigration process for Muslims is temporarily suspended) while allowing Muslim visits up to a month, and contract visa work for longer periods.

    * make the moratorium more robust, allowing no Muslim immigration, visa workers or academics, b/c it’s impossible to screen for terrorists (any Muslim, no matter how non-observing, can quite easily and unpredictably go sudden jihad).

    * deport any Muslim after a 2nd criminal offense, and if the country won’t take him, imprison him.

    * shut down known terror-supporting mosques.

    * shut down 90% of mosques on the assumption most mosques preach hate to Muslims and disguise it with the kafir.

    * shut down militant Islamic advocacy groups.

    * shut down most such groups on the assumption they covertly support terrorism and work to subvert Western states from within.

    * shut down all such groups as part of the Islamic moratorium.

    * detain known Muslim radicals after any terror attack for up to 3 or 6 months.

    * begin setting up internment centers on the assumption their use may be necessary for selective holding of Muslims if Islamic terror escalates to 4 or 5 attacks a month, or per week, indefinitely.

    * intern all Muslims or give them the option to leave voluntarily.

    All the actions involve some or considerable suspension of civil liberties. We can either save our societies by taking robust action or watch them spiral down into implicit Sharia law drawing us deeper & deeper into the hell that Sweden & Germany & Britain are rapidly becoming.

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