Chechen Terrorists in Poland Sent Money Home — To the Islamic State

A number of Chechen mujahideen from the Islamic State sneaked into Poland disguised as “refugees”, and several were recently arrested. The following brief article from the Polish news site describes two of those arrested in Podlasie, a region of Poland.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation:

Chechens in Podlasie connected with the IS, pretended to be refugees

13 September 2016

Two of the four detained Chechens suspected of collaborating with the Islamic State were beneficiaries of subsidiary protection, according to the site In practice, this means that they enjoyed the same rights as refugees.

Others had previously been granted the so called “tolerated stay”, which allowed them to legally reside on the territory of the Polish state.

Chechens were active during the period from May to October 2014. writes that Muslim immigrants collected almost €9,000, which had to be sent to the terrorists of the Islamic State. Additionally they were accumulating paramilitary equipment, as well as weapons and ammunition.

Their most spectacular action seems to have been the organizing of a surgery in Bialystok hospital. One of the terrorists had a bullet removed from his chest. Later, he was provided medical care and a stay in Poland, as well as help in returning to the Middle East.

Investigators reported that the group acted in Bialystok, Lomza, Warsaw [in Poland] and in Turkey. The men were legal residents in Poland, and one of them was later captured in Germany. The defendants are pleading not guilty.

3 thoughts on “Chechen Terrorists in Poland Sent Money Home — To the Islamic State

  1. I take a great interest in the translation of non-English communication into English. Keep up the great work!

  2. It’s been building for a while. Chechens in Polish asylum centres telling Ukrainians that they can’t wear shorts, as “here is the Islamic State”. Housing estates in places like Lomza, according to locals, being terrorised by Chechen gangs. And the Chechen mafia taking control of places, even displacing the notorious Pruszkow mafia…

    Will Poland’s love for Chechnya finally end – or will it keep thinking “my enemy’s enemy is my friend”?

    (rhyme unintended)

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