Taharrush at the Wave Pool

This has been the summer of “refugees” at German swimming pools. The following new report describes the dilemma faced by lifeguards and security staff when the culture-enrichers get a little rambunctious around the “uncovered meat” in the pool.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


0:02   An odd mood suddenly appears at the wave pool.
0:05   A few women are being surrounded by men, it gets loud,
0:08   but it seems as if everybody is having fun…
0:12   still.
0:21   The lifeguards Schulte and Warb want to take a closer look.
0:25   If a situation becomes unclear, the possibility increases that someone
0:29   could drown. The lifeguards have to make sure this doesn’t happen.
0:34   They are calling security.
0:37   Yeah, it’s a problem; they can’t swim, and they can’t recognize the pictograms,
0:40   and they start moving into the deeper area.
0:43   and […] where we are and the stress peak has been reached.
0:53   The security service at the pool is temporarily increased.
0:59   “What are they doing? Are they dancing, or what is that?”
1:02   “I have no clue. Maybe it’s…” — “Look there, the girls are in the middle,
1:05   and they dance around them.”
1:08   “Yeah those are different customs.” — “Yeah, this is the new cultural enrichment.”
1:11   “Exactly.”
1:19   The lifeguards Schulte and Warb are undecided,
1:22   they don’t see a concrete reason to intervene at this point,
1:25   but to just let this go on doesn’t seem OK either.
1:28   “I’ve just never encountered a situation like this here before.
1:31   It’s like they were celebrating or happy about something, but they
1:34   were so euphorically happy that of course they totally forgot that they’re not alone.”
1:38   “When they sit on each other’s shoulders, and they splash around so euphorically,
1:41   one could fall on top of someone else, and, yeah, I just don’t think
1:45   that in this situation they’re even aware of the fact that there are
1:48   many other people around them who might find this very unpleasant.”
1:52   “What will you do now?” —”We don’t even know ourselves, I mean there’s the language barrier,
1:55   nobody even understands them, they have all these dialects and accents
1:59   among themselves, we don’t even know how to get through to them.
2:03   OK, we use sign language in some form, but this, this… mob, as I’m gonna call it now,
2:07   we can’t control them, this… encircling ritual, it’s vulgar, in my opinion.
2:14   In the meantime more men from Security are watching the wave pool.
2:19   “Yeah, ten, fifteen youths, they’re constantly yelling and splashing,
2:23   in the water, should I do something about it? Here at the wave pool.”
2:27   For now, waiting. The boss wants to see it for himself.
2:36   The situation makes a threatening impression on Ilse.
2:41   “Somehow afraid, I’m a little bit afraid then, to get through there.
2:48   By the time the security team boss arrives,
2:51   the situation seems to have calmed down.
2:54   They show him the men, that’s enough for the moment.
2:57   No reason to demonstrate authority.
3:02   “He’s been saying the whole time that…” —“Yeah, up there…”
3:06   Lifeguards and security can’t always see everything.
3:11   A lot of it happens under water.
3:14   This young woman fled into deeper water.
3:17   Many Arab men can’t really swim. She feels safe there.
3:22   “We were in the water, and then there were… these men,
3:26   they just kept coming closer, and then they… touched us,
3:30   behind, on our butts, and we just said no and we swam away,
3:34   but they didn’t stop. I finally got out, and she came with me,
3:39   yeah…”
3:42   But she did not report the harassment to the life guards.
3:45   They would have immediately reacted.
3:48   “Here it is a fact that we have many female guests,
3:51   and they are being treated the way they deserve.
3:54   We are very clear about what goes and what doesn’t,
3:57   and if those rules aren’t followed,
4:00   security will immediately step in and take personal information,
4:03   and then the legal system intervenes.”
4:06   But only very rarely are women groped at Grugabad.
4:09   Most of the time it’s just looking.
4:13   “This happens all the time here. I mean, even with
4:16   the normal people here, there’s a lot… you get stared at a lot.”
4:20   “Yeah well it’s pretty uncomfortable for a girl
4:23   when she get stared at, but… oh well…”
4:27   But many women do not want expose themselves to this situation.
4:30   On this day there are relatively few female guests at the pool.
4:36   “That we do have a… rather high proportion of male guests here
4:39   at the pool just really got our attention for the first time today,
4:42   so severe…, yeah.”
4:46   “I’m thinking that’s from the huge immigration and, yeah…
4:53   thank God we have no incidents at this time
4:57   that are in connection with that, we made it through the day
5:00   pretty well today, but yeah, it is conspicuous.”

11 thoughts on “Taharrush at the Wave Pool

  1. “we can’t control them, this… encircling ritual, it’s vulgar, in my opinion.”

    Do they need a cultural anthropologist to explain it to them? Where’s David Attenborough when you need him?

  2. Female hypergamy in action. The chubby girls love the attention. All of those strapping dark-skinned men worshipping them, dancing around them, flirting with them. I suspect it was the same in Rotherham. “Oh, baby, baby! You are so hot, so supple, so cool! I love you!” Chicks dig it. And since they are all liberated women, they can do what they want, no? Right up until …

  3. Why do the Frauleins persist in saying that it’s “men” doing this?

    Are they the computer geeks who’ve come from the local labs?
    Are they hipsters?
    Are they the local football hooligans, or even neo-nazis?

    Surely, by saying it’s “men”, they’re negatively stereotyping all men (sexism) – whereas in reality it’s only a certain, well-defined subgroup of men, from whom this behaviour originates?!

    • Surely that was racist. To say that only a special caste of males stares at bikini-clad women and self-organize into a predatory phallanx around them? that is truely racist bigoted homophobe islamophobe deplorable …Shame on you. Just say Men, and chase the non-tahharushi out of there to a Safe Place where they do not need to defend their women.

  4. What self respecting woman would welcome that situation, especially knowing full well what happened in Koln and countless other cities.

    I’m not being funny here, but those women didn’t appear concerned at all. If anything they were reveling in the attention. Germany is finished, let it go, they don’t deserve to survive.

    Tschuss Deutschland

    • Regretfully I have to agree with you – unfortunately other women and girls with more self respect and self worth are likely to become victims when they rebuff this faux attention from these third world interlopers suffering from ” a sexual emergency”

      Families too will start to stay away from public swimming pools, leaving it to the Muslim young males and gullible young German women and girls in future.

      I despair for the once culturally and fiscally rich German state.

      Perhaps it should just change its name to GERM and be done
      With it!

      • Funny, I remember swimming in the Munich Olympic pool, back in 2009 (at €4 for unlimited time, was great value). As I recall, there were only around 2 Turks learning how to swim. The rest – all Germans… how much has changed!

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