German State TV Runs Afoul of the Stasi Censors

We reported last night on the former Stasi member Anetta Kahane and her Amadeu Antonio Foundation, the German organization tasked with suppressing “hate speech” against migrants on the Internet.

The German state television broadcaster ZDF did a light-hearted spoof about the new hate speech regime — just poking a little mild fun at Ms. Kahane and her organization, mind you. Nothing edgy or nasty, just a brief ha-ha to amuse the viewing public between soccer matches.

Well, communists — even ex-communists — are like Muslims: they don’t have a sense of humor. Especially when the joke is on them. So what did the Amadeu Foundation do? Yep, you guessed it: they demanded that ZDF remove the “hateful” satirical piece from its website.

Below is the offending satirical segment from ZDF. Many thanks to Egri Nök for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

An article about what happened was published by the German-language service of RT. Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation:

Amadeu Foundation demands deletion of ZDF satire piece about the foundation’s censorship madness on the internet

An unmasking of unprecedented proportion is plaguing the Amadeu Antonio Foundation of the ex-Stasi employer Anetta Kahane. She has just recently been crowned as the supreme watchdog in relation to “hate speech on the internet” by Heiko Maas, Germany’s Minister of Justice. And because of a ZDF piece which satirizes this, the Foundation has now activated the Board of Censors (Fernsehrat) to have the satire piece removed from its mediatheque.

When one engages anti-German opinion extremists such as the Amadeu Antonio Foundation as consultants against “hate speech on the internet”, this is the same making the fox guard the henhouse. Insofar as it would be reasonable to question the judgment of Heiko Maas at the time of his decision, when he made Anetta Kahane — who once earned her bread as the STASI Informant “Victoria” — and her Amadeu Antonio Foundation the top consultant in his “task force against hate speech on the internet”.

On one hand the political milieu from which Kahane stems is famous for launching massive hate campaigns against those that dare to think differently and whose face they just don’t like at the moment, and on the other hand they demand as the self appointed thought police full and complete censorship for the slightest of infractions. The fervor with which the thought police find racism, sexism, anti-Semitism and whatever else they think they find, reminds one astonishingly of symptoms of persecution paranoia.

Just how deep that paranoia is truly anchored shows itself in how the “anti-German milieu” of the radical Left handles criticism about their own modus operandi. Even when the criticism comes along in obvious humorous ways, the professional snitches smell “hate speech”, which then has to immediately be deleted. And now all will be approved under the support of the Minister of Justice in German-speaking social media.

What this means in practical terms is something the ZDF moderator Achim Winter is currently experiencing first-hand. In a humorous satirical man-in-the-street segment, the “Hallo Deutschland” reporter made a little bit of fun of the Amadeu Antonio Foundation and hinted, between the lines, at possible problems that could be created due to their censorship mania.

He also makes jokes about one or the other quirk of the new-left new-speakers. What is one even allowed to say anymore in Germany? Apparently, not very much. Because what follows his report is an unprecedented unmasking of the Amadeu Antonio Foundation as well as of the mainstream media such as Die Zeit or Tagesspiegel.

In a letter to the ZDF, the Foundation first described Winter’s segment as “disturbing”. In familiar victim mentality, they whine about how “deeply affected” they are. And they also bring out the big cannons: the hate-speech experts immediately went to the Board of Censors as well as to the ZDF directors.

One could of course categorize the segment as satire, but it could also be understood as something completely different. The foundation is made the “butt of the joke”, as was Kahane’s chairman Andreas Zick. And something like that apparently comes close to an aggravated insult to Her Majesty itself. Therefore the demand: The satire piece from Achim Winter has to be deleted from the mediatheque! A measure which just recently was also taken in the Böhmermann-Erdogan debacle [the infamous satirical goat-molesting poem].

No less absurd is the demand for censorship of the Amadeu Antonio Foundation against a harmless fun piece is the journalistic support that Tilman Steffen in Die Zeit and by way of second publication presented in the Tagesspiegel. Over entire paragraphs the article protocols the twitter activity of Achim Winter and gets put in the kind of context that makes the argumentation of Kahane and Zick seem plausible. What could be proven: It’s exactly that kind of thought-policing that Winter had made fun of in his piece and had shown as being problematic, that then immediately has been applied in reaction to his piece against his person. And just so that everybody really gets what the exact accusation is, the article about Achim Winter was published under the tag “Right-wing extremism”.

It can be largely predicted how this is going to go from now on: The probability is very high that in the coming days a finely tuned hate campaign against Winter will be launched, during which, among other things, tweets will be unearthed and according to the contact co-guilt principle, the social context of the moderator will be put in the desired spotlight. All that with the maximum goal to chase Winter out of his reporter’s job. The list of those who have been robbed of their basis of existence through the ideological mania of self-appointed Leftists is long. And the internet is a beloved weapon of choice. And so we can clearly see in the case of Achim Winter, what the real problem is in Germany: The most dangerous “hate speakers” are currently advising the Federal Ministry of Justice.

Video transcript:

00:00   I greet my Twitter friends Zerretten and Ausbilder Schmidt. Boys, you are keeping me upright!
00:06   Otherwise I wouldn’t know what to do. This Amadeu Foundation started
00:10   to watch the web for “hate speech” and to denounce people. Ooh.
00:14   Can you say that in German? — Hassrede or Hasschrift.
00:17   Ah. I thought so. — We all say “hate speech”.
00:20   I hate it, we are in Germany. — You hate hate speech? See, you are hating already!
00:23   Yeah well, times are like that. — That one is being spied on a little?
00:27   That one is being a little… yeah if you want to put it like that, yes.
00:32   So this Amadeu Foundation claims if someone says “us” and “them”
00:36   on the web, then that is agitation.
00:40   So I can no longer say, “we need more women in executive positions”.
00:44   We. That is agitation. When I say “we”.
00:49   Yeah. “We”, “they”, that is thinking in stereotypes.
00:52   You categorize. You put groups together who maybe don’t belong together at all.
00:58   And they write to pay attention to jokes and satire.
01:03   So who’s joking — oh, God. You have already internalized the rules of the Amadeu Foundation.
01:07   I’m glad I have. — Are you working for them, by chance? — No, right.
01:11   Where are you supposed to report? Walk to the police station? — No, no!
01:14   You can report it directly to Twitter and Facebook.
01:18   You could, but — Preferably anonymously.
01:21   Freedom of opinion, or what was that? — Ah, nope. That is covered, too.
01:24   Whoever demands freedom of opinion is a hatespeaker too. I see, okay, I guess then I am one too.
01:29   Where do you do your hatespeak? My hatespeak? With my wife at home.
01:33   The Amadeu Foundation needs to intervene here. — All right!
01:37   Good that we have football to distract us from everything.
01:41   And it’s going well! We… no, not “we”, “we” isn’t OK.
01:46   So German — … umm, uff… “The Team” is champion!
01:52   The topic of the week? The bad football game.
01:56   What went wrong? — Everything.
01:59   The hands belong behind the ball. — The Italian referee was right? — Yes.
02:05   The car corso wasn’t that big this time. Three Renaults, two Peugeots, and one ADAC car.
02:13   The boys are punching each other, and when the big boys leave and the little ones are on their own,
02:18   it is like in real life, you cannot leave the youth alone, you need to watch over them!
02:22   (sign: “We love Hair”) And how shamelessly the French have stolen the Icelandic Ugh-ugh-ugh.
02:28   If they had at least made it an Ü-ü-ü.
02:32   It is outrageous. Unacceptable. They have to be kicked out.
02:36   But that is normal there. Have you ever left something in the car in Marseilles? See!
02:42   Oops that was hate speech. Sorry.
02:45   I thought you look like an Icelander anyway, you’re a big football fan!
02:50   Still everyone is looking forward to Sunday, everyone against Ronaldo!
02:56   See, exactly this is hate speech! Everyone hates him. Just because he looks after himself.
03:02   He is celebrating himself a bit too much, in my opinion. Grinny-trap.
03:06   I’ll call Mrs. Kahane from the Amadeu Foundation. She appreciates all hints.
03:11   In this respect — happy silence at the weekend!
03:15   And don’t forget at the barbecue party — no means, no!
03:18   See you!
03:21   I will watch Ronaldo, but I will cheer for France.
03:24   We have differing opinions. — Yeah, he is for France, I support Portugal.
03:29   Because of Ronaldo. — Yeah. Let’s say goodbye. — Bye, have a nice day, thanks!

11 thoughts on “German State TV Runs Afoul of the Stasi Censors

  1. It would appear that Merkel’s Mini-Me’s have never heard of the Streisand Effect.

  2. The British Police are just as bad. They once demanded I rewrite an old essay printed on the Internet- and old university piece on Islam- be changed or removed. The essay dated from 1992.

    It hurt “people’s feelings”.

    • Hate-speech as Sharia slander laws, which encompass ‘hurt feelings’ and which slot right into the progressive’s use of hate-speech as their own blasphemy laws to stifle dissent to their agendas.
      The British police as you say, are just as bad and by enforcing nebulous hate-speech laws, in more than a few instances, have merely condoned or enforced Sharia blasphemy and slander laws.

      And hurt feelings can mean just about anything;
      Excerpt from Reliance of the Traveller;
      “Ahmad ibn Naqib al-Misri, Book R on Holding One’s Tongue

      “(Nawawi:) Slander and Talebearing are two of the ugliest and most frequently met with qualities of men, few people being safe from them. I have begun with them because of the widespread need to warn people of them.
      Slander means to mention anything concerning a person that he would dislike, whether about his body, religion, everyday life, self, disposition, property, son, father, wife, servant, turban, garment, gait, movements, smiling, dissoluteness, frowning, cheerfulness, or anything else connected with him.”

      perfectly valid criticisms of Islam and Sharia can hurt ‘feelings’;
      The truth is no defence apparently;

      “Slander” According to Sharia

      The word “slander” has a substantially different sense in sharia than in contemporary English usage. We use the word to indicate that you have said something that is substantially untrue about someone or something in such a way as to damage their reputation.

      In sharia, the word translated as “slander” is the Arabic word ghiba. It means to say anything about someone that they do not like, even though it is true. This rule was given by Mohammed himself:

      “Do you know what slander is? It is to mention of your brother that which he would dislike.” Someone asked, “What if he is as I say?” And he replied, “If he is as you say, you have slandered him, and if not, you have calumniated him.”

      Note that, by definition, this kind of slander is true.”

  3. The whole Socialist system is a mental illness. The Russians had 70 years of paranoia and “Rule by patient”. How many more millions must die to the patient’s desire for blood and power? Hitler butchered 6,000.000 Jews and 20,000,000 others, while Communism killed 50,000.000. simply because they could not tolerate what was going on in other people’s brains. These “Socialists” are sick in the moral and physical sense,

    • Totally agree with one exception:

      “Communism killed 50 million” Close but………….

      Read , “the Black Book of Communism” – 853 pages or so with 100,000,000 dead.

      Anetta Kahane in Wiki says:

      “Judischstammige” or Jewish born. So a Communist Jew like Muslims. In the US we have Crazy Bernie. They should get married.

      • “They should get married.”

        Oh please no, you made me think what their children would look like, while I was eating.

        Imagine the conversation around that family dinner-table “vot do you mean, you hate peas? zis is unacceptable”

  4. Seems like their secret admiration of a certain army corporal’s tactics are showing.

  5. Looks like Germany never changes much. Angela’s sweet persuasion and oddly positioned hands did not do the trick, so here come the big guns instead. Secret police, informers — how is this different from Nazi Germany or Communist East Germany?

    I truly pity the “normal” Germans, and as always there are many of them, they just want to live their lives instead of getting into power politics.

    • Maybe it is just me but could it be that appointing as chief speech monitor a former informer for the Stasi, one of the most repressive and intrusive communist, secret police organizations on the planet in its time, just doesn’t pass the smell test? Even in modern Germany?

      Having Jane Fonda deliver a eulogy for the Americans left to die in Benghazi by Obama and Hillary would be a stellar misjudgment of equal stature.

      Frau Merkel was herself a member of the GDR youth organization so I imagine the oddity of this appointment escapes her. Spying on citizens is just what governments do, it seems.

      Well, tone deaf hardly begins to describe your garden-variety European political leader. In a sensible world, Mde. Kahane should be an aide in a nursing home, not passing judgment on what German citizens can say out loud in the public square.

      • “In a sensible world, Mde. Kahane should be an aide in a nursing home…”

        Nurse Ratched, anyone?

  6. Why is Germany employing former Stasi in sensitive security and justice positions? Is your country INSANE?

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