Eyeless in Bratislava — Except for the V4

Yesterday’s EU summit in Bratislava did not result in any concrete action to deal with the ongoing “refugee” crisis. However, the event clarified the growing difference between Brussels’ policies and the approach suggested by the Visegrad Four countries, led by Prime Minister Viktor Orbán of Hungary.

Many thanks to CrossWare for translating this report from the Hungarian news portal 888.hu:

Viktor Orbán: Naïve and self-destructive immigration policies rule in the EU

by Dalma Tóth
September 16, 2016

According to the Prime Minister the summit in Bratislava was a failure because it failed to change the immigration policies of Brussels.

After the informal meeting of union member states, Viktor Orbán attended a news conference where he spoke about the continuing “self-destructive and naïve” immigration policies of the European Union. He said they talked about more about migrant quotas and the acceleration of their distribution, than stopping the migration from outside of the Schengen zone.

He believes the next opportunity to attempt any changes to EU policies will be in Vienna on September 24, when the countries on the “Balkan route” meet*. He will suggest a correction of the existing failed migration policies there, but he is not sure it will achieve any success.

Hungary can do one thing: have a successful referendum to support our efforts to change the immigration policies in Brussels.

Viktor Orbán at the same time stated it is a success that the EU countries agreed that Bulgaria must receive financial help. They made concrete progress concerning the assistance, which is good news, as the cost of defense is significant and the pressure continues to increase their southern border.

The Prime Minister reported that the best news of the summit was: the members of the V4 group (Visegrad Four: Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary) were the only countries that brought concrete suggestions on how to reform the EU, what should happen, and explored how to make national level cooperation more successful while keep it voluntary with less friction. It shows , he explained, the meeting of the V4 Prime Ministers was very successful.

He stated that the members of the summit accepted a schedule, which presents the primary goals of the process which will crystallise in a document next year in Rome, and will close the self-evaluation process after BREXIT. In this document the V4 will represent a strong and clear opinion, he added.

According to Viktor Orbán, Germany and Greece are the two key countries that are crucial for a solution the present crisis. As long as Germany does not have an upper limit for accepting migrants, it will continue to draw masses there. Greece should finally show its compliance with the Schengen rules and stop every illegal from entering Europe. As long as these two countries do not change their policies, we can only do one thing: continue to work within the Schengen/Dublin regulations and stop all the illegals with the use of law and force.

The Prime Minister explained: from the Hungarian point of view the results of the summit were more positive. On the question of whether anyone is following the example of the Brits, the answer was NO: for now all states decided to try to find solutions for their problems within the framework of the EU.

He touched on Hungary’s suggestion of new policies for non-EU member states to handle the increasing tensions in the area, and to compensate for EU’s failing influence.

Viktor Orbán said: today there is a lack of military support for registration centers and camps outside of the EU, and that is why Hungary supports a unified EU Army. Multiple countries supported the proposal for better coordination among the armies of the member states.

The Prime Minister stated: solidarity takes many forms in Europe, and it is an oversimplification to say: “If someone accepts a migrant, it is a show of solidarity, if someone does not, it is cruel.” We must look at who sacrifices what to make Europe more safe, how much they spend on it, what efforts they make for safety.

He thinks Hungary is one of the most compassionate countries because the failure to defend the external borders of the EU would cause serious problems in other countries. Hungary accepts the extra costs of that, as we defend not only ourselves, but all the other nations in Europe.

The PM emphasized: For many in Brussels it is not clear that the issue of the migrants is not simply a humanitarian question, but there are also serious consequences for the identity of the destination countries, and that applies to the ones that just act as transit states, too. Hungary wants to keep its identity!

In answer to a question, Viktor Orbán explained that at the summit Prime Minister of Luxembourg Xavier Bettel stated that his government has a different opinion than that of Jean Asselborn, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, who does not represent the official point of view of his country. On Tuesday Asselborn made a statement to the media suggesting that Hungary should be temporally or permanently excluded from the European Union because this is the only way to keep the values of the European community.

In answer to another question, he said that conservative political thinking means a return to our roots, the old European values we left behind, and this distance is what is causing our failures.

Afterword from the translator:

I’ve read many concerns about Hungary’s support for an EU army. With the suppression of free speech and other dictatorial manifestations in Germany and other EU states, this sounds very scary and misguided. But if we think about the fact the EU and its globalist allies already have an army of suppression called NATO, which has already been employed against a state that struggled with the Muslim invasion: Serbia.

So why would this army would be any different than the existing NATO? To explain this, let’s go back in time a bit and look at Hungary. When Orbán’s party Fidesz first achieved a two-thirds majority, it gave them a unique opportunity to rewrite the Hungarian basic law (constitution), which was created in the ‘50s and was essentially a communist manifesto. Now Hungarian basic law affirms the country’s Christian roots, making the spread of Islam there against the constitution! There are several other changes that occurred, but you get the idea.

NATO operates on old and outdated principles which can be easily abused. A new army would have a new declaration of purpose and directives to handle its operations. If Orbán and the V4 succeed, it will be a defensive army against the Muslims. Of course, if the other side succeeds, then we will have an oppressing army (which we kind of already have with NATO).

But I agree with most people: it is dangerous game. Germany’s leaders are still very strong, and the smear campaign continues against Orbán and all other V4 leaders and their countries. For now the forces of darkness are still strong. All eyes are on the US elections. It sometimes even feels like Orbán is just trying to say some things nicely and politely enough so that Merkel and her gang will not pounce on Hungary and decide on some kind of military intervention to right all the wrongs that the “fascist dictator of Hungary” caused to thwart their plans.

Also I believe — and this article proves it — that the failure of the EU looks unstoppable. We will hear about more conferences, summits and other meetings in the upcoming months, but this is now the end game. I am afraid a civil war is coming, which will be bloody. What will happen if USA remains under the globalists’ influence (Hillary), and NATO/EU soldiers join the fight on the side of the invaders against the native European population?

I feel like I’m living in 1938 and watching the Nazis marching with their torches, burning books, and I am thinking to myself: this will not end well! I feel so helpless and angry at the same time… How dare they do this to my beloved continent? I fear for my country, my people and my family!

— CrossWare

*   Balkan route countries: Greece, Macedonia, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Hungary, and Austria. Bulgaria and Romania may also be included on the route. Montenegro and Albania are not generally countries of transit. Bosnia lies on the route, but actually adds migrants to the flow heading northwest. The same may be said of Kosovo, which is still formally part of Serbia.

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16 thoughts on “Eyeless in Bratislava — Except for the V4

  1. No EU army! Each country determined to survive must reinstitute some form of draft, and keep control of who they take in and how they are trained. I hope Orban just goes along in order to duck most manure flying his way.

  2. An E.U army would be an absolute disaster.It would do as the Muslim fancier dictator Merkel bids.

    It would turn its guns on Europeans in order to bring about the Islamification of Europe.

    There is no doubt that the Visegrad4 would be the first to find the guns of the E.U army turned on them.

    For Hungary to vote for an E.U army is like turkeys voting for Christmas.

    There should rather be a combined Visegrad4 army under Hungary’s leadership.

  3. Dear CrossWare:

    In 2008 and 2009 I felt that America was in 1939 again and I was reminded of that by what you wrote. I knew then what BHO was like, and I knew that Winston Churchill was right when he said “you can always count on the Americans to do the right thing – after they have tried everything else.” Now we are on may well have a President Trump (although pray we are able to fight the DNC thieves who would steal this election). I pray that Europe makes it out of this – I sure hope that V.Orban has good security. All the best to you my friend, and good luck from a God fearing American who like many Americans can smell the coffee (meaning we know the truth).

    • Thank you for your thoughts, I thought, I am not alone with my feelings what is happening around us. I wish you good luck too. We all going to need it!

  4. Orban is Hungary tor some Turkey.Baron are you getting sleep.GoV seems to operate 24/7.You not being medical,do not know that viagra is not a vitamin.Do not want you to contract hillarys brain disease.

  5. Crossware please move to Texas.As an illegal you can get copious benefits from obama and I admire the way you think.

    • I visited Texas some years ago, Dallas and Houston. As for being illegal there… LOL! My parents raised me right, to always earn my keep. I could never be a parasite!

  6. So, like Samson, eyeless and bound at the wheel in Gaza, it may be that the V4 bring down the Philistines in the EU.

    Praise be.

  7. Crossword,

    It has been my contention that the most serious foreign policy debate in the U.S. will be which side to take in the upcoming European civil war. The narrative is already being shaped. See the scenes in the film, The Last Child, of deportees in cages near ports in Britain, meant to solicit our sympathy and that the last child is born to an African mother.

    Chaos is being sowed with intent. To avoid being smeared with accusations of racism, make common cause with the black and brown Christian immigrants. They came to escape the Muslims and are part of the great Judeo- Christian civilization. Ethiopia was one of the first Christian nations. Be wise and seek out allies.

  8. Yet meanwhile the Daily Mail is reporting the Visegrad Four will veto any Brexit deal that diminishes the rights of their citizens living and working in Britain. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3794562/Eastern-European-countries-vow-BLOCK-Brexit-deal-hits-rights-citizens-living-working-Britain.html How does that work at the same time as they want to protect their borders and national identity against uncontrolled migration?

    • I think the Brits has the ultimate right to tell who can come in and work in their country. No amount of voting from V4 or anybody else should change that. Just a side note that it is not Polish plumbers who want to establish Sharia and a Caliphate there…

    • “They want guarantee their nations are ‘equal’ before agreeing Brexit deal”
      I think that is a fair ask…

  9. Crossware,

    Thanks for all your work in letting us know the events taking place in Hungary and the V4. I don’t know any other website with such information and integrity. My appreciation is not lessened in the least when I register some disagreements.

    First of all, I very much appreciate the position of Oreban, trying to navigate near stronger, hostile countries. It’s the role of the smaller, weaker country to avoid provocations, regardless of the absolute rightness or wrongness of their position. I’m reminded of Jefferson Davis, the first and only president of the Confederacy. If he had not carried out what was possibly the stupidest action in history, attacking a union fortification, the Confederacy might still be in existence. Orban has the intention to NOT provoke military responses from stronger countries.

    Having said that, I still see the support for the EU as a mistake. Why? Because any NATO action not in direct response to an attack has to have the consent of multiple countries, including the US, Canada and even Turkey. It’s not so easy to bring these countries together. I remember during the Bosnian and Kosovo wars, the US media was very focused on Serb atrocities, probably in preparation for NATO actions. But, it won’t be so easy to get US consent now, especially if Orban continues playing a conciliatory game.

    A EU army, on the other hand, would be under the direct control of the EU bureaucrats, and could likely be deployed without the formal consent of the countries comprising the EU. It’s easy to engineer some type of provocation. NATO is more likely to be dragged in when actual hostilities are occurring, and it becomes much more of a wild card.

    In other words, an EU military makes it far easier for the EU advocates to initiate military force, than if they were dependent on NATO.

    • Yeah I agree with you. At this time I think forcing the issue of EU army is a mistake. When V4 is separated from the EU and strengthened with Austria and maybe a special alliance with UK + the baltic states it will have a different meaning. I am not 100% sure why this issue is forced now by Orbán…

  10. Heinz-Christian Strache, the leader of the Austrian Party for Freedom, has begun demanding Austria join the Visegrad group. A very good idea.

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