Forget Hate Speech — Now it’s “Message Crimes”

The Multicultural Left is fond of inventing new terms to describe the behavior of those who oppose them. The goal is to pigeonhole the doubleplus ungood thoughts of their ideological enemies so that they may be more readily punished. “Hate speech” was prominent for a while, to be followed by “micro-aggressions” and “triggers”. And just when you think you’ve got a handle on what the Social Justice Warriors are up to, so that you can argue against it, they come up with a new one.

The most recent addition to the lexicon of leftist grievance is “message crime”, which popped up at this year’s OSCE/HDIM conference in Warsaw. According to the annotated agenda, message crimes constitute

…a rejection of the victim’s identity which can have a marginalizing effect on entire communities. Secondary victimization, where representatives from broader society deny or minimize the seriousness of the incident, can also reinforce and perpetuate this message.

There is no real attempt to define the new term, just a catchphrase-laden description. And consider the terms used to describe these “crimes”: “rejection”, “identity”, “marginalizing”, etc. That is, the characteristics of what is being anathematized are so vague as to make any judgment entirely subjective.

Which is exactly what is wanted, since “message crimes” are thought crimes. Identifying and punishing the “criminals” will be left to the minions of Big Brother — the panels, commissions, and foundations that form the nexus of power in the new UN-based world order. They are the ones who will sit in judgment on all wrongs and make decisions concerning anyone who is unfortunate enough to commit a message crime.

The important word here is crime — just as with “Islamophobia”, the intention is to criminalize certain categories of speech. Since no real definitions are adduced, actionable examples may be chosen arbitrarily and subjectively, and then used against political enemies in a court of law. This is what’s coming soon to the OSCE Region, if the lefties have their way. Germany has already established a working model of this system.

Below is a paper about “message crimes” presented on Monday afternoon in Warsaw by Dave Petteys of the ACT For America 5280 Coalition.

Prevention and Response to Hate Crimes
HDIM Warsaw, Poland Sept 26, 2016
Working session 11

The Annotated Agenda of this OSCE Conference devised a new term: Message Crimes.

What “message” does it send to the citizens of Germany, especially young women, when Government officials and the media ignore and cover up over a thousand rapes in Cologne on New Year’s Eve?

What “message” does it say to the citizens of Rotherham, UK when 20 years of systematic sexual abuse of over a thousand young girls was covered up by local authorities lest they “damage community relations”?[1]

What “message” does it send to citizens when the press either ignored the issue or euphemistically referred to the perpetrators as “Asian gangs” when the whole world knows they were Muslim men?

Certainly covering up for, and making excuses for Islamic groups and failing to hold them accountable only increases their contempt and lack of respect for the rule of law in the OSCE Region. It also leaves us powerless to prevent their imposition of their Shari’a norms on our society.

Rather than enhancing dialogue and understanding with Islamic groups, this appeasement and failure to stand up for Western laws and culture by Western governments will only lead to the eventual annihilation of Western Civilization!

The ACT 5280 Coalition recommends that Western Governments begin to appreciate the contributions of Western Civilization to humanity and develop some backbone to defend it.


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11 thoughts on “Forget Hate Speech — Now it’s “Message Crimes”

  1. “a rejection of the victim’s identity”

    That’s the chocolaty goodness trannies have brought to the table.
    But Milo Y. had a good response recently: Dude thinks he’s a lady?! How hilarious!

    • My local law society sent around an email to members the other day with news items it thinks the members would like to take note of. The first item was a link to a report that a feminist group is complaining that women won’t feel safe in loos because men can just pretend they think they’re really women and go into them. The second was a link to a government report that it was establishing a new women’s refuge in an area that just happens to be heavily populated by adherents the religion of peace and bashing your wife. What’s to stop a bloke fronting up to the new refuge and saying he’s a sheila and need refuge?

  2. I think they just naturally get closer to the thought police. Of course until real thought reading can be achieved they will be just assuming you having aggressive punishable thoughts!

  3. The left is merely advocating Lucifer’s replacement behavior and chaos plans. They are as defined in Romans 1:28: “And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge God gave them over to a reprobate mind”. See if that is reflected in the following expanded behavior examples in verses 29-31 as follows: “Being filled with all unrighteousness, fornication, wickedness, covetousness, maliciousness, filled with envy, murder, debate, deceit, malignity; whisperers, backbiters, haters of God, despiteful, proud, boasters, inventers of evil things, disobedient to parents, without understanding, covenant breakers, without natural affection, implacable, unmerciful”:
    It goes on to the reality of the condition in vs.32: “knowing the judgment of God, that they which commit such things are worthy of death, not only do the same, but have pleasure in them that do them”. No wonder they want to extirpate the bible, and demonize followers of Christ as potential enemies of the state?

    What is the response Jesus gave long ago? “It is not my will that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance”. We hope and pray people will reject the evils adopted by the political deceivers on the left and right, and not support and engage in them, but instead embrace God’s offer to all through Jesus the Christ, and recieve His full forgiveness and go forward in God’s behavior description: “love God and your neighbor as yourself”.

  4. “…a rejection of the perpetrators identity which can have a marginalizing effect on entire communities. Secondary victimization, where representatives from media and politics deny or minimize the seriousness of the incident, can also reinforce and perpetuate this message.”

    So every time whe someone is denying or downplaying the muslim identity of a terrorist and criminal, or the role of Islam or the existence of Jihad, then I get victimized (first and secondary).
    Sounds good to me. 😉

    Ooops sorry, it was about the victim not the perpetrator.
    And about “broader society”, not politicians, political activists and journalists.
    Never forget what is REALLY important!

  5. Then the LEFT is guilty as CHARGED. Arrest them for their hate speech, micro-aggression and now message crimes.

  6. Does this mean we cannot refer to Muslims as “murderous bastards”? Or does it just mean that queers are not allowed to be called fags any more?

  7. I think the real objective of such laws and ordinances are to feminize the population and suppress any self-defense response other than to bring a charge. In other words, the normal confrontation mechanism that every living being has to have to some extent is suppressed.

    You have a population on one hand that is taught that any sort of direct confrontation is bad, and that any discomfort should be handled by an official complaint. You are allowing in, on the other hand, waves of highly aggressive young males who do not understand or care about the carefully-layered fabric of artificial social restraints.

    The feminazis and fey “safe-space” screamers, the white ones, are just as much victims. They will sooner or later be faced with aggressors totally unconcerned with civilized niceties, and the screamers will have no personal defenses at all.

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