Tunisian Vlogger: “Islam is the Enemy of Humanity”

The following video was made by an unidentified Tunisian “vlogger”. This gentleman is an atheist, and more radical in his anti-Islamic opinions than most Western counterjihadists.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:00   First, for a start,
00:04   all my sympathy,
00:08   and all my pain,
00:12   and all my solidarity with the Christian world,
00:16   and especially with France.
00:20   What happened in Rouen,
00:24   the beheading of a priest, and a beheading of another person,
00:28   who is still between life and death,
00:32   it’s a disgusting act, that will repeat
00:36   to no end, no end, in 10,000 years it will repeat itself again.
00:40   As long as the source of that evil, the antenna
00:44   that is broadcasting the message of hatred and calls to murder and jihad,
00:48   as long as this antenna is still functioning
00:52   and is broadcasting orders of massive destruction,
00:56   those things will happen; because the chemical attack is coming,
01:00   they are being prepared, or even a dirty nuclear attack is being prepared.
01:04   As long as the antenna of evil
01:08   continues to broadcast, as long as this radio of evil continues broadcasting,
01:12   there will be French beheaded in their own country.
01:16   The interior ministry recognizes that the integrists
01:20   or the Moslems; let’s call the cat by its name:
01:24   Moslems or Islam, will attack the monuments,
01:28   buildings, easy to attack,
01:32   like isolated churches, like bars, etc., all right.
01:36   This is an analysis of French police, who say:
01:40   voilà, they attack that, OK, so what are we going to do? Are we going to let it happen,
01:45   and let the majority of French have no life anymore, and just wait for someone to come and behead them?
01:49   A Moslem to come and behead them?
01:53   So, we need to stop the radio that is broadcasting evil. And what is that radio?
01:57   Are we going to give it a name now? One name: Mecca.
02:01   Mecca. Everyday in Mecca, Five times a day, they’re calling for murder,
02:05   calling for beheading of all the Christians and all the Jews in the world.
02:09   And of course the atheists, agnostics, democrats, secularists, and so on.
02:13   Every day five times a day in Mecca, in Mecca itself
02:17   there are calls for murder, for the destruction of the West.
02:21   So, what’s left for us to do? Switch the Mecca radio off. How? It’s their [the West’s] problem.
02:25   How we do it? Nuclear, invasion of Mecca…
02:29   I don’t know, I don’t know. It’s your problem, Westerners,
02:33   because you are friends of Kaaba, Mecca, of the Saudi kings.
02:37   You are the friends of the Qatari kings
02:41   You are the friends of the kings of Qatar or of the emir of Qatar
02:45   You, and your president Mohammed l’Harbi Hollande [ref: Dar al-Harb]
02:49   who dared saying in front of Tunisian Parliament that
02:53   Islam was compatible with democracy.
02:57   Which means that Mr Mohammed l’Harbi Hollande wants
03:01   to impose Islam on us. Well, Islam came to his country to behead
03:05   his children. “Let’s go, children of the fatherland!
03:09   The glorious day has arrived!
03:13   the tyranny has lifted a bloody flag against us” [French national anthem]
03:17   Voilà!
03:21   War, when you talk about war, you make it! You were capable
03:26   of overthrowing Saddam Hussein. You entered his country,
03:30   you overthrew him and you installed Allah over there. You installed Islam.
03:34   You allied yourselves with friends of ISIS.
03:38   Isis or school of ISIS, the Nusra or I don’t know what, that you’re calling
03:42   ”moderates”, who have just beheaded a Palestinian kid a couple of days ago, they cut his head off.
03:46   A 12-year-old! It didn’t make impression over here, it’s normal,
03:50   it’s far away. This, it was in France. Well, we must…
03:54   we learned a proverb that says: “You have to tackle the bull by its horns”.
03:58   And the horns are in Mecca. They are in Raqqa in Syria, where the caliph resides,
04:02   and who keeps broadcasting the message of hate and massive destruction.
04:06   We have to get him in Raqqa in Syria!
04:10   If you had the courage and the possibility and the power
04:14   to get Saddam in his own country, which was a huge crap,
04:18   then I would ask you, no: demand of you
04:22   to mobilize your Americans your English, I don’t know who else,
04:26   and you go there in Syria to defend a secular state
04:30   In Syria of Bashar Al-Assad, against the Arabs
04:34   against Moslems. […] in the end the North Africans
04:38   aren’t Arab and aren’t Moslem. It was the Catholic West
04:42   that gave us to Arabs. We defended ourselves
04:46   against the Arab invasion for 70 years! The Tunisians,
04:50   the Maghrebins have abandoned Islam 12 times during the history of Islam
04:54   in our country for 14 centuries. Always France supported Allah and Islam.
04:58   I am not here to upset you.
05:02   I’m not here to take my revenge, or … no! On the contrary:
05:06   I am as sad as you are! Maybe even sadder for that priest than for you!
05:11   And for the others: for the youngsters that died at the Bataclan,
05:15   for Charlie Hebdo, for everybody.
05:19   France and the West need to know how to take the bull by the horns. You have to get the enemy
05:22   on his territory, in his room so he will stop broadcasting his message!
05:27   And all the mosques in France have to be closed down. ALL OF THEM! With no exception!
05:31   Until they clean up their mess and they adapt their religion
05:35   so it becomes acceptable. Otherwise Islam has to be forbidden!
05:39   The first victims of that s**t are people like me,
05:43   North Africans originally, who will suffer from this c**p.
05:47   We as much as you are victims of Arabs and of Moslems!
05:51   Those who don’t get it should get lost! Not stay in France.
05:55   Because I feel French as well, believe it or not!
05:59   Because I also have children who live in France!
06:03   Because I also have French friends and others, who live in France and I’m scared for them!
06:07   The French state needs to go to war!
06:11   Daladier and Chamberlain, it’s over! Now we need to call a cat “a cat” and a dog “a dog” and a Moslem
06:16   ”a Moslem”. The real Moslems are in Raqqa in Syria, and in Iraq. We need to go get them over there!
06:23   When we stop the antenna that is broadcasting the message of hate,
06:27   and of assassination, there will be no more dead and no more assassination.
06:31   Be careful what you are doing! I am suggesting
06:35   Helping Tunisia, all the Maghreb, to become Western again.
06:39   To go back to its roots: catholic and Christian
06:43   and Judeo-Christian. I am atheist. I don’t believe in any god.
06:47   But I know that when we were Christian, we were
06:51   the lighthouse of knowledge of humanity. When we were Jewish
06:55   it was the same. Since the arrival of Islam it’s the silence
06:59   of our civilization. Through the complicity and the cowardice of the West!
07:03   He who wants to defend his children goes to war there where it’s coming from!
07:07   We must go and overthrow the caliph in Syria!
07:11   and destroy all of their s****y Islamic population,
07:15   who are attacking humanity, not only the West! Believe me,
07:19   Tunisia is also a victim of the terrorism of beheadings,
07:23   of the young pastors as well, pastors meaning “shepherds”.
07:28   One of them had his head cut of and his mother had to
07:32   keep his head in the fridge, waiting until the next day, when the police arrived
07:36   because it was in the mountains. She kept her son’s head in the fridge!
07:40   In the fridge!
07:44   Islam isn’t compatible with democracy, my dear friend, Mohammed l’Harbi Hollande!
07:48   You are going to pay for it, a lot! Your people are paying it today,
07:52   and you’ll pay for it to history, or maybe even before a judge, before a tribunal!
07:56   Yes, France is an accomplice with Islam! An accomplice
08:00   with Qatar! And today she’s harvesting what she sowed!
08:04   Well at last, I am…
08:08   all my condolences to the families of all the victims of the terrorism
08:12   In the entire world! Not only in France. Islam is the enemy of humanity.
08:16   So it’s humanity’s job to go and fight it on its territory:
08:20   in Mecca and in Raqqa in Syria! Stop pitying yourselves!
08:24   And stop talking about the North Africans,
08:28   the majority of North Africans don’t do Ramadan, don’t pray, they’re not Moslem.
08:32   They just need to be helped. They just need a hand. And to just have their
08:36   hand held, so they might make their aliya,
08:40   their re-conversion…
08:44   to humanity, Christianity, Judaism, to all, all except for Islam!
08:48   Voilà! I salute all of you! And I hope we meet again in better circumstances.
08:52   Long live France! Long live Tunisia!

16 thoughts on “Tunisian Vlogger: “Islam is the Enemy of Humanity”

  1. It’s a start, and he has a few good points, though he has no real understanding of what is happening.
    islam is a system of political faith supported only by physical power.
    There is nothing spiritual about islam, it is 100% flesh.
    Even this “atheist” knows that.
    We, spiritual friends are in for a “religious” war, and before everyone gets all “kill everyone, and blame it on God”, remember this –
    Your body belongs to whomever you choose it give it to; your soul belongs to God, who gave it to you, to do with, as he chooses.

  2. At least someone who is not afraid to say it like it is. One other thing, the muslim god, allah, used to be known as Moloch or Baal.

    • Having been ‘called out’ for posting facts here that, as the Baron acknowledged, were common knowledge, can’t resist a reply to this [material that I deprecate].

      Please supply a reference.

      It is clear that your post is aimed at people with specific types of Christian upbringing. Being one, it is easy to see.

      Pre-Mohemeddan Mecca was a popular site of pilgrimage. It was only by promising to keep up the pilgramage profits that Mo. eventually wooed the leading families in Mecca to his horrific aims.

      I have never read a source stating identity between Baal and Moloch, let alone with ‘the Lah’, which of course is the literal meaning of ‘al-Lah’.

      Gibbon (much too sympathetic to Islam in the relevant parts of Decline and Fall, but I won’t go into the several reasons on this post), states that the number of Gods or idols in Mecca was over 300.

      Interestingly, many were around until very recently, when the Saudis decided they had to be destroyed. They also destroyed many historical Islamic sites revered by, perhaps, the less evil Muslims, in the same time frame.

      Do not get me wrong, I am in no way arguing that the Lah has any relation to the Christian concept of ‘God’, I would also argue that the Christian concept of ‘God’ has nothing to do with YHWH.

      • Che Guava, I was surprised to see your post. As for supplying a link. just Google Allah/Baal/Moloch and you will find pages and pages of references.

        I found this on a website entitled Rapture Forum stating

        “It may come as a surprise to the listeners that it was Nimrod who was deified and later became Molech, Baal and Allah, it was often the custom of pagans to kiss their deities statues thus we read in the Bible……”

        As for the remainder of your post, I hope it achieved whatever it was you set out to achieve.

        • A site called Rapture Forum? OMG, I must believe every word!

          Associating the Lah and Baal, and Moloch, is clearly a meme being spread by a portion of Jewish propagandists, aimed at the more OT-loving and apocsalypse-desiring Christrians.

          just Google Allah/Baal/Moloch

          Why? I know it will be just cheap propanda rubbish.

          I also never use Google as a search engine, and have never used ‘google’ as a verb.

          Just cite a single reference making a good case for what you say.

          You can’t, because it is a lie.

  3. Take a look at this – a perfect example of what the british Police have to deal with every day: Search YouTube : “BREAKING: Muslims intimidate UK Police On UK…” Well worth watching.

  4. That man speaks words of truth, with courage and knowledge which lacks to most of our Western leaders.

  5. Outstanding free-thinking human being!

    He can immigrate to the US and be my neighbor in Montana, Colorado, New Mexico, wherever!!!

  6. “let’s call the cat by its name”: should read “Let’s call a spade a spade” if that makes it easier to understand for those who don’t speak French.

    And I’d like to shake this man’s hand, I was starting to think that there were almost no free, lucid men left on the planet.

  7. radical? Aren’t you a counter jihadist because you believe what he believes. Anyway I thought the part about abandoning Islam 12 times in the past and Frances support for Islam was an interesting comment I would like to know more about.

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