10 thoughts on “Tomorrow Belongs to Me, Too

  1. Is Merkel an MKUltra slave ? What is wrong with her? Does someone have something on a video?

    • I believe the NWO (Oh God we used to believe it was just a crazy conspiracy theory), wants a new, less smart, but self-policing consumer/slave class for its neo-feudal society. Islam fits the bill perfectly. After all keeping an extensive police/army force to keep people in line is expensive and eventually they can turn back their own “employer”. A doctrine can do this job much cheaper, simpler. I think the movie Elysium showed it best this new world (do not look at the story line or acting, but the world created there). I do not have to add, that I think the Globalists are underestimating the Muslims but that realization will not help us by then.

      • If we look at islamic countries we look also at an extensive police force to keep the muslims in line. In Europe we have police budget cuts everywhere and low crime rates. Without moslems we would even need less police. So your theory that for the NWO agenda “islam fits the bill perfectly” is not very convincing.

        • I think you are mixing up Islamic countries with a secular strong man at the helm keeping their own population at bay. Most case the leader is a member of a minority sect (as Saddam was too). So that is why they have a large army and police. Not the same… Also if you look at my comment I said the Elite is overestimating the stability of such system.
          As for the low crime rate in Europe. I am not sure which part you talking about? I doubt it is in Germany, Sweden, Belgium, France… you know the infected zones. Crime rate (sexual assaults) are skyrocketing and turning those once clean and low crime rate countries into third world hellholes.
          I recommend you to read Matthew Bracken’s essay to learn more about the relation between the Elite and Islam: https://gatesofvienna.net/2015/11/tet-take-two-islams-2016-european-offensive

      • CrossWare-

        Agree 110%!!!

        You are clearly awake and understand the intent of the elites!!!

        They see Islam as the perfect control mechanism for their one-world government.

        Who needs to pay mercenaries when you can implement a self-policing ideology that produces a class of fanatics that will murder those who step out of line?

  2. That is how the rot and filth from Islam sets in. Some people like Merkel are so naive, They don’t see the filthy influence from Islam. There is nothing good about
    Islam or their people. They breed filth, ugliness and poverty for the masses wherever they infested. They know most knowledgeable nonbelievers who are aware of all the scams from Islamics don’t like Islam and yet they are people like Merkel trying to force their disgusting Islamic culture/idoelogy on us innocent nonbelievers.

  3. Merkel has paid the bribe price of selling the German people out in exchange for being allowed to retain her perks in the Califate.

    • It was (and still is) standard tactic in the Islamic warfare to bribe the leader of the enemy.
      Let’s quote from Matthew Bracken excellent essay:

      “Another enduring but rarely examined weapon in the Islamic conquest armory is the offer of amnesty to well-placed infidel leaders who agree to convert to Mohammedism. Can I see Angela Merkel wearing a hijab? Yes, certainly. Whether the badge she wears on her suit is red or black won’t matter to the former Communist, not if it is a matter of saving her neck while retaining her status. Study the history of Islamic conquest, and you will find numerous cases where Western leaders announced — after clandestinely opening the city gates to hijra invasion — that they had already converted to Islam.

      As reward for this valuable service, well-placed defectors to Islam are often allowed to preserve their wealth and positions by taking fresh Muslim names and swearing fealty to the new Islamic regime. It’s intentionally made very easy to convert to Islam. The shahada conversion prayer is only a sentence, a handful of words. Sincere inner belief is not required, only publicly outward submission, which is the true (and nearly always obscured) meaning of the Arabic word Islam. Submission.”

      • >> Can I see Angela Merkel wearing a hijab? <<

        It would be an improvement on her. Even better . . . full burqa!

  4. Merkel doesn’t have any children. She likely doesn’t care about anything but her personal aggrandizement. I am sure she and Hil[lary] would be fast friends just like Pilate and Caiphas.

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