Watch Out for That Magyar Mojo

It seems that Hungarian immigration critics have been using a little anti-enrichment juju to deter any migrants who might be thinking of crossing the border into Hungary.

Many thanks to CrossWare for translating this brief note from the “Daily Migrant” website:

“Imitation severed heads scaring the migrants at the Hungarian border”

Made from sugar beets and looking like rotten human heads, placed in the Serbian-Hungarian border as human scarecrows, to stop people coming over the border.

The pictures were published in a Facebook group: Police and Soldiers with you [Vele-TEK is a wordplay combining the popular Hungarian Anti-Terrorist Commando SWAT name with the word “with you” in Hungarian — translator].

Nobody knows who placed the carvings at the border, but one suspects some civilian patriot groups, who visit the border frequently to do some voluntary border control. On the question of HVG [leftist Hungarian magazine: Daily World Economy — translator] the police commented that in 2015 there were 18 cases, in 2016 so far in eight cases on which they opened investigations into illegal border policing.

[Translator’s note: Scary masks used against Turks and winter are an age-old tradition in Hungary, called Busójárás = Busó-walking. See more in this Wiki link.]

8 thoughts on “Watch Out for That Magyar Mojo

  1. Didn’t Vlad Tepes do this, as a warning to muslims? Funny how history has been twisted backward to make most believe “Dracula” had fear of the Cross, when he actually was defending it from the Satanic death-cult that is still today islam.
    German writings show hatred of Tepes for stopping the muslim invasion.
    Isin’t it amazing how the truth of history is distorted, even today, by the words written by those who insist on defending the objectives of the “dark side”.

  2. The story not stopped here… BBC had an article about the “fascist xenophobe Hungarians” and about two EU Parliament member (one is Hungarian) Twitter battle. They did not appreciate the Hungarian MP suggestion to use pig heads. It seems like now even forbidden to point out that Muslims has strange obsession with pork:

  3. It is controversial in the sissified West, but it appears more and more every day that Slobodan Milosevic may have been the only Western leader who had a clue.

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